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in collaboration with

The Capgemini Oracle

Fusion Experience
(COFE) Lab
The COFE Lab offers advanced advisory and
technology assistance to help organizations enhance
current and future investments in Oracle Technology

The Oracle ecosystem of technology technology investments. The COFE

products is rapidly evolving. As Oracle Labs provide the following benefits:
evaluates, acquires and incorporates
new technologies and upgrades their 1.Prototype environments to evaluate
existing technology platforms the functionality in new product releases
complexity for businesses that want to
leverage these technologies increases 2.Custom built Proof-of-concept
exponentially. It is challenging for an scenarios
organization to identify areas where
they can exploit new Oracle technology, 3.Advisory assistance for creating
or upgrade their existing Oracle assets comprehensive business cases or
to meet their business needs. The technology roadmaps
Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience
(COFE) Labs serve the explicit purpose 4.Product comparisons based
of providing fact-based answers to on features and
many of the questions and issues capabilities
related to evolving your Oracle
5.Leading practices and industry Organizations can access the full
standards within the specific knowledge, experience and capabilities
technology domain of the COFE Lab to leverage existing
application investments, adapt more
6.Deep product experience available to quickly to market changes and
address challenging product competition, and plan effectively for
questions growth and transformation. The global
presence of COFE Labs presents an
The COFE Labs continuously evolve to extensive body of knowledge that can
adapt to the changing Oracle ecosystem be leveraged in a localized setting.
of products. Technologies that have
become commodity are replaced with
emerging technologies that may be of
greater value to clients. Some of the key RAPID RESULTS
areas of focus for the COFE Labs are: Capgemini’s solution architects with
both business and technology
■ Oracle Fusion Middleware backgrounds collaborate on solutions
■ Oracle SOA Suite and can provide well researched and
■ Oracle Business Intelligence
fact based answers to the most
challenging technology questions our
Enterprise Edition and Oracle
clients have. The COFE Labs can be
Business Intelligence applications
utilized to address the following
■ Oracle Business Process Management
■ Oracle Application Integration ■ Validate scenarios and situations that
Architecture require assistance
■ Oracle GoldenGate ■ Create a responsive and timely action

■ Oracle Fusion Applications (Beta plan

Participation) ■ Initiate knowledge sharing sessions

■ Master Data Management ■ Identify existing artifacts and elements

■ Cloud Computing that can be reused

■ Create prototype / POC (if needed)
■ Mobile Technologies

■ Document findings and

■ Smart Grid Initiatives

■ Present solutions and/or

the way we do it


The COFE Lab is a collaborative TOGETHER
venture between Oracle Corporation Capgemini and Oracle understand the
and Capgemini supported by HP. It dynamics of change. Capgemini
unites the leading capabilities of all empowers clients to design and build
three companies and promotes a innovative business models that can
comprehensive approach that dramatically increase market potential.
addresses hardware, software, services Working with Oracle we can help
and support. businesses realign their disconnected
resources and direct their strategic
There are COFE Labs in several investments towards growing the
geographies including the U.S., France business rather than just managing
and India. The COFE Labs are technology adoption and transition. The Capgemini Oracle Fusion
networked to operate as one entity Experience (COFE) Lab is a
while providing a localized presence. After more than a decade of experience collaborative venture between
Each location has a dedicated team of in the Oracle practice, Capgemini is a Oracle Corporation and
skilled individuals specializing in recognized leader in Oracle Capgemini supported by HP.
Oracle applications and technologies. implementations, having executed
thousands of joint implementation
A remarkable resource, COFE Lab projects with Oracle worldwide.
brings together industry experience, Capgemini’s 9,000+ Oracle specialists
thought leadership and delivery have deep experience with Oracle
capabilities around Oracle Fusion Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database
Middleware technologies, business and Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as
process improvement using Service- many of Oracle’s acquired applications
Oriented Architecture (SOA), master such as PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel
data management (custom data hub, CRM, Demantra and JD Edwards
product data hub, financial EnterpriseOne. Capgemini also has
consolidation hub), and social strong industry capabilities and
computing using Web 2.0 technologies, relationships with the Oracle
and beyond. Capgemini’s unique Communications, Financial Services,
methodology can enhance an Retail, and Tax and Utilities
organization’s current or future IT global business units.
investments with an incremental,
iterative approach that can simplify and
streamline business processes and
technology adoption.

Forrester Research recently recognized

Capgemini for its leadership in research
and development that promote SOA
utilizing Oracle technologies. The
creation of the Capgemini Oracle
Fusion Experience Lab extends
Capgemini’s investment into supporting
Oracle technologies and reinforces our
commitment to help clients achieve
better, faster, more sustainable results.

The Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience (COFE) Lab

About Capgemini

Capgemini, one of the right balance of the best talent from

world’s foremost providers of multiple locations, working as one team to
consulting, technology and outsourcing create and deliver the optimum solution
services, enables its clients to transform for clients. Present in more than 30
and perform through technologies. countries, Capgemini reported 2009
Capgemini provides its clients with global revenues of EUR 8.4 billion
insights and capabilities that boost their (approximately USD $11.6 billion) and
freedom to achieve superior results employs 95,000 people worldwide.
through a unique way of working, the
Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. The More information is available at
Group relies on its global delivery model
called Rightshore®, which aims to get the

About Oracle
Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's
most complete, open, and integrated
business software and hardware
systems company. For more
information about Oracle, visit

To experience Capgemini’s COFE Lab or for

more information about our Oracle Fusion
Middleware capabilities, contact:

Connie Cservenyak
Oracle Partner Global Executive

Faisal Ghadially
Principal – Oracle Technology

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