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E-Satisfaction of on line newspaper

reading in Bangladesh.
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Introduction 1

Literature Review 2

Objective 4

Methodology 5

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Analysis in the basis of survey 9

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Transmittal Message
19 April, 2011

Course Instructor,

Ziaul Houqe,

MIS-305, Sec-1,

East West University.

Subject: Letter of Transmittal.

Dear Sir,

With great pleasure we submit our Assignment on “” that you have assigned to us as an important
requirement of the MIS-305 course. We have found the study to be quite interesting, beneficial and
insightful. We have tried our level best to prepare an effective and creditable report.

We honestly hope that our analysis will help to give idea of management information system of an
organization in the real world.

We hope you will find this report worth all the labor we have put in it.

Yours Sincerely,

Md.Abu Sufian

Sujan Kumer Ghosh


Md.Muhibur Rahman Moon
ID: 2009-1-10-088

Md.Shamsuddin Khan
ID: 2009-1-10-011
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Today, we are facing the introduction of a new media, the e-paper based on electronic link
technology. E link technology gives a visual impression very close to print on paper. The
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contrast on the online newspaper reading is as good as on printed paper and no background
light is needed.
In Bangladesh the technology of online newspaper is used by most of the news paper
company. But the most successful online newspapers are “Dainik Prothom Alo”, “Dainik
Jugantor”, “The Daily Star”.

Due to the paper like qualities of e-paper and the digital distribution, this new technology is
very interesting for newspaper publishing with the potential of radically reducing the high
production and distribution costs in the news industry. A newspaper on e-paper, here referred
to as an e-newspaper, combines many of the qualities of printed paper with the advantages of
online media such as constant updates, interactivity and video. Despite all expected
advantages of the e-newspaper it will probably not be easy to replace the printed edition
since users often stick to experienced ways and behaviors. In Bangladesh Newspapers have
been published on paper for centuries and on the web for just a decade, and the experiences
from reading both will most certainly influence the acceptance of the online newspaper.

Indeed, there are several challenges involved. Firstly, it has to be designed to be recognized
as a newspaper in a smaller format. Secondly, it has to offer the experience of reading a
printed newspaper. Finally, it has to meet expectations related to the online newspaper.
Finally, an e- newspaper probably has to offer added value compared to a printed newspaper
if it is likely to successfully replace it.

In this paper we analysis the situation of online newspaper reading in Bangladesh. We found
out many lacking in the online news reading industry. We figured out the faults by asking
people of our surrounding who are market share of this industry. So we also figured out
some way to cover that faults.

Literature Review
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Introduction Traditionally newspaper has been being an integral part of our daily life since
years. Earlier the process of gathering of news, reporting and circulations were left as a
centralized process in the hands of selected people. They were professional journalists and
they worked together in the institutions catering to providing news across the country.
Today for the sake of modern technology, there has been a

drastic change around the world. Though the word technology or even internet is not a new
thing in the perspective of globalization, it seems to be a magical one in Bangladesh. The
flourish of internet and the ability of this medium have enabled to interact with public
anywhere anytime. The general user of the net has also developed the capacity of producing
news instead of consuming it only as they were doing earlier. Online newspaperman
publishes their content internally and sends it to all corners of the globe. From the
standpoint of Bangladesh online newspaper has already been very popular among different
aged people. It is now taking place of the hand held newspaper People are getting more
introduced to internet media through which is the online newspaper has started taking place
in peoples’ mind. We would like to find current readership through online and the
satisfaction of it Problem Discussion the online newspaper concept is not well-known in
Bangladesh the key spotlight of the report is to find out the satisfaction of online newspaper
reader in Bangladesh In some developed countries online newspaper concept is common
and companies are doing business with this concept. So it has been a question why this
online newspaper concept is not practiced in this region or specially

Bangladesh? Why investors have not taken initiative to work with this concept? They may
perceive that it will not attract sufficient advertisement from different sources. Readers are
not used with the word Online Newspaper .Again literacy rate is higher in developed
countries where Online Newspaper has created a strong position among readers. In
Bangladesh literacy rate is low and readership is positively related with the level of
education. According to media survey 2002 readership was found about 26% in
Bangladesh. So a huge amount of people in our country are not in touch of technology.
However, if we look at the factors that contributed to the increase of readership of Online
Newspaper where it has become successful, we can see that consumers increasing their
preferences towards the quick update rather than lengthy process. newspapers are attracting
young readers that traditional online newspapers have failed to do. It is challenge for online
newspaper to enhance the level of satisfaction of readership. Objectives of the Study the
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main objective of the study is to explore the satisfaction of Online Newspaper reader in
Bangladesh. Also the aim is to know about the feedback from the online readers which will
be the backbone of Online Newspaper We have also tried to find out the real situation of
readership among various aged people in Dhaka city which is our main geographical area
for future market. Target Market of the Study we have tried to dig out the information
concerning the Online Newspaper readership satisfaction in order to provide real scenario
for future investment in this sector using technology. We believe that in the future there is
huge possibility or potential field for. Online Newspaper in Bangladesh In our report we
provided all available information and current statistics on the basis of 15 persons and
internet search.

Methodology of the Study In this part we will describe the methods used in the report and
also try to fit the best process for the study. This methodology has provided us the guideline
on how to collect data and analyze them in correct manner. Online Newspaper reading is
not familiar as it is under the process of development. Due to limited materials and lots of
hurdles we performed an exploratory research which was carried out on primary data as
well as some secondary data. Our focus was exclusively qualitative and we tried to come
across the extremely confidential data for the Online Newspaper the motivation for
choosing qualitative study is this sort of study helps to gain a profound understanding of the

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The main objective of the study is to research the satisfaction of online newspaper reader in
Bangladesh. Also the aim is to know about the feedback from the online readers which will
be the backbone of online newspaper. We have also tried to find out the real situation of
readership among various aged people in Dhaka city which is our main geographical area
for future market. In addition we also concentrate on:

• Discovering the demographic and behavioral characteristics of Bangladeshi online

newspaper readers.

• Collect data about general attitudes of an online newspaper reader towards all online

• Discovering the interest levels of Bangladeshi newspaper readers on different types

of news.

• Determining frequency of online newspaper reading behavior of the readers.

• Discovering how do readers evaluate their favorite online newspapers.

• Measuring the reader’s awareness levels and preferences of online newspapers.

• Revealing the features that readers show attention in an online newspaper.

• Discovering the website usability perceptions of online newspapers.

• Discovering how the readers are familiar about online newspapers.

• Investigating the satisfaction towards online newspapers.

• Determining the correlations between satisfaction and online newspaper loyalty

among users.

• Discovering the effect of usability on satisfaction and online newspaper loyalty.

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Methodology means the way or system of collecting information and data preparing for a
report. Basically we used different sources in this regard. So, we can categorize them
between two sources. Such as


The “Primary sources” are as follow

 Printed newspaper

 Printed tabloids, magazine of following newspaper.

The” Secondary sources” are as follow

 Online Newspaper sites.

 Searching three newspaper of bangle and two English newspapers.

How and why we collected Primary Sources

Primary sources were collected by different newspaper stalls and also from newspaper boy.
The main causes to collect printed newspaper were:
 Differentiate between printed and online newspaper.

 Differentiate between printed and online newspaper font.

 Differentiate image quality of online and printed newspaper.

 Find out the updated news that provide in online but not in printed version.

 Find out the Bangla font size that provide in online is similar of printed version.

 Is the news similar in both printed and online version?

 Are the advertisements given in newspaper in both terms same?

 Are the scanned pictures of printed one is exactly same resolution in online one?
P a g e | 10

 Highlighted news is same in both versions.

How and why we collected Secondary Sources

Secondary sources were collected by surfing various online newspaper .Basically we took 5
The causes we collect online sources:

 Satisfaction of download speed of the newspaper.

 Satisfaction with updated news in online newspaper.

 Condition of the design and size of bangle font.

 Satisfaction with loading and resolution of images.

 Satisfaction with linking with other newspapers or with social networking sites.

 Satisfaction of giving opinion on particular situation.

 Condition of search option.

 Condition of website design and interface.

 Satisfaction with troubleshooting.

We differentiated between printed and online newspaper in term of news accuracy, news
presentation, updated news providing etc. We also do survey about online newspaper
satisfaction which we called E-satisfaction of online newspaper. We wanted to indentify
between online and printed newspaper’s acceptance, similarity and above all availability. In
these terms online newspaper is as same as printed one but in availability online newspaper
P a g e | 11

is much behind than printed newspaper. We also tried to differentiate about the future of
online and printed newspaper.


As Bangladesh is trying to match up with whole world, the world wide technology, internet
etc. using is increasing day by day. So now days much number of people are reading the
electronic newspaper, which are published in online, rather than reading in paper format.
Though internet is used to publish newspaper, newspaper has not recovered from the
political shadow. Some online newspaper publishes that news with great priority, which
they support, and don’t respect that party in newspaper which they don’t support. Also,
those readers who support a particular party want that newspaper who support similar party.
Bangladesh is a country with vast population. About 15 corer people live here. Also, they
have different taste and likings. So newspaper publisher can do a big business here. Though
online newspaper has not been spread all over, it will not take so many times to give a well
space for online newspaper business.


The news presenting style in Bangladesh is quit different from western or other developed
countries. We know there are mainly two big political parties in our country, so news
publishing and news reading are classified in these two perceptions. Also, there are some
neutral news presenter and some readers who want neutral news. So newspapers marketers
set their market share and design product according to selected market share. But,
P a g e | 12

similarities stay in designing the product. Most Commonly the Share of news in
Bangladeshi news paper is:

NewsSharein OnlineNewspaper In






News paper publisher are trying to satisfy customer by providing the news of customer
taste. Also, in online news it is happening. News paper in of all type in Bangladesh is
following quite same type of design. Most of the newspaper is following same five sections.
But, the most competition is being in 3 sections, Politics, editorial and domestic sections.
The political section of the newspaper deals with the current political news in the country.
The competition is going on the amount of news the news paper presenting. So if any
newspaper wants to get competitive advantage it should present news as much as possible.
F i n a l l y i n editorial section competition is based on the columnist. The columnists of
news paper are intellectual person of our country. Some of them live abroad. Their
intelligent ideas convince people to accept them. Here the competition goes around the
efficient key personnel. These are most competitive field in the industry of news paper,
which field is mostly common in all newspaper. So innovation of new section can play an
important role to have competitive advantage.
P a g e | 13


To get the proper information about E- satisfaction we conducted some survey among
general people. We questioned about the online newspaper reading. Thus we came to a
close view to online newspaper reading in Bangladesh. The analysis of our question asked
in shown below.

1. When we asked about the download speed of the newspaper, we came to the point
that, lots of people are very dissatisfied of download speed of newspaper. Some of
them think it depends on the internet provider’s speed, and it is not matter of
satisfaction or dissatisfaction of newspaper download speed. So they answered about
the question as neutral.

2. Do get update information in online newspaper, Most of them answered as

dissatisfied. People don’t get the update information about expected news. In
Bangladesh, “Dainik Prothom Alo”, “Dainik Jugantor”, “The Daily Star” have
moderate amount of update information. Except these newspapers we don’t get
update in this information.

3. Then about the Font design everyone was dissatisfied. Everyone complained that the
font size should be improved.

4. Most of people complained that, in the time of image loading there remain some
problem. The image loading remain very poor. Also some told that it depends totally
on the Internet speed. So they complained neutrally.

5. The search option is the option which most of our online newspaper don’t have.
They just show the option, but it doesn’t work. So people suggested that it should be

6. About the online option to give comment, there was two type of comment most
commonly. One was they don’t comment in online option, and other is they some
P a g e | 14

was satisfied with this option. In “Dainik Prothom Alo”, and “The Daily star”
provide the option correctly, but others don’t.

7. Every one told that in Bangladesh there is no online Newspaper, which provides
links to other newspaper and other website. So it should be implemented.

8. About the advertisement in online newspaper, everyone was satisfied. Most of the
people think there is quite good number of advertisement in online newspaper.

9. Some people were satisfied, but most of the people were dissatisfied about the
archive option. In most online newspaper in Bangladesh we can not find 10 days
earlier news.

10. About the social communication people said that in “Dainik Prothom Alo” and “the
“The Daily Star” provide quite good social relationship option. But the other online
newspaper doesn’t provide it.

11. About the classification of online news paper in Bangladesh most of the people is

So this is the Survey Analysis About online Newspaper in Bangladesh.

P a g e | 15


After analysis this topic we have found the major findings of online newspaper in
And they are:

 All the newspapers provide at least one e-mail address to contact the newsroom.

 Seven newspapers provide a list of e-mail addresses of their different sections

(i.e. newsroom, sports, editorial, culture, advertisement, circulation etc.

 At least 10 newspapers provide e-mail addresses of their editors.

 None of the newspapers provide e-mail address of the article’s author for giving

 Only one newspaper (Daily Amar desh) has a link to a chat room.

 Quick polls are a popular tools, and seven newspapers were found use the
tool. [topics mostly on politics and Economy

 Results of the polls are published in print edition of the newspapers next day
P a g e | 16

 Only two newspapers (The Daily Star and have small-scale online
discussion forums.
 Users have a very limited scope to add information to a newspaper website.
 There is no general Bangla font code for every bangle newspaper.
 Only one newspaper has video support in their site. [The daily star].
 Six newspapers update online editions on a round the clock basis, while others only
mirror the print edition.
 Almost all newspapers offer content free of charges, it does not need registration.
Only the daily Prothom Alo, the most popular Bangla daily needs registration fees.
 None of the Bangla newspapers offer search option of its archive.


Online Newspaper reading is increasing day by day in bangladesh. Though the number of
people who read online newspaper is increasing, Some faults have to be removed to attract
more online news reader. So we are just suggesting some way to remove that faults.
Revelution for online newspaper reading can be broyght by taking this steps.

 The major problem is font size, which should be clearer in the newspaper.
 There should be a general font code that every newspaper will follow.

 In site image should be less resolution but source image file should be accurate.

 Every newspaper should create forum that reader can give their opinion.

 Every newspaper should use quick polls that content recent topics like politics and

 Links should be clear or no broken linkage.

 Users should have wide scope to add information in website.

P a g e | 17

 Newspaper should give the e-mail address of the author of article to give feedback.

 Animated advertisement should be reduce in on line newspaper

 Archive should be enrich

 Online newspaper should make their sites virus protected.

 Online newspaper have develop strong social network for example- Facebook,
twitter etc. So that readers can follow online newspapers.

 Government should give more effort to private sector to localize online technologies
in Bangla.
 Recent update should be given on time of receiving news.


The Reader appreciated the way as Bangladeshi online newspaper is going. But Most of the
readers also said that it is not keeping international standard. Both readers and publisher or
designer are quite happy about the conversion of paper format newspaper to online
newspaper. Now a day’s online newspaper designer think that it is the perfect way to reach
to reader mind, and interacting with them. We all think by adding more option like link to
other website and effective search option, we can gain international standard for online
news reading. So the quality of online newspaper can be gained by giving good experiences
of having great news of test, to readers or customers.
P a g e | 18


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