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• New ideas and concept with fast execution has become a trademark of
GEO --'Fastest Firsts'.

• First to bring the Breaking News concept in Pakistan.

• Unbiased, accurate and timely 24-hour news in ‘Urdu language’.

• Most competitive work team.

Goodwill as the largest media group in the country, Here is a look at just some of them:

For Example:

1) First to give election results -- 7 hours before the nearest competitor (Election 2002
special transmission and coverage).

2) First to use videophones in Iraq and Afghanistan and remote regions of Pakistan for live

3) First to start political satire in Pakistan depicting current and past heads of state (Hum
Sub Umeed Say Hain).

4) The first to produce joint India-Pak ventures like "Gaye Gi Duniya Geet Meray",
"Faslay" and "Lakhon Mein Teen".

5) First to have live link-up with USA & UK.

6) First to introduce bilingual News Tickers.

7) First channel with international graphics applications.

8) First to have representatives of two religious sects on one plat form openly presenting
opposing viewpoints. (Aalim Online)

9) First to run 2 soaps back to back 4 days a week. Creating history in the entertainment
arena of Pakistan (1-2-3 campaign).

10) First to distribute Rs 6,500,000 worth of gifts in 23 cities in 48 hours (GEO Eidi).

11) First to telecast a live police encounter. (Al-Qaeda Defence shootout).

12) Created the country's biggest blockbuster production utilizing the largest sets, cast and
budget (Umrao Jan Ada).

13) First channel to take a game show to people's homes all across Pakistan– (GEO aur

14) First to telecast live telethon in Pakistan. The telecast raised Rs6,000,000 in a twelve-
hour period through call-ins on a premium rate number. -- Zindagi campaign with Shahzad

15) First action based reality show – Police

16) First to conduct the largest and most aggressive recruitment and training campaign in
the history of Pakistan.

17) First to initiate interactive live Polls. -- GEO Poll

18) First to launch interactive infotainment programmes.

19) First television marriage -- (Shaadi Online). First to produce a matrimonial reality show
that rocked the nation -- Shaadi Online

20) First to telecast animated political cartoons.

21) First channel to have its logo and brand name copied and used by everything from
water to tractors.

22) First to introduce segmented News sections like GEO Travel, GEO Dunya, GEO
Taleem, GEO Entertainment.


• It is a newly established company so it is still under the learning process.

• Because Pakistan has no institute that provides formal education on this field they
are required to have all employees trained from foreign institutions.

• Lack of innovation in the entertainment scene.


• Growing awareness about GEO of the people. They are attracted towards

• Increase in viewer-ship

• Improvement of Pakistan’s terms with India. It increases cultural activities.


Fear of competition:

• Especially because of new channels.

Employee turnover:

• Geo’s employee turnover is under 5%

• New channels attract GEO qualified and trained employees by offering them 3
times the salary they earn at GEO. They also offer different fields of jobs. These
demands are difficult to meet for GEO.