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YOUR NAME: Jenna Hulme PERIOD: 1

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NAME OF BOOK: The Lost Hero

Present day – America, Bay Area, California, New York, Canada
Third person, switches off the point of view between the three main characters, Jason,
Leo, and Piper
1. Jason – son of Jupiter (the Roman form of Zeus) who’s memory is wiped by Hera
2. Piper – daughter of Aphrodite, father is a famous Cherokee actor
3. Leo – son of Hephaestus, mother died in a fire, fixes the bronze dragon
4. Hera – switches Jason and Percy Jackson between the two demi-god camps (Roman
and Greek) and wipes their memories, is captured by Khione, the snow goddess, to
wake up Gaea, the earth goddess, and reform Pophyrion, the king of the giants
1. Aeolus – gives the drawing of the boat to Leo and kind of helps the three (Leo, Jason,
Piper) on their quest to save Hera and defeat Gaea and Pophyrion
2. Boreas – directs the three on where they are supposed to go next
3. Thalia – Jason’s sister, daughter of Zeus in his Greek form
CONFLICTS: (Example: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Himself)
1. Man vs. Man – Greek and Roman demi-gods going against eachother
2. Man vs. God – demi-gods fighting against Gaea
3. Man vs. Self – Piper fighting with herself as to whether she should tell her friends
about her dad being imprisoned by the giant
4. Man vs. Nature – The mud is sucking on the threes’ feet, causing them to move
1. Friends will always help – Piper thinks that Leo and Jason will think she betrayed them
if she tells them about her dad and needing to lead them into a trap to save them, but
once they find out they want to help her.
2. Working together makes everything better – The gods and the demi-gods need to
work together in order to defeat the giants
SYMBOLISM: (What are two significant symbols throughout the book?)
1. Fire – love, friendship, opposite of snow
2. Wind gods – chaos and trouble in our lives
PLOT SUMMARY (10-SENTENCE SEQUENCE: Be sure to indicate climax and conclusion.)
1. Leo and Piper and Jason arrive at Camp Half-Blood and receive a prophecy for a quest
to save Hera
2. They leave on the metal, 60 ft. dragon, Festus, that Leo fixed and arrive at Boreus’
place in Quebec. Boreus tells them to go to Chicago where they will meet their most
dangerous mortal enemy but find something they need. Khione, his daughter and the
snow princess, tries to kill them but it doesn’t work.
3. On their way, Festus crashes in Detroit and the three almost get killed by three
Cyclopes who want to eat them. Leo fixes Festus.
4. In Chicago, they meet Medea in a store filled with battle gear and potions and frozen
statues of live people, but the prices are deathly. They barely escape, because she is an
enchantress and a master of charmspeaking, and Medea goes up in flames along with
her store. There, they get storm spirits to offer to Aeolus and a potion to help Piper’s
5. Festus malfunctions again and they crash land at a mansion that has Midas and his
son, Lityerses, and almost die from Midas’ golden touch and Lit’s (his nickname) mad
fighting skills. He was nicknamed the “Reaper of Men” in ancient days.
6. They are attacked by Lycaon, the first werewolf, and his pack of wolves and barely
survive. The Hunters of Artemis arrive just in time and save them. Jason meets his
sister, Thalia, for the first time since he was two and offered to Hera by their mom.
7. They go to Aeolus’ palace in the air and offer him the storm spirits. He tells them
where to find Enceladus, the giant who has Piper’s dad, on Mount Diablo. He ends up
wanting to kill them, though, and they barely escape.
8. Aphrodite transports them to Mount Diablo, where the three fight Enceladus and his
earthen giants he created. Leo makes awesome gadgets that control huge cranes and
cause damage to the earthen giants. Jason kills Enceladus with the help of Zeus, who
sends a lightning bolt through Jason to finish the giant off. They escape on a helicopter
and Piper gives the potion to her dad.
9. They go to the Wolf House and Khione fights with Leo, but his fire abilities defeat her
snow abilities. Him and Piper open the cage where Hera is being held while Jason
distracts Porphyrion. Hera escapes just in time, but so does Porphyrion. Gaea does not
10. Hera transports the three back to Camp Half-Blood and everyone realizes that Percy
Jackson is at the Roman equivalent of Camp Half-Blood, and that he, too, had his
memories wiped.
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