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Important sections of Railway Act, 1989

Sections Description Penalty

49 Exhibition of time tables & fare list
50 Issue of tickets on payment of fare and
display of timings at which tickets are
51 Refund of difference of fare on travelling
in lower class
52 Cancellation of ticket & refund of fare
53 Prohibition of transfer of ticket issued in
the name of a person
54 Exhibition of Ticket/Pass & surrender
55 Prohibits traveling without tickt/pass and
issue of Guard Certificate (permission of
travelling on condition that fare will be
paid subsequently for the distance to be
56 Traveling by person suffering from Forfeiture of
infectious or contagious disease without ticket/pass and
obtaining permission removal
57 Empowers a railway administration to
fix the CC of a coach & exhibition of it
inside & outside of the coach
58 Empowers a railway administration to
earmark compartments, berths or seats in
every train for exclusive use of females
59 Provision of means of communication
between passengers and railway servant
in charge of the train – alarm chain
60 Power of Central Govt. to make rules for
reservation of seats/berths, refund of
fare, circumstances under which change
of names on reserved ticket permitted,
luggage and keeping it in cloak room,
infectious and contagious diseases.
137 Traveling without ticket or with 6M/1000/B EF+EC
improper ticket with intention to cheat 500 /6M
the railway administration.
138 Traveling without ticket or with EF+EC/1 M
improper ticket 10 Days
139 Power of railway servant to remove
passengers who refuse to pay EF &EC
(woman/child unaccompanied by a male
– originating/jn/terminal/District HQ
Station & during day)
140 Security for good behaviour from
habitual offender
59/141 Pulling of alarm chain w/o reasonable & 1Y/1000/B
sufficient cause 1st 500 /2nd 3 M
174 Obstructing running of train by 2Y/2000/B
disconnecting Hose Pipe/
53/142 Transfer of tickets 3M/500/B F
143 Unauthorized carrying of business of 3Y/10000/B F
procuring & supplying of tickets 1M/5000
144 Begging or unauthorized hawking 1Y/2000/B
145 Drunkenness of nuisance 6M+500 F +R
1st 100 /2nd 1 M +250
146 Obstructing railway servant in the 6M/1000/B
discharge of his duty
147 Trespasses and refuses to leave 6M/1000/B R
125/148 Making a false statement in an 3Ys/Fine/B
application for compensation for loss of
149 Making a false claim for compensation 3Ys/Fine/B
57/155 Entering in to a compartment reserved/ Reserved 500 Rs
resisting entry in to a compartment not Unreserved 200 Rs
58/162 Entering carriage or other place reserved F + R + 500
for females
66/163/ Giving false account of goods 500 Rs.Per Qtl.+ 2
102(a) times the highest rate
67/164 Unlawfully bringing dangerous goods on 3Ys/1000/B + LID
a railway
67/165 Unlawfully bringing offensive goods on 500 Rs + LID
a railway
167 Prohibits Smoking in a train 100 Rs
172 Railway Servant in a state of intoxication 500 Rs
on duty
Likely to endanger safety of any person 1Y/FINE/B
156 Travelling on roof /step/engine 3M/500/B + R
157 Wilfully alters or defaces his pass/ticket 3M/500/B
179 Arrest without warrant except –
138, 148, 149, 163, 165, 167
180 Arrest of persons likely to abscond

Carriage of Passengers Suffering from Infectious or Contagious Diseases

Rules, 1990; (IRCM 332/334)
I. Cerebro-Spinal meningitis
II. Chicken-pox
III. Cholera
IV. Diphtheria
V. Leprosy
VI. Measles
VII. Mumps
VIII. Scarlet fever
IX. Typhus fever
X. Typhoid fever
XI. Whooping cough

The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement

and Regulation of Trade & commerce, Production, Supply & Distribution)
Act, 2003, wef. 01.05.2004
Sec.- 4 No person shall smoke in any public place.
Sec.- 21 fine up to Rs.200/-
Difference between section 137 and 138

Section 137 Section 138

01 Under this section the passenger Under this section the passenger travels
travels without ticket or with improper without ticket or with improper ticket
ticket with intention to cheat the without intention to cheat the railway
railway administration. administration.
02 It is a serious offence It is a less serious offence
03 It is a criminal offence It is a civil offence
04 It is a cognizable offence It is a non cognizable offence
05 Passenger can be arrested without Passenger can not be arrested without
warrant warrant
06 Checking staff can not demand excess Checking staff can demand excess fare
fare and excess charge from the and excess charge from the passenger.
07 Passenger is arrested under section Passenger can be arrested under
179 of Railway Act, 1989 section 180 of Railway Act, 1989
08 Passenger may be punished with Passenger will be liable to pay the
imprisonment for a term which may excess fare and excess charge
extend to 6 months or with fine from
500 Rs. to 1000 Rs. or with both,
besides this the passenger will also be
liable to pay the excess fare and
excess charge.
09 In default of payment of above fine In default of payment of above fine the
the passenger may be imprisoned for a passenger may be imprisoned for a term
term which may extend to 6 months. from 10 days to one month.
10 The fine is deposited in the state The fine so recovered is deposited in
government treasury and excess fare the railway.
and excess charge are deposited in the