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Date: 18/11/2010

Without prejudice and subject to final agreement

M/s Shree Balaji Projects Consultants Ltd.

Reg. Office- 2030A, The Mall,
Bhatinda, Punjab-151001

Sub : Letter of Intent (LOI) for setting up a KFC Restaurant Drive-Thru at the :- Khasra
number- 1060/1061, Near Central University of Punjab, Mansa Road, Bhatinda-151001

Further to our discussions on the subject, we are pleased to offer this Letter of Intent (LOI) to
summarize our understanding as hereunder.

Premises Khasra number- 1060/1061, Near Central University of Punjab, Mansa
Road, Bhatinda-151001

2 Area Building shall admeasure- 50feet front and 70 feet in depth, double storey
structure(Ground+1 floor), with minimum slab height of 12’ feets. Drive-thru
provision as per our norms (A minimum of 20 feet clearance on all sides of
the building).

3 Title Clearance You shall produce all original documents for inspection and provide copies of
title deeds related to the said premises along with related papers, licenses,
permission and documents, establishing that you have a clear title over the
aforesaid premises / asset and business free from all encumbrances and you
have legal and physical possession of the premises and there is no disability
or restriction on you to enter into this agreement, before the rental agreement
is signed.
You shall assist us in procuring requisite licenses bt providing, inter-alia, the
Sanction Plan & Completion Certificate, Site Plan(2 sets), Key Plan(2 sets),
Proof of water connestion, Proof of Electricity Installation, Property tax
recipte. If and any applicable at the abovesaid premises.
4 Fit out work We will enter the premises for fit outs / renovation / alterations to the
permission and premises. You shall provide the following free of cost and /or any other
Investments obligation as per our specification.

a. Drive- thru provision along with roads( curve stones & inter-lock
tiles) as per our specifications duly lighted.
b. 3-phase electricity connection of total load of 160 KVA for which
you will provide a sub-meter if required along with servo.
c. Continues water supply & storage of 20000 liters per day, throughout
the term of the aggrement for which you should provide a sub-meter if
d. You shall provide electricity during construction period on
chargeable basis to us.
e. Water during the construction period.
f. You shall provide full power back-up for the above said load (DG to
be provided & installed by the Lessor)
g. STP: Sewer Treatment Plant if required to be provided by you or else
sewer connection for the outlet.
h. Air-conditioning as per our required tonnage(approx 70 tonnes, for
70 sq.ft. 1ton) + AHU’s to be provided and installed by you as per
our requirnnnment.(HVAC)
i. Over the above mentioned, you will invest Rs.1,50,00,000/- ( One
Crore Fifty Lakhs only) for interiors & future marketing which is
non-refundable{50% to be paid upon signing of agreement and 50%
upon taking possession of site for fit-outs}.

The above mentioned works will be completed before handing over the
possession unless indicated otherwise.

5` Space for outdoor You shall provide us the following space free of cost:
units and services
• Space for gas bank on the ground floor at a suitable place.
• Space for air handling units and compressor/s for freezer & Chiller,
this can be on the terrace of the building.
• Dedicated parking for 15 scooters for staff and delivery vehicles..
• Space for R.O. system on the terrace.
• Dedicated parking space for 50-60 cars.
The above mentioned spaces to be decided by our architect & construction
manager in mutual consulation with you.

6 Rent Free Period You will provide us rent free period of 120 days for fit outs, from the date of
handing over possession, subject to fulfillment of the condition detailed in
clauses 4 and 5 above.

If at the end of the aforesaid 120days, the conditions mentioned in clauses 4

and 5 above are not fulfilled, the rent free period shall get extended suitably.

7 Rent We propose to pay minimum rent or percentage of net sales whichever is

higher in the following manner

Years Minimum Rent % of Net Sales

1. 45 years Rs.1,50,000/- 7%

Total tenure of this agreement is 45 years. Net sale will be equivalent of gross
sale minus sales tax, discount, promos and employee meals respectively.

Rent will commence from the first day of the resturant being operational or
8 Rent after the rent free period is over provided Lessor has completed all work
Commencement under his scope.

10 Approvals All statutory approvals for commercial usage of the building along with any
statuary approval required from the local authorities for the commencement
of the restaurant will be handed over to us before we sign the agreement.

11 Term This agreement will be valid for 45 years.

12 Electricity and We will bear the cost of the actual electricity and water consumed within our
Water Charges premises for which you will provide sub-meters.

13 Termination We will have the right to terminate the agreement after 6 months. You shall
be locked in for the entire 45 years.

14 Signage We will have the rights to put signage anywhere on the abovesaid building
and you shall provide us space for 2 pole signs on the plot. 2 Signages on the
either side top of the building.

15 Taxes All present and future taxes related to premises would be borne by you
16 Legal Charges Stamp duty to be borne by both in equal proportions.

Subsequent to signing of this LOI, you will not discuss leasing or sale of the aforesaid premises
to any other party, nor will you create any third party right in the aforesaid premises. This clause
shall be legally binding between both the parties.

This LOI is valid for a period of 1 month from the date of signing, within which a Lease Deed/
Agreement may be executed. Failing which, this LOI shall ipso facto stand terminated and none
of the above mentioned clauses shall be binding on either parties.

Both the parties confirm their agreement to the above.


A.N. Traders Pvt. Ltd.

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