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SEQUENCE: protagonists dancing and boozing the night outside, the

political party activists is aggressive and shouting against the
protagonists youngsters and while trying to attack them police came
there and stops the fights. And protagonists give money (bribes) to
police. That is the end of the sequence.

The institution mode of representation of film is Bollywood and

subjectivity formation is about cultural and ethnicity how the film
portrays in cultural contexts. The female spectatorships and identity is
very much structured and dominant to spectrum of ethnicity in these
sequences. This sequence and of course the movie focus on the Indian
cultural and nationalists artefacts and tells that how the people mostly
young male and female captivating the cultural traditions and patriotism
in contemporary debate of culture in this sequences.

The dominant of present young generation how focus the social and
political debates of realistic approaches. This spectrum of audience in
social and political contexts is sketched to narrative realism in
contemporary politicians and youth aspects. The IMR in these sequences
is very much acclaimed towards the socio realistic conflicts. This
sequence claims the integral part of politics and cultural implementation
Of contemporary Indian culture in India.

The gaze of gender is subjected into formation of cultural and social

consistency. There is also a religious untouchable shade has been
exposed in this movie. For example when a political activist Laxman
pandey (Atul kulkarni) shouting and fighting against young protagonist
who are partying at night time. And shows angry on Pakistani aslam
(kunal kapoor) by his crucial dialogue “bloody Pakistani” but three of his
friends protect him. So this shows the ethnicity exposure issues. the
evaluation of this movie has been sketched into different opinions from
audiences and claims the critics. Especially the political and social
problems have been raised in these sequences. The film has the highest
ethnicity controversy and realistic approaches rely on real life of India
airforce pilot, protest for truth and perspective discussion of youth and
lifestyle behaviours. Mostly if we see in Delhi, Mumbai northern part of
India. There is a political parties and activists Like BJP, Shivsena are most
controversy against and an deep patriotistic approaches in India. such as
they don’t like people who is boozing and partying in late night, who
involvement in international lifestyle and trade and cutlure. They have a
rule and followers of Indian culture. Eventhough they are involved in
many issues like political parties and they bit violent followers. For them
they focus on cultural conflicts and socio political issues. Shortly to say
they are against youth western culture in india So in this sequences
perfectly shows the how the western culture have been involved into
youth generation in india such like the sequence depicts the there is no
seriousness and patriotism from contemporary Indian youth and there is
no culture and awareness among youth in india. so ideology and
idealisation was focused on the subjectivity in this movie. The movies
has focused on three realistic paths of Indian air force officer killed in
crash, and cultural aspects of current youth with background of Indian
revolutionary characters sketched on the real protagonists.

The innerval meaning of this sequence is shows the meaning and

qualitative approaches of contemporary culture in India is modifies and
manipulating in present generation among youth and ethnicity and
religious spectacle of Indian and Pakistan. To say that during the India
gets freedom from British rule. Due to political aspects and religious
conflicts Pakistan had separated from India. that time many issues and
conflicts and war have been happening till now. So on this sequence the
aspects showed well and other political problems like “Bribe” is shown in
this sequences when DJ(Amir khan) is giving money to police when they
came to solve the fight against activists and protagonist. In India
everything is politics now from birth to death the Bribe is major problems
in India. for example education, entertainment and intervals of the movie
is sketched between casts and audiences. Outrival of this sequence
shows the angle and placement of camera is following from protagonists
characters and its is simply structured into fourth kind and when the
laxman pandey(atul kulkarani) attempt and shouts against a
protagonists the no western music and spoils culture the when
protagonists partying at night the dialogues and expression of charecters
shows the emotional impacts and creates an cultural dominancy and
contemporary youth activism in india with social and political influences
and conflicts rely on it. I would strongly to agree a words of Lecture from
“Professor Spencer Murphy, Coventry university in module film and
visual culture about his arguments like a spectacle and narration of
movie aspects between a screen and eye of the audiences and camera
placement of in a room and exposing characters that is very interesting
and make sense but when applying that theory in this sequence of the
film it shows the impact of audiences and really fit into it. so overall this
topic of the cultural identity and patriotic structured into the theme. The
IMR in this film sequence is very much observed and classifys the
ideology of socio political concept conflicts and realistic approaches.

The movie exaggerates the patriotic among youth in the contemporary

culture in India. The movie focus on the political signs of Indian
revolutionary during British rule in india which the real present character
is implemented from past revolutionary charecters Bhagat singh and
others respectively. but in this sequence the IMR and idealization is
focused on the socialism and realism of India’s cultural spectatorships
and ethnography. The ethnography is nothing but study about group of
people in cultural aspects.

The ethnography is perfectly sketched in this sequence. (M.Prasad,

1998) In this book author has researched on ideology of “The
bollywood movie situated cinema in a cultural contexts already
inclined towards realist representation, in an era that saw the
expansion of consumption supported by modern advertising”.
and also which provided the emrgence of psychoanalysis a tool tat could
rectify and invent in a turn that could ratherly be the manifestation of a
histrocial necessity.

Not only religious also the race has been portrayed in this sequence.
There is lacan of global generation at present shows in ethnicity and
religious aspects. for example when the political activists shows his
anger against a Pakistani. So this is ridiculous things was been
categorized in spectacle of this sequences. In overall movie the realism
is rely on social and political conceptualization in india.

The theory of IMR in this sequence and overall film there is to create a
social and political awareness among youth subjectivity to create a
patritiotism among youth in activism in india. The cultural identity and
socialism is perfectly charecterized among present generation in India.
The realism is somewhat charecterized based of real story about a pilot
who died in a crash and protest events, these sequence political activists
against globalization are really focused and implemented in this social
commercial films. In a thesis from mentioned that” As Hindi film critic Dr.
Chakravorty describes it,” RDB is an moral, social and political
allegory“. On the regards with provided moral, the theory suggest that
the history behind the film has an nationalistic struggle with the idealism
and humanitarianism along with the politics, lack of social responsibility
and religious fundamentalism. This identically says the discussion about
the social, political and economical issues in India through the media by
RDB with the perfect quality screenplay and songs to throw light on the
Indian situation.

The music in the movie is wonderfully narrated and structured by

nothing other academy award winner “A.R.Rahman”. the music which
has melodious and western style reach to global level. Each song in the
movie bring out the national patriotic things and cultural citizenship
among youth behaviours and brings the psychological impacts and
implantation of social relations and conflicts. The characterization of
social and contemporary political issue is well recognized in the film in
realistic approaches. The songs “Lukka chuppi”, Rang de basanti and
sarfrosh, brings the social and cultural ethics in India. of course the
songs fascinated and become one of the best songs of the year in India
before and after the film release. The marketing and advertising of the
movie which makes the big expectations among audiences. The movie
promotions and critics in media were very much in Hypothesis during
before and after film releases. Movie was been taken in mostly in Delhi
capital of India.

In overall conclusion of this topic movie optimize the social relations

and political conflicts of the movie in realistic approaches with social
commercial film which is fascinated through music, direction and other
technical aspects take the movie into global level audiences with
construction of cultural and patriotic activism among youth and of course
people who are in abroad Indian origins this movie bring out the feel of
Indian cutlural and patriotism contexts among global audiences. So
overall the literature review shows and gives idea for research methods
and answers for research methods how the bollywood has structured into
cultural identity a and having sketch to social and political level for
global audiences. So lets us see the next chapter about research
methods by answering the questions and analysing with realistic issue
and film rang de basanti how social and political debates constructed in
contemporary bollywood narration by movie “Rang de basanti”.
1. How contemporary bollywood constructed into narration of
social and political conflicts in a film? Structured in RDB?

The bollywood from present is targeting international markets and for

global audiences. So majorly the movies in bollywood exposing of
present on the social and cultural implementation India with nationalistic
and commercial values constructs the audiences into a patriotic and
race, and gender spectatorships which brings the post modernistic view
among global audiences through its ethical value and structures of
commercialism in it. So in this research methods i like argue about a
movie “Rang de basanti” how it structures and describes social and
political contexts among audiences. The denotative meaning of
bollywood is into social and political conflicts. the characteristics of
bollywood is structures with social consistency in movies like “Rang de
basanti”. In the journal of “Rang de basanti-consumption, Citizenships
and public sphere social and political issue of rang de basanti into
realistic approaches compared to murder case with evidence. But in this
research methods in focus of the analysis of real issue with this movie
and how bollywood effective into social and political contexts in india.the
research method will be following the analysis of bollywood in socio
political context.


I like to talk about a Real issue which is implemented and shown

similar to rang de basanti.

So this issue somewhat makes a perspective of a religious shade of

nationalistic and culturist in Hinduism. Why because of there is many
activist and conflicts and protest was been during before and after
independence period. Potentially to say there is majority of religions are
Hindu and Muslim people in India. During independence in India the
Pakistan was separated due to political and religious conflicts. During pre
indepence in India there is many Hindu activists in Hindu spreads the
religious controversy and making some conflicts against Muslim
community and against the nationalism which is said as terrorisms.
Actually the religious conflicts was perfectly described in movie” HEY
RAM” casting and directed by “Kama Hassan” which the story focused on
periodic film around the a man who is affected by a group of
revolutionary and community in pre and post independence time was
totally makes a protagonist into negative character and been revolution
against Muslim and nationalistic leader Mahatma Gandhi who is Muslim
and support of his community. not only this also many films like for
example “Bombay” directed by “Manirathnam” Indian film maker, movie
which portrays the young couple who is struggling and affected by Hindu
muslim riots during “Babar masjid demolition in 1992” in northern part of

And ofcourse the movie has got many critics and makes an controversial
impacts in religious wise,political wise in india. the movie brings out the
social and political conflicts in India. It focused on the religious conflicts
and contemporary political situation in india.

The realism has been rely on social impacts with strong reinforcement
to bollywood. The movie “Rang de basanti” describes like this is in
narration of social and political activism. And also the reallistic things
constructed and implemented in the film. While applying the discourse
analysis theory in this sequence strucutred into the realistic social and
political approaches to audiences in india. The religious perspective and
patriotic approaches was been criticized and functioned into lacan of
religious and cultural understanding of hindu-muslim activists and it is
somewhat a ridiculous conditions in India. This sequence shows you the
perspectivness of contemporary political annd religious subjectivity. The
way of dressing sense and behaviour of protagonists shows the western
affects and youth behavioursim psychologically in the consumerism of
western contemporary culture in india. actually to say the movie was
clearly structured into political debates in india like protests,
contemporary youth activisms. So the bollywood was very much
structured into contemporary social debates in India with real events.
Mehra take this movie into politicians and political situation in cultural
India by its screenplay and Dialogues.

When considering the economical factors on the financial budget in the

RDB, this film is majorly concerned about the viewers satisfaction there
by which created noticeable impact on the Indian society. A detailed
study on the characters and behaviour patterns of the film is been done
during the first month of the film, which increase the public and the
government attention towards the corruption and bureaucracy reduction.
Towards which this film is totally a mindblowing attempt by the director
towards the viewers point and also the writer D’Silva saud that the film
“has struck a chord somewhere”.

On the favour of the director the discussion and the instigation about
the political thoughts were provoked in the social awakingness for many.
And also few discussions regarding citizen support and contribution to
the non governmental organisation and excersing simple citizen duties of
paying taxes and votes. On the other hand rest of the Indian films which
was basically concentrated on the entertainment was highly fledged
towards the viewers angle. On the comparison with the Jignostic
overtones with the other Indian films, The contribution of these young
actors were very well related to the I.ndians in the film RDB.

The movie Rang de Basanti organise and analyse The socialistic

view among audiences. The movie “rang de basanti” characterize the
makes the audience into social respnosblity and shows the contemporary
political debates of india. especially the movie shapes youth audience
into western lifestyle and social subjectivity in first acts and slowly
makes into activism and protest against contemporary political and
cultural debates. The movies like RDB in bollywood was very much in
consider of social reposnsiblity to show the social and political conflicts
and agenda among global audiences. In thesis from “Dilip.M,(2008),
author mentioned clearly analyse the Movie in a social view that “This
young audience is the group fueling the demand for realist films
in India. This new trend is refreshing as the previous audiences
of Hindi cinema favored melodrama, sentimentalism and
escapism in comparison to the more mellow fare of the 2000s.
However, today in 2007 not only has it become pres-tigious for
filmmakers to make popular films on socially relevant themes
but it is also considered high-status for film stars to be a part of
a socially relevant project due to the social tag attached to
them. Thus, audiences who were moved by RDB and wanted to
make a difference now felt more encouraged to blog, rationally
discuss and debate about the film and other related issues on
the Internet as well as in real life. This desire to make a
“difference and change society also ultimately manifested in
acts of citizenship when community of audiences and youngsters
took to the streets to protest and lobby on various public
interest issues.” The power of Bollywood in this demonstration also
realised the citizenship and the expand of public sphere by this youth

In BBC online the writer “Pandohar.J (2006), Rang De Basanti

-Paint It Saffron,(ONLINE),
view.shtm, 28-03-2011” has mentioned in his review of film
“rang de basanti “that Successfully weaving historical facts with
contemporary themes and characters”, this welcomes the direction
and writing of Mehra that

it's thanks to Mehra's smart writing and direction that you are
instantly drawn into Rang De Basanti's absorbing plot, which
flits smoothly from past to present. While Khan is on usual form,
it's Patten who earns top points as the amiable foreigner who
amuses the locals with her excellent command of Hindi. But it's
the strong performances from the ensemble cast that impress
foremost, all of whom are totally convincing as disillusioned
youngsters learning the importance of personal sacrifice.” This
statistically proves upcoming ideology about the qualifying performance
in the Bollywood film.In the psychological analysis of the movie become
the strong impact and shows the how bollywood it delivers its ethics and
spectatorships into media. The RDB shows the citizenship value in India
in and determines that these types of movies in bollywoods subjects the
cultural and patriotic identity in both contemporary social and political
contexts in india.

“The motivation of research method is brings the bollywood focus of

social and contemporary political value in India. The narration of social
realms brings the potential youth activism into issue of political conflicts.
Thus makes sense the movie is reach the denotative meaning in social
and political issue and spectacle of bollywood focus into contemporary
cultural and patriotic identity in India. The movie is focused to both
gender gaze and cultural analysis of spectatorships reach to global level
but connotative meaning it brings the technical and commercial in
movies like musical sequences, casting and direction methods.


This topic of “research analysis from interview” in this project will

analyse the data interview from celebrities and personalities of movie
RDB, in source from electronic sources and articles about how the RDB
structured into the bollywood social consistency and quantity reach to
global level. As first analysis from interview article in BBC online from
actress Alice Pattern who done a British documentary filmmaker Sue in
the movie RDB. Interviewed by Film critic journalist Jaspreet pandohar
about view of bollywood and movie RDB in it. “Pandohar.J (2006),
28March2011.”. In this alice said about a bollywood in her view in the
qualtitative method that answering a question how easy and co-
operation in Bollywood movies and how popular from your view? She
replied that she has never got interest or thought about Hindi movies but
though he watched a few movies from past. But she said that bollywood
is that way and structure of culture in India. and it has huge reputation
specially British country and all over the world, Its a upcoming and
developing Industry. So on her opinion bollywood is interesting
adventure and mind refreshing facts which include of culture
spectatorships and political values.
So as per main important reply for question how the director had
implemented political contexts in movie and opinion about a bollywood
industry. So in her view that her character in the movie as documentary
film maker and to recruit the five youngsters for movie movie resembles
a characters of revolutionaries which present protagonist characters not
identify it from past till they realise to know the past characters of
revolutionaries from thiers great grandfather and forefathers. There are
parallels all the way through the film of the pre-independence and
contemporary situation in India. And she defined and described about a
movie in a brief that “Rang de basanti” means which” basanti”is saffron
colour in Indian flag it mentioning the Sacrifice”. So analysing her words
in the interview article This shows how bollywood exposed and
structured in among global audiences and reputation in global level. Her
words about bollywood structures cultural and social value into global

And another interview from “Filmmaker Rakyesh Om prakash” is that

how he determines the RDB into the consumption of movies into social
view that how he conceptualizes the reinforcement and value of
bollywood in his words. “Administration,(2006), Rakyesh mehra and
Rang de basanti, [Bollywooders online],
basanti/, 28 March 2011,”mentioned that he feels it is useless to
make a film unless it gives a social message for the masses. Yes,
of course, it is beyond any doubt that Rang De Basanti was a
great piece of cinema, a classic in itself but from where did the
director get the inspiration for this modern day classic?”
Revealing this top level secret. Mehra mentioned that “the inspiration
for all his films come from his own real life experiences only. I
belong to a middle class family, where one spends his entire life
mainly doing two things only – struggling or experiencing the
hard truths of life and dreaming. I have found and used cinema
as a unique medium to express both my own experiences and
dreams.” So on his words shows that the movie focused in bollywood
and filmmakers of the movies focusing the ideology was structured in the
bollywood industry with its ethical composition of characters in movie
like RDB implemented and manipulated into realistic theory’s and
imaginative formulas into global level consistency and subjectivity of
social message. To answer of contemporary bollywood into social and
political relevance composed and structured by the analyzing the
interview article from Director and actress alice patten interview that
bollywood makes is social and political factors moulded into ethics by
reach to global audiences.

While analysing the one of the comments from audiences reviewed

and commented about a movie in the website. ” Rediff Movies,(2006),
RANG DE BASANTI-Readers respond, [ online],, 28 March 2011
From this Mr Sanjay prabkhar “this will be one of the best
movies I have watched, when I listened to the songs of the
movie and some speculations about the movie I thought it could
be another war movie with some Pakistan bashing dialogues,
but, it was not. This movie is about contemporary India, it is
about the past, present, corruption, bribe, beer, MIG, youth,
rebels. In other words it's about I-N-D-I-A. Let me not tell you the
nitty-gritty of the story and stuff, but I would like to tell the
message, its very straight. In the past, a band of youth dared to
attack the British Empire and died to start a revolution and they
are still alive in our memory. The movie tries to retrace the same
steps to chase away another deadlier enemy of the nation,

So while analysing this how RDB was moulded and increases its public
by its social values and effectively visualize in audience perspectives like
I strongly agree lecture from Spencer Murphy In the module about a
placement of camera and a analysis of audience eye and screen, the
hypothesis of movie in construction of camera movement and
psychological analysis of audience. So while applying this method in this
movie and analysing the interview and comment it shows that how
Bollywood is concpetualzing into its ethnography and how the citizen of
India view on their ethnicity in nationalistic and culturist commodity in
the movies like RDB. The effective meaning of movie how it generously
recognize its ethical perception and attitudes to it mind respond to

2) Analyse and discuss the construction of realism exposed in

RDB movie structured the Bollywood? Compare or analyse with
socio-political issues? Analyse with the movie RDB?

On finding the answer for the research question Bollywood slowly

raise its ethics into realistic approaches and compression of cultural
identity and value of ethnographical construction in the context of
political influence in it. Interestingly to say fact of realistic movies in
Bollywood is hypothetical way of construction in the analysis. The
Bollywood movies in which has in content of social and political
supremacy with its conscious of ethics in realism approaches. Like to say
the Movie RDB has it realistic effect into contemporary social and
political issue in current situation. Like any movies in Bollywood the
cinematic political thought represents the condition and the message
and thought of socialism and realism makes the movie into global by its
ethics of culture, traditions. The Bollywood exposed into realistic theorys
with examples of movies Like RDB, Lagaan, My name is Khan.

The movie RDB which generates the construction of social and political
activism and makes strong cultural and patriotic movie which
reinforcement and boosting to full classification of Bollywood entry to
global level. In the movie the musical, style and way of western culture
was sketched into real lifestyle of present youth generation in India. the
movie RDB contains each and every sequence of contemporary social
and political debates in India. of course ploted into story of Historical
construction of characters in past and story of ‘kavita gadgil’ Indian
Airforce pilot who dies in the plain crash due to failure of engine and
parts and the government action in her case. And real events like
protest, focus of contemporary politicians. Each every sequence signifies
the real and situation of activism and youth in India. how the unique
portion of citizenships responds to issue or case in india. this is
somewhat make sense how the movie RDB constructed and expose the
realism and commericialim in sequences with its social narrative story of
realistic approaches about contemporary youth generation in india.


The realism in cinema which arguably theorises the film is in

another art form which should signifies or shows the reality approaches
the world in realistic facts, which has contents of social, political and
economical aspects and focus communicative to society. But though
these kind of aspects categorise and express the movie in representation
of natural context and characters. As to clearly say that whether realism
is kind of transparent object of real world or its representation of world in
reality. (Williams, 1980). Further author (Williams, 1980 pp.1) explained
realism can perhaps
in the view ofbest be grasped
problem about thethrough the
subject of opposition
between mere appearances meaning of reality of things as we
perceive them in daily life and experience and ‘true reality;
meaning is an essential truth, one which we cannot normally
see or perceive. This makes sense out of it agree with author
argument about the analysis of spectator in the realism and
which intend to varies and to describe what they trying to convey, The
real world in the intend of visual objects or illusion in realistc theory in
denotative to express some themes. He explained in the form of
question how the realism in movies expresses in direct and indirect
method. Interestingly to say author had explained philosophically about
the movie that

The representation of Socio political context in Bollywood constructed

into the objective and mirror image of social and nationalism. The
spectatorships and IMR of Bollywood is constructed into the social text
and contexts. The visual perspective of Bollywood is descriptive into
culture and nationalism to showcase for citizenships promotions. During
the time of freedom in 1947 in India the Prime Minister Nehru had an
fore seeing idea of Bollywood industry into consumerism and
consumption of social structure and popular culture into realism of
socialistic view and ideology. And also the construction of film theory into
the propaganda divides india into the states and languages barriers. This
makes sense to make an awareness and making Indian society to be
proud (Thoraval, (2000).

So while analysing this however directors like Shyam benegal,

Mehboob khan had organised and strucutre the Hinid movies into socio-
political realist bollywood in the form of popular culture. It slowly
modifies into commericial cinemas in the period of Rajkappor movies,
Amitabh bachan. The bollywood totally classify into Postmodernist and
globalized construction of realism in specific manner. So in this way I
strongly agree with author (Dilip.M 2008) ”Rang de basanti consumption
citizenships and the public spehere” discussed clearly in her research
that Family oriented melodramas therefore ruled the roost in this
epoch..Although these feel-good films managed to win over the
box office and the masses they were not indicative of the social
conditions of the times unlike older films. These films with their
emphasis on fantasy sequences and consumerist lifestyles were
only interested in entertaining audiences by transporting them
into the world of the make believe. Aesthetic realism was
therefore not an area of concern for audiences who wanted to
experience the good life via the medium of film. Commercial
Hindi cinema in order to meet this demand of its audiences
employed lavish productions and consequently cinema was
perceived to be a gross exaggeration of reality. So this shows how
bollywood constructed into approaches the theory of realism.

So in method of Realism in the movie RDB positioned into the

contemporary debate of culture and socio political structure. The view of
RDB was potraying the realism of current situations in Indian with
influence and backdrop of realistic issues. For this research project about
a real issue in Bollywood While analysing the thesis from “Dilip.M,
(2008)author states that The Shiva Sena is a major political party in
the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Shiv Sena is closely
associated with the RSS and the BJP and is also constantly
embroiled in controversies for allegations of party organized
violence against Muslims as well as against proponents of
western culture. The actor Shah Rukh Khan's statements on the
Indian Premier League snub to Pakistani cricketers has riled Shiv
Sena with the party on Friday saying that the Bollywood star's
upcoming film My name is Khan will not be allowed to be
screened. Shiv Sena activists on Friday tore off posters of My
name is Khan in Thane place in Mumbai protesting Shah Rukh's
statement that Pakistani cricketers should be allowed to
participate in IPL."Let us see how he dares to take in Pakistani
players. We will see to it. We will not tolerate anybody praising
Pakistanis. Balasaheb has already given instructions on the
issue. You will see what Shiv Sena will do in the coming days,"
said Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut. On the other hand the
controversy of the political party were well known to the activities that
are against the western culture to whom the consumerism in india are of
more religious concern especially the Hinduism and opposing the Muslim

To describe, say “they are also the reason and responsible for
Babar masjid demolition in India 1992, which took place in the
northern india a place called godhra and ayodhya. Due to this
Demolition act in India there has been too much of Political and public
protest towards the Hindu Muslim issue that has been Ideally fought post
Independence of India. So for now Hindu-Muslim controversy is been big
social problem in Indian politics which led to the commercial damage
that majorly dominance that are making worst impacts in both of the
religious controversies and I strongly to say Hinduism is the main reason
and responsible for 1992 Hindu- Muslims riots. This is because of political
influence such like money power. so the most affected in this issues are

The dominance of Hindu nationalism is making the India into critical

and worst impacts by targeting Muslim community but not every Hindu
party activists. Actually this is happening from past during the pre and
post independence. Mostly Bollywood movies will release in Pakistan will
consume the Bollywood movies because of language which is mixed of
Urdu and Hindi and obviously before Independence in India, the Pakistan
was one of the states in India. After independence in India, Pakistan
separated by Father of Indian nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ due to majority
of population of Muslim society and the community seeking for individual
state that time and there is many problematic issues of worst Hindu-
Muslim community clash and riots like I said before. And of course
strongly to say Hindu Community is main reason for separating Pakistan
from India. This project does not blaming any religious or community is
describing the fact and truth of happened and happening in India. The
strong religious clash of Hindu-Muslim community is the impact of
terrorism and war, riots which directly and indirectly by politically,
socially between India-Pakistan and ofcourse Muslim communitys in
India. And Mumbai is one of the most sensitive place in this subjects.
This impact the RDB film could not able to release in pakistan. So
producer of the movie UTV states that in the website Ronnie Screwvala,
CEO, UTV, which has produced 'Rang De Basanti' says, “This comes as
news to us. But we all are aware that 'Rang De Basanti' appeals
to our conscience at various levels and we are proud to have
produced it. RDB is emerging as a contemporary classic. This in
fact can be gauged from the way it has influenced our society
and shaped our attitudes towards things that are happening
around us. Meanwhile, the film's director Rakeysh Mehra is
making sure that the film's cast does make time to be present
for the channel's launch in mid-October. Interestingly, the
owners of 'Jung' are now also trying their efforts to get the film
released in Pakistan (Anonymous, 'Rang De Basanti' inspires new
Pakistani news channel, 2006 ).”

This shows how the movie RDB has impact the reality in socio political
contexts in India. The strong religious and culture barriers was very much
effective in India.I ike to discuss the RDB with real issue which happened in
India. Ofcourse the movie RDB which is implemented the cover story of Indian
air force pilot Mr Abhijeet Gadgil, The son of a former military pilot, he was
a flight lieutenant in the Indian Air Force (IAF). He was only 27, and he
had just been married.
Abhijit Gadgil was on a routine sortie in his MiG-21 on the night of
September 17, 2001. Just 33 seconds after takeoff from runway number
5 of the Suratgarh air base in the north Indian desert state of Rajasthan,
his plane stalled. The MiG plunged down at 470 kilometers per hour,
straight as an arrow, digging a massive hole into the sand as it
disintegrated on impact. Later his mother kavita gadgil who blames the
poor maintenance and training of ministry of defence and importing the
poor quality of Russian jet crash and poor training. So this is due to because of
worst politicial influences. Abhiijit mother later started a foundation of Abhijit air safety in memorial of
her son. Not only her son also many of them died due to the poor training and maintenance of Indian
air force.

that, “still unconvinced about the

His mother Kavita gadgil said to BBC
airworthiness of the aircraft, Ms Gadgil has found a way to deal
with her tragedy. She has formed a group of people who seek
what she calls a rational explanation for the continuing MiG
crashes. Speaking to the BBC, Ms Gadgil said the Abhijit Air
Safety Foundation was formed on 21 December 2002, an
anniversary of the day her son was commissioned into the Indian
air force. More than 100 people, including doctors and engineers
have already joined the group, Ms Gadgil said. She added: will
be creating pressure groups and we want the government to
make public the results of all the MiG crash inquiries. My son's
death is just a statistic now as so many fighter pilots have gone
down after his death, she said. The real cause of the accidents is
not being revealed." So In this movie RDB focus the central part of
concept and idea that the realms of issue about a Indian airforce pilot.

So this real story was implemented in the movie with the song” Lukka
chuppi” narrative sequence with youth protesting near the India gate for
judgement and truth for backdrop issue of Indian Air force pilot Ajay
character in a movie implemented the Abhijit gadgil and police blaming
assaulting the charecters in the movie. The youth protesting the method
of peace like Father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji, protest against
contemporary politicians. Why iam saying this because National leader
Gandhi who fight against British for Independence in India protesting
method of peace. So conntatively analysing this in a real the The movie
brings out the realms of contemporary worst politicians who involved in
the case and reason of Formelate pilot Abhijit Gadgil (Sen, 2003). So
author Dilip.M suggests that RDB “One recent film that successfully
employed this trend to connect with Indian audiences was the
Hindi blockbuster RDB. This film directed by Rakyesh Om
Prakash Mehra was widely appreciated both by the press and
public for the realism in its style and narrative. This factor also
went on to help RDB enjoy much commercial success and social
appeal in India (2008, P83).”

So this shows the structure of how the movie identified to approaches

the socially and nationalistic patriotism in India. Mehra strcutres the
Patriotism awareness among youth and activism. And movie RDB makes
special identification in Bollywood constructs social and political
contexts. How it deserves it ethical values into realistic method takes the
Bollywood into global level.