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Use Of

Dwadasamsa Chart
In Prediction By
Pramod Bhavasar, India.

enerally, Horoscope is
prepared by dividing it into 12
equal parts. Each part is
known as house such as 1st part is
known as 1st house and so on.

P. C. Bhavsar is one of the two masters 2 

3  11 
alive who teach & practice the Padma
Chakra Method. This method was initially
4  10 
taught by a Yogi to his Guru Shri Nanubhai.
Mr Bhavsar is a BE (Mech.), BE (Ele.) ME 5  7  9 
(Mech.) and retired HOD of Mechanical 6  8 
Department of Govt. Polytechnic –
Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). He has been If we take circle, it represents 0 – 360
honored with Jyotish Bhushan by Bruhad degrees. So by comparing Horoscope
Gujarat Astrological Society, Jyotish with a circle each house will be of 30
Padma Shree by Ahmadabad Astrological degrees.
Society (Navgrah), & Jyotish Ratnam by
Gujarat Astrological Federation,
In this method it is considered that 1
Degree = 1 day. Therefore 360 degree =
360 days, which is equal to 1 year.

But in actual calculations 1 year = 365

days and 5 hours

In horoscope 2nd house will start earlier by 5 days and 5 hours and so on for other
houses. So at the end of 2 nd house deduct 10 days and 10 hours – then 3rd house will
be started. The table for which is given below.

House Deduct days Deduct hours

At the end of 1st Year 5 5
At the end of 2nd Year 10 10
At the end of 3rd Year 15 15
At the end of 4th Year 20 20
At the end of 5th Year 26 0
At the end of 6th Year 31 5
At the end of 7th Year 36 10
At the end of 9th Year 41 15
At the end of 10th Year 46 20
At the end of 11th Year 52 0
At the end of 12th Year 57 5

Now let us have an example,

A person having date of birth 23‐10‐2003

1st house = 1st year = 360 degrees = 360 days and after
calculating difference of 5 days and 5 hours as
discussed previously,

2nd house will start at 18‐10‐2004

3rd house will start at 13‐10‐2005
And so on . . .

Thus for each year if we deduct 5 days and 5 hrs and if a person
completes 12 years. And 1st house will be again start at starting of 13th years.

Now we know that from each house we can predict about following things.

1st house – health, body, nature etc.

2nd house – family, speech and right eye etc.
3rd house – brothers and sisters, right hand, neighbors etc.
4th house – mother, heart, lungs, fixed assets etc.
5th house – grand father, education, 1st child, etc.
6th house – diseases, enemy, maternal uncle etc.
7th house – wife or husband, partner, 2nd child etc.
8th house – insurance, accident, illness etc.
9th house – father, own house, 3rd child, long journey etc.
10th house – service, entrepreneurship, boss etc.
11th house – friends, brothers and sisters and gain etc.
12th house – hospital, place for sleeping, jail, bondage and expenditure etc.

Let us have prediction of 1st house from Lagna (Ascendant)

2  12 
3  1  11 

4  10 

5  7  9 

6  8 

In ascendant of Aries, suppose lord of the 1st house Mars is in the 12th house,
Prediction will be as under for the child from birth date to the end of the 1st year –
may have following troubles.

As we have seen that 12th house represents the hospital, left eye, expenditure,
foreign countries or long journey. So

1. Child may have long journey

2. He may travel to foreign countries or states.
3. He may be hospitalized due to health troubles or left eye problem.
4. And all above, he will incur some expenditure.
5. As above things happen the place for sleeping is also changed relatively.
6. As in the 12th house there is Pisces Sign, so he may have injury in heel of leg
by sharp iron things or broken glass. Thus, he may be hospitalized due to it.
7. Cough and cold problem also observed during 1st year

All above predictions are based on Lagna Chart only…

Now let us have prediction of 1st house from Lagna Chart and Dwadasamsa Chart
both combined – Which is known as PADMA CHAKRA METHOD.

Suppose the Mars is in Taurus Sign in Dwadasamsa Chart. We mark this in Lagna
Chart as follows.
Mars (2)
2  12  From this, we can say that working of
3  1  11  Mars is in the 2nd house also.

4  10  Now 2nd house as we have seen

represents Family, Money, and Right
5  7  9 
Eye etc. So the prediction will be
6  8 

1. Child may get money from
his/her own family or family
earns more money due to the Scorpio Ascendant, if
working horoscope of child.
2. He may get money from foreign
Saturn is with the arudha of
countries or states or relatives, the 6th house along with
who belong to foreign countries Jupiter, then a maternal uncle
or states. will die in a hermitage.
3. He may travel long journeys to - Chandra Kala Nadi
foreign and incurs expenses.
4. Any member of family may
have to be hospitalized and
incurs expenses.
In the dasa of the 10 th lord,
5. Any member of the family may Saturn transiting the sign
go to foreign country and incurs identical with the Navamsa
expenses occupied by the 10th lord or
6. Or any member of family may the Navamsa of the 12th lord
get money from foreign
will cause mental distress to
co-borns – Chandra Kala
Thus by the use of Padma Chakra Nadi, Vol 3: Shl 5232
(Dwadasamsa) Method we can predict
more deeply and precisely with
extensive details (like we have
predicted about child’s family).
In Virgo Ascendant, if
Jupiter is situated in Taurus
This method will be discussed further sign, the married life will be
by using the actual horoscope of the damaged. If Jupiter is less
individuals in the next article. than 10 degrees the married
life will end in divorce, but if
Jupiter is more than 20
degrees, the married life of the
native will remain disturbed
but there will not be divorce.
- Old astrologer from an
ashram in Haridwar