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ADF Application Developer Framework

ASH Active Session History

ASM Automatic Storage Management

Automatic Shared Memory
ASO Advanced Security Option
Automatic Segment Space
AWR Automatic Workload Repository

CBO Cost Based Optimizer

DAS Delegated Administration Services

DBA Data Block Address

DBA Database Administrator

DIP Directory Integration Platform

EBS Oracle E-Business Suite

ESB Enterprise Service Bus

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On
IOT Index-Organized Table

JDE E1 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

OAM Oracle Access Manager

OAAM Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

OCI Oracle Call Interface

OCCI Oracle C++ Call Interface

ODCI Oracle Data Cartridge Interface

OID Oracle Internet Directory

OIF Oracle Identity Federation

OIM Oracle Identity Manager

OEL Oracle Enterprise Linux

OEM Oracle Enterprise Manager

OES Oracle Entitlement Server

OPI Oracle Programmatic Interface

OSES Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

OSSO Oracle Single Sign-On

OVD Oracle Virtual Directory

OWSM Oracle Web Services Manager

PGA Program Global Area

RAC Real Application Clusters

RAT Real Application Testing

SCN System Change Number

SGA Shared Global Area

SID System IDentifier

SID Session Identifier

SOA Service Oriented Architecture

SSA Self Service Application(s)

SSO Single Sign-On

SQL Structured Query Language

TCA Touch Count Algorithm

TNS Transparent Network Substrate

TKPROF Transient Kernel Profile

TTC Two-Task Common

TTI Two-Task Interface

UGA User Global Area

UPI User Programmatic Interface

SPA SQL Performance Analyzer

STS SQL Tuning Set

STO SQL Tuning Optimizer

SAA SQL Access Advisor

DG Data Guard

OPAS Online Performance Appraisal System

ADF is a productivity layer for J2EE developers which simplifies application-building as a set of busin
ASH consists of session performance view snapshots over time, which are often used

The volume manager provided by Oracle for database files such as datafiles, redo logs
The collective name for the dynamic memory allocation technologies added in Oracle 9i and improve
amount of manual configuration required.
ASO is an encryption option used to safeguard sensitive data and address regulat
A new way Oracle manages space inside a block. Instead of trying to track the exact space inside a b
tracked by a bitmap. This eliminates the need of a free
AWR is a built-in repository which persists system workload information to d

For a given query, the CBO calculates the cost (in system resources) of several possible execution

Part of legacy OID installation (10g and earlier) providing basic directory management tools for user

Address of an Oracle Datablock for access purposes

The person (team) responsible for maintaining the datab

Part of Oracle Internet Directory (OID) product. Provides directory synchronization tools for synching
OID into a meta-directory.
Oracle's original application suite

Standard Acronym. Also name of one of the Oracle 10g ESBs:

Extends Oracle Identity Management's single sign-on capability to non

IOTs are indexed tables whose data is stored as a B*Tree index

ERP system, (software acquired by Oracle in 2005 & corporate acquisition

Oracle Access Manager (formerly COREid acquired from Oblix) is used for authentication and web
included a delegated management service (OAM Identity) not to be confused with Oracle Identity Man
OAAM (acquired with purchase of Bharosa) provides soft multi-factor authentication (OAAM Adaptive
risk management/anti-fraud analysis (OAAM Adaptive Risk Manager
OCI is a C-language data access API which provides a low-level programmatic inte

OCCI is an object-oriented data access API for C++ which provides a programmatic i

ODCI extends the capabilities of the Oracle server by taking advantage of the Oracle E
Oracle's LDAP-enabled directory server product. Part of Oracle's "legacy" Identity Management. Lega
installations where an installation option for "Identity Management" installed OID (in
OIF (composed of Oblix SHAREid and Phaos offerings) is Oracle's product for browser-based cross-dom
WS-Federation, ID-FF, etc.
OIM (formerly Xellerate, acquired with purchase of Thor Technologies) is Oracle's strategic produ
Oracle's Linux distribution

OEM is a comprehensive management tool which provides a top-to-bottom monitor

OES (acquired with purchase of BEA, formerly AquaLogic Entitlement Server) provides fine-grained a
authorization engine.
The server-side complement to OCI.

Secure search access to all of your organization's data so

Oracle's in-house developed web single sign-on product. Required for many Oracle application integr
apps or third-party web SSO systems. OSSO is expected to be replac
OVE (acquired with purchase of OctetString) provides directory virtualization an

Oracle product for web-services security. Part of the SOA

Private memory area for program use

Multiple interconnected computers or servers that appear as if they are one server to e

RAT is a database option used to capture, analyze, and replay database transactions in order to te
The SCN is a unique, monotonically incremented number used internally by Oracle to provide sy
consistency purposes.
Shared Memory area for Oracle instance structures

Uniquely identifies an Oracle database instance

Identifies an Oracle Session

Application suite at Oracle with numerous component pro

Oracle acronym

Method of access control that enables a user to authenticate once and gain access to the res

The data retrieval and manipulation language of the Oracle d

TCA is a buffer-cache management algorithm used by Oracle to maxim

A foundation technology, built into the Oracle Net foundation layer that works with any s
A utility available in Oracle installations that converts the trace files (generated by session tracing) t
TTC is Oracle's implementation of the OSI presentation layer which provides character set and data

TTI consists of a network interface to specific server-side func

A memory region in the large pool which is used for user se

UPI is an undocumented C-language data access API used by Oracle to interfac

A tool in the Real Application Testing family in Oracle 11g, that allows to replay a specified set of SQ
database changes on them. Using SPA, you can accurately predict the impact of index building, da
A group of SQL statements with a given name. STS stores these statements even if they are aged ou
to SPA or STO.
The tool (inside Oracle Database) that inspects the SQL statements for possible
The tool inside Oracle Database that analyzes the SQL statement(s) for possible performance enhan
that some more recommendations like partitioning are provi
The overall term or infrastructure for Oracle Standby Database management, both logical and phy

Appraisal Tool used in Self Service e-Biz