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Connection status: Not connected

Cause: Association failed - wireless radio not powered on.

Error code: 016
Recommended action:
Communication with access point could not be established because the wireless ra
dio is off. To power on the radio and attempt to connect, click Repair.
If the problem persists, contact your network administrator and provide the trou
bleshooting information below.

Adapter Details
Adapter name 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III
Adapter type Wireless LAN
Adapter speed 54.0 Mbps
Driver/Firmware version N/A
Adapter status Enabled
Connection Status Not connected
Disable unused cards? Yes

TCP/IP Settings
DHCP enabled? Yes
Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix? Yes
Register connection's DNS suffix in registration? Yes
Register connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration? Yes
Enable LMHOSTS Lookup? No
NetBIOS setting "Default"

Wireless Settings
Network name (SSID) i-Hotel
Connection type Access point
Wireless mode Auto
Security encryption None
Use this profile to connect during Windows log on? No

System Information
System model 2746CTO
BIOS version 6AET59WW
TVT GINA version
Operating system version Windows XP, Service pack 3
ThinkVantage Access connections version 5.33

Access Point scan list

Network name (SSID) Wireless mode MAC address Si
gnal strength Channel

Global Settings
Allow Windows users without administrator privileges to create and apply locati
on profiles ->No
Allow wireless connection at Windows logon (requires system restart)
Close all wireless network connections when user logs off -> No
Disable Adhoc connection type option in wireless LAN profiles -> No
Allow the wireless LAN radio to be turned off when inactive -> Yes
Allow selection of location profiles with Fn+F5 On Screen Display menu
-> Yes
Enable autodeletion of unused profiles -> No
Show ThinkVantage Access Connections status icon in task tray -> Yes
Show wireless status icon in task tray -> Yes
Display the progress indicator window when a profile is being applied
-> Yes
Enable sound effects -> No
Do not show balloon tips from the Access Connections system tray icon
-> Yes
Show WiMAX page as default on Main GUI -> No

Automatic location profile switching list

Enable automatic location switching -> Yes
Include Ethernet connections in automatic switching and prompt me to save Ether
net ports -> No
Preferred WLAN profile is
When no other connections are available, connect through Wireless WAN or WiMAX
-> No
Wireless priority list
Selection Priority Location profile name
Connection order Connection details
Yes 1 Boingo Hotspot
Wireless LAN SSID: Boingo Hotspot
Yes 2 i-Hotel
Wireless LAN SSID: i-Hotel
Yes 3 i-Hotel-T002
Wireless LAN SSID: i-Hotel-T002
Yes 4 liars cove
Wireless LAN SSID: Liars Cove

Log File
Debug Log is disabled