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Lecturer/IT, Jayam college of Engineering & Technology,Dharmapuri.

ABSTRACT features, Opposing to its predecessors. By

Cloud Computing has been utilizing the homomorphism token with

envisioned as the next generation distributed verification of ensure-coded

architecture of IT Enterprise. In contrast data, our scheme achieves the integration

to traditional solutions, where the IT of storage correctness insurance and data

services are under proper physical, logical error localization, i.e., the identification of

and personnel controls, Cloud Computing misbehaving server(s).

moves the application software and

databases to the large data centers, where
Cloud computing is a term used to
the management of the data and services
describe both a platform and type of
may not be fully trustworthy. This unique
application. A cloud computing platform
attribute, however, poses many new
dynamically provisions, configures,
security challenges which have not been
reconfigures, and deprovisions servers as
well understood. In this article, we focus
needed. Servers in the cloud can be
on cloud data storage security, which has
physical machines or virtual machines.
always been an important aspect of
Advanced clouds typically include other
quality of service. To ensure the
computing resources such as storage area
correctness of users’ data in the cloud, we
networks (SANs), network equipment,
propose an effective and flexible
firewall and other security devices. Cloud
distributed scheme with two salient

computing also describes applications that appending, ordering. Cloud Storage is a

are extended to be accessible through the model of networked computer data

Internet. These cloud applications use storage where data is stored on multiple

large data centers and powerful servers virtual servers, generally hosted by third

that host Web applications and Web parties, rather than being hosted on

services. Anyone with a suitable Internet dedicated servers. Hosting companies

connection and a standard browser can operate large data centers; and people who

access a cloud application. Cloud require their data to be hosted buy or lease

computing describes a new supplement, storage capacity from them and use it for

consumption, and delivery model for IT their storage needs. The data center

services based on the Internet, and it operators, in the background, virtualize

typically involves over-the-Internet the resources according to the

provision of dynamically scalable and requirements of the customer and expose

often virtualized resources.Moving data them as virtual servers, which the

into the cloud offers great customers can themselves manage.

convenience to users since they don’t Physically, the resource may span across

have to care about the complexities of multiple servers.A cloud is a pool of

direct hardware management. virtualized computer resources.


Cloud computing is not a third

party data ware house. The data stored in

cloud may frequently updated by the user

by insertion, deletion, modification,

more than a collection of computer

resources because a Cloud provides a

mechanism to manage those resources.

Management includes provisioning,

change requests, reimaging, workload

rebalancing, deprovisioning, and

A cloud can: Some have a very specific focus,
1. Host a variety of different workloads, such as storing Web e-mail messages or
including batch-style back-end jobs and digital pictures. Others are available to
interactive, user-facing applications store all forms of digital data. Some cloud

2. Allow workloads to be deployed and storage systems are small operations,

scaled-out quickly through the rapid while others are so large that the physical

provisioning of virtual machines or equipment can fill up an entire warehouse.

physical machines The facilities that house cloud storage

3. Support redundant, self-recovering, systems are called data centers. At its

highly scalable programming models that most basic level, a cloud storage system

allow workloads to recover from many needs just one data server connected to the

unavoidable hardware/software failures Internet. A client (e.g., a computer user

4. Monitor resource use in real time to subscribing to a cloud storage service)

enable rebalancing of allocations when sends copies of files over the Internet to

needed Cloud computing environments the data server, which then records the

support grid computing by quickly information. When the client wishes to

providing physical and virtual. A cloud is

retrieve the information, he or she redundancies and guarantee the data

accesses the data server through a Web- dependability. This construction

based interface. The server then either drastically reduces the communication

sends the files back to the client or allows and storage overhead as compared to the

the client to access and manipulate the traditional replication-based file

files on the server itself. distribution techniques.

Cloud storage systems generally - 1. Compared to many of its predecessors,

rely on hundreds of data servers. Because which only provide binary results about

computers occasionally require the storage state across the distributed

maintenance or repair, it's important to servers, the challenge-response protocol in

store the same information on multiple our work further provides the localization

machines. This is called redundancy. of data error.

Without redundancy, a cloud storage 2. Unlike most prior works for ensuring

system couldn't ensure clients that they remote data integrity, the new scheme

could access their information at any supports secure and efficient dynamic

given time. operations on data blocks, including:

update, delete and append.

3. Extensive security and performance
It is an effective and flexible
analysis shows that the proposed scheme
distributed scheme with explicit dynamic
is highly efficient and resilient against
data support to ensure the correctness of
Byzantine failure, malicious data
users’ data in the cloud. We rely on
modification attack, and even server
erasure correcting code in the file
colluding attacks.
distribution preparation to provide

EXAMPLES OF CLOUD STORAGE way. Here are a few well-known

There are hundreds of cloud companies that offer some form of cloud

storage providers on the Web, and their storage:

numbers seem to increase every day. Not • CONCERNS ABOUT CLOUD

only are there a lot of companies STORAGE

competing to provide storage, but also the The two biggest concerns about

amount of storage each company offers to cloud storage are reliability and security.

clients seems to grow regularly. Clients aren't likely to entrust their data to

another company without a guarantee that

they'll be able to access their information

whenever they want and no one else will

be able to get at it. To secure data, most

systems use a combination of techniques,


• Encryption, which means they

David S. Holloway/Getty Images
use a complex algorithm to
These servers store Electronic Health
encode information. To decode the
Records (EHR) for the Military Health
encrypted files, a user needs the
System, allowing doctors to access health
encryption key. While it's possible
records of patients instantly.
to crack encrypted information,
You're probably familiar with several
most hackers don't have access to
providers of cloud storage services,
the amount of computer
though you might not think of them in that

processing power they would need • CONCLUSION

to decrypt information. Cloud storage companies live and

• Authentication processes, which die by their reputations. It's in each

require to create a user name and company's best interests to provide the

password. most secure and reliable service possible.

• Authorization practices the client If a company can't meet these basic client

lists the people who are authorized expectations, it doesn't have much of a

to access information stored on the chance -- there are too many other options

cloud system. Many corporations available on the market.

have multiple levels of

authorization. Even with these

protective measures in place, many

people worry that data saved on a

remote storage system is

vulnerable. There's always the

possibility that a hacker will find

an electronic back door and access

data. Hackers could also attempt to

steal the physical machines on

which data are stored. The other

big concern, reliability, is just as

important as security. An unstable

cloud storage system is a liability.