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Pump Equations and Formulas Calculator

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
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Solving For Water Horsepower

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Note: Equation for water at 68 Fahrenheit. Usually, temperature correction for water is negligible. Grundfos Water Utility Solutions. Wherever
Water Matters...
Industrial Vacuum pumps
Inputs: Flojet, Shuflo, 12v/ac, 240V/AC,etc
60,100,135,160 PSI -Fitting&Gaskets
discharge or flow rate (Q) .00278 meter^3/second
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total head (H) 30 meter Get Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repairs High
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Q = .00278 meter^3/second = 44.063898333339 gallon/minute
H = 30 meter = 98.425196850394 foot
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water horsepower (WHP) = 1.0952014816805 horsepower Baby Infant Children Growth Percentile Charts

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water horsepower (WHP) = 816.69160424554 watt
water horsepower (WHP) = 602.36081492466 foot-pound/second Engine Motor Horsepower Calculator - Auto
Racing Performance
water horsepower (WHP) = 1.0952014816805 horsepower
water horsepower (WHP) = 816.69160424554 joule/second Earned Value Project Management - Schedule
water horsepower (WHP) = 0.81669160424554 kilojoule/second Cost
water horsepower (WHP) = 0.81669160424554 kilowatt
water horsepower (WHP) = 816.69160424554 newton-meter/second Present Worth Calculator - Finance Economics

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Water Horsepower
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Pump Design Equations Formulas Calculator Water Horsepower Page 2 of 2

Solve for pressure at impeller inlet

Solve for fluid or liquid vapor pressure

Solve for specific weight of fluid or liquid

Solve for the acceleration of gravity

WHP = water horsepower
Q = flow rate or discharge
H = total head
n = pump efficiency
BHP = brake horsepower
NPSH = net positive suction head
V = velocity of fluid or liquid
p = impeller inlet pressure
pv = vapor pressure of fluid or liquid
SW = specific weight of fluid or liquid
g = acceleration of gravity

References - Books:

1) P. Aarne Vesilind, J. Jeffrey Peirce and Ruth F. Weiner. 1994. Environmental Engineering. Butterworth
Heinemann. 3rd ed.

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