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languages.html - English and foreign language
dictionaries. -
Offers special radio programs and transcripts
using simple sentences and vocabulary. -
Offers online read-along fairy tales. Free English Language
h t t p : / / w w w. a n t i m o o n . c o m / o t h e r /
shaggydog.htm - Downloadable stories from a Learning Resources
magazine dedicated to helping English teachers. on the Internet
poetry.htm - Downloadable poems that can be
listened to for study and personal use. A guide for English learners, - English teachers, and prospective volunteers
Weekly business-oriented writing tips, quizzes,
and a word of the week. - A
large resource offering guidelines and advice for
many varieties of professional writing.
punctuation.htm - A guide of punctuation marks
and how to use them.
central-skills.htm - Articles, poems, and stories
Contrary to popular belief, English lan-
for listening and reading .
guage learning does not have to be lim-
ited to classroom hours. It does not have
English_Main.htm - Offers interactive audio-
to be costly. There are many locations on
picture English lessons, as well as a basic writing
the Internet where English learners and
English teachers can find materials 24 - Learn
hours a day, 7 days a week. These sites
English through pictures; there is also a link for
feature lessons, worksheets, quizzes and
audio learning. interactive exercises regarding every com- ponent of the English language, includ-
Basic-English/ - Short lessons on the essentials U.S. English Foundation, Inc. ing vocabulary, grammar, listening, speak-
of the English language. 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW ing, reading and writing. - Suite 1050 We hope the resources listed here are help-
Resources for English learners and teachers, Washington, DC 20006 ful to anyone who is looking to improve
includes extensive links 202-833-0100 his/her life or the life of others through English.
The sites listed in this brochure were operational - Resources for - Exercises, lessons and
and free as of January 2009. To report a broken reading English at various levels. Registration games for English learners and teachers.
link or for the most up to date listing of free En- is free. h t t p : / / w w w. b b c . c o . u k / w o r l d s e r v i c e /
glish language learning resources on the web, - Read-along stories learningenglish/index.shtml - Extensive
please visit our website at: http:// that feature audio and video components. English language learning site, includes lessons, - Guide of games, audio, quizzes and more.
common English idioms and slang. - Exercises in grammar.htm - Extensive lessons in English pronunciation, including diagrams and audio. grammar.
programs/mingoville.asp - Lessons, games and - - English for life,
activities promoting English learning through English sounds and pronunciation, with business and travel, featuring both audio and
interaction with animated flamingoes. resources to view, listen and practice. transcripts. - Multifunctional site - Online quizzes and
covers all aspects of English learning. Contains grammar lessons. conversation.html - Conversations for both
audio files and translations in multiple - English reading and listening, includes common slang
languages. lessons for the beginner, includes worksheets and and idioms. - Audio course, audio files. - Listening exercises
grammar lessons and learning games. - and quizzes based on day-to-day tasks. - Multiple exercises Extensive English language worksheets, quizzes -
for ESL learners, including reading, speaking and exercises, includes audio and video Learn English by reading and listening to news
and listening. functions. stories. - Comprehensive site includes - Interactive
grammar, vocabulary, podcasts and bilingual English lessons with video content. Videos and vowelsnds/voweltest.htm - Audio lesson
quizzes. lessons are free. teaches vowel sounds. - Picture - Audio clips - Grammar and
dictionary designed to teach both spelling and highlight irregularities within English vocabulary lessons and online exercises for
vocabulary. - Recorded students and teachers. - Lessons in English conversations to improve listening skills. - Online
vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and - Online worksheets focusing mainly on grammar,
writing. Includes audio files. worksheets and exercises, with audio. Available includes translation dictionaries. - Dictionary in multiple languages for beginners. - A
which allows user to hear the words. Also h t t p : / / w w w. i e i . u i u c . e d u / series of English grammar exercises
features a Spanish-to-English function. student_grammarsafari.html - Exercises - Exercises and emphasizing real world English grammar. worksheets on a variety of topics.
preschoolers/read/ - Reading lessons and games - -
designed to improve English literacy. Exercises, quizzes and worksheets which offer Teaches sounds of English by phonetics, includes English translation alongside many foreign audio and visual references.
literacy/ - Animated lessons and worksheets languages. - Dictionary
emphasizing English grammar. with definitions, synonyms and usage examples.