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i n te r n a t i o n a l
Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

IFA's Global Leading Position Saturday 30th
August 2008

Underlined by Chancellor Hall 20

Stand 101


Stand 101


Stand 101

According to Forbes Maga- Board of gfu Dr. Rainer

zine, she’s the most power- Hecker and Federal Chan- CONTENTS
ful woman in the world… cellor Dr. Angela Merkel
and as Germany plays an addressed the high-ran- O5 > NEWS
increasing role in the king guests from leading 11 > CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS
“concert of nations”, not international CE compa- 15 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGIES TRENDS
to mention in the Consu- nies, decision-makers from 16 > MEET THE VISIONARIES
mer Electronics world, it politics and business, and
was a fitting start to this, members of the national
the world’s biggest CE and international media. 29 > THE GREEN PAGE
trade show, that the Ger- 31 > HOME APPLIANCES @ IFA
man Federal Chancellor The Chancellor, by her pre- 35 > TRADE NEWS
Angela Merkel “open the sence and by the quality of
ball”! her opening speech,
underlined the political will
At the magnificent gala to support IFA as the num-
event which opened IFA ber one platform for busi- EXCLUSIVE
2008 at the Palais am
Funkturm in Berlin, the
ness exchange in the CE
Governing Mayor of Berlin
Klaus Wowereit, the Chair- See page 4 for extracts from Dr. Kurt-Ludwig
man of the Supervisory Chancellor Merkel’s speech. Gutberlet
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
BSF Bosch and Siemens
Taking a Star Role at IFA Hausgeräte GmbH

Sharp’s New AQUOS D65 Series “It’s not just efficiency in using the
product, but the entire life cycle. The
The new AQUOS series on key is to further reduce consumption
show at IFA, with TV’s ran- with each new generation...”
See page 16
ging from 32” right up to
52” (bypassing 37” and
46” models) is a real eye
opener thanks to a new
convenient design coupled Simon Kang
with eco-friendliness. President and CEO
Digital Display Company
Indeed, Sharp’s technical LG Electronics Inc.
prowess developed over
time enables efficient “Customer insight serves as the basic
manufacturing of 46”and foundation for us to develop any
52”LCD TVs at their new product if we really want it to be
successful in the market.”
Kameyama plant, produ- See page 19
cing eighth-generation
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel substrates.
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l. to r.: Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu, Miss IFA,
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, Raimund Hosch, President and CEO Messe Berlin GmbH


nload Vide
“…if you manage to communicate the benefits of ow

the new technology, the success will come even sooner“...

l. o r g
at w


.if o
a -i n t e r n a ti

The power of IFA to mobilise (Extracts from Dr Merkel’s cing an ever growing inte- ever growing role informa- global leading position in
the industry has taken a fur- Video): gration of all kinds of elec- tion and communication this sector.
ther step with the resolute tronic devices. A few years technologies play in our In the age of information
underpinning of the Federal The IFA is among the most ago, this would still have daily private and business and communication techno-
Government of Germany popular trade fairs for been unthinka- lives. logy, the Federal Republic of
not just for the event but for consumer electronics and is ble. Germany and the European
the industry as a whole. Not equally known among citi- “We want This presents a Union claim a leading role in
only did the Federal Chan- zens and business experts. Therefore, I am to play a great opportu- a highly competitive market
cellor make a thunderous For the first time this year, convinced that nity for Ger- with everybody constantly
presentation as an opening not only consumer electro- the IFA 2008 prominent role many: it gives trying to be one step ahead.
salvo to this year’s IFA, she nics, but also home highlights a in the world“ rise to all new
has even recorded a video appliances will be on display whole new kinds of oppor- One example for benefiting
podcast on the govern- at the IFA. This does not aspect the Ger- tunities where from the potential of the
ment’s website. come as a surprise: more man Federal Government we want to play a prominent European Union is the Gali-
than ever, the World Wide specifically is promoting in role in the world. Due to its leo project, and Germany as
Following are some of the Web impacts our lives, and its High-Tech Strategy: the sound infrastructure, the a member state holds great
highlights of Dr Merkel’s with the technological creation of new products Federal Republic of Germany responsibilities and abilities
comments: advances we are experien- and appliances from the has great potential to take a in this respect. This is why

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4 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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we have been put in charge Mr. Hecker that energy effi- European Union in the
of central aspects of the ciency plays an equally forthcoming years are
Galileo project by the Euro- important role as regards already underway. There is
pean Union. the so-called «white goods» already a broad range of
and the «brown goods». energy-related advisory ser-
On 8th September 2008, Substantial efforts have vices available to consumers
one of the two main satellite already been undertaken in that cover every aspect of
control centres for Galileo the field of household the household. Using these
will be opened in Oberpfaf- appliances. Problems like can save you money and
fenhofen near Munich. standby energy consumption help protecting our environ-
Some might ask: «What is in consumer electronics, ment. Another aspect that
the purpose however, still requires our attention is the
of Galileo?» “We should require our digitalisation of an ever
Galileo dis- attention. We growing number of areas.
poses of keep in mind will also pro- Knowing that digital
greater pre- that we can make ceed accor- programmes require fewer
cision than dingly in frequencies enables us to
the Ameri- an impact even terms of legal make broader use of these
can GPS sys- with small require- frequencies. HDTV is ano-
tem and will ments. We ther topic which is widely
allow for a contributions to should keep discussed among experts. It
better hand- lower energy in mind that is generally agreed that
ling of local we can make something has to be done
data and a consumption“ an impact about this. We have to
more exact even with break the vicious circle
determination of positions. small contributions to lower where it is argued that if we
This will give way to a whole energy consumption – by had more programmes we
new range of applications. turning the standby func- had more HDTV devices and
Additionally, we wanted to tion off and by using vice versa. My advice to
have a system in Germany energy-efficient devices and content providers and broad-
that is more accurate than energy-saving light bulbs. By casters as well as device
the American system and just switching off the manufactures is to simply
that makes us independent standby function of our move ahead – a step that will
of it. So we can see the dif- electric and electronic be welcomed by customers.
ferent information and com- devices, we can unload two And if you manage to com-
munication technology large-scale power plants, municate the benefits of the
sectors growing more and export power or do some- new technology, the success
more together. Germany thing else. As we say in Ger- will come even sooner. I fully
has great potential to play a many: ‘A penny saved is a assent to the view that com-
leading role in this process. penny earned’. So you can prehensible instruction
At the IFA you will have the see that every little contribu- manuals are absolutely nee-
chance to get a general idea tion counts and that our ded. Maybe it has to do with
of the technological trends common effort can result in age. I would think we need
at the beginning of the 21st great energy saving. In something for the young – a
century that are about to March this year we adopted shorter manual with the
completely change the way the ‘Energy-Using Products most important instructions
we live. Act’ (EBPG) which puts – and something for the old
the’Directive 2005/32/EC on – manuals that are specifi-
(Extracts from Dr Merkel’s the eco-design of Energy- cally written for that target
Speech at IFA): using Products’ (EuP) into group…
national law. In doing so, we
Another important concern have established the corres- Translated from original
of the industry is energy effi- ponding framework in this German text /
ciency. I have been told by respect. New efforts of the Kai Wagner Podcast d Video
ad oa

Do w n

Do w

Read, watch and listen...

To all the information from IFA 2008

i n te r n a t i o n a l
Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA
international TVV
Official Daily Video Source for International Visitors at IFA

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 5
Haier strongly believes that, to be deeply satisfied and live happily, compromises are not the solution: not for us, nor for you or
your clients. This is the reason for the highest quality offered by Haier: a high quality product leads to high quality in life, even when you
are dealing with domestic household, electrical goods or air conditioning.
We also believe that the secret behind successful living is the ability to maintain deep relationships and to involve every element within a
group. This is why we at Haier see the essence of globalization in the localization of our activities and also of our employees; to become
part of the local community while creating a global brand.
This year alone, Haier has established 19 trading companies, 5 design centres, 24 manufacturing facilities and 4 industrial parks
outside China. Haier also has 58,800 sales outlets in over 160 countries, employing more than 50.000 people around the world.
A global production range of 90 product lines and 15,000 models: the results of intensive research into a better quality of life for
everyone. To fly higher.

Come and see our White Goods in Hall 4.1 Stand 107 and Brown Goods in Hall 25 Stand 116

Haier Deutschland GmbH Haier Europe Trading Srl – Branch Italy

Im Westpark 15 – 35435 Wettenberg Via De Cristoforis 12 – 21100 Varese
Tel: 0641 97442300 - Fax: 0641 97442333 Tel: 0332 24511 - Fax: 0332 245148
Kundenservice: 0180 5393999 Call Center Info: 199 100912

Haier Fiera Berlino.indd 1 30-07-2008 12:39:16


DRIVING FORCES nload Vide How do you feel about me a little bit about that
the logic of bringing conference?

home appliances to IFA

l. o r g
at w
2008? Media policy has a long tradi-


.if o
a -i n t e r n a ti
tion at IFA. We started it
From the practical point of several years ago. It is a dis-
CHAIRMAN OF THE SUPERVISORY view, we recognise that cussion with politicians,

By Richard Barnes
- GFU both industries are digital,
both industries are consu-
industries analysts and elec-
tronics associations on how
mer orientated, both indus- to increase our understan-
tries make attractive, “sexy” ding of future orientated
How do you see the hand, we will save energy appliances for homes and media, how we can standar-
industry progressing in and improve energy effi- from that point of view, we dise new applications so that
the next year? ciency. We are doing a lot of can imagine that not only we can generate new busi-
investment, not only in the trade visitors are interes- ness fields and new markets
We will have a general improving the efficiency of ted, but also the consumers faster, and from that point of
growth in CE as we had in “stand-by” mode, but also who are interested to have a view is a next step. Now we
the past, but perhaps with a in the “on” mode. For look at a larger product cooperate with Media Forum
little bit of a slowdown. example, for the flat panel portfolio at IFA. Berlin Brandenburg that was
However if you look in diffe- TVs there is a real target set in the past a separate event
rent segments, there is two- for the coming years to One of the things you and we now jointly work
digit growth especially in reduce energy consumption announced was that together on the media
the area of LCD TV, in navi- by 50%. there would be an IFA forum. I think it’s more
gation systems, and in home international media po- attractive because together
cinema. These are the real dri- This is also applying very licy congress. Can you tell we can bundle our forces.
ving forces of the CE market. much to home appliances,
the new category at IFA
What are the driving Another big movement this year…
forces in the CE industry that started about two
at the moment? years ago is the eco-res- Yes, for home appliances it
ponsibility movement. is perhaps a much bigger
The driving forces in 2008 We’re seeing this from all subject and more of a prio-
are first of all HDTV and the different manufactu- rity than in consumer elec-
home cinema solutions. The rers. How important is tronics, because the starting
multimedia networking, this becoming? point is a little bit higher, but
everywhere in the house they also made progress in
and also outside, then navi- This is more and more the past by reducing energy
gation systems in the car important. On the one hand in the washing machine, in
and telephones, mobile we will improve our perfor- cooking, and so on, and
phones including TV. mance and technical fea- they will continue to reduce
tures and, on the other energy consumption.

ELECTRONICS By Richard Barnes
tronics Trade Association in lands and Germany all
the main industry associa- reported double-digit
tion Zentralverband Elektro- growth. In Germany the
technik und Elektroindustrie increase in sales is expected
e.V. and Vice-President of to be in the region of 3.8
the ZVEI, at the opening per cent, to 14.5 billion
press conference of IFA euros. This is influenced in
2008. A further increase to particular by the trend
just under 720 billion is towards more large flat
expected in 2009. The screen sets in HD ready or
expansion has been particu- full HD quality, frequently in
larly evident in the Asia- combination with innovative
Oceania region. In Europe audio solutions to provide
Kamp expects a slight drop an outstanding home
in sales, by 2.4 per cent, to cinema experience.
64.3 billion euros.
Hans-Joachim Kamp
Vice President, ZVEI There are still over 170 mil-
The fall in the value of ster- lion valve sets in Europe
This year consumer electro- ling against the euro, and which will need replacing. In
nics manufacturers expect the failure by any of the UK this area the industry
worldwide sales to increase national football teams to expects to sell 38 million TV
by 9.3 per cent to a total of qualify for the European sets, 21 million set-top
678 billion US dollars. This Champion-ships have also boxes, 33 million digital
was reported by led to a decline in demand cameras, 35 million MP3 /
Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chair- in the UK. In contrast, Swit- MP4 layers and 31 million
man of the Consumer Elec- zerland, Austria, the Nether- pairs of headphones.

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 7
IFA_D2_1-2.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 20:53 Page9



By Richard Barnes – “UNLIMITED
Ten television channels are channels with high-quality management, support ser- channels: Nederland 1, MOBILE TV”
now available across the images. The service is made vices and turnkey imple- Nederland 3, RTL4, RTL24,
Netherlands through a new available through a broad- mentation. SBS6, Jetix / Veronica, MTV Meanwhile, the “evolu-
mobile television solu- cast network based on the Music, Discovery Channel, tion” of DVB-H, which
tion. Dutch mobile users Digital Video Broadcast for ”We are glad to be among Xite and Nick Toons. More combines satellite and
can now watch a choice of Handheld (DVB-H), the the first to launch mobile channels are expected to be land-based transmitters,
10 television channels offe- European standard for television broadcasts in included in the offering in called DVB-SH, is on dis-
ring the highest quality mobile television, and can Europe,“ said Bart van Ler- the future. play at IFA 2008 in the
broadcast thanks to the be watched on DVB-H- schot, KPN Broadcast Ser- Science and Technology
“MobielTV” service laun- enabled mobile devices. vices Director. “This timely In March, the European Forum. The technical
ched nationwide by tele- launch has been possible Commission added DVB-H eco-system, headed up
communications group KPN. Nokia and Nokia Siemens thanks to our choice of part- to the EU List of Standards, by Alcatel Lucent Mobile
Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks provided KPN ners – Nokia and Nokia Sie- which serves as a basis for Broadcast, has already
Networks have joined forces with a turnkey head-end mens Networks – who are encouraging harmonized been launched in the
to enable this service with solution based on open market leaders in providing provision of telecommunica- United States in partner-
their leading-edge mobile standards to launch the open standard DVB-H ser- tions services across Europe. ship with ICO, and ser-
TV technology, services and broadcasts – including the vice platforms.” The move helps establish a vices are set to be
expertise. Mobile Broadcast Solution With the MobielTV service, single market for mobile TV launched in Europe that
and a broad range of ser- featuring high-quality in the EU enabling all citi- will enable mobile TV to
The MobielTV service ini- vices like consulting, plat- images and sound, the vie- zens to watch TV on the be received over a greatly
tially offers 10 television form integration, project wers have a choice of 10 move. extended territory.
Hall 5.3 / Stand 22


The Swiss company Xounts,
which attracted much atten-
With its monumental
appearance, this pyramid
styling competition on the
stand where every visitor
THE MOST EXPENSIVE SOUND tion at the IFA 2007 with its will be making an attempt can create his own design of
pyramid-shaped designer on the record as the highest a Xounts loudspeaker.
SYSTEM IN THE WORLD (TADW) loudspeakers, is building a directional loudspeaker for
pyramid of several hundred the Guinness Book of
At this year’s IFA, the HiFi, enthusiasts and home Xounts speakers in Hall 9. Records. There will also be a Hall 9 / Stand 301
surround sound and music cinema fans can experience
magazine audio is again what the most expensive
presenting the ”most expen- and complex audio-video COLORFOTO THEME ISLAND
sive sound system in the system which the market
world". This high-end has to offer with their own This theme island will focus taking snap shots“ or “Using visitors to the IFA to make
ensemble is a major attrac- eyes and ears. mainly on giving advice to your camera flash correctly“ the right buying decisions.
tion for the public. HiFi Hall 1.2
visitors on a wide range of interested visitors can find All this information can also
topics to do with photogra- out more about these be found in the current issue
phy. At various workshops topics. Boards with purchase of Colorfoto.
IFA FAMILY PLAYGROUND such as “An easy guide to advice are aimed at helping Hall 15.1 / Stand 115
The current special show formats for daily use, in par-
topic “Use of the media in
the family“ provides infor-
ticular by our children?
Where are the potential
mation and inspires the
entire family. Different
risks? It presents informa-
tion, suggestions and surpri-
media such as TV, radio, the sing facts in a display area The magazines Connect, stand. Visitors will be able to details of prices, functions,
print media and the Internet covering approximately 400 Autohifi and Autoconnect find out about the various compatibility of these exhi-
can be discovered and expe- square metres. will be presenting all kinds types of mobile phone and bits, and lots more.
rienced together. What are of sat-nav systems for software from information
the most suitable media and Hall 6.2 / Stand 107 mobile telephones on their boards, which will provide Hall 8.1 / Stand 111

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 9
Blu-ray Disc® is changing DVD the way DVD changed VHS. With features like the richest possible HD picture,
stunning 7.1 surround sound, and so many hit high-def movies, clearly, The Future is Blu.

Available or coming soon to Blu-ray Disc. “Superman Returns” TM & © DC Comics. © & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. © Disney. © 2007 FOX. © Lionsgate.


Trim: 250mm x 353mm
Bleed: 260mm x 363mm


nload Vide

l. o r g
at w
By Gary Smith


.if o
a -i n t e r n a ti

has to be genuinely seam- benefits is paramount.

less and people should be "Even though some seniors
able to enjoy the full bene- are very much involved in
fits of the digital world any the digital world, we have to
time, anywhere." be very careful not to
exclude emerging markets
The number of multi-func- with less robust economies
tion devices is growing on a and older people who are
daily basis, but that multi- not yet comfortable with
functionality also means digital technology," Park
that those same devices are said. "So, even though it is
often too complicated. "Just important to provide real
take a look at the back of solutions, these need to be
your TV," Park said. "It's a at the right price-point, so
mess back there. And the that we don't create even
growing global presence of more of a digital divide."
communication networks
means that digital content is Samsung continues to inno-
exploding. Just imagine vate with its Content Library
what it would be like if all service, which features pre-
the devices in the world that loaded content on genera-
can create content could list topics such as cooking,
also share that content. But education and sports. "The
that also means that, given content comes from colla-
the sheer volume and ubi- borating with content provi-
Jong-Woo Park, President & CEO Digital Media
quity of the content out ders and it's perfectly clear
Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
there, that it's now very that it's a win-win situation
At the ICC yesterday, Jong- cularly loved the swimming a theme that he took up important that it be mana- for everyone involved," Park
Woo Park, President & CEO competition. Those high- once again at IFA 2008. "We ged properly. As Bill Gates said. "We already have fruit-
Digital Media Business, tech suits are welded to the are increasingly seeing rich said: 'The TV will be married ful relationships with a num-
Samsung Electronics Co., swimmer's body to create a content and networks," he to the Internet.' And the ber of companies, including
Ltd., charmed the packed seamless surface and, when said. "But we at Samsung Internet is now a way of life Yahoo and USA Today, and
auditorium with a combina- you see how many world are not satisfied with the for a lot of people. Conse- we are very open to exten-
tion of hard-hitting facts records were broken, it's way things are, because the quently, the opportunity to ding that to others."
and spontaneous humour. not hard to understand the user experience is far from use it to create new features
relevance of a seamless being seamless. People and services is enormous." Samsung is also premiering
"This keynote, alongside experience." should be able to use its Ultra Definition TV set
carrying the Olympic flame, devices much more easily As the digital world's user with an 82-inch screen.
is the highlight of my year," At his speech last year, Park and conveniently. To really base spreads way beyond According to the company,
he said. "And while we are talked about "the era of be able to say that we're early adopters and geeks, the model is the first 3D-
on the Olympic theme, I digital renaissance" and its living in a digital renais- the need to enable anyone ready set to come to the
have to tell you that I parti- implications for consumers – sance, the user experience and everyone to enjoy its full market.

nload Vide


l. o r g
at w



.if o
a -i n t e r n a ti


By Joanna Stephens

Expect Philips to continue to outlined his company's Describing Philips Consumer Putting the consumer first is But the Philips chief ack-
make "bold, brave choices", roadmap for growing its Lifestyle as a "powerhouse embedded in Philips' DNA, nowledged that times are
Andrea Ragnetti told the healthcare, lighting and of insight and understan- Ragnetti added, citing a hard. "The market is tough
audience at Friday after- consumer-lifestyle busi- ding" into the health and number of lifestyle products thanks to the increasingly
noon's international key- nesses. This drive – part of wellbeing market – a mar- – from the sleek, chic SEN- challenging global eco-
note, which focused on the the Vision 2010 plan – aims ket, incidentally, that now SEO Latte Select coffee- nomy," he said. "However,
Dutch electronics giant's to further strengthen Philips' our portfolio choices are
delivers Philips some € 30bn maker, developed in
mission to "make a diffe- position as "a market-dri- focused on creating a long-
rence in consumer lifestyle". ven, people-centric com- in worldwide sales – partnership with the Dutch term leadership position. In
pany, with a strategy and a Ragnetti said: "We are only coffee brand Douwe North America, for example,
The Executive Vice-President structure that reflects the just beginning to tap the Egberts, to the newly laun- we have chosen to concen-
of Royal Philips Electronics needs of its customer base, massive potential of the life- ched Philips Wake-up Light trate on just a few product
and Chief Executive Officer while increasing shareholder style, health and wellbeing – that embody this categories, thereby challen-
of Philips Consumer Lifestyle value". space." approach. ging the notion that strong
…/ Cont’d. Page 13
IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 11
mitsubishi 21/08/08 14:21 Page 1
IFA_D2_1-2.qxd:Mise en page 1 30/08/08 23:09 Page13


brands have to be present in rentiation is essential." He

every market with every- mentioned Philips' next-
thing in their portfolio. In generation Aurea FlatTV,
today's market, biggest isn't which launches next month,
always best." as an example of a design
He also assured the assem- that cuts through the clut-
bled press that Philips is not ter. "When we talk about
about to forsake its traditio- Aurea, we tend to get rather
nal heartland. "I want to be poetic," he added. "But it's
very clear," he said. "Our difficult not to be inspired
new lifestyle strategy is not by the Aurea viewing expe-
based on retreating from rience."
the television business. Phi-
lips is determined to conti- Moving forward, Ragnetti
nue to be a major player in said Philips would be for-
TV. We will go on 'daring to ging more partnerships
be different' across all our along the lines of the
product ranges." Douwe Egberts alliance
mentioned above. "It's said
Ragnetti then urged the that too many chefs are a
industry to start "pushing bad thing," he mused. "But,
the boundaries" of TV des- for us, working with part-
ign. "I don't know about ners in the kitchen business
you," he said, "but when I has contributed tremen-
go into a TV showroom, I dously to our success. There
see rows and rows of identi- are many unopened doors
cal sets. Could you tell the for us in the consumer-life-
difference if the brand style market – and we
Andrea Ragnetti badges were removed? But believe that some of those
CEO – Philips Consumer Lifestyle for many consumers, a TV is doors will be opened for us
a capital purchase, so diffe- by new partners."


What direction will technology take? What will future standards TWF TALK
look like? How will these developments affect my present business The TWF is a unique combination of specialist exhibition and a forum for discussions
model? You will find out all about these topics at the IFA about innovative media technology. In order to increase the understanding of the issues
raised by the exhibits and to offer visitors a platform where they can exchange ideas and
International Keynotes - in exciting lectures from international top experiences, TWF exhibitors developed the TWF Talk, a special lecture series and
managers from the CE and Household Appliances industry. They will discussion format. Top industry experts are available here to give lectures, answer
convey their insider knowledge to you regarding the latest product questions, and engage in critical debates.
developments, industry trends and strategies. Take advantage of
this unique opportunity to meet the industry stars and to get the PROGRAMME ABSTRACT
latest industry news first-hand.

Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, Saturday, 30th August 2008

Chairman and CEO, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH 11.00 a.m.: HDTV, TV on mobiles, DVB-T, Television 2020
Date: 30th August 2008 Time: 09.45 - 10.30 Where are we now, where do we want to be?
Location: Hall 7.1a, International Keynote Area 2.00 p.m.: TWF-ACTIVE – ‘Living’ machines, mobile games, surfing the globe
An afternoon of active involvement.


Sunday, 31st August 2008
Keynote Summary:
Highly efficient household appliances sold under the BSH brands Bosch and Siemens help 11.00 a.m.: Discussions with the press and tour of the fair
11.30 a.m.: Multimedia – new vistas, new orientation
consumers all over the world contribute to climate protection actively. The potential savings 2.00 p.m.: WebX.0 – Community and interaction
are often much more substantial than people might expect. The amount of electricity and
water consumed by a single household may seem unimportant. But when one considers the
total amount used by millions of households worldwide, this represents a significant impact
on global resources. At the same time, it is a starting point for conserving energy and water, Monday 1st September 2008
as well as reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to much lower consumption figures, 11.00 a.m.: Digital radio applications
innovative household appliances offer more product benefits and thus meet an important 2.00 p.m.: Digital data – collecting, storing, scaling
expectation of consumers who can save without sacrificing convenience.

Statement of Motivation: Tuesday 2nd September 2008

As the world’s leading trade exhibition for consumer electronics and consumer lifestyles, IFA
11.00 a.m.: DRM and DRM+, Digital Radio Mondiale
is a first-class industry trade show and an extremely important event for BSH. We welcome A family of systems of up to 108 MHz for digital broadcasting
the concept of presenting consumer electronics and household appliances together for the 2.00 p.m.: Man + Machines – control, interaction, cooperation
first time. This approach also reflects the retail structure of the industry: Products from these
two segments have been sold under the same roof for many years. IFA offers us an
outstanding international platform where we can present the innovative, technically Wednesday, 3rd September 2008
advanced products sold under our brands Bosch and Siemens. At the same time, it gives us
11.00 a.m.: TWF2008 – a profile, a review
an opportunity to show a widespread audience how our energy-efficient household
appliances contribute to climate protection and help conserve natural resources.

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 13
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14 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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Opening the Blu-ray press skipping the disc format

conference, Frank Simonis, entirely in favour of inter-
chairman of the BDA (Blu-ray net-based distribution:
Disc Association) European “We’re hearing a lot at the
Promotions Committee, said moment about whether
that the end of the debilita- discs are really relevant any
ting format war has marked more and my response to
a period of consolidation that is that network-based
and rapid growth for the distribution solutions are not
format: “Is Blu-ray still inte- relevant because those net-
resting to the press? I hope works cannot handle HD
so because now that the and they cannot deliver
dust has settled we are able content direct to the TV
to focus on the products which is where most people
and we have a lot of news want to watch it.”
about that,” he said. “And
the BDA itself has grown BD PLAYER SALES
considerably with over 190 SET TO BOOM
members covering the
whole spectrum of compa- Recent sales figures for both
nies involved in the process hardware and software
of manufacturing and distri- seem to indicate that the
buting Blu-ray, from hard- format is rapidly approa-
ware and software ching the tipping point,
manfacturers to studios and, moving out of the early
most importantly, we all adopter demographic and
speak with one voice.” being embraced by mains-
Members now include tream buyers. In the first Frank Simonis, chairman of the BDA European Promotions Committee
Apple, Sun, Pioneer, Panaso- two quarters of 2008, glo-
nic, Disney, Dell, HP, Hitachi, bal sales of players reached
Sharp and LG. 1.5 million units, more than the peak period for such Simonis said. “We are also There are currently 400 titles
the whole of 2007 in half purchases. “On the basis of delighted to say that around available in Germany, with a
DISC MEDIA HAS the time and also in the previous years we expect 15 million movies have been further 100 to be released
BRIGHT FUTURE period of the year when that the end of year figure sold in the US and 5 million before the end of the year,
consumers tend not to buy will significantly exceed our in Europe. We expect to see further encouraging a mar-
Simonis also rebutted stories electronic goods, the prediction that we would sell sales of around 12 million ket that is largely driven by
in the trade press about autumn and winter being 2 million players in 2008,” discs in Europe this year.” new releases, unlike DVD
which grew significantly
through sales of back cata-
The successful introduction
of BD Live, the interactive
application that uses Inter-
net connectivity to enable
consumers to download
trailers looks set to explode
with the imminent introduc-
tion of extra features such
as Put Yourself In The Movie
on Starship Troopers 3 –
Marauder, has proved that
there is genuine demand for
these interactive features.
Simon McDowell, SVP at
Sony Pictures Home Enter-
tainment offered some
insight in to the impact of
Blu-ray on consumers: “Peo-
ple in video stores spend up
to 50% longer in the aisle
when there is a Blu-ray
demo running.
It’s a whole new way to
engage with consumers as
are the numerous additions
to the BD Live feature which
we are currently busy deve-
loping,” he said.

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 15
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TO COME By Richard Barnes

As Home Appliances are integrated into IFA for the first time
this year, this exciting and growing market segment is also
Keynote represented on a high level in the international keynotes. Dr.
Saturday, 30th Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, leading German White Goods
Hall 7.1a Manufacturer BSH’s Chairman and CEO, will be holding satur-
International day’s keynote. IFA International Editor-in-Chief Richard
Keynote Area 9h45 Barnes met with Dr Gutberlet for an exclusive “pre-keynote”

First we would like to talk been driven since the first oil drying system, which we will ronment. Young executives Eastern Europe and Asia –
about the 2 main axes at crisis, with people understan- present for the first time at place a lot more emphasis on the economy is healthy, even
the heart of the philoso- ding that home appliances IFA, which uses very, very lit- this aspect and if you are booming.
phy of BSH. One is develo- use a lot of energy, and that tle energy. So this gives you good at that, you will attract
ping added value through this should be reduced. And an idea on how competition better people in the future. Of course, BSH is a market
performance, convenience it has become a real competi- is in white goods, which is Consumers like the idea of leader in Germany and
and user friendliness. The tive issue. It’s not so much very different from CE climate protection, but are Western Europe. Other
second is environmental about ethics or ambitions of goods… it all revolves not necessarily willing to parts of the world are dif-
consciousness. Can you tell managers; it has become a around energy and environ- spend extra money for it. ferent. Which areas of the
me how the company’s really essential part of white mental friendliness. world are you pushing
actions and developments goods. If you are not efficient The company is conti- apart from Europe?
are working towards in water or energy consump- How important is it for nuing to do extremely
these goals? tion, you are not going to companies and the indus- well and I saw in May you The biggest investment our
succeed in the market unless try to take these environ- again had record sales. company now has is clearly
Well obviously Bosch and Sie- you have the strategy to be mental challenges How is the company wea- in China. It is a booming
mens being our main brands price leader. seriously? Do you think we thering the current econo- market and we have enjoyed
for the BSH group, both need to act urgently? mic climate however? Is it a good position in China for
brands stand for innovation. How heavy is this require- changing your roadmap? over 10 years. We have
If you look at patent statistics ment? I would say that there are 2 invested heavily in new capa-
in Germany, Bosch and Sie- aspects. First is the competi- This is not affecting our stra- city. Our facilities in China
mens are ranked number 1 In new projects that we dis- tive aspect, which focuses on tegy or roadmap. What it produce goods for the Chi-
and number 2 in numbers of cuss, it can be easily 50% of energy savings because for does is affect our operations nese market, not for impor-
patent applications. BSH as a the discussion. We look at it the consumer it means costs this year in some specific ting back to Europe. The
subsidiary of both companies today in a more global way. savings, so it’s a very rational countries. The economic cli- market is booming and we
has the 10th position overall It’s not just efficiency in using thing. The environmental mate is more difficult in are serving it very well. In the
in patent applications in Ger- the product, but the entire sustainability factor is beco- some zones than others. Of US, there is also a dramatic
many. So innovation has life cycle. The key is to fur- ming more and more impor- course, it’s difficult in North change in the market
been the core of the two ther reduce consumption tant, but not because the America, but also in Great towards energy efficient pro-
brands and we have stuck to with each new generation. customers are requesting Britain and Spain. These are ducts.
that strategy and it’s fair to At the IFA show, we will be it… It’s because the people the 3 main countries where The perception had been
say our company stands for showcasing new dishwa- inside the company ask for it. we feel a slowdown in eco- that Americans didn’t care
innovation in home shers and one key element of If you talk to young execu- nomic activity, and especially about energy efficiency, but
appliances. For the environ- these products will be an tives, the point that they building activity, which our observation is that they
mental, excellence has been unrivaled low level of water mention the most is that directly effects white goods. now do. We are bringing
an element in our industry for and energy consumption. they think our company In many other countries, high efficiency washing
a couple of years now. It has We have innovated a new should take care of the envi- though – Germany, France, machines and dishwashers

16 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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to the market and it is very in products that are designed course more than just wat-
open to energy efficiency. for those markets, and thus ching TV or listening to
The market is very open to you have to add R&D music. If you think of one
embracing new concepts. resources. At the same time, issue we are going forward is
we cannot stop doing R&D in coffee. It has become very
How quickly are sales in our key home market. We emotional worldwide. So I
that market increasing? need to innovate in our think we will see wonderful
home country too, so auto- lifestyle products in the area
Well we have in the past 4-5 matically you will see an of coffee that can also bring
years doubled our sales in increase in R&D spending. more emotion. A washing
the US. We have also establi- machine is a necessity, but
shed onsite production sites How do you view the coffee or cooking products
for white goods. You have to move by IFA to include bring out a lot of emotion in
H) produce close to the market, white goods? people. Cooking is becoming
because the products are a trend. So this is a very inte-
bulky and you don’t want to Obviously we appreciate it a resting topic and this can add
ship them over the Atlantic. lot because the entire electri- an interesting twist to IFA…
In China, it’s the same story. cal retail sector, which is a for the consumers and the not easy to bring to the mar- approach, but one of innova-
We develop products for the major channel of sales for us, retailers. ket, because competition is tion. As the French say “la
local market with European will be there. There is a com- very fierce. Retail is consoli- bonne guerre”… this indus-
technology and this is very mon retail audience between What do you think are the dating, so it’s not an easy try is highly competitive. You
successful. CE and white goods. More biggest challenges facing game, but it is a situation we can see it in the prices every
than 50% of our sales go your companies now? have to handle. year. Price erosion is not as
I’ve noted that your spen- through this channel so this dramatic as CE products, but
ding on R&D as part of the is very attractive and IFA is a We are an industry that is Are the Korean manufac- nevertheless it is still very
overall budget has been well introduced fair, has a very material intensive. Our turers becoming a thorn in competitive. Any new com-
growing. Is this trend great brand name and not source materials are currently your side? petitor is welcome and if
going to continue? only attract Germans, but under a tremendous amount they bring innovation to the
international retailers around of inflationary pressure. Steel In Europe they are not very market it can even help the
Absolutely, it will continue the world. prices are rising 60% year on visible yet, but they are business.
for a number of reasons. CE is very digitally driven… year, which we have never serious competitors. That’s
First, home appliances are There is a lot of innovation experienced before. This puts okay because I think that
not global products. If you on that side. In our case, we a lot of pressure on our they are trying to bring inno-
expand your business to new can bring a lot of “home life- industry and will eventually vation and good styling. It’s
Hall 3.1 / Stand 203
markets, you have to invest style” to IFA. “Home” is of trigger price increases. This is not a cheap product

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 17
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LG7000 LCD TV has picture quality to match, boasting full HD resolution, a 50,000:1 contrast ratio with TruMotion
100Hz and a sensor that automatically optimizes the picture for ambient light. LG7000 LCD TV
has a new feature, Bluetooth connectivity, which allows viewers to see photos
or listen to music, stored on compatible devices, on the TV. It also allows
viewers to connect Bluetooth headphones without ungainly wires getting
in the way. In addition, it has Intelligent Sensor to optimize picture quality
elements by utilizing RGB sensor which senses color temperature and
illumination of the surrounding environment. An invisible speaker system
tuned by audio guru Mr. Mark Levinson rounds out the LG7000’s unique
viewing experience. With the LG7000 LCD TV, LG builds on the success of
its Scarlet series TVs – the epitome of innovative style and design. Sleek,
slim and sophisticated, the LG7000 is a work of art. Red accent on the slim
and sharp side line with soft channel and volume button adds style, along
with glossy black sheen finish that gives a classy appearance.
Furthermore, the LG7000 has changeable front frame to better match the
surrounding interior.

Full HD LCD 50,000:1 Invisible Speaker tuned by Mr. Mark
TruMotion 100Hz Levinson
Bluetooth Clear Voice, SRS TSXT
AV Mode Moving LED
24p Real Cinema 4HDMI
Intelligent Sensor USB2.0

“Full HD” 1080p ready PG7000

LG6100, the LG’s flagship LCD TV for 2008 is plasma series delivers a high-quality
the world’s slimmest LCD TV at just 44.7mm home entertainment experience in
among digital TV tuner built-in TVs. Built 50- and 60-inch screen sizes. It also
around 100Hz Full HD LCD panel, the LG6100, has Super Bright Panel to realize top
which has been developed to give its audience class contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and
an optimal viewing experience, includes AV prove clarity and brightness while
Mode and Expert Mode picture calibrating pic- eliminating optical glare with minimal
ture quality. The AV Mode optimizes the pic- light reflection. PG7000 has a new feature,
ture to Cinema Mode, Sport Mode and Game Bluetooth connectivity, which allows to
Mode. LG Expert mode was certified by ISF connect Bluetooth headphones without
(Imaging Science Foundation) picture ungainly wires getting in the way. Like all of LG’s TVs, the
quality calibration institution. In addi- PG7000 includes the Dual XD Engine, and image processing
tion, it has Intelligent Sensor to op- system that optimizes picture quality for any type of content
timize picture quality elements by imaginable. PG7000 series incorporate a slim, elegant single-
utilizing RGB sensor which layer design. The single layer design mocks the appearance of a
senses color temperature and pane of glass creating a sleek, sophisticated look to complement
illumination of the surroun- any home décor. It also has a non-reflective internal cell structure
ding environment. It also to help minimize excessive glare typically caused by harsh
reduces power consump- ambient light.
tion by 50 percent.
SPECIFICATIONS ISFccc calibration ready
AV Mode Full HD 1080p with 600Hz/
Full HD Resolution Dual XD Engine
(Cinema, 0.001ms response time
TruMotion 100Hz Clear Voice
Sport, Game) Contrast ratio: 1,000,000:1 (Super
50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio Invisible Speaker
Expert Bright Panel)
Intelligent Sensor USB 2.0 and AV inputs / Four
Mode / ISF Bluetooth
24p Real Cinema HDMI 1.3 deep color
Ready AV Modes (Cinema, Sports, Game)
4* HDMI (1.3 Deep Color) Panel life span : 100,000hrs
Clear voice Expert Mode
Invisible Speaker Single layer


Company unveils products with art-inspired designs and innovative technologies
LG Electronics (LG), a leading producer of LCD and plasma TVs unveiled its latest products at IFA 2008.
Under the theme of “Smart Technology and Stylish Design,” LG exhibits an array of products, boasting state-of-the-art features and art-
inspired looks. “We have set trends in the consumer electronics industry worldwide by creating products with the most advanced
technology and most insightful designs,” said Simon Kang of President & CEO of LG Digital Display Company. “We are working to appeal
to the sophisticated tastes of consumers in Europe more than anywhere else, to help them enjoy smart and
stylish living.”

Hall 11.2 / Stand 101

18 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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“…to become very successful

in our industry, we believe
brand is the most important

Yong Nam, CEO of LG found a more comforta-

Electronics announced a ble niche in both the big-
couple of months ago, ger sizes, and in areas
that LG aims to become where black levels and
the “best corporate dark room contrast are
brand” with top-notch still an issue. We would
marketing capabilities in like to talk about both
each of the 140 countries markets.
where you currently ope- Firstly what is your out-
rate. Please tell us about look for the LCD market
this new philosophy… for the next three years,
and where is LG adding
In order to become very suc- value?
cessful in our industry, we
believe brand is the most If I look at the outlook for
important factor. To nurture the market by segment,
our brand as one of the top- firstly in the advanced or
notch brands in the industry, developed market, growth
we believe there are many in the LCD sector will be slo-
interesting things to handle, wed down due to market
such as nurturing our inter- saturation. If you look at
nal capabilities and maintai- emerging countries, I
ning them at a high level on believe that from next year,
a continuous basis, to growth in the LCD sector
achieve the top class and will pick up speed. If we
the best quality capability as take the product perspec-
a company internally… and tive, we can see that LCD
we believe that human TVs are becoming bigger in
resources will be the funda- size. Although it is still slow
mental foundation for us to compared to other products
be successful in the industry. in the large screen sector,
For example, we are recrui- once we hit the sweet spot
ting human resources from price, I believe the volume of
various functional areas LCD sales will pick up from
although they are not speci- then on. If you look at the
fically from the electronic smaller sized LCDs, people
areas, as long as they are are continuously demanding
world class human a second TV for their
resources. bedroom, study or kitchen.
So that could be the driver
I saw that LG is recruiting for us to grow the small LCD
from individual countries. segment. And especially for
A new philosophy… the European market, we
expect that the demand for
That’s right, not only are we small sized TVs will continue
hiring them for the indivi- to grow significantly.
dual corporations around
the globe, but we are also Where do you think LG
hiring them for the head- adds value in the LCD
quarters in Korea. market?

While LCD TV continues I believe that there are three

to grow in popularity, it important characteristics for
appears today that any TV set. One is picture
Plasma has also really quality, second is features,

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 19
IFA_D2_1/2LN.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 21:20 Page20


and the third is design. thing is to ensure good known that PDP is less to like simpler, minimalistic
All three are equally impor- communication with our stressful for the eyes. So we LG is also developing 3D designs whereas the French
tant, I believe, and what’s target customers. So for can put more emphasis on displays which is an inte- tend to admire curviness.
important for us to “grab” that we need strong marke- these benefits as a marke- resting experiment, but Even looking at their auto-
these elements is customer ting capabilities. The third ting point. If you look at PDP will it ever be mains- mobiles, Volkswagen or
insights. We need to listen aspect is that the electronic technologies, we are putting tream? Audi compared to Renault,
to their needs, voices, and industry fluctuates a lot, so a significant amount of R&D you can see this difference.
requirements. Customer we need very good supply efforts for a high voltage It will take time. First of all, So when we are producing
insight serves as the basic chain management to main- and low electricity theme we have to wait until the our product portfolio, I think
foundation for us to develop tain stability in our opera- around PDP. So once we are broadcasting industry is fully it’s important for us to cater
any product if we really tions. able to garner some techni- ready for that. So the first to these kinds of country-
want it to be successful in cal advantages based on launch will be somewhere specific preferences. I take a
the market. Picture quality is What about Plasma? You these research findings, I around the promotion/com- lot of good references from
a technical driver and we have had some hard times believe that PDP can still be mercial area. Once the the car industry in relation
need to ensure the technical financially and were loo- very competitive even broadcasting industry is to design. I lived in Germany
advantages with picture king, as one of your main against LCD. ready and contents are also for 10 years, so I have a per-
quality, so it is mandatory, challenges, to make this made available, then we sonal affection attached to
not an option. If you look at division more profitable What is your roadmap for could develop it together. Germany. When I recently
design and feature ele- for LG. How is that going? OLED display? went back, I still found that
ments, these should be As someone who has wor- their design preferences are
determined based on consu- For us, Plasma TV is profita- We have transferred the ked on the three main still clearly defined and
mer insights. So we will be ble this year. If you look at management of OLED over continents, how do you clean.
doing so after gathering the Plasma module, it is also to LG Display earlier this see the LCD/Plasma TV
consumer insights. profitable from cash-base year, because OLED requires market evolving in Since joining LG in 1986 as
If I can elaborate on the perspectives. So we are now the combination of TFT LCD Europe as opposed to the a general manager for the
consumer decision making witnessing a different situa- technology so we thought USA and Asia? What are company's facility in Worms,
insights, for example, we tion compared against last that transferring the mana- the differences here? Germany, Mr. Kang has built
are living in the era of high year. It is true as you pointed gement to LG Display would up impressive international
energy prices, so consumer out that PDP is suffering create a better synergetic The space that people are experience through a num-
may need a TV model which slightly more than the LCD effect but LGe is still the living in is obviously diffe- ber of management posi-
consumes the least amount sector, but PDP has its own major shareholder of LG Dis- rent by country. When I talk tions overseas in Germany,
of energy as possible. So comfortable niche as well. play. about space, it also includes Canada and the United
then we have to develop a So the demand for PDP may the layout of furniture, and States as well as in Seoul.
model that consumes the not increase as significantly So according to their deve- what they are hanging on In 2000, he moved up to
least energy possible. Ano- as we have seen for LCD lopment schedule, we will their walls as well. In the US, become President of LG
ther example is that custo- TVs, but at the same time also be adjusting our deve- people tend to have bigger Electronics' U.S. Digital
mers might want a TV that the supply capabilities for lopment schedule for TV living rooms, so they need a Appliance Brand Manage-
can be seamlessly incorpora- PDP may not increase signi- sets. Our starting point will bigger TV. In European ment division, leading the
ted in their interior environ- ficantly either. So I think be a small size screen and countries, they have a very successful launch of LG's
ment. So then we can hire volume-wise, we might be since the resolution would unique sense of space. It’s digital appliance business in
an interior design who can able to strike a balance. be the real strength of smaller and they have more the U.S. Before taking his
design a TV-set to seam- There are definite benefits OLED, of course cost is also pictures and ornaments on current position, Mr. Kang
lessly fit-in with that envi- attached to PDP TVs. First of important to consider, but I the wall. So they might need was the company's Head of
ronment. all, its main strength concer- still see a bright hope for smaller and medium sized Korean Sales and Marketing
So the product is one impor- ning its competitive edge is OLED. All in all, for the TVs than in the US. Each Operations.
tant factor to ensure a com- when watching video files screen sector, I believe that country in Europe also has
petitive edge in the market or moving images compared OLED and LCD will be two outstanding characteristics.
place. The second important to LCD. And second, it is leading pillars in the future. For example, Germans tend Hall 11.2 / Stand 101

20 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
IFA_D2_1/2LN.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 21:20 Page21


By Richard Barnes

“...understand customers’ needs

and bring products to market at
an affordable price.”

light with low power

consumption. For LCD TV,
customers want a sharp and
vivid picture. In order to
satisfy customers’ needs,
LGD has commercialised a
DFR (Double Frame Rate)
product for the first time,
which also has a cost advan-
tage. As the design factor
will be increasingly impor-
tant for TVs in the future,
we have also launched slim
& narrow product for the
first time.

How is LG Display crea-

ting added-value for TV
How would you describe first 42-inch wide XGA
the philosophy of LG Dis- HDTV panel. In addition, we The most important thing in
play when it comes to have received SID Display of creating added-value for our
manufacturing LCD dis- the year Gold award in customers is to understand
plays? ‘03~’04. In ’06, we laun- their needs and provide pro-
ched a 100” TFT LCD as the duct with a competitive
At LG Display, we believe world’s largest LCD panel, price at the right time. For
that a picture is worth a and in ’07, our Flexible this, LGD is focusing on
thousand words, and that OLED was selected in Time’s developing collaborative
flat panel displays are “Best invention of the year.” products with major strate-
enabling rich and expressive This trend of production gic partners. In the case of
images to be incorporated innovation is something our IPS, LGD’s differentiated
into ever more areas of our customers have come to technology, we are currently
lives. Whether your display expect and trust us to deli- undertaking a number of
is a large and wide full high- ver. co-marketing programs to
definition TV, a set of high- increase sales for the custo-
resolution monitors or a What are the most impor- mers who are using our IPS
wide-format notebook PC, tant things in the panels in their LCD TVs and
it is important that viewers development of LCD tech- monitors, by promoting the
see the best looking image nology at the moment? superiority of IPS.
One of the factors is that Hall 11.2 / Stand 101
LG Display has a long history the LCD industry has gone
of being on the cutting- through tremendous
SONYof the
OLED TV flat panel indus- growth in such a short
try’s technical developments, amount of time is that it has
introducing new products satisfied both customers’
and technology to meet the desire for fancy design and
needs of its superior custo- high quality display. The
mer base. Tell us about most important thing in the
some of the benchmarks in development of LCD tech-
your history of panel nology is to understand cus-
making. tomers’ needs and bring
TIn Q3 ’97 we launched the products to market at an
world’s first 14.1-inch XGA affordable price. For exam-
notebook panel, in Q4 ’01 ple, laptop users want por-
we brought to market the table and long battery life
world’s first 20-inch UXGA products. That is why LGD is A Cleverdis SPECIALreport on
monitor panel and in Q4 ’03 focusing on an LED backlit LG Display’s IPS technology
we launched the world’s product, which is slim & is available at the LG stand.

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 21
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Epson announces the launch of the EH-TW5000, an HD-ready 1080p
flagship projector, designed to offer the best possible home-cinema
With outstanding new features and performance levels powered by
the latest Epson technologies, the EH-TW5000 is the perfect choice
for consumers looking for the best quality big-screen projector for
their home-cinema installation.

Stéphanie Lugbull, Product Manager for Home Cinema Video

Projectors, Epson Europe, said: “The EH-TW5000 is exceptional in
terms of home-cinema projectors. Its sleek black design and state-
of-the-art features will provide the highest quality images in your
own home. The EH-TW5000 marks the continued impetus of
Epson’s home-cinema video projection and confirms our position
as number one in the market.”

STYLE AND FEATURES and easy to install. A true cinema-screen format of 2.35:1 is also a
reality, as a result of the projector’s anamorphic wide mode. This
means that movies can be enjoyed without black bands at the top
The projector’s range of features and stylish design will ensure it is and bottom of the screen.”
the centrepiece of your home-cinema experience on the big screen. In addition, the frame interpolation feature ensures perfectly
Whether using the EH-TW5000 with Blu-ray, DVD, HDTV or your set- smooth video playback, blurring is suppressed and motion pictures
top box, Epson’s innovative technologies — in particular, the are much sharper, offering film quality images. Furthermore,
pioneering 3LCD technology — provide brighter images, more Epson’s improved cinema filter offers a viewing experience second
accurate colour reproduction and finer grey scaling, resulting in to none in any lighting environment. The advanced calibration
stunning picture quality and motion flow. For the first time ever, an possibilities with ISF features add to the high image quality.
amazing contrast ratio of 75,000:1 has been achieved, thanks to new
D7 C²Fine panels, advanced DeepBlack technology, HQV Video Epson is a global leader in imaging products, including printers,
processing, and an improved E-TORL lamp. 3LCD projectors and small- and medium-sized LCDs. With an
innovative and creative culture, Epson is dedicated to exceeding the
Ms Lugbull adds: “This state-of-the-art projector boasts some vision and expectations of customers worldwide with products
terrific new features. Optical x2.1 zoom and easy horizontal and known for their superior quality, functionality, compactness and
vertical lens shift make the EH-TW5000 exceptionally convenient energy efficiency.
Hall 21 / Stand 103

22 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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By Gary Smith

Epson have officially departments, hopes will the DM2 is really easy to we’ve
launched several new open up new markets. The install and use.” The DM2 healthy m a d e
projectors at IFA, ranging DM2 combines a DVD has two integrated 8-watt sales in France, m o r e
from the high-end TW 5000 player (with DivX stereo speakers and also Germany and the Nordic compatible with
offering the ultimate in compatibility) and surround offers a brightness of 1,200 countries, but we are very the needs of gamers
cinema quality through to sound speaker system, lumens. It incorporates keen to communicate the by adding an extra colour
the thoroughly affordable providing families with an Epson’s innovative 3LCD fact that our projectors are mode and a game mode
DM2 which will retail at easy to use widescreen technology to create clear, for every type of household which reduces the time-lag
€599. The TW 5000 home cinema experience. sharp images and allow for and that they are the only between the console and
theatre model boasts an “The image of projectors as projection even in bright way to get a fully immersive the projector by disabling all
impressive 75,000:1 being only for people with environments. The projector experience,” he said. “We of the unused AV functions
contrast ratio, state-of-the- relatively high incomes and can be connected to are, in any case, now in an on the projector in order to
art features and Full-HD large lounges is really computers, digital cameras, era when people simply maximise the processing
(1080p), while the portable changing as indeed it games consoles and USB expect large scale images.” speed,” Bagnaschino said.
EH-DM2, a home should,” Bagnaschino said. keys – offering true While the TW 5000, 3800,
entertainment centre with a “While we make quite multimedia compatibility. 3000 and DM2 are standard
contemporary black design, complex models such as the Epson is marketing the new projectors, Epson’s fifth new
is an entry-level machine TW 5000 that cost € 3000 models as the best way to model, the TW 420, is
that Thierry Bagnaschino, and need to be calibrated get a “real” cinema-style aimed at gamers. “It’s a
Hall 21 / Stand 103
Epson director of LP & VI and installed by a specialist, experience: “We’re seeing 720p HD-Ready model that


By Gary Smith

Meet the new high- design with usability. range, which also includes
end LCD TV Vision 9 by Mr Petersheim went on, the HS 5521 hair curler with
Grundig, which features full “Grundig has always stood 2430 bristles plus the PS
HD and 100 Hz image for the idea that you should 8710 weighing scales, is
quality. The TV’s advanced not have to read the whole already claiming a double-
built-in sound system uses manual in order to be able digit market share in
16 speakers in a sound bar to use any of our products Germany.
with a sub-woofer and that remains truer than
positioned at the back of ever today.”
the unit. The surround “Over the next three years
sound is created by we aim to take 5% of
technology that creates a European market share and
delay between the speakers, we expect to do more than
which generates bundles of that in Germany,” Peterseim
sound waves. “We will said.
continue our policy of Announcing the launch of a
producing highly new range of personal care
sophisticated designs that products including the HD
are easy to use and that also 8780 hair dryer featuring a
offer added value to the powerful, rapid airflow, Ion-
consumer”, said Grundig based technology and a
managing director Michael turbo function, Mr
Peterseim. Another model, Peterseim said of the new
the Vision 7 is our entry level range: “In this area, white is
full HD TV and, like all the the new black. Body
company’s products, it awareness is here and it’s Hall 23 / Stand 101
combines state-of-the-art here to stay.” The grooming

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 23
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By Bruce Cooper

Samsung, one of the thing of its kind on the mar- reader, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR day
world’s biggest electro- ket. The X360 incorporates (enhanced data rate) and mobile
nic brands, lifts the lid on all the functionality deman- super-fast 802.11n wireless compu-
the most innovative addition ded by today’s ultra-mobile technology, enabling speeds ting. Regar-
to its ever-expanding note- professionals, including of up to five times faster ding the sleek
book range – the ultra-light- three USB ports, a built-in than the traditional speed. design, the 13.3-inch
weight Samsung X360. HDMI (high-definition multi- And the list of superlatives WXGA (1280x800) LED
media interface) connec- just goes on and on. One of screen with backlight tech-
The X360, developed in tion, a 34 mm express-card the X360's most attractive nology consumes less power
partnership with Microsoft, slot, VGA output and a 128 features is its six-cell battery but renders highly improved
weighs an astonishing GB solid state drive. life of up to 10 hours conti- brightness.
1.27kg and provides consu- Connectivity and data trans- nuous use — enough to Take a look at the lighter
mers with a comprehensive fer developments include a meet the most demanding than air Samsung X360 in Hall 20 / Stand 101
set of features unlike any- seven-in-one memory-card customer requirement of all- Hall 20.


By Richard Barnes

had been under way for 2 mers and promote HD TV in the unique sports offer of
years, with teams working homes across Europe. "We Eurosport HD linked to
on the upgrading of Euro- are immensely pleased with major sporting occasions.
sport’s broadcast platform, the Eurosport partnership," Jacques Raynaud, Vice
post-production tools and said Yorihisa Shiokawa, Chairman, Eurosport Group
video archive infrastructure. Managing Director of Pana- says, "We share a common
The entire image and sound sonic Marketing Europe. vision. Wherever Eurosport
chain is now entirely digital "Thanks to Panasonic's unri- is broadcast, we aim to deli-
and in High Definition. valed flat screen technology ver a new dimension in
and the convenience of sports to viewers in as many
Why is sport so important IPTV, Eurosport's viewers HDTV-equipped homes as
to the onset of HD in will get a customized and possible. That's 114 million
Europe? interactive user experience. homes and 59 territories
Not only that, the VIERA flat across Europe. Fast-paced
Sports, especially live, are screen TVs provide an ultra- change in technology, digi-
When Eurosport deci- wing of fast moving sports spectacular in high defini- fast response time ideal for talization, and media spread
ded to launch its High images in high definition, a tion. The fast-paced action, rapid moving images which has opened up whole new
Definition simulcast service, deal was made between the drama, the physical are common at sporting vistas for growth. At the
Eurosport HD, it was evident Panasonic and Europe's lea- effort of supreme human events. That's why this new same time, we have increa-
that sports fans should be ding sports multimedia plat- performance and the emo- collaboration between Euro- singly sophisticated means
able to watch content under form, timed to coincide with tion of competition is delive- sport as a sports broadcaster to reach consumers, to
the best possible conditions. the recent Eurosport HD red in vivid clarity. The and Panasonic as a HDTV create dialogue and to bet-
Broadcasting in High Defini- channel launch. highest quality image and manufacturer is a truly ter understand their needs
tion is one thing. Viewing From May 25th, Eurosport sound means viewers can ground-breaking venture." and desires. Our partnership
the images is another. HD has been broadcasting live sports as if they were at Their shared objective is to with Panasonic is the perfect
Because Panasonic’s latest multilingual coverage of the heart of the action! associate the powerful attri- strategic response”.
generation of TVs is per- 140 different sports to the The main aim of Panasonic butes of the highest quality
fectly adapted to the vie- European public. Planning is to connect with consu- HD TVs from Panasonic with Hall 5.2 / Stand 101

24 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
The world’s first
200 Hertz LCD TV
See it at IFA, Hall 4.2

Sony_AZ_IFA2008_Reveal_IFA_international_250x353.indd 1 24.07.2008 15:41:44 Uhr

IFA_D2_2.qxd:Mise en page 1 30/08/08 22:26 Page26




LG Electronics’ press lywood celebrities and the what she seemed: she incorporates all LG’s next-
breakfast saw Kwan international media gather wasn’t the heroine of a new generation technologies.
Sup Lee, Vice-president of last April for what they drama, but LG’s new series Built around a full-HD
LG’s DD Marketing Strategy believed was to be the of ultra-slender, gorgeously 1080p LCD panel, the Scar-
Team, running through the world premiere of Nutter’s designed LCD TVs. The buzz let LG7000 features an intel-
latest manifestations of his latest project, Scarlet, star- generated by the ingenious ligent sensor, which
company’s Scarlet LCD TVs. ring actress Natassia Malthe. tweaking of the meaning of automatically adjusts the
But as the screening room “TV series“ was all LG could screen brightness according
LG’s clever teaser campaign went dark, it became have hoped for in terms of to the available light.
for Scarlet, Lee said, “had clear that Scarlet growing Scarlet’s brand
changed the rules of the TV was not equity — and then some. In addition to the new Scar-
marketing game“. Orches- “We had to think and act let models, Lee presented a
trated by the TV director differently in order to snapshot of the ultra-mini-
David Nutter, the change the perception of malist PG6000 and PG7000
campaign saw the LG brand“, Lee said. plasma sets. Both, he said,
Hol- “Being different might be live up to their slogan of to LG’s sales drive in Wes-
risky, but we took that risk “taking it to the edge“ by tern Europe. “This is our
to make a breakthrough.“ melding the smartest of industry’s biggest global
smart technology, stylish event and one that is of
LG is now intending to leve- design, eco-friendliness and great strategic importance
rage the market awareness state-of-the-art LED back- to us - as, indeed, it is to our
generated by the Scarlet light technology competitors“, he noted. “IFA
campaign to drive its new is the perfect place to show-
range of LCD TVs. First up “The PG6000 and PG7000 case our new product line-
was the company’s flagship are the sleekest TVs that LG up and technology for the
LCD TV for 2008, the has ever created“, Lee said. second part of the year, not
LG6100, described by Lee as He added that, resembling a just to the market in general
an “intelligent fashion seamless black sheet of but also to our network of
icon“. With her shiny red glass shimmering on the dealers. Being here in Berlin
back and sleek, sophistica- wall, “they look like a work gives our partners the
ted lines, LG 6100 is a true of art and have nothing to opportunity to acquaint
femme fatale — and at just distract you from their incre- themselves with our latest
1.7 inches thick, she can dible picture quality. These products and get a real feel
also lay claim to being one sets truly offer frameless for their qualities and capa-
of the world’s slimmest. perfection“. bilities“.
Her sister, “the confident, Speaking after his presenta-
sophisticated“ LG7000, tion, Lee said that IFA is key Hall 11.2 / Stand 101


By Emmanuel Poidevin

During their 2008 IFA time buyers, the 2200 and functionalities will be availa-
press conference Navi- 2210 are also available in ble by the end of September
gon presented an exciting two different versions for 349 € retail price.
new range of products as (149 € and 179 €). The Its acquisition also offers a
well as a new “update and NAVIGON 2150 max, which rebate on the new NAVI-
upgrade” online service. looks the same, adds some GON FreshMaps service
The new entry-level Naviga- extra features and services. (24 months for 99 €)
tor is available in two ver- The frameless designed The recently reddot design
sions: the 1200 version with NAVIGON 7210, with honourable mention awar-
maps of Germany, Austria advanced features like ded 8110 premium PND is
and Switzerland (costs Curve Warner, voice reco- already available at 449 € in
129 €), the NAVIGON 1210 gnition Pro, Landmark store.
with all information on 40 View3D also includes new
European countries is priced Emergency Help” and
at 149 €. Targeted to First- “Favourites on the Map Hall 9 / Stand 203

26 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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By Emmanuel Poidevin

Manufacturer Haier is with, the latter being known open like

attending IFA with a as the ‘bi-mode’. Other drawers
selection of new and inno- Haier washing machines beneath the
vative products from its such as the HW80-F 1486 I fridge, an idea
White and Brown Goods and HW-U 2008 work in a which is in line with the ove- AFL 631 CB, one of the hori-
divisions. The WasH2O uses more traditional manner, rall 3D concept of the range. zontal compartments is a
a patented technology but are very much in line The fridge, which includes foldable wine-rack. The
based on electrolysis. The with the most recent stan- the latest technologies like a HB21 FWRSS, also known
process splits water into OH- dards in terms of both TFT touch screen with video as the ”French Side By Side”
and H+ ions, the first group energy and wash efficien- message function and an
drawing and capturing the Super Space, includes large
cies. LED interior backlight, was spaces, which allow for
dirt while the second steri- The company’s latest fridge, awarded a Red Dot design
lizes the laundry allowing customisation of the racks’
the AFT 630 IX integrates award for 2008 and the +X spacing.
consumers to wash clothes two practical and spacious design prize. In the premium
either without detergents or version of AFD 630 IX and Hall 4.1 / Stand 107
freezer compartments that



Yifang, the up and coming Chi- in design and style combined imaginable tests, from dropping the Yifang stand and find your
nese manufacturer of Mp3 with the optimisation of technical to extreme vibrations are carried favourite.
players, USB flash drives, digital features accommodating every out. If you are looking for sleek
photo frames, the ground-brea- peripheral imaginable. Other design, adapted features, and a
king mobile note taker, and a integrated features include a robust, durable device, then visit Hall 28 / Stand 240
host of other reputed electrical calendar, clock and alarm, slide
devices, are at IFA this year. show function and background
music played through the two
Of the many devices produced by built-in stereo speakers. The EP
Yifang, the EN103 mobile note series comprises both photo
taker is one of the most innova- frames and the most attractive
tive. This small and portable range of keychain photo frames.
device is able to capture notes
without being connected to a PC, Yifang’s real flagship products are
has an impressive storage capa- the EM range of mp4 and the
city of the equivalent of 100 A4 mp3 players. All the players in the
pages and includes in-built mp4 range come with a standard
handwriting recognition software configuration comprising of FM
that instantly converts your radio and E-book functions.
handwriting into JPEG format. Memory capacities go up to 8 GB
The compact design means it can and the majority of players sport
be used in virtually any location 1.8” screens. The players’ ergo-
at any time. nomic and sleek design make
Moving on to Yifang’s digital them both attractive to the eye
photo frames, there is innovation and easy to use. The mp3 and
mp4 players come in an extensive
range of design, colour and size,
which means whatever the custo-
mers needs, there’s a device for
everybody amongst the wide
range on offer.
The high quality of Yifang’s pro-
duct range is largely due to the
demanding tests the devices
undergo in the Yifang relia-
bility laboratory. Here all

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 27
sharp_advertorial:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 12:18 Page28

Extracts from “SHARP ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL REPORT 2008” & Cleverdis SPECIALreport 2008


According to reports from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Since the 19th century, the impact on
Climate Change) and the discussions at the G8 Heiligendamm the environment has grown as a result
Summit, a broad international consensus is emerging that dealing of increased economic and social
with global warming is a critical issue facing the world. activity. As an electronics manufacturer,
Sharp has recognised and is now
focusing on three main problems: global
Sakai Factory warming, pollution from toxic chemicals
and depletion of resources.

Sharp began R&D on solar cells in 1959. Today, they are the only
company that has continuously developed and produced solar cells
without any interruption to the present day. At present, Sharp-
manufactured solar cells account for approximately one-fourth of the
world total.

Against this backdrop, the first commitment period of the Kyoto

Protocol finally began this year. This pressing situation demands a Thin-film silicon solar cells can now be used as architectural
drastic transformation in social structure – from a mass- materials! The new “see through” type will allow for innovative new
consumption society that since the Industrial Revolution has applications like this to expand to windows and wall surfaces of homes
depended on fossil resources, to a sustainable low-carbon society and buildings.
focused on the use of renewable energies. In 2012, the final year of
the first commitment period, Sharp will celebrate the 100th
anniversary of its founding. As the company prepares to mark this MAKE ENERGY… AND USE LESS ENERGY!
milestone at this critical turning point, Sharp has explored anew the Sharp is, of course, continuing its efforts to improve power
role that it should play in the coming era and created two new consumption in TVs. Today, the amount of power consumed by the
corporate visions for the future. One is “Realize a truly ubiquitous latest 52-inch LCD TV is less than the electricity consumed by a 32-
society*1 with the world’s No. 1 LCDs.” And, the other is “Contribute inch CRT TV eight years ago. Compared to similar-sized 32-inch
to the world through environment- and health-conscious business, models, the latest 32-inch LCD TV consumes less than half the
focusing on energy-saving and energy-creating products.” power per year than a CRT TV introduced in 2000.
*1 A “ubiquitous society” is a concept of how, through the rapid development of IT infrastructure,
networks will always be accessible to users; thus, the whole society will be connected. To obtain the full report in PDF format:

Kameyama Factory

Hall 3.2 / Stand 101

28 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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Sharp aims Towards Carbon-Neutral Living And Cleaner Planet
By Richard Barnes

green factory", based on its

in-house environment stan-
dards. Indeed, all Sharp
plants in Japan have now
been awarded super-green

In its efforts to further

advance the cause of solar
energy and efficiency in LCD
production, Sharp has
announced that it will begin
building the world’s most
modern LCD plant in Sakai
near Osaka, Japan, at the
end of this year. The new
21st century industrial com-
plex will start operation in
2010. Here, for the first time
anywhere in the world, solar
cells and LCD panels will be
produced together. This will
allow Sharp to create syner-
gies, while avoiding unne-
cessary transportation.

Read more about Sharp’s

green technologies and
new products at IFA in the
At this year’s IFA, leading Sharp Europe’s CEO, side by side. Now, as in the via fuel cells and by means SPECIALreport, AQUOS –
exhibitor and TV manufactu- Toshiyuki Tajima, said: past, we take our ecological of one of the world’s largest The Next Generation TV,
rer Sharp Electronics is “Sharp is truly unique in that responsibilities very se- photovoltaic plants. As a published by Cleverdis
impressing visitors with its is has been researching and riously. That’s why Sharp is result of this approach, the (
enormous stand, which developing photovoltaic taking a leading role in the facilities' CO 2 emissions
dominates Hall 3.2 and fea- cells for 49 years now. CE industry, and will conti- have been greatly reduced.
tures a host of new products, Approximately one in four nue to strive towards car-
including sleek LCD TVs and solar electric panels in the bon-neutral living and a The Kameyama plant – the
high-performance Blu-ray world today were made by cleaner planet.” first of its kind in the world
players. Sharp. In other words, we – is a state-of-the-art com-
are not just jumping on the The development and plex for integrated produc-
But what some visitors may current 'ecological bandwa- construction of state-of-the- tion, from LCD panels to
not realise is that Sharp has gon', but have been dedica- art facilities is indeed a signi- assembled LCD TVs. In addi-
been a leader in the research ted to this cause for many ficant aspect of Sharp’s tion to optimising the faci-
and development of environ- decades. Today, the world is environmental strategy. The lity's environmental
mentally friendly products coming to the realisation LCD TV production facility in friendliness, Sharp aims to
and technologies for several that alternative energies Kameyama is a prime exam- upgrade every aspect of its
decades. In fact, besides pro- have to be developed as a ple. Here, a third of the economic performance, as
duct quality, profitability and matter of urgency. To this energy required is generated well as its relations with the
social responsibility, Sharp end, Sharp is set to launch a by a combination of innova- surrounding community.
regards protecting the pla- massive operation in Japan, tive “green” technologies –
net's resources as a key res- where we will produce LCD through co-generation sys- Sharp has certified the
ponsibility. TVs and solar electric panels tems based on natural gas, Kameyama plant as “a super

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 29
Projet1 29/08/08 13:33 Page 1
IFA_D2_2-2XP7.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 21:41 Page 31



is becoming increasingly
popular. Responding to this
trend, Petra-Electric has pro-
duced its first coffee maker
for soft pods featuring a
professional milk-frothing

Petra-Electric is also presen-

ting a range of hair-care
appliances, including dryers,
curlers and straighteners.
The company's powerful
dryers use ionic technology,
which prevents the static
loading of hair and facili-
Petra-Electric, the German fee as there are coffee drin- tates easy styling. The curl
home appliance manufactu- kers: some like it strong, appliance is a gentle solu-
rer, is showcasing its new some like it mild, some like tion for curling, styling and
Artenso Latte "soft-pod" it milky, some like it black. drying hair, while the cera-
coffee maker, alongside its Everybody, however, prefers mic Professional Straighte-
up-market range of hair- it freshly prepared. It is the- ner PHG 131 creates a
care products for the first refore not surprising that smooth and glossy finish.
time at IFA. There are as the preparation of single
many ways of enjoying cof- portions via coffee soft pods Hall 4.1 / Stand 206



When the first Senseo cof- successful as the first Sen- This is made possible thanks
fee maker hit the shelves seo – if not more so. “Just to the appliance’s integrated
in 2001, it quickly became as with the first Senseo, milk reservoir and milk fro-
one of the best-selling ap- convenience and quality ther, which allow the
pliances on the market. are central to the machine to produce spe-
concept,” says Vidya, “so cialty coffees made with
Since then, Philips has sold we’re confident that it will fresh, frothed milk quickly
over 20 million units. And be well received. The diffe- and easily. If the Senseo
with the autumn 2008 rence with the Senseo Latte Select is a success,
launch of the latest Senseo Latte Select is that it satis- then it will be further proof
innovation, the Senseo fies consumers’ increasing that Philips’ coffee strategy
Latte Select, present at the desire for ‘indulgence’.” is really working.
Philips stand at IFA, Philips Hall 22 / Stand 101
is being closely watched to
see it has produced ano-
ther, similar success.
The new machine will
enable the consumer to
easily prepare luxury cof-
fees made with fresh, fro-
thed milk while sitting
snugly at home. Vidya
Sagar Gannamani, Cate-
gory Leader for Beverage
Appliances at Philips,
explains why the Senseo
story is a perfect example
of how Philips’ approach
leads to best-selling pro-

Vidya believes that this

single-serve coffee-pod
system offering luxury cof-
fees made with fresh, fro-
thed milk, will be just as

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 31
IFA_D2_2-2XP7.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 21:41 Page 32



By Richard Barnes

After initial surprise early The largest growth in the

in 2008, when it was first home appliance sector has
announced that Home been in Asia and Latin Energy saving: cooling appliances
Appliances would be inte- America. Despite the fact
grated into the IFA show, it that sales in Europe are
has since been echoed that currently stagnating, it is kwh/year
the decision was indeed a still the largest market for 600
wise one, based on solid home appliances, and the
market trends. overall trend remains posi- 500 Efficiency class
A or A++ ?
tive, especially in the east
In a detailed and emotive as well as in France and It makes a huge difference:
45% less energy!
presentation, the Chair- Germany. 180 million
man of the Electrical Home home appliances in Euro- 300
Appliance Division of the pean homes are over ten
ZVEI, Dr Reinhard Zinkann years old and are often no 200
explained that the trend is longer efficient.
towards more quality,
more features and greater Although a poll revealed
efficiency. that 75 percent of people
are prepared to buy
1990 1995 2000 Class A Class A+ Class A++
“After many years, when somewhat more expensive
they did not have their but environmentally Refrigerator (155l.)
own major trade show, the friendly products in recent Source: Ökoinstitut, ZVEI
IFA Opening 200/90l
Press Conference, 27 August 2008
manufacturers of home months, only 17 percent
appliances have come to have actually made a pur- Upright-Freezer (190l)
IFA for a very good reason, chase. For example, sales
because it is one of the of particularly energy-
world’s most important saving refrigerators and
trade fairs”, stated Dr. Zin- freezers in the category Buying environmentally friendly products
kann. Half of all dealers A++ so far only account The gap between willingness and action
stock both brown and for three per cent of the Tend to
white goods, and a combi- total. In his presentation, 14%
ned trade show with the the statistics spoke for Totally
consumer electronics sec- themselves, but in addi- Are you ready to buy 5%
tor is equally attractive for tion, Dr Zinkann outlined environmentally friendly
dealers, consumers and the some of the main issues at products even if they cost Don't know
a little bit more ? [% EU27] Tend to 6%
media. hand… agree
[Survey by Eurobarometer, 50%
Attitudes of European citizens towards
the environment, March 2008]

Home Appliances at IFA - Why?


Sales of major white goods worldwide

However: while 75% respondents of the poll say they are ready to buy
environmentally friendly products even if they are more expensive, only
Total value: 140bn. US $ 17% have actually done so in the month previous to the survey

Europe is the biggest market

for white goods Energy & water saving: washing machines
14% kwh/kg 0,50 0,47 50 liter/kg

36% 0,45

0,40 40
electricity consumption [kwh/kg
0,34 laundry] (60° cotton)
0,35 35
water consumption [liter/kg laundry]
0,30 0,27 30
21% 31
0,25 0,23 25
26 0,20
0,20 0,17 20
23% 0,15

0,10 12 10
Europe Others 10
0,05 8 5
North America South America
0,00 0
Asia Source: Ökoinstitut, ZVEI
1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2004 2008

32 IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008
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By Bruce Cooper & Joanna Stephens

Gorenje makes an impres- Also premiering at IFA are Gorenje fridge features a
sive debut at IFA with its several conceptual projects docking station for char-
latest generation of Allure aimed at bringing the use of ging the iPod. It also
and Pure cooking ap- household appliances closer plays back music and
pliances, presented to the to the contemporary consu- video through built-in
public for the first time here mer. These include the speakers and can also
in Berlin. “Made for iPod” refrigera- be connected to the
tor, which can be connected Internet via a Wi-Fi
However, it is its innovative to the world's most popular interface. An obvious
"Made for iPod" fridge free- music-playback device. With use for the kitchen is
zer that is bound to gene- this innovation, Gorenje is the iPod's ability to
rate the most interest. highlighting how modern browse and display
information technology is recipes in either text or
With design ever more pre- making the use of house- video format.
sent in contemporary life- hold appliances increasingly
styles, Gorenje has focused simple and fun to use – just iPod has already
on the aesthetic appeal of the way the users of tomor- conquered the world —
its range, promoting its row want it. and Gorenje hopes that
vision through a selection of its new appliances with
design-led products. Its Gorenje signed a license interactive functions
comprehensive Allure and agreement with Apple for have what it takes to
Pure designer lines boast the use of its technology in conquer contemporary kit-
new patent-protected user- its refrigerators. The combi- chens.
and environment-friendly nation of the cult iPod elec-
functional solutions. Energy- tronic entertainment device The new Allure product line
minded Gorenje has also and Gorenje's modern includes several patent-pro-
designed all its appliances in fridge freezer opens up new tected technical and func- which mimics
accordance with the A lifestyle vistas. The specially tional solutions, notably the the shape of a tradi-
energy class or higher. designed and developed arched oven interior ceiling, tional baker's oven and
allows for exceptional coo-
king results. This ingenious
solution is coupled with the
patent-protected two-level
positioning of the upper
heater, which follows the
curve of the ceiling.

Another patent deals with

the heat emitted by the
oven: the cooling system
enables the circulation of
cool, rather than hot, air bet-
ween the oven and the adja-
cent kitchen furniture. The
door cooling system is yet
another patent-protected
innovation, along with the
use of sensor-controlled
electronic timers.

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White

Collection, which was laun-
ched over a year ago,
impressed many European
consumers with its minima-
list appearance. This year,
Ora-Ïto won a Plus X design
award, confirming Gorenje's
role as a pioneering in life-
style design.
The Gorenje exhibition area
measures over 500 sq m.
Hall 1.1 / Stand 201

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 33
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Leading brand names in the consumer electronics and domestic electrical appliance industries
will be exhibiting together in a wide-ranging display on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds at the
IFA 2008 (29 August to 3 September). With a range of services that have been specially
designed for international trade visitors the IFA 2008 provides the ideal setting for their visit.

Guided tours for international trade visitors

Each day from 11 a.m. onwards guided tours on a variety of themes will be available to
enable trade visitors and experts to obtain background information about the current trends

IFA 2008 at the IFA. They will all start from the Trade Visitors’ Recepton. Tours dealing with the
following topics have already been planned:

• “Home Cinema” (TV and audio)

TRADE • “Professional Media” (receivers, Media Centre)
• “My Media“(photo, imaging, video, MP3, navigation)
VISITORS’ • “Think Big – large items of equipment” (domestic electrical appliances)
• “Luxury Products – small products” (domestic electrical appliances)
• “Green Power” (energy-saving appliances)
TOUR Details about the guided tours for international trade visitors can be accessed on the IFA
website at


Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008 Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008 Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008
Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall
11:00 – 11:15 Grundig 23 11:00 – 11:15 Toshiba 21 11:00 – 11:15 Sony 4.2
11:20 – 11:35 Philips 22 11:20 – 11:35 JVC 5.2 11:20 – 11:35 Navigon 9
11:40 – 11:55 Metz 21 11:40 – 11:55 Panasonic 5.2 11:40 – 11:55 Fujitsu-Siemens 13
13:30 – 13:45 Grundig 23 13:30 – 13:45 Toshiba 21 13:30 – 13:45 Sony 4.2
13:50 – 14:05 Philips 22 13:50 – 14:05 JVC 5.2 13:50 – 14:05 Navigon 9
14.10 – 14:20 Metz 21 14.10 – 14:20 Panasonic 5.2 14.10 – 14:20 Fujitsu-Siemens 13

Date: 03.09.2008 Date: 03.09.2008 Date: 03.09.2008

Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall
10:00 – 10:15 Grundig 23 10:00 – 10:15 Toshiba 21 10:00 – 10:15 Sony 4.2
10:20 – 10:35 Philips 22 10:20 – 10:35 JVC 5.2 10:20 – 10:35 Navigon 9
10:40 – 10:55 Metz 21 10:40 – 10:55 Panasonic 5.2 10:40 – 10:55 Fujitsu-Siemens 13


Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008 Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008 Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008
Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall
11:00 – 11:15 Siemens 1.1 11:00 – 11:15 De Longhi 3.1 11:00 – 11:15 Electrolux 4.1
11:20 – 11:35 Gorenje 1.1 11:20 – 11:35 Nespresso 1.1 11:20 – 11:35 Bosch 3.1
11:40 – 11:55 Liebherr 2.1 11:40 – 11:55 Saeco 4.1 11:40 – 11:55 Gorenje 1.1
13:30 – 13:45 Siemens 1.1 13:30 – 13:45 De Longhi 3.1 13:30 – 13:45 Electrolux 4.1
13:50 – 14:05 Gorenje 1.1 13:50 – 14:05 Nespresso 1.1 13:50 – 14:05 Bosch 3.1
14.10 – 14:20 Liebherr 2.1 14.10 – 14:20 Saeco 4.1 14.10 – 14:20 Gorenje 1.1

Date: 03.09.2008 Date: 03.09.2008 Date: 03.09.2008

Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall Time Exhibitor Hall
10:00 – 10:15 Siemens 1.1 10:00 – 10:15 De Longhi 3.1 10:00 – 10:15 Electrolux 4.1
10:20 – 10:35 Gorenje 1.1 10:20 – 10:35 Nespresso 1.1 10:20 – 10:35 Bosch 3.1
10:40 – 10:55 Liebherr 2.1 10:40 – 10:55 Saeco 4.1 10:40 – 10:55 Gorenje 1.1


Date: 29/30/31/01/02.09.2008
Time Exhibitor Hall
11:00 – 11:15 Loewe 6.2
11:20 – 11:35 Sony 4.2
11:40 – 11:55 Siemens 1.1
13:30 – 13:45 Loewe 6.2 No registration is required.
13:50 – 14:05 Sony 4.2
14.10 – 14:20 Siemens 1.1
If you have any further queries,
Date: 03.09.2008 please feel free to contact:
Time Exhibitor Hall
Sinan Arslan
10:00 – 10:15 Loewe 6.2 Project Manager IFA
10:20 – 10:35 Sony 4.2 Tel: +49 (30) 3038-2138,
10:40 – 10:55 Siemens 1.1
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There are a couple of methods for the promotion of products such as flat
screen mounting solutions. One is through consumer-education and the
other is by educating the sales people how to sell it. We asked Gerdi Vogels
about how they promote their products…
By Richard Barnes

In sales of this kind of increase the sales is for us ching Vogel’s mounting
product, an important one of the focuses during solution is available via seve-
thing is the attachment IFA. The units have to be ral types of media, such as
rate (to TV’s) as well as really visible for the end the Vogel’s website, or in
the amount of units sold. users who are passing by. the shop via customised
Is this going up more We have a section where we dedicated touch screens
rapidly? concentrate on how we can matching the retailers
help the retailers improve assortment. Our aim is to
A good question. What we their sales. There are a lot of make sure that the attach-
of course do ourselves is to things, such as a display of ment rate is high as possible
train people on the best way information giving and and that the right supports
to place their flat screens. asking the right questions. are in the store. Of course,
What that is, we’re trying to The training program is an the visual aspects are impor-
influence the attach rate important factor here. We tant. So there is a whole
Education is very important. mounting systems fit their ourselves. So that is where also have Vogel’s Flatscreen- concept that we will be
Of course we use both flat screen the best. we are heading in training Fitter database for the avai- explaining at IFA.
methods and the end user and informing to give that lable retailer. This database,
learns about the trends Back to the education, solution. So it is not that we with thousands of types of
through staff in the store. how is that done? can say the growth is higher flat screens and the mat- Hall 25 / Stand 118
We have sales training to than expected but just
educate and help them how That depends on the retai- something we stimulate
to best serve the end-user lers and what they prefer. ourselves. Naturally we
and also to advise the best We do have sales training want the highest attach-
solutions for the customer. staff that go to the loca- ment rate possible.
So training is an important tion and train the people
aspect. Besides this, infor- in the store, but we also How else does Vogel’s
mation for the end user is have training sessions for help the retailers?
very important. To help with the larger retailers where
that, for example, we have a sales staff come from dif- The way we present our
flat screen fitter which is a ferent locations and we products is important. Of
guiding system that is acces- train them in a more cen- course all the POS materials
sible on the Internet so that tralised way. So both are which we have available to
end-users can see which happening. help the retailers and to

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 35
You expect the best –
luckily for us

InterContinental Berlin – creates new lifestyle experiences.

The InterContinental Berlin is located in the heart of Europe. Perfectly equipped, elegant rooms in outstanding
interior designs. An outstanding Club InterContinental® setting new benchmarks. Sophisticated fine dining in
Hugos Restaurant, high above the Berlin rooftops. The unique Vitality Club landscape, holistic balance for body,
soul and mind. Discerning standards that start where others stop – now, more than ever.

Do you live an InterContinental life?

Call +49 (0) 30 2602 0

or visit
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Where to go

We know what it’s like!

in Berlin
specialties and let the staff of
the Berlin Plaza hotel spoil you
food dishes. Chef Christian
Lohse has already impressed a
You’re arriving in a town you 24 hours a day during your visit huge number of restaurant cri-
either don’t know well or in Berlin. The only two Michelin- tics. Now it is your turn to
don’t know at all... one of the enjoy a two star meal.
most legendary and amazing
star restaurant in Berlin –
If you like modern and Fischers Fritz is on the Gendar-
cities in Europe... you don’t fashionable places, the Berlin Fischers Fritz menmarkt close to the famous
have a lot of time and you Plaza at the Kurfürstendamm
The Fischers Fritz is an exqui- Friedrichstrasse and the Boule-
want to optimise what little is the right place for you to
stay. Satisfy your thirst for site, high class restaurant, vard Unter den Linden. It is
time you have going out… Get
renowned for its excellent sea- located in the luxurious
it right the first time! Indeed fashion during a long shop-
Berlin has a lot of fantastic ping trip on the KUDAMM and
spots to go out, but like every enjoy your stay in a fashion-
big city, there are some dives. - able furnished hotel.
We of cou rse recommend Spend your nights in a classy
the official Berlin Tourist hotel room: the walls are
Office, but we also hope toned in light grey, the
that the following pages as furniture is cream coloured
well as our interactive blog and the decorative plants and will be a real paintings top off the interior
boon as well. Enjoy, and give of your room. Planning a
us YOUR impressions!!! See meeting or party? Let the
you in Berlin! hotel staff prepare the right
package for your occasion.
I N T E R N AT I O N A L However, the highlight of
HOTELS IN BERLIN the hotel is without doubt
the Knese restaurant. It is a
Sleeping within a stone’s fantastic insider tip for all
throw from the famous those who are addicted to
Berliner cuisine. Try the
Kurfürstendamm - Berlin famous Berlin sausage with
Plaza Hotel spicy curry sauce or other
regional specialties such as
Enjoy the p roximity of the Königsberger Klopse, which is
most famous shopping district meatballs in a white sauce
and a huge variety of enter- with capers.
tainment. What’s more, these
areas are accessible by all kinds Knesebeckstr. 63
of public transport. Stay in a 10719 Berlin
fashionable hotel, eat regional Tel.: 030-88413 - 0

IFA International • Saturday, 30th & Sunday, 31st August 2008 37
IFA_D2_37-40XP7.qxd:Mise en page 1 29/08/08 18:08 Page 38


Regent Hotel. Once inside, the NIGHTCLUBS While watching the stage per- are busy during the day to take
seating has been arranged to IN BERLIN formances, the attentive staff in historical collections and art
ensure the greatest possible make sure you have everything works after a long day at the
intimacy for the guests. The Visual extravaganza – you need. The shows are a fan- IFA show.
rooms and the furniture are in tastic combination of live
the classical Baroque style and Cascade music, acrobats, clowns, jug- 30th August 2008, from 6pm
in contrast to all that, modern glers, magicians, comedians, to 2am
artwork on the walls. The Ready for an exciting party trapeze acts and a lot more.
menu offers great and creative night? Perfectly located at the
choices such as “Gratin of heart of Berlin, discover the CASINO
The Wintergarten Varieté pre-
chanterelles with pea pods and Cascade Club. Whatever your sents 3 different shows each
St. Patrick salmon” or “Rabbit dress code is, you are welcome year. “Hotel California” is one Gaming and excite-
in aspic with dried tomatoes, to join one of the club’s sophis- of the shows. It is about three ment – Casino Berlin
calamari and salsa verde”. ticated party events. Berliners travelling to Califor-
nia. There they discover the
Charlottenstrasse 49 Do you like to party in an music and the easygoing life- It feels as if your blood is rushing
10117 Berlin exquisite atmosphere with style of the 60s and 70s. The through your veins, your pulse
Tel.: 030-20 33 63 63 great music? And do you like story is told through acrobatic accelerates. One minute ago
to dress up for your party acts, artists on roller skates and you’ve almost lost everything and
night? Then the Cascade club is underlined by some great now the tide has turned. Maybe
BARS IN BERLIN the place for you. Various songs of the 60s and 70s. this time it is your turn to win?
lounge areas with leather sofas Enjoy the thrill of gambling at
Hotel California: Wednesday to
encourage you to relax and Casino Berlin am Alex.
Bar Marlene – A bar Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at
chat. The best places are those 6pm
worth the name next to the huge window with Try your luck at Casino Berlin
view of the waterfall on the Variety at teatime: Wednesday
stairs. For all those who cannot at 4pm and Sunday at 3pm Ready for a surge of adrena-
Marlene Dietrich was born in line? Then the Casino Berlin at
sit down, there is an extraordi-
Berlin and went on to become Potsdamerstr. the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz
nary dance floor made up of 10785 Berlin
an entertainment icon of the
LED illuminated glass fields. So Tel.: 030 – 25008888
20th century. The bar at the
get up and dance!
Intercontinental hotel is named
after her. The Bar Marlene MUSEUMS AND
radiates an atmosphere of spe- Fasanenstraße 81 EXHIBITIONS
cial elegance and sophistication. 10623 Berlin
The wonderful thing about the Telefon: 030-31 80 09 4
bar is that both hotel guests and Discover Berlin’s
Berliners benefit from the great CULTURAL Museums by Night
choice of more than 120 diffe- ENTERTAINMENT
rent cocktails. Among these, are Have you ever seen the Greek
cocktails created especially in Show and dine theatre - Pergamon Altar? Do you want
the bar, paying homage to the to know more about the Baby-
Wintergarten Varieté lon mystery? Then Berlin’s exci-
actress, Marlene Dietrich, and
featuring names such as “Red ting and diverse museum
Lola”, “Shanghai Lily” or “Tri- What used to be the stron- collections will be the best
is the place to be. The Berlin
bute to Marlene”, in memory of ghold of European variety opportunity for you to discover
Casino offers a fabulous club
the world-renowned star and theatre in the 1920s is now one everything from ancient to
modern culture. During the atmosphere with classic Ameri-
her films. of Berlin’s best cabaret and
long night of museums on the can games. The Casino Berlin is
Adjacent to the Marlene Bar is dining theatre. Every night you
30 August, Berlin’s most inte- likes to call itself the most
the Library, a small library can enjoy one of 3 shows com-
resting and most important exclusive Casino in Germany.
which is furnished in dignified bined with culinary delights.
sights and museums will open Located on the 37th floor of
English style, featuring an open This great show experience the Park Inn skyscraper, ten-
was brought back to life in the their doors until midnight.
fireplace, heavy leather seating sion and the excitement is pal-
and a small bar. Among other early 90s. The location itself is “23rd. Long night of pable among the crowd. Let
things, it is popular with film impressively decorated with a your pile of chips grow at the
stars and politicians as a setting night sky ceiling, sparkling mir- Black Jack table. Or maybe you
for interviews. rors and dark red velvet walls. are one of the million people
From 6 pm until 2 in the mor-
The Marlene Bar, as one of the ning, various city museums are of the highly popular Poker
few hotel bars in the city with welcome visitors during this movement in Germany? This is
live music daily, features an year’s Long Night of Museums. your chance to play with peo-
exclusive entertainment pro- The event is for many people ple from all over the world. Or
gram (pop, soul, jazz and Latin as much an attraction as the what about American Rou-
America music) from 9:30pm to city’s numerous sights and tou- lette? Try your luck! And above
1:30am (except Sundays). rist attractions. The 23rd Long all, enjoy the view through the
With all the pictures of the night of museums will this year large panorama windows.
actress on the walls, her gla- be run under the theme «Cas-
mour continues to live on... tles, Parks and Gardens». im Park Inn Berlin-
Museums, memorials and exhi- Alexanderplatz
Budapesterstr. 2 bitions will present their collec- Alexanderplatz 8
10787 Berlin tions and treasuries providing 10178 Berlin
Tel.: 030/-2602 - 0 a great chance for people who Tel.: 030-42812600

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Slim Beauty.

The AQUOS LC-XL2E in the elegant slim line design with the Full HD 1080p technology provides the full
HDTV experience, the innovative 100 Hz technology ensures pin sharp pictures without long streaking or motion
blurs. The 24p full-screen playback in original cinema format enables natural motion sequences.

XL2_Flower_IFAShowDaily_250x353.indd 1 14.08.2008 11:26:31 Uhr