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Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April

Proverbs 3:5
Vol. 3 No. 4 April 19, 2011

Masterpieces to Ponder
By Elsie Walker

hen I was told that the First
Presbyterian Church of
Stanhope had some beauti-
ful banners that I might what to photo-
graph for the newspaper, I had no idea
that what I would be seeing were beau-
tiful thought-provoking paintings on a
variety of topics. The banners, dis-
played in the church sanctuary, draw
one in, as a certain image catches the
heart and mind. The banners address a
variety of subjects from Old Testament
stories to events in the life of Christ to
what humans have done to the world
they received and more.
Created over a span of almost twen-
ty years, the “banners” are the work of
long-time congregation member Carol
Barry of Byram.
“… I have always felt very privi-
leged to be able to create banners to
celebrate holidays and represent
Christian beliefs for my church,” said
Barry. An adjunct at the College of St.
Elizabeth where she teaches art meth-
ods, Barry uses her talents to enrich the
worship experience in her church. It is
clear to see that the church and art are
important to her.
Barry taught art in Mt. Olive
Township for 40 years, before retiring
in June 2009. She taught in all the
schools in the district, except for the
high school.
“ For my first 25 years, I worked
under the direction of Lynn Dodson,
the art department supervisor. She Barry shows her piece which tells of the life events of Jesus.
helped me understand clearly what I
had believed innately - the importance tion as students gain a deep, humanis- about art, one of the first humanistic
of art education for all people. Art tic, and unique understanding of the expressions, “ shared Barry.
Postal Customer offers, not only the opportunity for world. I was very fortunate to be able Barry’s banners are painted using
Local self-expression, but to help develop to combine my love of world travel Tempura paint on Mural paper. Each
parts of the brain that assists in learning with teaching art, offering many first- one is 7 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet. She
******ECRWSS****** all things. It is also the direct vehicle hand experiences of people and places started painting them in the 1990’s and
to develop creative problem solving foreign to most of my students. Over finished the last one two months ago.
skills and a good art program accesses the years, I heard many times from The longest took eight months to
a variety of human intelligences. parents that their children felt like they paint; the shortest took two days. It is
Additionally, understanding world cul- were ‘traveling around the world with not only the painting that takes time,
tures of past and present, so essential in me.’ Developing an understanding but the thought that goes into each
our increasingly global economy, and appreciation of world cultures and theme. Barry reflected on that as she
should be an integral part of art educa- history ties very strongly to learning continued on page 4
Page 2, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Waterloo Church Announces Lent and Hopatcong Republican Club Meeting

he next Hopatcong Republican Club Hopatcong Republican Club and who
Holy Week Schedule meeting will be held on Tuesday, would like to attend should first contact

aterloo United Methodist Church embracing community, welcoming persons April 26, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. The executive board president, Howard Baker.
announces its Lent and Holy Week from a variety of cultural, economic and reli- meeting will be at the Hopatcong Senior All correspondence should be sent to:
schedule. Everyone is welcome. gious traditions. Recognizing that ministry Center. The meeting is open to Republican Hopatcong Republican Club, PO Box 94,
The Good Friday Service on April 22 will takes traditional and non-traditional forms, Club members only. Non-members who Hopatcong, NJ 07843.
begin at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary. we are open and flexible to God’s guidance support the goals and objectives of the
The Easter Sunrise Service on April 24 and creative spirit as we serve at the center of
will be held canal-side at 6 a.m., followed by the historic Village of Waterloo. Get Your Business Noticed with the
breakfast in the parish house. Traditional Waterloo United Methodist Church is AREA’S MOST READ PAPER...
Easter worship will be held on Sunday, April located on Waterloo Village Road, Byram AND WE CAN PROVE IT!
24, at 10 a.m. in the Sanct-uary. Township, NJ. The church remains open and
active while Waterloo Village is closed for
Call 973-252-9889 for information
Weekly Worship Service and Sunday
school begin at 10 a.m. Sundays, followed by renovations. The pastor is the Rev. Tim
fellowship hour and refreshments in the Nicinski. For more information, please call
Parish House. 973-347-7900, or visit www.water-
Waterloo Church strives to be an open and .

Netcong Kindergarten Registration

egistration for Kindergarten 4 and cate, immunization records and proof of
Kindergarten 5 will be on residency. Only a copy of the mortgage or
Wednesday, May 4th from 3:00 pm lease, or a tax bill are acceptable for proof
– 8:00 pm in the main office of the school. of residency. During the registration
Please contact the office at 973-347-0020 to process, please allow 15 to 20 minutes for
schedule your appointment. Children for paperwork to be completed. Your child
Kindergarten 4 must be four years old by should attend registration with you and will
October 1, 2011. Children for Kindergarten participate in a kindergarten screening dur-
5 must be five years old by October 1, 2011. ing this time.
You must bring a copy of the birth certifi-


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With this coupon.
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Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 3
Page 4, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

continued from front page While often working for many hours at one
talked about her favorite piece: “God Gave time, I tried to be sure to stop work when I
Man Dominion on the Earth”. became too fatigued to keep to the standard
“… demanded my personal reflection I had set for myself. Because of the fine
on all the things man has done throughout detail, I also found my eyes often became
history and the world. Because of my own strained, and that also made it necessary to
personal interest in world cultures and his- stop work for a while, “ said Barry.
tory, I ‘enjoyed’ the struggle in deciding Barry’s thought-provoking eye-appeal-
what images to present. I made many lists ing works inspire the members of the con-
of those I thought I would like to include gregation, both old and young.
over a period of almost two years, with con- “The children are enthralled by the
tinuous revisions. I tried to capture both images, which are rotated on a regular basis.
positive and negative events and personali- When a new banner is presented, the chil-
ties, tried to cover main topics from the dren know right away when they enter the
Stone Age to the present (a taunting task to sanctuary” said church member Christina
try to cover about 20,000 years of the histo- Hornsby of Byram.
ry of man....!) and include all parts of the “The inspirational presence of her recent
world. I included images from science, the series of banners is a constant worshipful
arts, personalities, and many that represent reminder of our Christian beliefs,” noted
the thinking of specific cultures. My goal Bette Van Patten of Mt. Bethel,
was for the painting to be thought provok- Pennsylvania.
ing as each viewer pondered what we have Currently, Barry’s works hang in the
done. The Aztec calendar was an extremely church sanctuary. They will be taken down
detailed image and it did take about two for Easter, but later will return, for all to
days to complete just that one little piece. enjoy and ponder.

Attention Schools, Organizations, Churches, etc.

Send us your photos, press releases and upcoming events
and we’ll publish them in our next issue.
Email us at

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Your Choice of: Butter Garlic,
1 LB. STORE MADE SALAD Lemon Pepper, Italian or BBQ
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Automotive Magic Gives Back To The Community

By Cheryl Conway Chrysler 300 with a heart transplant.”

t’s all in the heart for the owner of a local Automotive Magic- full service auto
auto repair shop – not only in his chest repair and maintenance facility- is asking
but in the refurbished car he will give members of surrounding communities to
away to a person in need. nominate individuals or families “who
Shawn Gilfillan, owner of Automotive would really benefit from the use of a good
Magic in Kenvil, is giving away a depend- dependable car.”
able, gold, four-door 2003 Chrysler 300 to Forward all nominations to ser-
an individual facing tough economic times, by June
and in need of a reliable vehicle. 15. Include the individual’s name, contact
Nominations – that are being accepted until information and a brief summary describing
June 15 - will be carefully reviewed and the why this person would greatly benefit from
recipient will be announced in July. a new vehicle. All nominations will be
Instead of selling the used car that he had carefully reviewed during a selection and
purchased from a customer who was getting interview process and the recipient will be
rid of it, Gilfillan decided he wanted to give announced at its Annual Customer
back to the community. Appreciation Event in Mid-July.
“We can sell it for a couple a hundred Established in April 2003 at a smaller
dollars, or we can give it away to help facility on Roxbury/Wharton border, Automotive Magic staff with the 2003 Chrysler 300 to be given away.
someone else,” explains Gilfillan of Gilfillan moved to his current location in
Roxbury. “These tough economic times find Nov. 2010. After working solo when he “We are trying to help people protect Although Gilfillan knew how to fix cars,
many people in our greater area down on started his business seven years ago, their investment ideas,” says Gilfillan, 35. he didn’t know about running a business.”
their luck, and one of the biggest challenges Gilfillan’s business grew to seven techni- He wants to make sure “people have that So he took some classes on shop manage-
these individuals face is the ability to rely cians so he needed a bigger facility. trust factor.” He makes it a point to let them ment and has been educating himself on
on a dependable vehicle.” He now offers four doors and six spots to know “the best way to take care of their car how to run a successful business. It also
Gilfillan acquired the vehicle with a work on vehicles, as opposed to three. and get the most money out of it.” helps that his family are entrepreneurs as
“blown up engine” in need of repairs about Automotive Magic provides complete Gilfillan, who has been playing with cars well. His father, Bob, owns Sunshine Tools
six months ago. The car owner sold it to automotive repair and maintenance of all since he was four years old, says he “always and Equipment in Landing, which was start-
Gilfillan for $150. Gilfillan and his certified types of vehicles, car and trucks European, took a liking to mechanical things. I always ed by his mother Judy and handed over to
technicians refurbished the car with a new Asian and domestic. Educating customers loved taking something that’s broken, put- his father; and his brother, Ryan, owns All
engine. on their investment and maintenance sched- ting it back together and making it work. I Craft Woodworking in Roxbury.
“We put it all back together,” says ule is part of the service provided at like helping people; I like seeing that smile Vehicle owners can visit www.automo-
Gilfillan. “It’s got a new heart. It’s a Automotive Magic. on their face.” continued on page 8
Page 6, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Church Makes DaVinci’s Last Supper Come to Life

By Elsie Walker

hey come to the supper with a question on their
minds: “Is it I, Lord?” As each man takes his place
around the table, suddenly the image from DaVinci’s
“The Last Supper”, comes to life.
This will be the scene on Holy Thursday, April 21st at

Junk in the Trunk Community

Garage Sale

pring is here and people are cleaning out their homes.
Those who want to get rid of unneeded items should
consider selling them at the Junk in the Trunk
Community Garage Sale. The town-wide garage sale will be Those performing in the Last Supper presentation pose as it in the Da Vinci painting.
held at on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
the parking lot of Lenape Valley Regional High School locat- 7:30 pm at the Stanhope United Methodist Church as it meaningful for me because it provides an opportunity to
ed at Sparta Road in Stanhope. Setup begins at 8 a.m. The presents its re-creation of Christ’s last supper with his dis- better understand and feel the meaning of the Easter mes-
rain date is Sunday, May 22. Participants can rent a space for ciples. The church is located at #2 Route 183 in Netcong sage,” said Steve Wooton of Stanhope.
$10. and is handicapped accessible. Jason Worthington, another Stanhope resident, shared,
Checks should be made out to LVR PTSA and mailed to The play is a series of monologues as each disciple pon- “this year, I will be playing the part of Simon, the Zealot. I
LVR PTSA PO Box 99 Stanhope NJ 07874. The letter should ders if he will be the one to betray the Lord, leading to believe this will be my 5th year in the play and I've enjoyed
indicate the participant’s name, number of spaces and total Jesus’ crucifixion. The roles of the disciples are taken by it every year. Being in this play is a wonderful experience.
amount enclosed. The letter should also have a contact phone members of the church’s United Methodist Men’s group It feels great to help bring everyone together to remember
number, e-mail address or a self-addressed stamped enve- and friends. The cast includes local area residents: Fred such an important part of our history.
lope. The letter should be sent postmarked no later than May Eckert, Mike Sickles, George Kolar, Jayson Daniels, Steve “Through doing this we, being Christians, get a much
10. Wootton, Tony Reis, Christopher Weilbaecher, Scott better understanding of the depth of Christ’s love for us,”
Space is also available to vendors who are selling new Lefurge, Rick Munoz, Steven Munoz, Bruce Bristol, Jason said Scott Lefurge of Andover. Lefurge is the president of
items. Vendors who are renting space should also indicate the Worthington, Fred Samson, and Evyn Tarvydas. the United Methodist Men and plays Judas, Christ’s betray-
item they are selling. Spaces may be available on the day of The women of the church do the behind the scenes work er.
the event; however, to guarantee a space, participants should of costuming and make-up. Following the presentation, communion will be celebrat-
register by mail. Those with questions or need more informa- Some of those portraying disciples shared what it means ed and all will be invited to take part in it.
tion should send an e-mail to to step into the shoes of one of Christ’s inner circle. For more information on the program, call the church at:
or call 973-317-4553. “I play the role of James the brother of John. The role is 973-347-0247.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 7

Live Summer Concerts on Saturdays

at the Camp Jefferson Amphitheatre

njoy top entertainment this summer ly restored award winning lakefront
without spending a fortune on tick- amphitheatre at Camp Jefferson boasts full
ets, food, and gas. The outdoor concert lighting and state-of-the-art sound
amphitheater at Camp Jefferson on Weldon on a grand 50-foot stage! The amphitheatre
Road will again host seven Saturday shows is a non-smoking and alcohol-free venue,
with performances appealing to a variety of and coolers are not permitted.
musical tastes. Concerts are sponsored by Jefferson
Saving money doesn’t have to mean giv- Highlights, a non-profit organization. For
ing up a fun evening out! Tickets for the live more information or to order tickets, please
concerts are only $10 (ages 10-15) and $15 call 973-663-5590, send an e-mail to jhcon-
(62+) or $20 (adult). Kids up to age 9 will, or visit jeffersonhigh-
be admitted absolutely free when accompa- to order tickets online.
nied by a ticket-holding Adult. Summer concert schedule includes the fol-
Some of your favorite artists from the lowing performances:
first four seasons will be back on the stage July 16 – Beatlemainia Again. 8 p.m.
– Beatlemania Again, the Johnny Cash July 23 – Queen Tribute with ‘Almost
Tribute for country music fans, Journey and Queen.’ 8 p.m.
Bon Jovi Tributes. New performers include July 30 – Bruce Springsteen Tribute with
a Queen Tribute, a Bruce Springsteen ‘The E Street Shuffle’. 8 p.m.
Tribute and a “blues” icon, Billy Hector. As Aug. 6 – Bon Jovi Tribute with ‘Bad
always, parking is free. Food, snacks, Medicine’. 8 p.m.
drinks, and homemade ice cream will be Aug. 13 – Journey Tribute with ‘Evolution’.
available for purchase. Seating options 8 p.m.
include traditional benches, stadium seats Aug. 20– Billy Hector 8 p.m.
with backs, space for personal lawn chairs, Aug. 27 – Johnny Cash Tribute with
and a wooden deck for wheelchairs. All Michael Patrick’s ‘Ring of Fire Band’. 8
concerts end by 10:30 p.m. p.m.
Enjoy major professional theatrical per- Camp Jefferson Amphitheatre is located
formances by groups that play at the coun- at 81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
try’s top theaters and arenas. The beautiful- 07849.

We offer 3 programs to fit your schedule

9:00am-11:30am • 9:00am-1:00pm
7:00am-6:00pm Per Week
*New Registrations Only.
Ask For Details.
Exp. 5/30/11
Certified Teachers Average 10+ years of Field Experience
Page 8, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

CS Gymnasts Smiling & Successful - But Not Satisfied

fter working diligently since July of Although there were many personal
last year, the USA Junior Olympic bests, and team records broken, the girls are
Gymnastic Team Members of CS not satisfied, but are hungry for more. The
Gymnastics in Flanders, completed their team members now have their sights set on
competitive season at their State next years’ season, setting new goals, and
Competition with some of their best per- seeking perfection in their skills. Any aspir-
formances. Competing in the Level 4 & ing young gymnasts who would like to find
Level 5 USA Gymnastics Compulsory rou- out if they have what it takes to train like a
tines, 6 team members earned a coveted champion, contact the Coaching Staff at CS
spot in the “9.0 Club” this season, scoring Gymnastics;, for
from a 9.0 to a 9.6 on a single event. your free screening.

Automotive Magic...
continued from page 5 department to ensure that proper repair was for monthly specials and done, says Gilfillan. His master certified
more information. Appointments can be technicians are required to complete auto-
made on line; emergencies or breakdowns motive training twice monthly to keep up
are welcome. Loaner cars are available with with technology and stay ahead.
appointments and shuttle service is provid- “When cars are flying we will still be
ed within five-miles. A referral bonus pro- fixing them,” he concludes.
gram is also offered in which referred cus- For questions or more information, call
tomers will receive 10 percent off their first (937) 366-3777.
visit; and current customers who make the Automotive Magic has joined efforts with
referral will receive a $30 credit, two free other car dealers across the nation to
movie tickets or $25 Visa check card. expand the car give away promotion. So far
“Our number one goal is to make sure 32 other car dealers across the nation have
everyone is happy,” says Gilfillan. “We are signed up to give a car away to a person or
Attention Schools, Organizations, Churches, etc. honest, fair and we do a good job.” family in need. All cars will be given away
Send us your photos, press releases and upcoming events Family-owned and operated, “We give on July 30, at the same exact time. Visit
and we’ll publish them in our next issue. above dealer service at a fair price.” Every for more infor-
Email us at vehicle goes through a quality control mation and updates.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 9

Hopatcong Girl Scouts Give Hearts of Hope

n March 12, 2011 over 60 people whose loved ones have died, and
Hopatcong Girl Scouts came Hearts for Heroes which support actively
together at the Hopatcong Civic serving and retired military personnel.
Center to paint and decorate small clay “Grief and sadness are not always
keepsake hearts for people with cancer, and brought on through death,” says Judy
men and women in the military. Pedersen, executive director of
This program, called Hearts of Hope, is Interregnum. “Devastating illness, divorce
sponsored by Interregnum, a local grief, or having a family member deployed to war
loss and transition services agency. Hearts can also create feelings of profound loss.
of Hope is comprised of two community Our programs give community members a
service programs: Healing Hearts which way to reach out and offer caring, compas-
offer support for women with cancer and sionate support. In this way, we hope to help

Hopatcong Girl Scout Cadette Troop 1856 participate in the Hearts of Hope service proj-
ect held on March 12, 2011 at the Hopatcong Civic Center in Hopatcong, NJ. Volunteers
painted and decorated keepsake hearts to support people with cancer, and men and women
in the military.

ease the pain others may be experiencing.” cancer centers in Morris, Bergen and Essex
GSNNJ Hopatcong Cadette Troop 1856 Counties. Each heart is accompanied by a
planned and ran this event. They baked over greeting card filled out by “painters” with
300 cookies to serve to each participant. special personal messages.
This is their second time hosting this event For more information about this event,
and this is the third year in a row that or to learn how to become involved, please
Hopatcong Girl Scouts have supported this call Susan Macheska at 862-812-6543 or
service program. Over 250 hearts were visit or www.our-
painted that day for distribution to local


With Any Front
End Repair
With Any Repair
17 99
+ Tax
Up to 5 qts. Synthetic Extra
Cannot be combined with any Cannot be combined with any Cannot be combined with any
other offer. Expires 6/15/11 other offer. Expires 6/15/11 other offer. Expires 6/15/11

Page 10, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Jazzercise Provides Pre-Game Entertainment at The

New Jersey Nets NBA Game
Jazzercise dance fitness program in 1969. Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing movements,
She has advanced the business opportuni- has positively affected millions of people
ties of women and men in the fitness indus- worldwide. Benefits include increased car-
try by growing her program into an interna- diovascular endurance, strength, and flexi-
tional franchise business that today, hosts a bility, as well as an overall "feel good" fac-
network of 7,500 instructors teaching more tor. For more information about Jazzercise
than 32,000 classes weekly in 32 countries. in Succasunna and Lake Hopatcong , con-
Oshrin is ranked as having the top two cen- tact Stacey Oshrin at 973-252-9778 or
ters in the world. RoxburyJazzCenter.Com. For worldwide
The workout program, which offers a class information, go to or
fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, call (800) FIT-IS-IT.

ocal Jazzercisers helped energize the Davis, Lisa Badgely, Erin Ronchetta,
crowd at the New Jersey Nets NBA Michele Bianco, Dena Foust, Ann Cucci,
game on Sunday, April 3rd, where Wendy Bryan, and Stacey Oshrin along
they provided center court pre-game enter- with 29 Jazzercise customers and numerous
tainment for an enthusiastic crowd of local practice sessions prepared this group
onlookers. 100 New Jersey Jazzercise for the halftime performance which Rocked
instructors and customers danced to a med- the House!
ley of music choreographed to WOW the About Jazzercise
crowd. Judi Sheppard Missett, who turned her
Succasunna and Lake Hopatcong partic- love of jazz dance into a worldwide dance
ipants included Jazzercise instructors Holly exercise phenomenon, founded the
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 11

Good Friday Cross Walk
By Elsie Walker cross through our towns,” said the Rev.

ho would like to carry the cross Thomas Kinter, pastor of the Stanhope
“ United Methodist Church.
now?” Hearing those words, a
pair of volunteers will come At each stop along the way, clergy and lay
forward. They grab the cross and people file people from the churches read a part of the
in line quietly behind it as the cross makes its crucifixion story. Usually a verse of a hymn
way to its destination. or a prayer is said by those following the
This is the scene at the annual Good cross. The procession usually last about 1 1
Friday Cross Walk. Held this year at 11am on /4 hours. It is a time for all to come together
April 22nd, the Cross Walk is a long standing and remember the events of Good Friday.
tradition in the Stanhope-Netcong area. The You do not have to be a member of one of the
cross starts at the First Presbyterian Church of churches to join in the walk. It is open to
Stanhope (100 Main Street) making a few everyone.
stops (including the Stanhope United “Jesus would want us all to be together for
Methodist Church) on its way to its destina- Good Friday, as he prayed with the disciples
tion: St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church on the night before his death -- we call that
in Netcong. evening ‘Maundy Thursday’. The command-
“I see the cross walk as the churches of our ment Jesus gave to his disciples at that time
community giving a public witness to the was to love one another, as God has loved us.
faith we share in different places of worship So it is fitting for us to transcend denomina-
each week. It is for the Christian community tional groups and worship together at least
an opportunity to come out of our comfort- once on Good Friday. We carry the cross
able places of worship and to walk the public from church to church then as a walk linking
streets, to share the words of scripture as us together in unity under Christ, while also
Jesus did and perhaps to get a sense of Jesus proclaiming the Christian message of self-
walking to Calvary while the public looked giving love as a visible reminder to the com-
on. I pray that our walk may spark an interest munities in which we live and worship and
in the hearts of our neighbors to want to know serve,” said Rev. Hugh Matlack, pastor of the
more of why anyone would want to carry a First Presbyterian Church of Stanhope.
Page 12, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Lenape Valley Regional High School Vendors sought for Stanhope

Students of the Month Spring Festival

he annual Stanhope Spring Festival, sponsored by the Stanhope Chamber of
Commerce, will be held on Sunday, June 5 from Noon to 6 pm on Main
Street, Stanhope.
Crafters and merchandise and food vendors interested in participating should con-
tact Paula at 973-691-7449. Registration forms may be downloaded from the
Stanhope Borough web site,, under the Forms and Applications
Fee is $30 for a 10’ space; $50 for two spaces. Stanhope-Netcong based non prof-
its are free with registration; all other non-profit organizations are $15 per space.

Oil & Transmission Get Ready For Summer! JOIN OUR VIP CLUB
Lenape Valley Regional HS Students of the Month honorees for April 2011 are (from bottom left to Filter Change Service/Flush A/C Service Buy 4 Oil Changes
& Leak Check & Receive the
top) freshman Savanna Wecht, sophomore Summer Vaughan, junior Rachel Schilling, senior Buy 4, Get
Alyxandra DiRenzo, and LVR Principal Mr. Douglas deMarrais. Students were selected from the 5th FREE
7995 $
5th One
English department. • Most Cars • Up to 5 qts.
Expires 5/15/11
Most Cars.
Expires 5/15/11
(+ Refrigerant)
Most Cars. Expires 5/15/11 FREE!
he following students were recently selected for Lenape Valley's High School
Students of The Month from the English department: freshman Savanna Wecht,
sophomore Summer Vaughn, junior Rachel Schilling, and senior Alyxandra
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 13

Operation Smile Continues At J. Thomas Jewelers

By Cheryl Conway an international medical J. Thomas Jewelers, has set match every dollar that is donors, Operation Smile eat, speak, socialize or

wenty-six children so humanitarian organization his goal to help repair the donated through its stores was established to provide smile. In some places these
far around the globe that provides safe, recon- smile of at least 50 chil- toward Operation Smile. free surgeries to repair children are shunned and
have something to structive surgery for chil- dren. He is more than half For $240, in 45 minutes of facial deformities for chil- rejected. And in too many
smile about thanks to the dren and young adults born way there. time, a child’s facial defor- dren around the world. cases, their parents can't
efforts of J. Thomas with cleft lip, cleft palate “We’ve had great support mity can be corrected Girardo first got involved in afford to give them the sur-
Jewelers in Flanders and and other facial deformities. from the different commu- through Operation Smile. this worldwide children’s geries they need to live a
Sparta. Donations will be collected nities,” says Girardo, “and “It makes you feel good medical charity when his normal life.”
Since July 2010, the full- until the end of July in would like to thank them for every time you send a check wife, Elizabeth, decided to With a presence in over 50
service jewelry company order to help as many chil- making a difference in a in,” he says. “Something so help a child by donating countries, Operation Smile,
has been collecting dona- dren as possible. child’s life.” minor can change a kid’s money toward this cause. which is headquartered in
tions for Operation Smile - Leonard Girardo, owner of J. Thomas Jewelers will life.” You change their By reaching out to the com- Norfolk, Va., heals thou-
smile, their confidence, munity, the Girardos can sands of children annually
their eating. “It feels good. I help even more children. and to date has touched the
wish we can do 100. Customers can place money lives of more than 150,000
Operation Smile is an in containers located at boys and girls around the
incredible organization.” either store or mail in globe.
Operation Smile began in checks. Most donations Located in Flanders for
1982, after Dr. William P. have been from his cus- three years and in Sparta for
Magee Jr. - a plastic sur- tomers in amounts ranging more than 25 years, J.
geon- and his wife, Kathy from $1 to $25, as well as Thomas Jewelers offers a
Magee- a nurse and clinical some organizations such as great selection of fine jewel-
social worker, learned about the Sparta Woman’s Club ry as well as custom pieces
the need for surgical facial which donated $250. at affordable prices.
repair while traveling to the “Every time we collect Customers can find quality
Philippines with other med- $240, we will match it” and diamonds, engagement
ical volunteers to repair send in $480, says Girardo. rings, wedding bands, dia-
children's cleft lips and cleft Every time he collects mond earrings, watches,
palates. They discovered enough money to help two pendants and bracelets.
hundreds of children rav- kids, he sends it to Pieces are custom made
aged by deformities but Operation Smile. from wax molding or com-
were forced to turn away the According to operations- puter designs; or shoppers
majority., “more than can select from various
Through the help of thou- 200,000 children are born designers.
sands of dedicated medical with a severe cleft condition Other services include jew-
volunteers, advocates and each year — often unable to elry repairs, appraisals and
For the spring, Girardo is
offering diamond remounts
and a greater selection of
diamond engagement rings
and wedding bands.
“Spring is a good time for
women to redesign it [jew-
elry], says Girardo, jewelry
owner for the past 10 years.
It is also a good time to sell
their gold.
“Spring is a good time to
clean out your jewelry box
to redesign or sell it,” he
says. “Time to clean out for
spring cleaning.”
Girardo says to look out for
specials for Mother’s Day.
To make a donation to
Operation Smile, visit J.
Thomas Jewelers stores or
mail to: J. Thomas Jewelry
& Gifts, 270 Sparta Ave,
Sparta, NJ, 07871. For more
information, call 973-729-
4969. Or mail checks to J.
Thomas Jewelers, 244 U.S.
206, Suite 4, Flanders, NJ,
07836-9197. Call 973-927-
Page 14, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Richard and Patricia Fish Celebrate

Their 50th Anniversary

ichard and Patricia Fish got married
on March 26, 1961. They are cele-
brating their 50th anniversary this
They first met at Dover Lanes in Dover,
NJ in February, 1960.
The couple have three dauhters, Melody
who live in Pa. with her twin sons, Rusell
and Andre. Mechele lives in Rockaway with
her husband Darren and they are expecting
twins in the fall, and Mary Lynn who resides
in Wantage with her husband Bob and their
four children Bobby, Matthew, Tyler and
They are very proud parents and grand-
Patricia is retired Assistant Manager of
Lakeland Bank after 22 years, and Richard is
retired from Auto Body of Lamberts ater 45
Their daughters are giving them an
anniversary party to celebrate with their
family and friends.
They currently reside in Hopatcong
where they have lived for the last 48 years. Richard and Patricia Fish, now and then.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 15

Calendar of Events
Thu, Apr 21 Community Children’s Museum, 77 East Gazebo/Municipal Field on Main Street. Sun, Apr 24
Music: Imagination Movers Live! – Blackwell St. Open to children age 6+. Cost Open to public. Free. 10:30 am. Sponsored 38th Annual NJESA Gem & Mineral
Morristown. Community Theatre, 100 South per guest is $15 and includes all materials by Historic Chester Business Association. Show with Outdoor Swap (Apr 24-25) –
Main. For children and families. $25-$40. and museum admission. 10:30-11:30 am or 908-879-2900. Dubbed the largest Easter Franklin. Franklin Elementary School, 50
1:30 & 4:30 pm. 973-539-8008. Disney 1:30-2:30 pm. 973-366-9060 or hunt in Morris County, this fun, family-ori- Washington Ave. Open to public. Donation
Junior’s popular alternative rock band for Children and ented event features over 5,000 eggs filled $5 per person, children under 14 free with
preschoolers uses energetic rock ‘n roll and guests design an earth day scrap book with with candy and prizes, live music and the adult. Gem & Mineral Show: Sat 9-5:30 pm,
creative problem-solving skills to solve help from The Purple Hippo Gifts staff. Pre- Easter Bunny. Sun 10-5; Outdoor Swap: Sat & Sun 9-5 pm.
“idea emergencies.” Special guests: Nina registration. 19th Annual Easter Bunny Express (Apr 973-209-7212. Show features exhibit of
and Warehouse Mouse. Sat, Apr 23 16, 17 & 23) – Whippany. Whippany minerals, fossils and gems by dealers.
Fri, Apr 22 17th Annual Chester Easter Egg Hunt – Railway Museum, 1 Railroad Plaza. Open to Mon, Apr 25
Earth Day Scrapbook – Dover. Chester. Downtown Chester, public. Adults $13, children under thirteen Social Skills Groups with kidtalk123
$8, babes-in-arms free. 1, 2, 3, & 4 pm. (Mondays, Apr 25 to Jun 5: 6 sessions, 9
(973) 887-8177 or tickets@whippanyrail- hrs) – Dover. Community Children’s
JOAN SIRKIS LAVERY, ESQ. Celebrate the return of
spring with a train ride along the Morristown
Museum, 77 E. Blackwell Street. Open to
children aged 4-6 and 7-8. $440 for six
PRACTICE LIMITED TO BANKRUPTCY & Erie Railway’s historic Whippanong Trail weeks, pre-register. 4 to 5:30 pm, 4-6 yrs;
Since 1989 accompanied by the Easter Bunny. 5:45 to 7 pm, 7-8 yrs old. 973-769-3828 or
The “Buzz” at the Hive – Morristown. A workshop

BANKRUPTCY Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, 73

Kahdena Road. Open to public. Admission
$2-$6. 1 pm & 2 pm. 973-326-7645. Visitors
where children can develop social skills
through art, song and interactive experi-
ences. Emphasis is on language skills, cre-
◆ RELIEF FROM CREDITORS tour a bee-hive operation and learn how ative games, tasks and hands-on activities.
◆ Chapter 7 - Liquidations ◆ Chapter 13 - Wage Earner Plans hives are checked by beekeepers. Tue, Apr 26
Theater: Shopping for Shoes – Hopatcong Republican Club Meeting –
FREE CONSULTATION Branchburg. The Theatre at Raritan Valley Hopatcong. Hopatcong Senior Center, 32
683 WASHINGTON STREET • HACKETTSTOWN Community College, 118 Lamington Road. Lakeside Blvd. Open to members. 7:30 pm.
$25. 3 pm & 7 pm. (908) 725-3420. A funny, Wed, Apr 27
Evening Hours Available • Call 908.850.6161 award-winning production about a new Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
We are a Debt Relief Agency and can help you file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Act found love, dog poo and of course … shoes. Meeting (last Wednesday of every month)
Mention This Ad & Receive A $25.00 Discount continued on page 18

TWIN FIRM ea. pc. $

FULL ea. pc. $
QUEEN ea. pc. $
(Sold As Sets Only)


(10 yr. Warranty) ea. pc. 7900$

FULL ea. pc. $9900

QUEEN ea. pc. $12900
(Sold As Sets Only)


2900 $
12900 $
BUDD LAKE • 336 RT. 46 • 973-347-6200
EAST HANOVER • 181 RT. 10 • 973-240-7847
Page 16, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Wee Scholars Academy: A Different Kind of Pre-school

By Cheryl Conway shows, interacting in a pet store or fire department. ment to children. A mother of three, Thomas has served on

ow fitting that Wee Scholars Academy in Netcong “We created our curriculum and school spaces to be the Stanhope Board of Education since 2006 and as board
opened it’s doors this February 14, 2011- a day immersive and engaging, we built our social environments president since 2008; trained as a Court Appointed Special
associated with “love” and caring. to foster creative play and social development, and we con- Advocate for children; and has served as board member and
For the pre-school owner - Gina Thomas of Stanhope- structed our playground to provide hours of energetic out- fundraising head for the Lakeland Little League.
her love and passion is working with children and encour- door play. Each of these things – and many more – con- “I always had a passion for children,” says Thomas.
aging an environment in which children will “love” learn- tributes to the development of your child and to the founda- Through her pre-school, her goal is to “get them in a love
ing. Located on Route 183 North, Wee Scholars Academy tion of his or her achievement in school,” says Thomas. for learning and get them on the right path.”
offers morning, afternoon and full-day programs for chil- “School days are filled with fun activities,” she contin- For more information or to make an appointment, call
dren 2.5 years-old to 6 years- old. ues. “Our wee scholars never run out of exciting things to 973-527-7255 or visit
Described as a “different kind of pre-school,” Wee do.” Specials include one week free and a waived registration
Scholars Academy sets itself apart from other preschool Currently four students are enrolled so there are plenty fee. For camp, students that pay for five weeks will get one
programs by offering a nurturing environment, one on one of spaces for more. The teacher-student ratio is one to ten, week free. We will be hosting an open house on May 24,
attention and current technology. with all NJ state certified teachers. from 6p.m. to 8p.m. to register for summer camp or pre-
“We really work with the individual child,” explains Thomas explained the program as differentiated instruc- school in September.
Thomas. “We challenge them. We are on the cutting edge of tion. All the children, no matter their age, are taught the
technology. It’s an interactive environment. Each child same lesson in a big open space; however the level of how
learns differently.” the lesson is taught differs according to age and capability.
Thomas says “Our pre-school is very different. It’s Learning centers are spread out throughout the open
building student achievement; working with them at a space and students rotate in groups to the different centers
young age to really get them ready for school… not just such as math or social studies.
scholastically, but also emotionally, socially, and physical- In addition to the school year program, a nine-week
ly.” camp is offered in the summer with exciting trips such as to
Wee Scholars Academy – opened 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. - pro- the planetarium and a working farm. Students 2.5 years old
vides a pre-school program from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Morning to 13 years old can participate in the summer camp.
classes are held 9 a.m. to noon; and afternoon classes are “We are a small mom and pop” pre-school, she says.
noon to 3 p.m. The Extended care with structured play is “We can change anything that needs to be changed to help
also offered from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. your child. Other schools have their corporate mission and
Licensed for 43 children, students enjoy math, science, are a lot more rigid. We nurture that creative piece.”
social studies, literacy, technology, music, art, outdoor play Thomas, who worked as president of Definitive Staffing
and dramatic play by socializing with each other whether it Solutions- a company that she founded to serve the staffing
is play shopping in a grocery store, eating in a cafe, puppet needs of large corporate clients-, has had a long commit- Oe of our class rooms.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 17

Hopatcong's Zach Rey Captures National Wrestling Championship

By Tim Vanderhoof tain control. Rey built a riding time advan- unable to continue with a leg injury. In the record. Saturday night’s finals match was

unior Zach Rey (Hopatcong HS) won tage of 1:33 to essentially give himself a 2- semi-finals, Rey won a match that mirrored the fourth of the year between Rey and
Lehigh University's 27th individual 0 lead, but narrowly escaped a reversal his finals victory, earning a 2-1 decision Flores with Rey winning three of the four
national championship with a 2-1 deci- attempt by Flores in a wild scramble with over Dom Bradley of Missouri and again bouts. Rey becomes the 21st individual to
sion over American University's Ryan 17 seconds remaining. taking advantage of a riding time point. win a national championship at Lehigh
Flores in the heavyweight finals of the 2011 “We got into a funky position in the third Rey did not allow a takedown all season University and the first since Troy Letters
NCAA Championships at Wells Fargo period,” Rey said. “I knew just to hold onto and finishes his junior year with a 34-1 won at 165 in 2004.
Arena in Philadelphia, Penn. One minute that leg and try to roll through to get to my
and 33 seconds of riding time was the dif- stomach and that’s what it turned out to be.
ference as Rey captured Lehigh’s first He gave me a lot of riding time and helped
national title since 2004, and the first for a me kill the clock in the third period.”
Lehigh heavyweight since 1936. Rey released Flores with 16 seconds left
“Lehigh is a great program and it’s great and kept his defensive positioning to win 2-
that we got another national champion for 1 with the riding time point being the differ-
the team, the fans and the Lehigh wrestling ence.
community,” Rey said in the post finals “Rey wrestled a great match,” said
press conference. “We had two finalists and Lehigh head coach Pat Santoro. “Ryan
we’ve come far. We didn’t have an All- Flores is a really good wrestler. It was a tac-
American for three or four years, now we tical match. The scramble at the end was a
have two finalists and three All-Americans. little nerve racking but I was glad to see
That’s amazing. We’re making huge Zach held on.”
strides.” The road to the championship was not an
After a scoreless first period in the title easy one for Rey. In his opening round bout
bout at heavyweight, Rey opened the scor- he out classed Parker Burns of Campbell
ing with an escape with a shoulder roll into University 6-1. Then in an exciting pre-
a stand-up ten seconds into the second peri- quarterfinals bout, Rey scrapped for a 3-1 Cutline: Lehigh University junior Zach Rey (at left) from Hopatcong High School takes down
win in sudden victory over David Marone American University's Ryan Flores in a heavyweight wresting match at the 2011 NCAA
od. With no further scoring Rey took a 1-0
Championships held at Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Penn. Rey beat Flores in the finals match
lead into the third period. Flores chose of Virginia Tech. In the quarterfinals, Rey with a 2-1 decision and won Lehigh University's 27th individual national championship. One minute
down, but Rey rode well from the top posi- defeated Cameron Wade of Penn State via and 33 seconds of riding time was the difference as Rey captured Lehigh’s first national title since
tion, using a series of lifts and trips to main- an injury default, as the PSU wrestler was 2004, and the first for a Lehigh heavyweight since 1936.

Party Bagel
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Page 18, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Calendar of Events...
continued from page 15 Show – Newton. Sussex County Free. 11:30 am. (908) 979-0900 X2 or cen- groups and organizations.
– Morristown. Morristown Unitarian Community College, 1 College Hill. Open Centenary Young Jewelers Studio Guild Show –
Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Road. to public. Tickets $111.50. 8 pm show. (973) Performers Workshop is interviewing candi- Morristown. Masonic Temple, 39 Maple
Open to public. Free but donation is request- 300-3171. Take a trip to Broadway to see La dates for 2011 Summer Intensive Program to Ave.. Open to public. Free admission, food
ed. 7:45 pm. (973) 994-1143. Cage Aux Folles. Bus will leave from SCCC develop singing, dancing and acting skills. donation requested. 10-5 pm. 973-625-9649,
Lecture: Spirit, Specter, Shade-A True upper parking lot at 3 pm and will return at Heath Village Spring Open House –, or jewel-
Story of an Irish Ghost (Gates-Ferry 1 am. Hackettstown. Heath Village Retirement Jewelry show
Lecture Series) – Hackettstown. Centenary Fri, Apr 29 Community, 430 Schooley’s Mountain features hand-crafted jewelry pieces made
College, Sitnik Theatre at Lackland Center, CCM Spring Music Concert – Randolph. Road. Open to public. Free. 11-2. 908-684- from precious/base metals, alloys and gem-
400 Jefferson. Open to public. Free. 7 pm. Dragonetti Auditorium of CCM, County 5006. Open house includes tours, musical stones.
(908) 852-1400 x2375. Professor Breandán College of Morris, 214 Center Grove. Open entertainment, refreshments and valuable Music: The Chapin Family – Morristown.
Mac Suibhne of Centenary College discuss- to public. Free. 7:30 pm. (973) 328-5076. information from Heath Village Resident continued on page 19
es the Irish identity and the history of social Journey through time while enjoying some
and political unrest. of the classic show stoppers and the sounds
Stanhope Senior Citizens Club Meeting of Broadway today, yesterday and tomor-
(4th Thursday of every month) – row!
Stanhope. American Legion Hall, NJ Route Planetarium: Tour of the Planets (Apr 29-
183. Open to seniors aged 55+. Doors open 30) – Randolph. County College of Morris,
11:30 am; meeting starts 12:30 pm. 973- Longo Planetarium, 214 Center Grove.
347-9572. Open to public. Adults $10, children $5;
Thu, Apr 28 reservations strongly recommended. Fri. 7
Theater: King Michael – A Glorious pm, Sat. 3 & 5 pm. (973) 328-5076.
Tribute to The King of Pop – Newton. Planetarium show takes viewers to a section
Performing Arts Center at SCCC, Sussex of the Milky Way to discover eight planets.
County Community College, 1 College Hill. They don’t appear as much from far away,
$7-$22. 10:50 am and 7 pm. (973) 300- but up close each has a remarkable story to
3171. Enjoy a multi-media tribute to tell.
Michael Jackson with performance by some Sat, Apr 30
of the best artists of his greatest hits: Billie Centenary YPW Interviews for Summer
Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Intensive Program – Hackettstown.
Earth Song and many more. Centenary College, Little Theatre Lobby,
Trip: La Cage Aux Folles Broadway 400 Jefferson. Open to youths aged 10-18.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 19

Calendar of Events...
continued from page 18 abandonment and joy of fulfillment!
Community Theatre, 100 South Main. $37- Music: Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King
$57. 8 pm. 973-539-8008. Folksinger Tom – Whippany. Ukrainian American Cultural
Chapin is joined by fellow members of the Center, 60 North Jefferson Rd.. 973-585-
Chapin family for this inspirational tribute in 7175. Blues.
music, song and stories. Tue, May 3
Special: Deborah, The Center for Being, Workshop: Basic Digital Photography –
Knowing and Doing – Newton. Performing Newton. Sussex County Arts & Heritage
Arts Center at SCCC, Sussex County Council, 133 Spring St. Open to public, limit
Community College, 1 College Hill. $16- 10 students. $35, registration. 7-9 pm. 973-
$20. 7:30 pm. (973) 300-3171. Considered 383-0027. Workshop is for anyone new to
one of the best psychics today, Deborah has digital photography, as well as those seeking
provided readings for thousands of people, a refresher on photography basics.
providing comfort and support to those Wed, May 4
grieving the loss of a loved one. She was Theater: Coram Boy (May 4-7) –
featured on the reality television program, Randolph. Dragonetti Auditorium of CCM,
The Gift, in 2006 on the Sci Fi Channel. County College of Morris, 214 Center
Third Annual Rutgers Day – Piscataway Grove. For mature audience. $10-$15. 7:30
and New Brunswick. Rutgers University. pm. (973) 328-5076. New Jersey Premiere
Open to public. Free. 10-4 pm. Www.rutger- Set in 18th century Britain, this “play with Attendees explore the music” is an epic adventure about childhood
campuses, meet experts, speak with students abandonment.
and engage in a multitude of activities. Over Thu, May 5
75,000 people attended last year. Bear Scouts Electricity Elective – Dover.
Sun, May 1 Community Children’s Museum, 77 E.
Music: Mendelssohn’s Elijah – Blackwell Street. Open to Bear Scouts.
Morristown. Community Theatre, 100 South Admission $10 per Scout, $5 per sibling,
Main. $27-$77. 3 pm. 973-539-8008. free for accompanying adult; pre-register. 4-
Experience the oratorio Elijah through the 6 pm. 973-366-9060 or
most glorious music depicting: drought, Scouts learn about
rain, idolatry, one God, fiery horses from electricity with experiments and games.
heaven, wind, earthquakes, fires, despair of continued on page 20
Page 20, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Calendar of Events...
continued from page 19 (973) 539-8008. – Picatinny Arsenal. Cannon Gate 973-631-5343. Visitors meet baby lambs,
Valley Shepherd Annual Shearing Entertainment Center, Building 121. watch how sheep are hand-sheared, learn
Scouts earn five of the requirements (a – e) Festival – Long Valley. Valley Shepherd Recommended for adults. Tickets $45 for how garments are made from fleece, make
for the electricity elective. Creamery, 50 Fairmount Rd (on Route 517 dinner and comedy, $35 for show only. 6-9 crafts to take home, and other activities.
Music: Asia – Morristown. Community off Rt 513/24). Open to public. Adults $10, pm. Sponsored by Tri-State Actors Theater. Fossil Discovery Center – Ogdensburg.
Theatre, 100 South Main. $37-$75. 8 pm. children $6, babes in arm free; free parking. 973-724-2582 or tristateactorstheater@cen- Sterling Hill Mining Museum.
973-539-8008. 10 am to 4 pm. 908-876-3200 or www.val- An evening with good food, Recommended for students in grades 2-12.
Tricky Tray & Family Style Dinner It’s the time of year when friends and plenty of laughter by two of the $4.50. 10 am to 12:30 pm. 973-209-7212.
Fundraiser – Mount Olive. Holiday Inn, hundreds of ewes get sheared. Event fea- funniest people in comedy. Participants go fossil hunting under the
1000 International Drive. Open to public. tures crafts demos, storytelling, live music, Music: Open Mic with Water Gap Band – direction of a paleontologist. Digs begin at
$35 per person, pre-registration; admission freshly prepared foods, including cheeses, Hopatcong. Westside United Methodist 10 a.m. and takes place every half-hour.
includes dinner and one sheet of raffle tick- BBQ, and more. Church, 16 Maxim Dr. Open to public. Each dig lasts approx 30 minutes.
ets. Doors open 6 pm. Sponsored by Lenape Mon, May 9 Suggested donation $5. 7 pm. Music: Sing the Night Away with Phillip
Valley Regional High School PTSA. 973- Parkinson’s Support Group Meeting (2nd Country, alter- Lid & Friends – Newton. Performing Arts
202-3371. Monday of every month) – Hackettstown. native rock. Center at SCCC, Sussex County
Fri, May 6 Heath Village Retirement Community, 430 Music: Tony Orlando in Concert – Community College, 1 College Hill. $15-
Wine Tasting Fundraiser – Ukrainian Schooley’s Mountain Road. Open to public. Morristown. Community Theatre, 100 South $18. 7:30 pm. (973) 300-3171. Enjoy a two-
American Cultural Center, 60 N. Jefferson 6:30 to 7:30. 908-684-5214. Main. $42-$77. 8 pm. 973-539-8008. hour special with one of the best voices to
Road, Whippany. Open to public, ages 21+. Tue, May 10 Sat, May 14 perform on Broadway.
Tickets $40. 6-9 pm. Sponsored by Alzheimer’s / Dementia Support Group 2011 Main Street Newton Tour of Art Spring Family Day – Morris Plains. The
Ukrainian American Youth Association and Meeting (2nd Tuesday of every month) – (May 14-21) – Newton. Newtown Historic Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, 2352
Lys Sports Academy. (973) 919-1322 or Hackettstown. Heath Village Retirement District, Spring Street. Open to public. Free. Route 10 West. For children and parents. Fundraiser to support Community, 430 Schooley’s Mountain (973) 383-0027 or A Tickets $7, accompany parent free. 973-540-
youth sports activities; door prizes, enter- Road. Open to public. 6:30 to 7:30. 908- week-long art exhibit and sale event wel- 0311 or Event
tainment and homemade Ukrainian cuisine. 684-5236. comes the public to browse, shop and dine features fun-filled family activities, includ-
Workshop: Basic PC Skills-Microsoft Theater: Legally Blonde the Musical – for art on Spring Street in Newton’s Historic ing pony rides, games, Maypole, cakewalk,
Outlook (2 sessions, 9 hrs: May 6 & 13) – Morristown. Community Theatre, 100 South District. bubble station, and many more fun activi-
Newton. Sussex County Community Main. $52-$77. 8 pm. (973) 539-8008. Born to Be Shorn – Chester Township. ties.
College, Room E-130, One College Hill Rd. Workshop: Advanced Social Media Cooper Gristmill, Black River County Park, Waterloo Music Festival (May 14-15) –
Open to public. Free, eligibility require- Marketing – Morristown. County College County Route #513 (old Rt. 24). Open to Byrum Township. Waterloo Village. Open to
ments. 9-1 pm. Sponsored by NJCCC of Morris, Headquarters Plaza Campus, public. Small donation requested. 11-4 pm. continued on page 21
Workforce Training. 973-300-2140. Class Room 102. Open to public. $35. 6:30-8:30
teaches basic e-mail use, including sending, pm. Sponsored by SCORE. Register online
receiving, replying and deleting messages; at Workshop shows
disposing of junk mail; and sending and participants how to use online tools, such as
opening attachments. Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, Facebook and
Sat, May 7 blogs, to promote a business, find new cus-
1880s Mother’s Day at Milltown – Chester tomers and leads, get recommendations and
Township. Cooper Gristmill, Black River referrals.
County Park, County Route #513 (old Rt. Workshop: Collage and Mixed Media –
24). Open to public. Small donation request- Newton. Sussex County Arts & Heritage
ed. 1-3:30 pm. 973-631-5343. Visitors learn Council, 133 Spring St. Open to public. $40,
what a typical day was like for a mother in supplies included. 6:30-9 pm. 973-383-
the 1880s and partake in chores such as 0027. A course for both beginners and expe-
washing clothes, ironing, rug beating, rienced artists who want to learn or develop
sewing, and mending. collage art techniques.
Indoor Flea Market Sale – Mt. Arlington. Wed, May 11
Our Lady of the Lake Parish Center, 9 Theater: The Scarlet Letter – Morristown.
Rooney Road. Open to public. Free admis- Community Theatre, 100 South Main. For
sion. 8-2 pm. Sponsored by Columbiettes young adults grades 9-12. $10. 10 am. 973-
Council # 5114. 973-398-9253. 539-8008. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic is
Music: Dirtgroove – Long Valley. The brought to life in this play about Hester
Studio of Long Valley, 62 East Mill Rd. $7. Prynne who gives birth after having an adul-
8 pm. (908) 892-8581. Rock. terous affair. A scandalous story touches on
Music: WNTI Benefit Concert Featuring Puritan values of sin, repentance and
the Smithereens – Hackettstown. Sitnik redemption.
Theatre at Lackland Center, Centenary Thu, May 12
College, 400 Jefferson St.. $25. 8 pm. Cabaret Theater (May 12-14) – Randolph.
Sponsored by WNTI Radio. (908) 979- Student Community Center of CCM,
4355, ext. 1. Be one of the few to see the County College of Morris, 214 Center
Smithereeens live in concert at the new Grove. Open to public. $10. 7:30 pm. (973)
Lackland Center. Tickets are available 328-5076. This revue-style production, pop-
online at, click on e-pledge ularized in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles
and select $25 pledge for Smithereens con- and on many college campuses throughout
cert. the country, spotlights CCM Musical
Special: Pawn Stars Gold & Silver Road Theatre students.
Show – Morristown. Community Theatre, Fri, May 13
100 South Main. $37-$77. 3 pm and 8 pm. Comedy: Billy Edwards & Scotty Watson
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 21

Calendar of Events...
continued from page 20 Roxbury National Preservation each month) – Hackettstown. Mamas Cafe Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council,
public. Tickets: one-day $15-$45; two-day Celebration – Ledgewood. Roxbury Baci, 260 Mountain Ave. Open to public. 6 133 Spring St. Open to public. Free admis-
$25-$80; tickets price excludes fees and Historic Trust, 209 Main Street. Open to pm and 7:30 pm. (908) 852-2820. Discover sion. Tue-Fri 9-3, Sat 12-4. 973-383-0027.
parking. Gates open 11 am each day. 973- public. Free. 12 noon to 4 pm. 973-927- up-and-coming talent as they perform live Exhibit features approximately 65 works
875-2068 or 7603. Event includes tour of Roxbury’s his- music to a local audience. selected from over 200 entries of mixed Two-day torical landmarks: King Store and King Workshop: Sneakers with Attitude – media by artists in the tri-state area. These
music festival features performance by House, historic homes on Main Street in Newton. Sussex County Arts & Heritage high-quality works are for sale to the public.
Molly Hatchet, The Chapin Family, Citizens Ledgewood. There will be antique cars for Council, 133 Spring St. Open to public, aged Art: Humble Beginnings (Mar 10 to Aug
Band Radio, The Hollow, Bill Greise, Street view, collectibles and baked goods for sale, 9+. $40. 6:30-9 pm. 973-383-0027. 10) – Morristown. Arts Council Gallery, 14
Hassle, Indian Princess, Only Living Boy, and food and drink concession stands. Workshop shows participants how to design, Maple St. Open to public. Free. (973) 285-
Luke Liddy, and many more. Tue, May 17 paint, and decorate sneakers to be trendy, 5115. Exhibit features works of 31 artists
Sun, May 15 Music: Rising Stars (third Tuesday of fashionable and one of a kind. using primitive media, such as crayons,
Wed, May 18 string, magic marker, colored pencil, folded
Hopatcong Women’s Club Meeting (3rd cardboard, paper cups and other rudimenta-
Wednesday of month, Sep to May, except ry materials.
Jan. March meeting rescheduled for Mar Art: Posing Beauty, African American
23) – Hopatcong. Civic Center, Lakeside Images from the 1890s to the Present
Blvd. Open to women residents. 10:30 a.m. (Feb 2 - Apr 28, 2011) – Newark. Newark
973-398-1267. Museum, 49 Washington Street. Admission
ONGOING EVENTS $10 adults, $6 seniors and children. Wed to
Art: 20th Annual SCCC AFA Student Art Sun, 12-5. 973-596-6550. An exhibit that
Exhibit (May 6 to Jun 10, 2011, Opening explores the ways in which African
Reception: Fri, May 6) – Newton. Sussex American beauty has been represented in
County Community College, 1 College the media.
Hill. Open to public. Free. (973) 300-2189. Depression and Bipolar Support Group
This juried exhibit features work from Meeting (every Wednesday) – Newton.
classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, dig- Redeemer Lutheran Church, 37 Newton-
ital fine art, three dimensional art, printmak- Sparta Road. Open to public. Free. 7:30-9
ing and photography. pm. (973) 948-6999. A weekly meeting is
Art: 24th Annual Skylands Juried Art held for those suffering or know someone
Exhibit (Apr 16 to May 21) – Newton. continued on page 24
Page 22, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News



Large Pizza, Wings
& 2 Liter Soda
Any Check of
17 95
plus tax
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$20.00 or More
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2 Large Pies $
14 95 plus tax
Tuesday Only!!
Cannot be combined. Exp. 5/15/11
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$100 OFF $250 OFF

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With coupon Only. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offers. With coupon Only. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offers.





(Reg. $45.00 Value)
With coupon Only.
Page 24, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Ongoing Events...
continued from page 21 The curriculum covers botany for garden- Theater: Mauritius (May 6-7, 13-15, 20- 475-1104. Eve Ensler’s play is about
who is suffering from depression. ers, soils and fertilizers, landscape plant 21) – Chester. Black River Playhouse, women, their bodies and the language of
Exhibit: Driving Into the Twentieth selection, plant pest diagnostics and pest Grove Street and Maple Avenue. Adults sexuality that is conveyed in various con-
Century (Ongoing) – Morristown. management, vegetable gardening, tree $18, seniors (65+) and students $16. Fri and texts and cultures.
Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, 73 fruits, turfgrass management and house- Sat 8 pm, Sun matineee 2 pm. 908-879- Workshop: Coping with Loss (second
Kahdena Road. Open to public. $. (973) plants. 7304. A comedic play tells about two sisters Monday of every month) – Newton.
326-7645. An exhibit of horse-drawn car- Meeting: Netcong/Stanhope Senior who inherit a stamp collection which might Joseph T Quinlan Bereavement Center, 61
riages and a Model “T” Ford, among others. Citizens Club (1st and 3rd Thursday of be worth a fortune. Characters try to out- Spring Street (free parking at Trinity St
Exhibit: Skies Alive! Bird Migration in every month) – Netcong. Knights of maneuver each other to reap possible municipal lot). Open to public. Free, dona-
the Garden State (thru June 2011) – Columbus, Route 46. Open to rewards. tion requested. 7-8:30 pm. (973) 383-0115.
Newark. Newark Museum, 49 Washington Netcong/Stanhope residents age 55+. 12 Theater: The Mousetrap (May 6-8, 13-15, Free support group for dealing with the loss
Street. Admission $10 adults, $6 seniors noon. Call Jean at 973-347-0940. and 20-21) – Randolph. Brundage Park of a loved one.
and children. Wed to Sun, 12-5. (973) 596- Mental Health Support Group Meeting Playhouse, Carrell Road. $. Fri. & Sat. at 8 Workshop: New Art Exploration (every
6550. Exhibit focuses on New Jersey’s bird (every Monday of the week) – Sussex. pm, Sun. 2 pm. (973) 989-7092 or Thursday in April 2011) – Dover.
migration and the importance of preserving First Baptist Church of Sussex Fellowship Agatha Community Children’s Museum, 77 East
natural resources. House, Main Street and Route 23. Open to Christie’s murder mystery continues to Blackwell St. Open to public; for children
Guided Tours of The Willows Historic public. 3-6 pm. (973) 875-9451. Attendees thrill audiences since its debut in 1952 and aged 3-5. $7 includes all supplies, pre-regis-
House Museum (Ongoing) – Morristown. enjoy refreshments, socialize, obtain educa- heralds as the longest running show in the- tration required; museum admission sepa-
Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, 73 tional materials on mental illness and com- ater history. rate. 10-11 am. 973-366-9060 or
Kahdena Road. Open to public. $. (973) munity resource listings and participate in a Theater: Ruthless! The Musical (Fri-Sun,
326-7645. Visitors take a guided tour of the rap session. May 7-21) – Dover. Dover Little Theatre, Workshop: Take Control of Your Health
Gothic Revival-style mansion on Sussex County Board of Chosen Elliot Street. $20. Fri and Sat at 8 pm, Sun (Fridays, April 8 to May 13: 6 sessions, 15
Fosterfields Farm. Freeholders Meeting (second and fourth at 2 pm. 973-328-9202. Eight year old Tina hrs) – Newton. Sussex County Community
Master Gardener Training (Ongoing Wednesdays of each month) – Newton. Denmark knows she was born to play Pippi College, 1 College Hill Rd. Open to public.
from Sep to May) – Newton. Cooperative Sussex County Administrative Center, Longstocking and she will do anything to Free. Fri. 9:30-12 noon. Sponsored by
Extension Office, 127 Morris Turnpike. Freeholder Meeting Room, One Spring win the part in her school musical-anything Sussex County Department of Human
Open to public. $300 tuition. Wednesdays, Street. Open to public. 5 pm. 973-579-0240. including murder! Services. Call Jaci at 973-300-2143.
10 a.m. to 12 noon. Call Brian Oleksak at Theater: Cinderella (May 14, 21, 28 and Theater: The Vagina Monologues (May Workshop provides seniors and caregivers
973-948-3040. The Master Gardener pro- Jun 4) – Budd Lake. Pax Amicus Castle 7, 14, 21 & 22) – Belvidere. Country Gate practical ways to deal with the pain, fatigue,
gram is a volunteer training program admin- Theatre, 23 Lake Shore Drive. For children. Playhouse, 114 Greenwich Street. Adults frustration, and other symptoms of chronic
istered by Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Tickets $12. 11 am. (973) 691-2100. $17, seniors $15. Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. (908) problems.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 25

Thomas Edison’s Bipartisan Friendships –

Hudson Maxim vs. Henry Ford
by Michele Guttenberger to persuade participation and representation from the war-

homas Edison was loved by the scientific communi- ring nations to this conference. His peace plan failed to
ty but that does not mean that his friends shared negotiate an Armistice.
mutual camaraderie with each other. This was true Unlike Ford’s Peace voyage, Hudson Maxim’s book on
between the relationship of industrialist Henry Ford and rearmament (“Defenseless America”) was a big success.
inventor and book author Hudson Maxim. His best-seller went on to inspire a movie "The Battle Cry
Thomas Edison had a very close relationship with Henry of Peace" released by Vitagraph Theater on September 9,
Ford. Their friendship was so close that the Fords spent the 1915. Hudson. Maxim appeared in the movie where he
winter of 1915 at the Edison’s vacation home in Fort Myers. quoted his warning message from his book. Former
Henry. Ford purchased the house next door the following President Theodore Roosevelt, expressed regrets that he
year and for 15 years, both families spent their winter vaca- could not be present for the film’s début. The former
tions together. President was also a fan of the book.
In September 1915 Thomas Edison was chairman to a Henry Ford was incensed by the success of the pro
newly formed Navy Advisory Board of Inventions. A defense movement that this movie had inspired and the fail-
member of this team was Hudson Maxim. Hudson Maxim ure of his own peace mission. On May 5, 1916, he paid to
was an explosive inventor but more importantly he pub- publish a caustic review of the movie in 250 US newspa-
lished an influential book titled “Defenseless America”, pers. His critical piece was entitled “Humanity and Sanity."
where he warned about the threat of war with a well-armed These actions caused
Germany and advocated a strong navy as the best defense. J. Stuart Blackton, vice-president of the Vitagraph
Henry Ford felt the best protection was to negotiate for Company of America to file suit in the New York Supreme
Peace instead of building up a defense system. He set sail Court for damages of $1,000,000. be chairman of the Navy Advisory Board of Inventions. I
with a boat of pacifists to Europe to negotiate an agreement Thomas Edison developed a great friendship with guess neither friend asked if they went to see the movie
that would end the Great War. His chartered Peace ship was Hudson Maxim. Edison had a high regard for Maxim “The Battle Cry of Peace” or read the book “Defenseless
the Oskar II. It left port from Hoboken, New Jersey on whom he called “the most versatile man in America.” America.”
December 4, 1915. The Ford Peace Ship reached How interesting the winters of 1915-1916 must have Visit The Thomas Edison Museum. Open Wednesday
Stockholm in January, 1916. A conference was organized been for the Ford – Edison friendship spent together at Fort through Sunday. Hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Fee is $7.00 -
with representatives from Denmark, Holland, Norway, Myers. There was Ford with his strong stance against a 211 Main Street West Orange, NJ 07052 Visit website for
Sweden and the United States. However, Ford was unable navy – military defense, while Edison was being tapped to more details

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Andy from Eleventh Hour Rescue was roaming around a

local neighborhood crying throughout this whole terrible
winter. He was finally rescued and is so happy to be back
indoors. Andy was obviously someone's pet at one point- he
is very affectionate and domesticated and uses his litter box XP Lady, as seen on the Eleventh Hour Rescue website, is a
like a very good boy. We suspect that someone moved and 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that needs to find a
left Andy behind or dumped him off in a strange neighbor- new home. The current owners’ living situation here in NJ
hood. When we rescued him, we removed a collar that was has changed and this puts XP Lady in need of a new loving Meet Smiley from Eleventh Hour Rescue. She earned that
extremely tight around his neck. Andy also needed surgery Family to take this quiet girl into their home. Although she name because she always has a smile on her face. She is
to remove a stick that was stuck in his gums. Through all of is shy and reserved at first meeting, given some patience about 3 years old and is a hound/lab/shepherd mix. Smiley
this, Andy remained a total sweetheart. He is 1-2 years old, and understanding she will adapt to new situations, espe- is a very gentle, sweet girl who just wants to sit by your side
neutered and up to date on shots. Andy is FIV positive. FIV cially for her favorite treat, liverwurst. She is up to date on or on your lap and get a nice belly rub. She is very passive
is contagious to other cats through deep bite wounds. It is
all shots and in very good health. She is such a beautiful and submissive and would easily fit into any home situation.
not contagious to humans or dogs. We are looking for a per-
manent home or foster home that will show Andy the love he dog to see in person. Don’t miss this opportunity to save She would be especially easy for a first time dog owner to
deserves. To read more about Andy, to see all of our adopt- this special girl. To read more about XP Lady, to see all of adopt. To read more about Smiley, to see all of our adopt-
able pets, to see our upcoming events, or to make a dona- our adoptable pets, to see our upcoming events, or to make able dogs, to see our upcoming events, or to make a dona-
tion, please visit our web site: a donation, please visit our web site at: tion, please visit our web site at:
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 27

Pantry Secrets for Easter Dinner

ou probably don’t items to create a memorable an Easter meal worth cele- whole and grind small
know it, but you Easter meal. brating and make your hun- batches as you need them.
may have the secret “Planning for a holiday gry family a happy one. It’s a good idea to have a
ingredients for an excep- meal can be stressful,” says For more creative recipes separate coffee grinder for
tional Easter dinner in your Chef Gertler. “But by look- and tips, visit www.use- your spices.
pantry right now. The holi- ing to your pantry for inspi- • Save room and keep dry
days are a perfect opportu- ration, you will find ingredi- Adam Gertler’s Use Up goods fresh: When you get
nity to sprinkle creativity ents to make a truly unique the Box Pantry Tips home from the grocery
into special meals by using and special meal sure to • Punchy Potatoes: Add a store, transfer flours, pastas,
staples like pancake mix, delight your family and teaspoon of prepared horse- cereals and other dry grains
syrup and instant mashed guests!” radish or Dijon mustard and into resealable storage bags
potatoes in unexpected Here are ways to use up a sprinkle of garlic powder or containers. Simply label
ways to craft new and deli- what you already have to to Hungry Jack Instant and date them with a mark-
cious dishes the whole fam- make a complete Easter Mashed Potatoes for gour- er, and you’ll be surprised at
ily will love. menu, including savory met flavor ready in less than how much extra room you’ll
Celebrity Chef Adam Bacon and Cheese five minutes. have in your pantry.
Gertler, host of Food Appetizer Bites, Spinach • Make dry spices last: Maple Glazed Pork
Network’s “Kid in a Candy Salad with Warm Maple Ground spices tend to lose Tenderloin
Store,” along with Hungry Dijon Vinaigrette, Maple pungency rather quickly. Makes: 4 servings 1 pound pork tenderloin, cut Seal bag and shake well.
Jack®, have come up with Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Buy spices like cinnamon, Prep Time: 7 minutes into Add pork slices. Seal bag.
original, easy-to-prepare and a sweet Spiced Mocha cayenne pepper, cumin, nut- Cook Time: 12 minutes 1/2-inch slices Shake to coat.
recipes using everyday Fudge Cake. You’ll create meg, cloves and allspice Ingredients 1 tablespoon butter 2. MELT butter in large
1 teaspoon dried thyme 2 tablespoons Hungry Jack nonstick skillet over medi-
leaves, crushed Original Regular Syrup um-high heat. Add pork
1 teaspoon dried marjoram Directions mixture. Cook and stir 8 to
leaves, crushed 1. COMBINE thyme, mar- 10 minutes or until pork is
1/4 teaspoon salt joram, salt, onion powder browned and no longer pink
1/4 teaspoon onion powder and garlic powder in large in center. Add syrup. Cook
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder resealable food storage bag. and stir until pork is glazed.

New Seasonal
May 1st!
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Page 28, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Celebrate Easter with Cookie Pops

or a fresh take on Easter treats, these egg-shaped family when wrapped in clear bags and tied with ribbon.
cookie pops will surprise and delight. Easy and deli- Visit for more Easter project ideas, to
cious, each one is uniquely decorated -an unexpected, order supplies including the Pops Flower Pot Kit, or a copy
but festive way to say “Happy Easter!” of the new Wilton book, “Pops! Sweets On A Stick!”
To begin, a simple butter cookie dough flavored with
vanilla and almond extracts is cut into egg shapes with a Fresh Eggs Cookie Pops
cookie cutter. Once they’re baked and cooled, tint white Makes about 3 dozen cookies
Candy Melts (or use colored) with favorite Easter colors - 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
pastel, bold, or both - then “dye” the eggs by pouring the 2 teaspoons baking powder
melted candy over the cookies. 1 teaspoon salt
Now the decorating fun begins. Pipe with melted candy 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
to make spirals and stripes, then attach confetti sprinkles. 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
Other decorating options include brushing with pearl dust 1egg
for a luminous effect, or sprinkling with colored sugars. 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
You could even write messages on them. After decorating, 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
use a dab of melted candy to attach the “pops” stick to the White Candy Melts, melted
backs of the cookies. Primary, Garden Candy Color Sets
A decorated flower “pot” is an ideal way to present the Yellow, White Pearl Dust
pops. Place the pops in the convenient insert that comes Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract
with the Flower Pot Kit and add some green curling ribbon Blue, Lavender Colored Sugar
for grass. This bouquet of pops can do double-duty as a cen- Jumbo Confetti Sprinkles
terpiece for the table, or as an Easter gift for friends and Cookie Treat Sticks

1 Egg Roll

or (sm) Wonton

or Egg Drop Soup

with purchase of $15.00
Except lunch special. Not be combined
with any other offer. Expires 5/15/11

(sm) Pork

Fried Rice or
(sm) Chicken Lo Mein
with purchase of $25.00
Except lunch special. Not be combined
with any other offer. Expires 5/15/11

General Tso’s

Chicken or
Sesame Chicken
with purchase of $35.00
Except lunch special. Not be combined
with any other offer. Expires 5/15/11
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 29

Easter Inspiration
njoy an inspired Easter feast with grill and cook olive oil-tossed spears for 2
ham plus seasonal favorites that will minutes for slightly charred asparagus. Kick
impress your guests. The savory fla- it up a notch by drizzling with balsamic
vors of Roasted Ham Saltimbocca show- vinaigrette.
case ham’s versatility in this succulent cen- • Roasted - Try drizzling on olive oil and
terpiece dish. adding a few pinches of salt and pepper
For recipes, tools to help you prepare and before roasting your favorite veggies. Toss
carve the perfect ham, and ideas to prepare into a 400°F oven, and roast for roughly 12
hassle-free leftovers, visit www.porkbein- to 17 minutes. or Roasted Ham Saltimbocca Yield: 15 to 20 4-ounce servings
Follow the National Pork Board on Prep time: 15 minutes for a Cook time: About 2 3/4 hours
chance to win a free Easter ham. 1 6- to 8-pound fully-cooked bone-in shank
Pork’s Perfect Partner end ham, trimmed
Here are three tasty ways to enjoy fresh 1/4 cup chopped fresh sage leaves,
spring veggies such as asparagus: divided
• Sautéed - Add a little zest and crunch to Pepper 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, cut lower third of oven.
your plate with asparagus sautéed in soy 4 thin slices prosciutto into 4 to 6 pieces Place ham flat side down in a large shallow
sauce until stalks are easily pierced with 1 cup chicken broth 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour dissolved in roasting pan and score a diamond pattern
fork (3 to 5 minutes). Serve as a side dish 1 cup dry white wine (for non-alcoholic, 1/3 cup cold water about 1/8 inch deep into any fat. Sprinkle all
over rice. substitute an additional cup of chicken Salt over with 2 tablespoons sage and season
• Grilled - Climate permitting, fire up the broth) Preheat oven to 325°F. Position rack in
Page 30, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Simple Spring Sweets

ooking Channel and Univision star • Dessert bars are a great solution for easy
Ingrid Hoffmann, host of Simply entertaining. Spice up any table by prepar-
Delicioso and Delicioso (on ing Tropical Dessert Bars and then top with
Telefutura / Univision) shares her ideas to smooth and creamy Dulce de Leche, which
liven up your springtime desserts! Ingrid can easily be made by heating Eagle Brand
suggests combining fresh, seasonal flavors Sweetened Condensed Milk on the stovetop
with Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed or in the oven.
Milk to ensure perfect homemade and easy Visit or www.mar-
desserts year-round. Serve up a sweet sur- for more recipes and helpful
prise with these delicious new recipes and tips from Ingrid Hoffmann.
baking tips from Ingrid Hoffmann. Caribbean Pineapple-Lime Ice Cream
Ingrid Hoffmann’s Spring Dessert Tips Makes 12 servings
• Homemade ice cream is easier than you Ready in 4 hours
think. Make Caribbean Pineapple Lime Ice 1 (20-ounce) can crushed pineapple in
Cream in three simple steps with Eagle pineapple juice, undrained
Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. Or cre- 1 (14-ounce) can Eagle Brand Sweetened
ate an artisan inspired ice cream flavor at Condensed Milk
home by combining spices like chipotle or 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
cinnamon with lime zest, fresh or frozen 1 teaspoon grated lime peel coloring (optional) ened condensed milk, lime juice, lime peel,
blueberries or raspberries and add to your 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup heavy cream vanilla and food coloring, if desired, in a
ice cream mixture. 4 to 5 drops yellow food 1. COMBINE undrained pineapple, sweet- large bowl; mix well.

Chester: Open 10:30am Daily • Sat. & Sun. 8:30am

Flanders: Open from 10:30am Daily
Come Celebrate
$3 OFF OR $4 OFF Cinco de Mayo Weekend
Thurs., May 5th
Your $25 Check Your $30 Check Fri, May 6th & Sat.,7th
Valid at both locations. With this coupon. Not to be combined. Exp. 5/15/11
Take Mom to Her Favorite
Full Service Catering Available! Call Carlos to discuss your event! Restaurant for Mother’s Day
137 Main Street 240 Rt. 206 S. ...Fresco Mexican!
Chester The Mall at 206 • Flanders
908-955-7222 973-584-3116
Visit Our website at
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It’s Italian Night!

urn a boring weeknight meal into an 1 package (16 ounces) rigatoni pasta
Italian feast your whole family will 3 tablespoons olive oil
truly appreciate. 2 cloves garlic, minced
Italian Sausage Rigatoni — Sausage and 1 large red pepper, chunked
peppers are a classic Italian combination. 1 jar (26 ounces) of your favorite pasta
Rigatoni is the perfect pasta for this dish sauce
because chunky sauces can cling to the 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped
ridges on the tasty tubes. Try some steamed Cook sausage according to package
veggies and savory garlic toast to round out directions and cut into coin slices. Keep
this great meal. warm. Cook rigatoni according to direc-
For more ways to turn your weekly pasta tions. Keep warm.
night into “Thank You” night, visit In a large pan, place olive oil and garlic, sauté lightly for 30 seconds. Add peppers
Italian Sausage Rigatoni and cook until crisp tender.
5 servings Combine cooked sausage and pasta
Prep Time: 15 minutes sauce with peppers and heat until warm.
Cook Time: 25 minutes Mix with the cooked pasta or serve sepa-
1 package (19.76 ounces) Johnsonville rately. Top with fresh parsley. Serve warm.
Italian Mild Sausage Links

Happy Passover and Easter!

Page 32, April 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News

Helping Maria Get a Safe Ride

By Elsie Walker kids. Unfortunately, parents are uncomfortable and will try to

aria Clark notes that her van is on its last legs. It’s to have their children turn away when they see Clark coming in
the point that if she doesn’t get a new one soon, it her wheelchair. Once a parent did that, trying to distract a
will be like a Fred Flintstone foot-operated mobile. child by trying to get him to look into a store window, which
While some might smile at that image, in this case, the van is the child clearly had no interest in seeing. Clark pulled right
more than just a way to get around. It is Clark’s lifeline. She up next to the child and commented on the window display,
has osteo genesis perfecta (brittle bones). Being wheelchair much to the parent’s shock.
bound, Clark needs a specially equipped handicapped van. Among Clark’s interests is singing. It was through that
Such a van costs $35,000. Last month, a benefit was held at interest, and church member Amy Clarkson, that Clark made
the United Presbyterian Church of Flanders adding $6060 the connection with the United Presbyterian Church of
toward reaching the goal. A total of $25,000 has been raised. Flanders.
They are hoping more donations will come in to help. For a time, Clarkson gave Clark voice lessons. After that,
Clark is an educational speaker ( http://www.mjcmaking- they remained friends, with Clark coming to the church many She educates companies (like times to sing for special events.
Johnson and Johnson) on how to interview the disabled and “When Maria told me she was looking for places to host
gives information on the Americans with Disabilities Act. fundraisers for her much needed van, I approached the church
She’s talked to graduate students in the occupational therapy with the need, and the church responded with great enthusi-
program at New York University on what being an occupa- asm to the idea. United Presbyterian Church of Flanders is a
tional therapist means in helping clients. faith community that reaches out in tangible ways to express
She loves educating kids on people who are different, the love of Christ, “ said Clarkson.
especially in this age when bullying is a big issue in schools. “For such a small congregation to come together for some- Maria Clark sings the Thank You song with Blair Academy soph-
In addition, Clark is working on two books. The first, one who is not a member is what church is all about,” said more, Nikki Thompson.
Caught In Between, will be finished this June and then she Clark.
hopes to find a literary agent for it. It is memoir, a coming of This was the second benefit the church has held for Clark Water’,” shared Clarkson.
age story. and Clarkson described it as “ a lively and spirited evening”. Clark performed as well. Backed by the church Praise
She’s also been inspired to write a book that she describes The more than 100 people who attended were treated to Band, “New Song” she sang “Stand Up” by Sugarland. She’d
as “more edgy and biting” in which she holds up a mirror to homemade soups and salad while listening to members of the heard the song during a broadcast of CNN Heroes program,
people to let them see how they are treating the disabled. She congregation and community share their music. about everyday people who do extraordinary things for the
noted that the disabled have the same wants and dreams as “A highlight was the very energetic performances by the community.
other people: a spouse, children, etc. Yet many times, people Mt. Olive High School Jazz Band and Saxophone The other song was her thank you card to the church’s con-
treat them differently. For example, some people will pat her Ensemble…… Folk and original music was shared by gregation and her friends that helped with the benefit. She
on the head as though they think that if someone is physical- Sharleen Leahy, a local folk duo: Kate and Paul, Tim sang “Kind and Generous” (the Thank You song) by Natalie
ly disabled, he must be mentally disabled, too. Others isolate Clarkson, and others. Father-daughter duo, Scott and Raelyn Merchant.
the disabled. For example, some parents don’t know how to Beams got the crowd rocking to ‘Mustang Sally’. If you’d like to contribution towards getting Clark a new
handle their kids meeting the disabled; they are afraid of what Contemporary Christian songs were shared by Barbara and handicapped accessible van, send your donation to: United
the children will say. Since she is small and in a wheelchair, Luke Giaquinto, Emily Silkowski and Nicole Thompson. A Presbyterian Church of Flanders, 58 Drakesdale Road,
children like to come up to Clark. She loves interacting with youth band from the church performed ‘Smoke on the Flanders, NJ. 07836 . In the memo area put: Maria’s van.
Tell Them You Saw It In The Musconetcong News - April 2011 - Page 33

Donations Needed To Help Lady Bug

ady Bug from
Eleventh Hour
Rescue is going blind
and needs expensive
cataract surgery now to
restore her eye sight. “Lady
Bug” is a tiny black poodle
that lives up to her name!
Lady Bug had a wonder-
ful home in Georgia, but her
owner found herself home-
less and shelters do not
allow dogs. Poor Lady Bug
was given to a hoarder who
already had 16 dogs and 16
cats and could not take care
of all of them. When she
arrived at Eleventh Hour
Rescue, her coat was badly
matted and she was in need
of a grooming. After her
“day at the spa”, our volun-
teers could not believe it
was the same dog!
Lady Bug is senior girl enough to be the 'lap dog' online, please visit our web
around 9 years old, weighs companion. Lady Bug site at:
less than 10 pounds, spayed, LOVES the attention of Or mail your donation to:
up-to-date on her shots, and being a 'pocketbook pooch'! Eleventh Hour Rescue, PO
gets along other dogs. She is Her gentle and loving nature Box 218, Rockaway, NJ
large enough to go up and will melt your heart. 07866, Attn: Lady Bug
down stairs (and jump off To read more about Lady Fund. Thank You.
the couch), but small Bug or to make a donation
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If you love what you do, come have fun and work for us!
We are a full service family salon and a Paul Mitchell
Signature Salon! Applicants must possess a valid
New Jersey cosmetology license.

Interested parties should contact

Mike at 1-800-962-2739 Ext. 304




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As Low As $35 a month!
Call For Details!
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