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Directorate General of Foreign Trade controls an facilitates international

trade of India. By the act of Govt. Of India any exporter or importer of
India must obtain an IEC (Import / Export code), a ten digit number,
prior to export or import. IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE ( in short
IEC ) is a ten digit number granted by Directorate General of Foreign
Trade under Ministry of Commerce and Industry to any bonafide
person/ company for carrying out import/export through its 36 regional

2. Where to get an IEC from?

IEC can be obtained from any of the Zonal and Regional offices of Director
General of Foreign Trade depending on area/region where the
individual/company is located.

3. Why do I need an IEC ?

IEC forms the primary document for recognition by Government of India as an

Exporter/Importer. On the basis of IEC, companies can obtain various benefits
on their exports/imports from DGFT, Customs, Export Promotion Council etc.

4. What is the procedure for issuance of a new IEC ?

Applicant can get IEC through any one of the following

A) An application has to be submitted online at dgft web site duly filled in along with documents as per the Para 2.9 of
Handbook of Procedures of Vol I 2009-14 and requisite fee.
Click on “IEC Online Application” option to create and submit IEC
online application . Please refer to the IEC Help available on DGFT web site.

B) One can submit the IEC application directly at DGFT Regional Offices
along with documents as per the Para 2.9 of Handbook of Procedures of Vol I
2009-14 and fees.
However DGFT encourages trading community to apply IEC through
Online .

5. What are the pre-requisite for IEC Online application?

Please make sure that you have the following :

- A scanned or digital copy of valid Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Image file should consist of both side of PAN.

- Scanned or digital photograph of applicant in gif format.

- Scanned copy of Bank Certificate in gif format.

- Scanned copy of PAN in gif format. Exporters are advised to used the
compressed version of gif formats.

- Other mandatory documents as per the Para 2.9 of Handbook of

Procedures of Vol I 2009-14. These documents must be in pdf format
only. Please refer to Appendix A in IEC Online Help document.

- Make sure that size of individual document requires to be submit online

in gif and pdf format should not exceed 300 KB.

- Applicant must have a Net banking account with one of the following
designated banks









6. I am a Non Resident Indian . How can i get IEC ?

Everyone can apply for issuance of IEC online or directly applying at

anyone of the DGFT offices. However If an applicant is Non resident Indian
(NRI) and there is non-resident interest in the firm/company and non-
resident investment with repatriation benefits in the firm it is mandatory to
submit the scanned copy of RBI approval letter.

7. When i visit DGFT Web site and click on IEC Online link nothing is
happened . How I will proceed further?

Please make sure that the popup blocker off in your browser setting.

8. When I create IEC Online application system allow me to feed valid

PAN Number and party name but i am not able to proceed further as
all the other details remain disable. How to proceed ?

After creating the IEC online application and feeding the applicant name ,
Applicant are advised to make the payment of fee for IEC first through EFT
option. Only after the successful received by DGFT you will be able to
feed other details.
9. How to make Electronic Payment for IEC fee ?

Please refer section 3.5 Payment / Verification of Fee for IEC

issuance using Electronic Fund Transfer( EFT) for making payment
of IEC Fee through EFT in the IEC Online Help document.

10 How can I attach the documents with IEC application?

Please refer section 3.6 Document Upload for attachment of documents

with IEC online application in Help document.

11. I had created an online application for IEC issuance last month .
Now i want to change some details in it can i do?

Applicant can create an IEC applications online and modify the

information as and when required till the application is not submitted .
Once an IEC application is submitted for issuance of IEC, applicant can
only view the status of IEC application.

12. Can i submit my application for IEC issuance to DGFT Head

Quarter Udhyog Bhawan New Delhi?

No. IEC is issued by DGFT RAs office only . Therefore application need
to be submitted to DGFT RA office having jurisdiction over your registered
office address.

13. I had submitted the IEC application online. what should i do now?

After IEC application is submitted by applicant to any DGFT RA Office ,

IEC application will get downloaded at concerned RA and processed there.
Applicant can access the status of IEC application using Query option.
System will display the RA's File Number and Key Number and
Application status through Query Option .
14. I came to know that IEC is allotted to me by DGFT office. Shall I
collect it personally from DGFT Office?

If the application is found to be correct in all respect at DGFT RAs office ,

IEC is issued to the applicant and IEC Number will be reflected in the
Query Status. DGFT RA office will send the IEC to the applicant through
registered post at address mentioned by applicant in the application.

15. Status of my IEC application is deficient/rejection in the Online

system . What to do?

If the application is found to be incorrect/incomplete , DGFT office will

either reject the application or raise the deficiency . The same status will be
shown in DGFT online system . In this case applicants are advised to
contact concerned DGFT RA office for the removal of deficiencies, if any.

16. I want to get IEC from CLA New Delhi office but i had submitted
my IEC application to DGFT Mumbai office . What to do?

All the IEC applications get downloaded at concerned DGFT RA office

automatically and it is based on the selection of DGFT Office at the time of
submitting the IEC application by the applicant. However if applicant feel
that he submitted application to other DGFT offices wrongly than applicant
must informed the DGFT office immediately through email and phone to
DGFT Help desk by dialing the toll free number 1800 111 550 or by e-mail
at . The help desk will be available between 10.00 AM to
7.00 PM from Monday to Friday and between 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on
Saturday. A Reference number may be provided by helpdesk . This
Reference number may be quoted for all future reference .

However applicant must note that request in the change of IEC Issuance
office would be entertained only if IEC is not issued by the earlier
requested DGFT RA office.

17. What other precaution I need to follow while creating an IEC online

Before submitting the IEC online application applicant must ensure that
the documents attached are properly visible and complete otherwise
application likely to be treated as deficient. Applicants are advised to
take a print of their completed application and make sure that all
documents are clean before submitting it to any office.

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