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An In depth Study of Customer Buying Behavior for

‘DTH’ Services .
Research Objective:
• To know the buying behavior of customers for DTH service in North Gujarat.

Sub Objectives:
• To find out important media for advertisement.
• To know whether the demographic variables of the respondents have influence for
buying DTH services.
• To know most influence person for taking purchase decision.
• To find out the factors influencing most for purchase DTH Services.
• To find out the DTH services are value for money ?

Research Methodology
Types of sampling Random

Techniques to be used in research approach Survey

Sample Scope North Gujarat

Sample Size 300

Data Collection Tool Questionnaire

Hypothesis :-
H1 : More than 50% customers possess Airtel DTH Service.
H2 : DTH service is value for money
H3 : There is significant relation between Family Class and Package.
H4 : There is significant relation between Age Group and Package
H5 : There is significant relation between Income and Package
H6 : There is significant relation between Occupation and Package
Customers Awareness and Purchase Criteria of ‘DTH’
1. Do you have DTH service ?
Yes No
If Yes, go to next Que. ( If No, go to personal Details at last page)
2. Which DTH connection do you have?
Tata Sky Airtel Dish TV Videocon
Sun TV Reliance Others
If Other, specify_____________________
3. How did you came to know about DTH Service Provider ?

TV Ad News Papers Hoardings Retailers

Friends Relatives Magazines Others
4. To whom do you consult to finalize the DTH service purchase decision ?

Myself Family Friends Relatives

Retailers Neighbors
5. Which factors are influenced you to buy the DTH service ?
(Give Rank from 1 to7)
Low initial Price Good Video & Audio Clarity
Packages Low Monthly Cost
Brand Image Easy Access to Dealer
Value Added Services

6. Which type of package do you prefer?

Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly

7. Do you think your DTH provide is value for money?

Yes No
8. Overall, how would you rate your service provider?
Excellent Good Fair Poor Not sure
10. Rank all the Service Provider as per your preference Criteria ? ( 1 to 7)

Tata Sky Airtel

Dish TV Videocon
Personal Details :-
Name :-__________________________________________________________
Address :-_________________________________________________________
Contact No.:-____________________
Gender :- Male Female
Age :- Under 25 years 41 – 54 years
25 – 40 years 55+ years
Education :- < HSC Graduation Post Graduation
Occupation :- Self Employed Student
Salaried Unemployed
Family Type :- Nuclear Joint
Family Size :- 2 2-4 4-6 Above 6
Income :- Upto Rs. 15,000 Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 45000
(per month) Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25000 Above Rs. 45000
Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 35000

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