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Official News Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit

The Dove
April 13, 2011 Rotary Club of Holy Spirit Club No. 69935 RI District 3780 Philippines Vol. III No. 31
Officers and Members
RY 2010-11 (Click for Resumes) RC Holy Spirit “marries” together oriental and western medical
& dental resources in a unique mission that served 550 lives
Vice President/PN RC Holy Spirit successfully organized and con-
PEDRITO M CONDENO ducted an Oriental Medical & Dental Mission last
President-Elect April 9, 2011 at the covered court of Don Antonio
Chair—Fund Generation
Heights in Barangay Holy Spirit. Rtn Dr Eui Bong
FERNANDO M DELGRA JR Jung, RCHS Chair of The Rotary Foundation, and
Chair—New Generation
a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, led a team of four
Korean acupuncturists, namely: Dong Sung Park,
Treasurer OMD; Yang Sub Hahn, OMD; Hwan Ha, OMD;
PP ROGELIO B BELLEZA, MD and Yong Jin Choi, OMD. They were ably as-
Auditor sisted by PP Orlando delos Santos, himself an
Chair—Health & Wellness
acupuncturist, of RC Pasay MIA, District 3810. PP Orly screened the patients to determine
Sergeant-at-Arms their problems before being directed to the acupuncturists. A total of 170 patients received
Chair– Rotaract acupuncture and cupping services.
Chair—Membership Development Health & Wellness Chair PP Dr Roger Belleza was on hand to provide medical consultations to
RICARDO P SALVADOR patients who preferred the traditional/western health service. He was joined by his son, Dr
Chair – Club Administration Robert Belleza, and daughters-in-law Dr Yolando Belleza and Dr Connie Belleza in catering to
AIDA E LORENZO 270 patients, more than half of whom were pediatric cases.
Chair—Service Projects
CP LEONIDES S RESPICIO Meanwhile, Rtn Dr Jong Myeong Kim along with Dr Marie B Yap, Dr Elene Castano and Dr
Chair – Public Relations Mercy dela Paz provided dental extraction services to 110 patients.
Chair—Karlife Project
EUI BONG JUNG, OMD Herbal medicines that were dispensed to both medical and dental patients were donated by
Chair – The Rotary Foundation Suwon New Hope Church, Korea INsPharm Inc, Seoul Apgujeong Church, Korea Pharmaceuti-
JOCELYN M FLORES cal Manufacturers Association, and Dr Bong Oriental Medical Clinic. Donation of the medicines
ROSARIO D GEROCHI was made possible through the efforts of Dr Bong who also personally manned the pharmacy.
IN IL ―David‖ KIM
JONG MYEONG KIM Taking blood pressure measurements were Ma Josefina R Mamuyac, EMT and Frederick C
TWINKIE P KIM Salasac, RN from the QC Alternative Learning Institute brought in by Sec JR Delgra. Another
THELMA C MARCELO nurse-volunteer from the subdivision, Marvin Quianzon, volunteered his services.
WINNIE MAE U LEONOR Members of the Rotaract and Interact Clubs of Holy Spirit, led by James Lorenzo and Xyrryl
MA. PERPETUAL S RIVERA Mae Opinaldo, were truly a great help at the registration desks, patients’ waiting areas, as well
FERDINAND VALBUENA as in the dental and pharmacy areas.
Host Don Antonio Heights Homeowners Association handled the venue set-up, providing all the
Honorary Members needed tables and chairs, and maintained security, order and cleanliness during the mission.
AG EDMUND CHIU RCHS provided snacks and lunch to all the mission volunteers and support crew.
PDS SALVADOR VIARI Overall project coordinator was Treas Marcia Salvador. With invaluable support from Health &
JOSE B DEL ROSARIO JR Wellness Chair PP Dr Roger, Pres Dodgie, IPP Linda, PE Ped, Sec JR, and Rtns Baby
Lorenzo, Lowell Custodio, and Peth Rivera, the project turned out to be a resounding success.

The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do

Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL
and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Selected photos provide glimpse of the professionalism and selflessness of mission volunteers

Belleza family of doctors led by PP Dr Roger attend to

patients who came for ―western‖ medical consultation Rtn Peth administers first-aid to kid
hurt in an accident in the nearby park

Dr Yap is assisted by Rotaractor Rtn Dr Myeong and daughter in action

PP Orly screens acupuncture patient

Korean acupuncturists attend to row of patients seeking pain relief

Dr Park and other volunteer doc-

tors receive certificates of appre-
ciation from RCHS & DAHHA

Organizers, partners and volun-

Organizers, partners & volunteers
teers pose for souvenir photo
pose for souvenir photo

From the editors: The photos shown in this issue of The Dove have been contributed by Pres Dodgie, Dr Bong, DAHHA staff, and Treas Marcia.
RC Holy Spirit Officers for RY 2011-12 Important events for RC Holy Spirit
Incoming President Ped Condeno nominated, and club  May 21, 2011 - Club planning session
members present last April 6th subsequently confirmed, the
 June 29, 2011 - 6th charter anniversary; turn-over
following officers for RY 2011-2012.
from Pres Dodgie to PE Ped; and charging & induction
PEDRITO M CONDENO of new members, associate members, and officers of
President Interact & Rotaract Clubs
IPP DEOGENES OSABEL  July 3, 2011 - Induction of officers of D3780 clubs
Vice-President and Chair - Networking  Aug 27, 2011 - District Governor’s Visit
FERNANDO M DELGRA, JR  Sep 24, 2011 - Publish 2011-12 Souvenir Program
Secretary and Chair – New Generation
Annual planning session on May 21
The club’s annual planning shall be held on May
LOWELL B CUSTODIO 21, a Saturday, not May 14 as announced earlier.
Sergeant-at-Arms and Chair—Rotaract (May 14 is for District Assembly).
PP EMELINDA C PALATTAO Committee chairs, assistant chairs & members:
Chair – Membership Committee and Club Trainor Please prepare your proposed plans for 2011-12.
PP ROGELIO B BELLEZA, MD Our whole-day planning starts at 9 AM at IPP
Chair – Health & Wellness and Auditor Linda’s famous Pepeton’s Grill.
Chair - Club Administration
AIDA LORENZO Pres Dodgie emphasizes focus on livelihood
Chair – Service Projects
Pres Dodgie Osabel observed the livelihood fair held during
MARYLENE MARTINEZ, DDM the Barangay’s founding anniversary celebrations last Apr 9.
Asst Chair – Service Projects and President-Elect Impressed with the presentations made by budding entrepre-
CP LEONIDES S RESPICIO neurs, Pres Dodgie strongly recommends that residents
Chair – Public Relations and Asst Chair – Membership Comm should patronize those local products that have already at-
tained excellent quality level at low prices, and that Rotarians
EUI BONG JUNG, OMD and other community leaders should help aspiring entrepre-
Chair – The Rotary Foundation neurs to succeed. This could well be an input to the forthcom-
MA. PERPETUAL S RIVERA ing RCHS planning exercise.
Chair – Fund Generation
IN IL ―David‖ KIM
Chair – Sports Committee and Member – Fund Generation
Asst Chair – The Rotary Foundation & Fund Generation
Asst Chair – Sports Committee and President-Nominee

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Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Latest Weekly News Update from RI
Program for Tonight’s Meeting Fellowship night at the bowling lanes last March 16th
(April 13, 2011)

7:00 – 7:45 Assembly-Dinner-Fellowship

Call to Order Pres Dodgie Osabel
Invocation Sec JR Delgra
National Anthem Rtn Thelma Marcelo
Rotarian’s Pledge Rtn Dr Marlene Martinez
Debriefs/updates on service projects & club activities
District updates IPP Linda Palattao
President’s Time Pres Dodgie Osabel
Adjournment Pres Dodgie Osabel Click the balls to view more pictures
Rtn Peth Rivera—Night Chair

Click photo below to view Discon 2011 gallery

Rtns Marcia, David, Bong and Myeong figure out

the scores (top photo), while CP Nides, Pres
Dodgie, Ric and Kent grapple with the beer. They
were later joined by Rtns Thelma and Kapitana
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