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Acquisition Support & Business Services

04 April 2011
Cask Introduction

» Cask offers clients a range of business and technology management services

that enable organizations to achieve excellence.
» Cask’s experienced professionals work with customers to develop strategy,
implement integrated solutions, and drive success.
» Our practitioners draw upon deep functional expertise while working in
small teams to serve as valuable resources to our clients through all phases
of a project’s lifecycle.
» Experts guide clients through the known and unknown difficulties of
managing acquisition programs using a systems thinking approach.
» The goals are to ensure effectiveness at understanding how people,
processes and technology within an organization interact so that changes,
and their impacts, are understood, managed holistically and enable decision

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Practice Areas

» Cask’s experienced
professionals provide
end-to-end services and
expertise across four
primary practice areas.

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Blending Expertise and Innovation

“Silos of Excellence” challenge many

organizations today.
» Collaborating across functional
boundaries is difficult, constraining
effective results.
» Cask associates are integrated thinkers
that help leaders analyze all dimensions
of the system lifecycle, balancing the
business and technical priorities.
» Cask offers the experience and
innovation needed to succeed at the
intersection of these practice areas.
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Cask Expertise

» Cask Associate Profile:

» Average of 16 years of industry experience
» Over half have Masters degrees in business, technology or
» Alumni of large integration and consulting firms as well as
government agencies
» Over 40% have served in the military
» 100% have security clearances, 42% with TS/SCI
» Carry various industry certifications including DAWIA, PMP,
CISSP, CISM, CISA, ITIL v3 Expert, ISO/IEC 20000, and LEED AP

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Enterprise Strategies & Solutions

Cask utilizes a systems-thinking approach to ensure effectiveness

at understanding how the people, processes and technology
within an organization interact so that changes, and their
impacts, are understood holistically.
» Strategic Plans » Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
» Decision Support Analysis » Business Cases Analysis
» Business Cases » Business Case Audit
» IT Service Management » Lifecycle Cost Estimates (LCCE)
» Balanced Scorecards » Cost Estimate Validation
» IT Governance Strategy » Market Assessment and
» Cost Estimating and Analysis Recommendation
» Probability of Program Success
(PoPS) Assessment
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Acquisition & Development Management

Today’s systems are larger, interconnected and more intertwined

with organizational operations than ever before. Dealing with
these challenges requires both expertise and hands-on


» Metrics Development & Implementation » Acquisition Program Startup
» Portfolio Management Implementation » RFP Preparation & Execution
» Process Improvement » Life Cycle Management Plan
» Software Development Estimation » Program Execution Assessment
» Solicitation and Source Selection » Project Risk Assessment
» Acquisition Strategy » Acquisition Metrics Development

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Value Network Management

Procurement and Supply Chain leaders must drive greater

efficiencies and cost savings while also tightening alignment to
organizational strategies and objectives. Cask enables
organizations to adapt and thrive in a resource constrained


» Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Services » Supplier Risk Assessment
» Supply Chain Management Transformation » Category Management
» Asset Lifecycle Management » Sustainability Assessment
» Collaborative Innovation Programs » Supplier Relationship
» Professional Services and Training Management
» Supply Chain Optimization

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Technology & Engineering Services

In order to design, develop, and deliver a product to the end-customer

that meets or exceeds their needs, the Project Management Office
must be able to synchronize the work of multiple entities and activities,
while staying on budget and schedule.


» Systems Engineering and Integration » Systems Engineering Technical
» Requirements Engineering Review (SETR) Support
» Information Assurance » Customized SETR/Data Item
Review Checklists
» Configuration Management
» IV&V assessments
» Technology Piloting
» DIACAP development and review
» Software Configuration and
» Architecture Documents
» Customization
» IT Service Management (ITIL)

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A Managed Approach to Acquisitions

» Do opportunities exist to improve acquisition operations and

information management?
» Where do the discrepancies actually occur?
» Is there a clear link between modernization opportunities and
meaningful cost savings, performance gains and
accountability and transparency in the acquisition process?
» Based on what is available, how do we streamline costs and save money?
» Can performance gains be achieved within the current
organizational structure, within a reasonable time frame and
with available funds?
» What can we do with what’s currently available?

All Within the Confines and Regulations of the Local Acquisition System

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Acquisitions Concerns
A Consistent Theme


» Establishing Strategic Management

» Tying procurement to strategic goals, objectives and approved requirements
» Meeting mandates under very strict procurement rules
» Defining Long-term and Short-term Planning Concerns to Manage Constant Change
» Ability to apply repeatable process to expedite delivery of capability
» Must tie back to Strategic Management
» Managing limited Budget
» Tracking procurement to portfolio of needs to optimize scarce resources
» Independent verification and validation
» Must tie back to Strategic Management
» Overcome Bureaucracy Issues
» Non-repeatable process - Manual processes – No automation
» Standardized Source Selection Planning/Guidelines
» Acquisition decision chain ill-defined to enable strategic management/oversight for each tender
» Standardized Source Selection Planning/Guidelines
» Paper based documentation without control mechanisms
» Standardized Source Selection Planning/Guidelines
» Inability to capture analysis or fact based decisions
» Standardized Source Selection Planning/Guidelines

A Need to Streamline the Overall Process – The Ultimate Goal!

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How Can Cask Help?

Establish Repeatable Independent Process

» Requirements Management
» Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
» Business Cases Analysis
» Business Case Audit
» Lifecycle Cost Estimates (LCCE)
» Cost Estimate Validation
» Financial Analysis/Financial Management
» Logistics Management
» Market Assessment and Recommendation
» Probability of Program Success (PoPS) Assessment
All Within the Confines and Regulations of the Local Acquisition System

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Capabilities Based Planning

Capabilities Based Planning (CBP) provides a systematic

approach by which the acquisition of capability can be
performed holistically and strategically to ensure
alignment with a nation’s goals and to ensure an audit
trail to prevent waste and monitor performance. CBP is
an overarching framework involving a functional
analysis of operational requirements. The figure depicts
the phases and steps involved in CBP.

CBP Strengths:
» CBP works within a dynamic strategic environment
» CBP links acquisition decisions to strategic goals
» CBP provides an audit trail
» CBP prevents determining solutions prematurely
» CBP enhances visibility and the quality of information
to decision-makers Enables a portfolio based approach

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A Managed Approach to Capabilities

» Analysis Focused on a DOTMLPF Process to Deliver Capability


» This approach considers gaps in the context of strategic

direction and influences the direction of requirements early in
the acquisition process.
Supports decision making, maximizes resources and ensures capability achieves desired results

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Requirements Development

Requirements Development Process

Capabilities Analyze Acquire &

DOTMLPF Formalize
Alternative Deploy
Assessment Analysis Requirements
Solutions Capability

= Decision Point

» The Requirements system involves requirements development - eliciting,

analyzing, validating, and communicating requirements.
» Requirements are analyzed in order to define the required capabilities of a
potential solution that will fulfill a military need.
» It covers the definition of stakeholder requirements, which describe what a
solution must be capable of doing to meet the needs of one or more groups.
Ensures requirements are developed and established in a fact-based and resource constrained environment

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Portfolio Investment Strategies

How do the goals and objectives of the organization tie into procurement
» Strategy + Objectives + Procurements = Capabilities Based Planning

Benefits of Portfolio Management:

» Ability to manage the relationships between the strategic objectives and individual
» Increased understanding of the number of projects which may be targeting the
same type of capability
» Ability to optimize organizational benefit, and ability to rationalize the portfolio of
initiatives to a more focused portfolio of activities
» Increased chance of success in the implementation and institutionalization of
desired changes.

Ability to rank, prioritize, and target projects for resourcing

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Supplier Relationship Management

» Identifying through market research appropriate sourcing

» Identifying manufacturers and suppliers based on established
and documented historical data – maintain database
» Successful past performance: delivery, lifecycle support, cost-control
and management
» Supply chain optimization – obtaining best-value regardless of
scope/size of procurement
» Verification and validation for realism and reasonableness

Ability to ensure source selection is determine upon vendor’s ability to deliver capability based on best value

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Cost Estimation

» Estimating cost early and continually refining those estimates provide the ability to
determine the realism and reasonableness of requirements and the ability to deliver
capability within cost and time constraints
» Before procurement decisions, there should be documented analysis against the
portfolio to enable sound decision making
» Identify the business case for each procurement
» Develop technical and cost baseline
» Establish fiscal requirement
» Manage the technical baseline against cost baseline and fiscal resources

» Cask’s approach to cost estimating incorporates the application of risk, broad

participation of stakeholders, independently verified data, recognition of inflation,
and the use of work breakdown structures to ensure no portions of the estimate are
omitted. The result is a credible estimate that inspires confidence around project
and program funding decisions.
Provide structure and unbiased information to enable decision-making – information backed-up by analysis

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Cost Estimation:
Realism & Reasonableness

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Customer Success:
Cost Estimation

» Outcome: Cask performed the Capability Based Portfolio Analysis (CBPA) for two programs in
excess of $500M and provided the Economic Analysis (EA), Return on Investment (ROI), cost
estimation and business case development that enabled key decisions on procurement and
continuation of program activities.
Phase I: Define Scope
» Situation: Two separate large DoD 1 2 3 4
Obtain Program/ Develop Ground
Elicit Construct
Programs required thorough analysis to Requirements
Project Technical
Rules and

determine the viability of proceeding with

the acquisition effort comparing cost 5
Phase II: Select/Administer Cost Estimating Methodology & Build Model

6 7

against capability achieved. Determine Cost

Gather and

» Task: Deliver accurate estimates based on

Phase III: Produce and Maintain Estimate
established requirements for senior 8 9 10 11 12
Develop Perform Present Update and
leadership decision making and allocation Point
Maintain Cost

of resources to continue program activities.

» Action: Develop cost estimates from Principle Types of Data
Data Category Data Type Data Sources
requirements and data that are risk » Historical Costs
» Bills of Material
» Contracts
adjusted to support programmatic strategy Cost Data » Labor Costs
» CERs from Similar Projects
» Cost Proposals
» Accounting Records
and business decisions that takes into » Physical Characteristics
» Performance Characteristics
» Functional Subject Matter Experts
» Engineering Drawing/Specifications
Technical Data
» Technology Descriptors » Functional Specifications
account total lifecycle and logistics support » Operational Environment » Technical Databases
» Development Schedules » Project Database
costs Project Data
» Quantities Produced
» Production Rates
» Project Management Plan
» Sub-Contractors
» Design Changes » Integrated Master Schedule

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Cask Past Performance

» U.S. Department of Defense » Higher Education

» US Army Corps of Engineers » Harvard University
» University of Mary Washington
» US Navy NAVSEA (JCREW) » Commercial
» US Marine Corps MCSC HQ OCIO » Advanta
» US Marine Corps MCSC PG-10 » Avaya
» US Marine Corps MCSC PG-11 » Brother International
» Cricket Communications
» DISA Computing Services Directorate
» Countrywide Home Loans
» Gilead Sciences, Inc.
» U.S. Federal / State / Education » Harley Davidson Financial
» InfoNow
» USDA - Forest Service » L3 Communications
» Oklahoma State Senate » Lockheed Martin
» Loudoun County » Vision Technologies
» Peak National Observatory » WebMD / Emdeom
» Prince William County
» Non-Profit / NGO
» American Red Cross

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Why Cask?

» Extensive past performance in the business of public/Government

» Independent, Neutral, Third-party
» Ensures the best value is received
» No connection to suppliers, manufacturers, or resellers
» Ability to lower acquisition costs by evaluating realism and reasonableness
» Can identify opportunities to streamline the acquisition process and
shorten acquisition timelines
» Supports the quantification of technical requirements which often hamper
» Cask operates in the best interests of our clients
» We utilize our clients processes and systems, derive the best information
available, and make recommendations
» We provide decision quality information and fact based analysis for decision
makers and senior leadership
Local Presence in Europe

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Contract and Contact Information

» Woman-owned small business

» SBA 8(a) and SDB certified through 2016 » East Coast Office:
475 Aquia Towne Ctr. Dr, Ste 305
» Seaport-e Prime (N00178-09-D-5680) Stafford, VA 22554
» GSA Schedule 70 (GS-35F-0580W) 00+1.540.628.7400
» CAGE Code: 4LZG6
» West Coast Office:
» DUNS: 788778913 5151 Shoreham Pl, Ste 140
» Primary NAICS: San Diego, CA 92122
00+1.866.535.8915 x 2
» 541330 - Engineering Services
» 541511 - CSD and Related Services » Website:
» 541512 - Computer Systems Design (CSD)
» 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
» 541611 - Management Consulting Services
» 541614 - Process and Logistics Consulting Services
» 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services

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Additional Corporate Information
Cask Overview: History

» 2004: Founded by Ms. Elizabeth Guezzale as EPG Telecommunications, LLC

as service and strategy provider to Telecommunications Industry
» 2006: Expands core capabilities / services offerings, becomes Cask, LLC.
» 2007: Cask, LLC received Small Business Administration 8(a) and SDB
» 2008: Cask wins 8 new contracts, grows to 24 employees
» 2009: Cask wins 11 new contracts, grows to 34 employees
» 2010: Cask wins 10 new contracts, grows to 41 employees

2011: Opportunities continue with renewed and additional partnerships

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Cask Overview: Locations

» Cask has locations across the nation. Offices are located in

the following cities:
» San Diego, CA » DC Metro / Stafford, VA » Norfolk, VA
» Fayetteville, NC » Kansas City, MO
» Dallas, TX » Fort Walton Beach, FL

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