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High Frequency Roots

Word etymology Meaning

prefix root suffix
actus to do
actuate act ate (cause to be) to put into action
active act ive (having the quality of) causing or involving action
action act ion (condition) act
act act deed
react re (again/back) act to exert a return or counteracting influence
reaction re (again/back) act ion (condition) the act of reacting
inaction in (into/not) act ion (condition) failure to do anything which might provide a solution to a problem
inactive in (into/not) act ive (adj:having the quality of) not active
exacting ex (out/increase) act ing (adj:activity) greatly demanding
activism act ism (doctrine,belief) the doctrine which emphasizes vigorous action for political ends
activate act ate (v:cause to be) to spur into action
actor act or (n:condition/activity) a person who acts in a play or movie
agere drive
agility agere ity (n:state or quality) able to move quickly
agitate/ive agere ate (v:cause to be) to move with an irregular rapid motion
agenda agere a list of things to be done
agent agere ent (n:has,shows or does) one that acts
coagulate co (with/together) agere ate (v:cause to be) clot
litigate agere ate (v:cause to be) to carry out a legal contest by judicial process
prodigal pro (before,forward,for) agere al (adj:relation to) wasteful
cogent co (with/together) agere ent (n:has,shows or does) convincing
exigent ex (out/increase) agere ent (n:has,shows or does) urgent need
agency agere ency (n:state of being) one through which something is accomplished
ous (adj:having,full
ambiguous ambi (both) agere of,characterised by) unclear
cogitate co (with/together) agere ate (v:cause to be) to think carefully above
variegate varius(different) agere ate (v:cause to be) Having a variety of colours
anima spirit
animal anima al (adj:pertainig to,act of) a lower animal as distinguished from human beings
animated anima ed to give spirit and vigor to
equanimity equi (equal) anima ity (n:state or quality) composure
High Frequency Roots

magnanimity magna (great) anima ity (n:state or quality) noble,generous

pussilinamity pusill+small boy ity (n:state or quality) coward
ion (n:the act or result of,one
animadversion ad (to/towards) anima who) to remark critically
ous (adj:having,full
unanimous uni(one) anima of,characterised by) being of one mind
animosity anima ity (n:state or quality) ill will
inanimate in (into/not) anima ate (adj:kind of state) non-living
animation anima ion (condition) enthusiastic and lively
annus year
annual annus al (adj:pertainig to,act of) yearly
annuity annus ity (n:state or quality) an amount payable annually
biennial bi (two) enni al (adj:pertainig to,act of) lasting two years
biannual bi (two) annu al (adj:pertainig to,act of) happening twice a year
perennial per (through) enni al (adj:pertainig to,act of) throughout the year
centennial centum al (adj:pertainig to,act of) a 100th anniversary or its celebration
per annum per (through) annus annually

anniversary annus al (adj:pertainig to,act of) the annual return of the date of a notable event and especially a wedding
triennial tri (three) enni al (adj:pertainig to,act of) lasting for three years
quadrennial quadri (four) enni al (adj:pertainig to,act of) lasting for four years
annals annus al (adj:pertainig to,act of) A chronological record of the events of successive years
superannuated super annus Retired or ineffective because of advanced age
millennium milli 1000 years
arch head
monarch mono (one) arch a person who reigns over a kingdom
patriarch pater a man revered as a founder or a father
y (n:state,condn,result of an
anarchy an (not/absent) arch activity) chaos
archipelago arch a group of islands
chiliarch chilli (1000) a ruler of 1000 soldiers
y (n:state,condn,result of an
panarchy pan (all) arch activity) a form of government involving all others
High Frequency Roots

y (n:state,condn,result of an
oligarchy oligo activity) government in which power is in the hand of a small group
audi hear
audit audi a formal examination and verification of financial accounts
ory ( n:relating to,thing
auditory audi which,place where) of or relating to hearing or sense organs of hearing
audible audi able (adj:capable of being) capable of being heard
auditorium audi a hall or building used for public gatherings
audience audi ence (n:the process of) an opportunity of being heard
audio audi relating to or used in the transmission or reception of sound
audiometer audi an instrument used to measure hearing frequency
audiogram audi a graphic record of hearing ability used to measure hearing loss
acoustics audi ic ( adj:having quality of) the science of sound
ion (n:the act or result of,one
audition audi who) Perform in order to get a role
audiphone audi a plate which carries sound vibration

audile audi ile (adj:having the qualities of) having mental images that are auditory
ion (n:the act or result of,one
audivision audi who) sound accompanying pictures
audivise audi ise (v:cause) to receive or transmit
audient audi ent (n:has,shows or does) listening
audibility audi ity (n:state or quality) intensity of a received signal
ion (n:the act or result of,one
auscultatation audi who) the act of listening to sounds within the body
anthropo mankind
y (n:state,condn,result of an
anthropology anthrop activity) study of mankind
y (n:state,condn,result of an
misanthrophy mis (not/hate) anthrop activity) hatred towards mankind
y (n:state,condn,result of an
philanthrophy phil (love) anthrop activity) love towards mankind

anthrophic anthrop ic (n/adj:pertaining to,one who) scientific principle
High Frequency Roots

anthropocentric anthrop ic ( adj:having quality of) interpreting the world in terms of human values
y (n:state,condn,result of an
anthropogeography antropo activity) human geography
anthropoid anthrop oid (n:resembling like,shape) a person resembling an ape
anthropophagus anthrop cannibals
anthropogenesis anthrop resulting from the influence of human beings on nature
bios life
biopsy bios the removal of tissue or living cell from a living body for examination
biosphere bios the part of the world in which life can exist
Scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism
using recombinant DNA, employed for such purposes as creating bacteria
biogenetics bios ic (n/adj:pertaining to,one who) that synthesize insulin
biochemistry bios chemistry that deals with compounds existing in living orgainisms
The physiological individual, characterized by definiteness and
independence of function, in distinction from the morphological individual
bion bios or morphon.
y (n:state,condn,result of an
biography bio activity) someone's life story
biognosis bio The investigation of life.
y (n:state,condn,result of an
biology bio activity) study of living beings
symbiosis sym (together) bio living together of two dissimiliar objects for mutual benefit
biodegradable able (adj:capable of being) Capable of being decomposed by e.g. bacteria

bionic bio ic (n/adj:pertaining to,one who) relating to the application of biological data
cadere/cidere happen by chance
cadaver cadere or/er(n:on who does) a dead body
cascade a steep small waterfall
decadent de (down) cadere ent (n:has,shows or does) degenerate
incident in (into/not) cadere ent (n:has,shows or does) happening
coincident co (to)/in (into) cadere ent (n:has,shows or does) a similar nature
accident ac (to) cadere ent (n:has,shows or does) happen by chance
cadence cadere ance (n:an action or its result) A recurrent rhythmical series
High Frequency Roots

Rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your
chute cadere fall

casualty cadere Someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

ous (adj:having,full
deciduous de (down) cadere of,characterised by)
capere/cept sieze
capture capere sieze
ion (n:the act or result of,one
capitation capere who) a direct uniform tax levied on each person
capias capere a warrant to arrest
ion (n:the act or result of,one
caption capere who) title
captivity capere ity (n:state or quality) held under control
captor capere or/er(n:on who does) one that captures
capable capere able (adj:capable of being) competent
intercept inter (between) cept to interrupt
percept per (through) cept an impression of an object by use of the senses
perceive capere realize
concept con (to) cept thought,notion
receptacle re (again/back) cept something used to hold or receive something
susceptible sub (under) cept able (adj:capable of being) of such nature as to permit
accept ac (to) cept to agree to
ion (n:the act or result of,one
deception de (down) cept who) the act of deceiving
ion (n:the act or result of,one
reception re (again/back) cept who) the act of receiving
except ex (out/increase) cept Prevent from being included or considered or accepted
conceited con (to) cept
caput head
cape cappa a sleeveless garment hanging from neck over the shoulder
chapter caput a main division of the book
captain caput a commander of a body of troops
capital caput al (adj:relation to) the top part or piece of an architectural column
High Frequency Roots

capitalise caput ise (n:to make to give) to convert into or use as capital
capitulate caput ate (v:cause to be) to surrender especially on conditions agreed upon
recapitulate re (again/back) caput ate (v:cause to be) to restate briefly
decapitate de (down) caput ate (v:cause to be) behead
per capita per (through) caput by or for each person
Reckless or malicious behaviour that causes discomfort or annoyance in
mischief mis (not/hate) capere others

caprice caput ice (n:state or quality of being) A sudden desire

ism (n:the belief in,profession
capitalism caput of) An economic system based on private ownership of capital
cedere to go
proceed pro (before,forward,for) cedere to go ahead
succeed suc (to) cedere to follow next in order
accede ac (toward/against) cedere to express approval
accessory ac (toward/against) cedere (to go) ary (n:one who) A supplementary component that improves capability
exceed ex (out/increase) cedere to go or be beyond the limit
recede re (again/back) cedere to move back
cede cedere to yield or give up
precedent pre (before) cedere prior in time
antecedent ante (before) cedere ent (n:has,shows or does) one that comes in before the consequent
intercede inter (between) cedere mediator
recess re (again/back) cess a suspension of business for rest
ion (n:the act or result of,one
recession re (again/back) cess who) a period of reduced economic activity
ion (n:the act or result of,one
procession pro (before,forward,for) cess who) a group of people moving in an orderly ceremonial way
ion (n:the act or result of,one
concession con (to) cess who) An acknowledgment or admission
decease de (down) cedere death
ancestor an (to) cedere or/er(n:on who does) Someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent
concede con (to) cedere Admit (to a wrongdoing)
secede se (apart) cedere Withdraw from an organization or communion
procedure pro (before,forward,for) cedere A particular course of action intended to achieve a result
High Frequency Roots

ion (n:the act or result of,one

intercession inter (between) cedere who) The act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)
ion (n:the act or result of,one
accession ac (to) cedere who) A process of increasing by addition
centum hundred
century centum 100 years
centennial centum al (adj:pertaining to/act of) 100 th anniversary
centipede centum an insect with 100 feet
cent centum monetary unit equal to 1/100
percent per (through) centum in each 100
percentile per (through) centum ile (a:having to do with) a rank in 100 depending on the number of candidates

centigrade centum unit to measure temperature where the scale is divided between 1 to 100
centiliter centum a unit of volume in the metric system
centigram centum a unit of weight in the metric system
centennarian centum a person who completes 100 years
chrono time
chronic chrono ic ( adj:having quality of) marked by long duration
chronometer chrono used to measure time
chronology chrono a science that deals with measuring time and dating events
synchronize syn (together) chrono occur at the same time

chronopher chrono or/er(n:on who does) an instrument signalling the correct time to distant points by electricity

chronoscope chrono an optical instrument for the precise measurement of very small intervals
chronothermal chrono al (adj:pertaining to/act of) relating to time and temperature
y (n:state,condn,result of an
chronomancy chrono activity) a divination to determine the precise time of action
chronicle chrono ile (a:having to do with) history,narrative
chronobarometer chrono or/er(n:on who does) barometer connected with clock work
chronograph chrono an instrument used to measure time
chronocyclegraph chrono a photograph showing the course of motion by timed flashes
cide kill
matricide mater killing of one's mother
High Frequency Roots

genocide gene mass killing of people

suicide swa killing oneself
fatricide fater killing one's brother
uxoricide uxori killing one's husband or wife
filicide filius a parent who kills one's son or daughter
pesticide pest killing of pest
insecticide in (into/not) sect killing of insect
famicide killing one's fame
homicide homo a person who kills another
parricide parri killing of one's father
regicide raja killing the king
decide de (down) kill choices
claustrum close
claustrum claustrum a thin gray matter in the cerebral area
claustrophobia claustrum fear of closed places
exclude ex (out/increase) claustrum to put out
include in (into) claustrum to take in
preclude pre (before) claustrum to make impossible
conclude con (to) claustrum end
enclosure en (into) claustrum to shut in
cloister claustrum a monastic establishment
occlude oc (away) claustrum obstruct
ion (n:the act or result of,one
seclusion se (apart) claustrum who) The quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others
recluse re (again/back) claustrum One who lives in solitude
occludent oc (away) claustrum ent (n:has,shows or does) serving to shut away
occlusor oc (away) claustrum or/er(n:on who does) an organ which closes
disclose dis (not)
clamare shout
claim clamare to ask for one's own
proclaim pro (before,forward,for) clamare declare
declaim de (down) clamare to speak in the manner of a formal speech
acclaim ac (to) clamare praise
reclaim re (again/back) clamare reform
High Frequency Roots

exclaim ex (out/increase) clamare to cry out

clamor clamare or/er(n:on who does) a noisy shouting
ous (adj:having,full
clamorous clamare of,characterised by) a noisy shouting
ant (adj:denoting places or
claimant clamare persons characterised by) a person making a claim
disclaim dis (not) clamare Renounce a legal claim or title to
unclaimed un (not) clamare ed (adj:belonging to) Not claimed or called for by an owner or assignee
cour/cord heart
cordial cord al (adj:pertaining to/act of) warmly receptive
courage cour age (action,state,result of) ability to conquer fear
encourage en (into) cour age (action,state,result of) to inspire with courage and hope
record re (again/back) cord to set down in writing
discord dis (not) cord lack of agreement or harmony
court cour the residence of a soverign
courtesy cour politeness
courtier cour a person in attendance at a royal court
accord ac (to) cord to bring into harmony
concord con (to) cord agreement
courtship cour the act of courting
concordance con (to) cord ance (n:an action or its result) Agreement of opinions
core cour A small group of indispensable persons or things
discourage dis (not) cour age (action,state,result of) Try to prevent; show opposition to
undiscouraged un/dis (not) cour age (action,state,result of) Not deterred
discourtesy dis (not) cour An expression of lack of respect
courting cour a courtier who courts the favour of powerful
discordant dis (not) cour ant (a:in state or condition) disagreeing
crea/crescere grow
create crea ate (v:cause to be) to bring into being
ion (n:the act or result of,one
creation crea who) the act of creating
creative crea ive (having the quality of) to bring into being
procreate pro (before,forward,for) crea ate (v:cause to be) to bring forth offspring
procreant pro (before,forward,for) crea ent (n:has,shows or does) to produce or generate
High Frequency Roots

creature crea a lower animal

creator crea or/er(n:on who does) maker
creant crea ent (n:has,shows or does) creative
ion (n:the act or result of,one
accretion ac (to) crea who) a growth or enlargement
increase in (into/not) crea grow
decrease de (down) crea to reduce
increment in (into/not) crea ent (n:has,shows or does) something gained ot added
crescent crea scent (the process) Resembling the new moon in shape
excrescence ex (out/increase) crea ence (n:the process of) a projection of growth
accrue ac (to) crea Grow by addition
cred believe
credence cred ence (n:the process of) mental acceptance as true or false
credentials cred al (adj:pertaining to/act of) something that gives a basis for credit or confidence
creed cred a statement of the essential beliefs of a religious faith
credit cred believe
credo cred creed
credulity cred ity (n:state or quality) inclined to believe especially on small evidence
credible cred able (adj:capable of being) believable
incredible in (into/not) cred able (adj:capable of being) hard to believe
accreditation ac (to) cred ion (n:the act or result of,one who) credit
ous (adj:having,full
credulous cred of,characterised by) inclined to believe especially on small evidence
ous (adj:having,full
incredulous in (into/not) cred of,characterised by) skeptical
creditor cred or/er(n:on who does) a person to whom money is owned
discreditable dis (not) cred able (adj:capable of being) Tending to bring discredit or disrepute; blameworthy
accredit ac (to) cred Grant credentials to
cracy rule
plutocracy cracy government by the wealthy
theocracy cracy government by the priest class
democracy cracy government by the people
bureaucracy cracy a body of appointed government officials
autocracy cracy government by one person having unlimited power
High Frequency Roots

ochlocracy cracy government by mob

technocracy cracy management of society by technical experts
timocracy cracy the rule by the people of honour
gynaecracy cracy government by women
cura care
curator cura or/er(n:on who does) a care taker of an museum
curate cura ate (v:cause to be) a care taker of an chappel
sinecure cura a sleeping partner
pedicure cura taking care of one's feet
manicure cura taking care of one's hands
secure se (apart) cura easy in mind,safe
accurate ac (to) cura ate (v:cause to be) free from error
curative cura ive (adj:one who,that which) Tending to cure or restore to health
cure cura a recovery or relief from diseases
care cura to feel trouble or anxiety
carefree cura free from care
currere run
occur oc (away) currere to happen
recur re (again/back) currere to appear again
current currere ent (n:has,shows or does) occuring in the present
currency currere ence (n:the process of) a medium of exchange
cursor currere or/er(n:on who does) a visual cue on a computer screen that indicates position
written with the strokes of the letters joined together and the angles
cursive currere ive (adj:one who,that which) rounded
cursory currere ary (n:one who) hasty
concur con (to) currere to act together

discursive dis (not) currere ive (adj:one who,that which) Proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition
concurrent con (to) currere ent (n:has,shows or does) Occurring or operating at the same time
corsair a pirate
courier or/er(n:on who does) a person who carries important messages or documents for someone else
cantus sing
canto cantus one of the major poems of a long poem
recant re (again/back) cantus to take back publicly
High Frequency Roots

chant cantus sing

cantata cantus a choral composition usually sung to instrumental accompaniment
ion (n:the act or result of,one
recantation re (again/back) cantus who) A disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion
ion (n:the act or result of,one
incantation in (into/not) cantus who) A ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect
ous (adj:having,full
cantankerous cantus of,characterised by) Stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
cantor cantus or/er(n:on who does) The musical director of a choir
discant dis (not) cantus to sing melodiously
enchant en (into) cantus to charm or please someone greatly
cise cut
precise pre (before) cise Sharply exact or accurate or delimited
concise con (to) cise Expressing much in few words
excise ex (out/increase) cise Remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line
ion (n:the act or result of,one
incision in (into/not) cise who) A depression scratched or carved into a surface
insect in (into/not) cise Small air-breathing arthropod
bisect bi (two) cise Cut in half or cut in two
sector cise or/er(n:on who does) A particular aspect of life or activity
sectarian cise ian (adj:like) Of or relating to or characteristic of a sect or sects
ion (n:the act or result of,one
sectional cise who) Relating to or based upon a section
to cut open something, especially a dead body or a plant, and study its
dissect di (two) cise structure
a religious group which has developed from a larger religion and is
sect cise considered to have extreme or unusual beliefs or customs
demos people
democracy demos rule by the people,of the people and for the people
y (n:state,condn,result of an the statistical study of human populations in terms of their births and
demography demos activity) deaths
demoocrat demos one who believes in or practices democracy
epidemic epi (above) demos ic ( adj:having quality of) affecting many people at the same time
High Frequency Roots

a person who appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the people to gain
demagogue demos political power
demos demos plural of demo an abbreviation for demonstration
demophile demos one who loves people
endemic en (inside) demos ic ( adj:having quality of) restricted to a particular place
pandemic pan (all) demos ic ( adj:having quality of) a widespread outbreak of an disease
demonstration demos ion (n:the act or result of,one who) to make a public display
demotic demos ic ( adj:having quality of) common,popular
dictum speak
ion (n:the act or result of,one
diction dictum who) right use of the word
a reference book containing all the information regarding the usage of
dictionary dictum ary (n:one who) words
dictum dictum a note worth or a formal statement
ion (n:the act or result of,one
addiction ad (to,towards) dictum who) compulsive need for or use of an habbit
ion (n:the act or result of,one the invocation of a blessing especially at the close of a public worship
benediction bene (good) dictum who) service
indict in (into) dictum to charge with a fault or offense
edict e (out) dictum order
contradict contra (against) dictum say opposite to what has been said
indicter in (into) dictum er (n:one who) To accuse of wrongdoing; charge
ion (n:the act or result of,one
prediction pre (before) dictum who) to declare in advance
ion (n:the act or result of,one
malediction mal (bad) dictum who) curse
ion (n:the act or result of,one
interdiction inter (between) dictum who) an edict prohibiting something
ion (n:the act or result of,one
jurisdiction dictum who) the power or right to control or exercise authority
ducere lead
ductile ducere ile (a:having to do with) easily led
induct in (into) ducere to place in office
conduct con (to) ducere direction,behaviour
High Frequency Roots

abduct ab (away) ducere to lead away

educate e (out) ducere to provide with schooling
deduce de (down) ducere infer
reduce re (back) ducere lessen
seduce se (apart) ducere to lead astray
ion (n:the act or result of,one
introduction intro (inside) ducere who) to present for discussion
produce pro (forward) ducere exhibit,prolong
traduce trans (across) ducere to lower the reputation of
aqueduct ducere a conduit for carrying running water
inductometer in (into) ducere equipment used to measure electrical induction
product pro (forward) ducere Commodities offered for sale
ion (n:the act or result of,one
production pro (forward) ducere who) The act or process of producing something
conduit ducere a pipe or passage for water or electrical wires to go through
adduce ad=towards/away ducere(lead) Advance evidence for
factum doing
factory factum ary (n:one who) building or group of buildings used for manufacturing
factor factum or (n:condition/activity) agent
factorial factum al (adj:pertainig to,act of) related to or being a factor
satisfaction factum ion (n:the act or result of,one who) contentment
manufacture factum the process of making wares by hand or by machines
factive factum ive (adj:having the quality of) having power to make
ion (n:the act or result of,one
faction factum who) a group or combination acting together within and against a larger body
facient factum One who does anything, good or bad; a doer; an agent.
facsimile factum ile (a:having to do with) an exact copy
perfect per (through) facere exact,complete,precise
ary (n:someone who has a
beneficiary bene (good) facere particular reln) one that receives a benefit
ous (adj:having,full
factious facere of,characterised by) Dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion)
y (n:state,condn,result of an
faculty facere activity) One of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
High Frequency Roots

factotum facere one who can do many things

ous (adj:having,full
factitious facere of,characterised by) Not produced by natural forces
putrefactive facere ive (adj:having the quality of) causing decay
facticide facere the act of killing a fact
facile facere ile (a:having to do with) easily achieved
facility facere ity (n:state or quality) Skilful performance or ability without difficulty
ion (n:the act or result of,one
dissatisfaction dis (not) facere who) The feeling of being displeased and discontent
made to look like the original of something, usually for dishonest or illegal
counterfeit counter (against) facere purposes
ist (n:a person who
defeatism de (down) facere does,makes,practices) a way of thinking or behaving that shows that you lack any hope and expect to fail
ion (n:the act or result of,one
defective de (down) facere who) describes something that has a fault in it and does not work correctly
y (n:state,condn,result of an
edify ex (out/increase) facere activity) to improve someone's mind
effectual ex (out/increase) facere al (adj:pertainig to,act of) effective and sucessful
ferre carry
refer re (again/back) ferre to direct or send to some person or place
transfer trans (across) ferre to pass from one place or person to another
infer in (into/not) ferre guess or to understand
defer de (down) ferre postpone
prefer pre (before) ferre to like better
fertile ferre ile (a:having to do with) capable of developing or reproducing
the submitting of legislative measures to the voters for approval or
referendum ferre rejection
confer con (to) ferre grant,bestow
interfere inter (between) ferre to enter into affairs of the others
conference con (to) ferre ence (n:an action or its result) a meeting for interchange of views
differ dis (not) ferre disagree
Of or relating to or part of trees or shrubs bearing cones and evergreen
coniferous con (to) ferre leaves
circumference circum (across) ferre ence (n:the process of) The boundary line encompassing an area or object
High Frequency Roots

ous (adj:having,full
odoriferous ferre of,characterised by) bearing an odour
proffer pro (before,forward,for) ferre to bring forward
differential dis (not) ferre al (adj:pertainig to,act of) an amount of difference between things which are compared
fixus attach
suffix suf (below) fixus an affix occuring at the end of the word
prefix pre (before) fixus an affix occuring at the begining of the word
affix ad (to,towards) fixus attach,add
fix fixus attach,add
fixtures fixus something firmly attached as a permanent part of something
fixate fixus ate (adj:kind of state) to make stationary
fixative fixus ive (adj:having the quality of) something that stabilises or sets
transfix trans (across) fixus to hold motionless by or as if by piercing
crucifix fixus a representation of Christ on the cross
fixator fixus or/er (n:one who) a thing that holds something in place
y (n:state,condn,result of an
fixity fixus activity) the quality of being fastened
fixer fixus or/er (n:one who) one who adjusts claims
fenire end
final finere al (adj:pertainig to,act of) relating to or occuring at the end or conclusion
ite (n:a person,form or
finite finere connected with) having definite limit
ite (n:a person,form or
infinite in (into/not) finere connected with) limitless
confine con (to) finere to keep within limits,imprison
ite (n:a person,form or
definite de (down) finere connected with) fixed,clear in meaning
ite (n:a person,form or
indefnite in (not)/de (down) connected with) Vague or not clearly defined or stated
finish finere terminate,to use or dispose of entirely
financial finere al (adj:pertainig to,act of) relating to finance
finale finere ile (a:having to do with) The closing section of a musical composition
finesse finere Subtly skilful handling of a situation
High Frequency Roots

y (n:state,condn,result of an
finicky finere activity) Exacting especially about details
fidere trust
confidence con (to) fidere ence (n:an action or its result) trust
confidant con (to) fidere ent (n:has,shows or does) one to whom secrets are confided
diffidence dis (not) fidere ence (n:an action or its result) lacking confidence,reserved
federal fidere al (adj:pertainig to,act of) of or relating to the central government of a federation
federacy fidere an alliance
perfidy per (through) fidere violation of faith
ous (adj:having,full
perfidious per (through) fidere of,characterised by) violation of faith
fidelity fidere ity (n:state or quality) the quality or state of being faithful
bonafide bona (good) fidere made in good fsith
infidelity in (not/into) fidere ity (n:state or quality) disloyalty,lack of faith in a religion
confederate con (to) fidere ate (adj:kind of state) to unite/an accomplice
y (n:state,condn,result of an
fealty fidere activity) the loyalty that citizens owe to their state
flecter/flexum bend
deflect de (down) flect to turn aside
inflect in (not/into) flect to turn from a direct line or course
reflect re (again/back) flect to bend or cast back
ion (n:the act or result of,one
genuflection flect who) to bend on your knees
flex flect to bend repeatedly
flexible flect able (adj:capable of being) capable of being flexed
inflexible in (not/into) flect able (adj:capable of being) not capable of being flexed
reflexive re (again/back) flect ive (adj:having the quality of) action directed back upon the doer
ion (n:the act or result of,one
circumflexion circum (across) flect who) the act of assuming to form a curved form

flexor flect or (n:condition/activity) A muscle that when contracted acts to bend a joint or limb in the body.
flexile flect ile (a:having to do with) flexible
flexure flect turn,fold
circumflex circum (across) flex a mark over an vowel
High Frequency Roots

ous (adj:having,full
flexuous flex of,characterised by) having many bends
reflectoscope re (again/back) flex a device that places an image on a screen
fluere flow
affluent ad (to) fluere ent (n:has,shows or does) abundant supply
fluid fluere capable of flowing
flume fluere an inclined channel for carrying water
confluence con (to) fluere ence (n:an action or its result) a coming together at one point
influence in (not/into) fluere ence (n:an action or its result)the act or power of producing an effect without apparent force or direct authority
ous (adj:having,full
mellifluous mellus of,characterised by) sweet voice
influx in (not/into) fluere a coming in
influenza in (not/into) fluere a disease
effluent ex (out/increase) fluere ent (n:has,shows or does) something that flows out
effluvium ex (out/increase) fluere an unpleasant emanation
fluent fluere ent (n:has,shows or does) capable of flowing
flux fluere a continuous flow
forma shape
reform re (again) forma to make better or improve by removing faults
deform de (down) forma disfigure
perform per (through) forma carry out
form forma shape
ion (n:the act or result of,one
formation forma who) development,the act of giving form to something
formality forma ity (n:state or quality) compliance with conventional rules
formative forma ive (adj:having the quality of) capable of giving forms
informal in (not/into) forma al (adj:pertainig to,act of) conducted without formality
formal forma al (adj:pertainig to,act of) conducted with formal rules
uniform uni (one) forma not varying
format forma a pattern, plan or arrangement
formal forma al (adj:pertainig to,act of) conducted with formal rules

standard or accepted way of doing or making something, the items needed

formula forma for it, or a mathematical rule expressed in a set of numbers and letters
High Frequency Roots

fortis strong/fortuna
fort fortis a fortified place
fortify fortis to give physical strength
comfort com (to) fortis to gove strength to
fortitude fortis strength of mind to bear adversities
reinforce re (again)/in (into) fortis to strengthen with additional forces
force fortis strength or energy of exceptional degree
effort ex (out/increase) fortis active or applied force
enforce en (into) fortis compel
fortalis fortis a small fort
fortissimo fortis using the utmost loudness
fortress fortis a fortified place
ous (adj:having,full
fortuitous fortis of,characterised by) happening by chance
grad/gess move
gradual grad al (adj:pertainig to,act of) proceeding by steps or degrees
retrograde retro (backward) grad moving or tending backward
degrade de (down) grad to reduce or move from a higher to a lower rank
congress con (to) grad an assembly of delegates for discussion and action on some question
digress di (two) grad to turn aside from the main subject
degree de (down) grad a step in a series
transgress trans (across) grad to go beyond the limits set
scale to measure temperature where the scale between freezing and
centigrade grad boiling point is divided on a scale from 1 to 100
egress ex (out/increase) grad exit,a way out
ingredient in (not/into) grad ent (n:has,shows or does) constituent
graduate grad ate (adj:kind of state) to grant or receive an academic degree or diploma
ingress in (not/into) grad to move inwards
gradate grad ate (adj:kind of state) to blend into any colour
gradient grad ent (n:has,shows or does) a gentle slope
gradiometer grad or/er (n:one who) an instrument used for measuring slopes
grado grad a degree of scale
aggressive ad (to) gress ive (adj:having the quality of) Having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends
progress pro (before,forward,for) gress Gradual improvement or growth or development
High Frequency Roots

gradienter grad or/er (n:one who) an instrument for levelling

gratia favour
grace gratia unmerited help given to people by GOD
graceful gratia ful (adj:having the quality of) ease of movement
ous (adj:having,full
gracious gratia of,characterised by) marked by kindness and courtesy
exgratia ex (out/increase) gratia given as a favour where no legal obligation exists
gratitude gratia thankfulness
congratulate con (to) gratia ate (adj:kind of state) felicitate
gratuity gratia ity (n:state or quality) a tip given freely
ingrate in (not/into) gratia an ungreatful person
grateful gratia ful (adj:having the quality of) expressing gratitude
gratify gratia to please or satisfy
ingratiate in (not/into) gratia ate (adj:kind of state) to gain favour by making deliberate efforts
geno kind/born
gender geno or (n:condition/activity) sex of a person
genesis geno the origin or coming into existence of something
genetic geno ic ( adj:having quality of) the origin or coming into existence of something
genome geno an organisms genetic material
y (n:state,condn,result of an
progeny pro (before,forward,for) geno activity) children
ous (adj:having,full
indigenous geno of,characterised by) belonging to a particular land or local place
generate geno ate (adj:kind of state) to bring into existence
degenerate de (down) geno ate (adj:kind of state) to undergo deterioration
ous (adj:having,full
generous geno of,characterised by) kind
engender en (into) geno or (n:condition/activity) create/beg urgently
genre geno a distinctive type or category especially of literary composition
carcinogenic carcino (bad) geno ic ( adj:having quality of) A cancer-causing substance or agent.
generate geno ate (adj:kind of state) To bring into being
congenial com (to) geno al (adj:pertainig to,act of) from birth
ous (adj:having,full
indigenous geno of,characterised by) innate from birth
High Frequency Roots

gram/graphein write
telegram graphein a message sent by telegraph
y (n:state,condn,result of an a science that deals with the natural features of the earth and its
geography graphein activity) surroundings
y (n:state,condn,result of an
telegraphy graphein activity) the use or operation of a telegraph apparatus or system
y (n:state,condn,result of an
autobiography graphein activity) one's own life story
y (n:state,condn,result of an
biography graphein activity) writing someone else's life story
ite (n:a person,form or
graphite graphein connected with) a soft black form of carbon used especially for lead pencils
a digram that shows relationship between one variable and other constant
graph graphein factor
monograph mono (one) graphein a learned treatise on a small area of learning
calligraphy graphein artistic handwriting
cartography graphein the art of making maps
the statistical study of human populations in terms of their births and
demography graphein deaths
a short saying or poem which expresses an idea in a way that is clever and
epigram epi (above) graphein amusing
jacere throw
inject in (not/into) jacere to throw inside
deject de (down) jacere to make gloomy
eject ex (out/increase) jacere to throw out
reject re (again/back) jacere to refuse to accept
ejaculate ex (out/increase) jacere ate (adj:kind of state) to eject fluid/exclaim
conjecture con (to) jacere guess/surmise
jettison jacere discard/to throw(goods) overboard
ory ( n:relating to,thing
trajectory trans (across) jacere which,place where) a curve that a body describes in space
project pro (before,forward,for) jacere to throw forward
abject ab (away) jacere low in spirit
subject sub (under) jacere bring under control/throw under
High Frequency Roots

object ob jacere to oppose

adjective ad (to) jacere ive (adj:having the quality of) tells something more about the noun
adjacent ad (to) jacere ent (n:has,shows or does) situated near
interject inter (between) jacere to throw in between or other things
projectile pro (before,forward,for) jacere ile (a:having to do with) a self propelling weapon
jungere joint
conjugate con (to) jungere ate (adj:kind of state) united in pairs
conjoin con (to) jungere to join together
ion (n:the act or result of,one
junction jungere who) an act of joining
ion (n:the act or result of,one
injunction in (not/into) jungere who) a court writ by which someone is refrain from doing something
ion (n:the act or result of,one
conjunction con (to) jungere who) a word that joins/occurs at the same time

adjunct ad (to) jungere something joined or added to another part but not essentially a part of it
enjoin en (into) jungere command/forbid
join jungere to bring togther to form one unit
juncture jungere joint/union
disjoint dis (not) jungere to separate at the joints
conjunctiva con (to) jungere part of the human eye
jur/jus right
justice jus fair/judge/the administration of what is just
y (n:state,condn,result of an
jury juris activity) a committee for judging and awarding prizes
conjure con (to) juris to implore earnestly
abjure ab (away) juris to abstain from
y (n:state,condn,result of an
perjury per (through) juris activity) lying under oath
ion (n:the act or result of,one
jurisdiction juris who) the power to interpret and apply the law
jurisprudence juris ence (n:the process of) a system of laws/the science of law
just juris morally or legally right
adjust ad (to) juris to bring to agreement
High Frequency Roots

ion (n:the act or result of,one

justification jus who) to prove to be true or just
ory ( n:relating to,thing
adjuratory ad (to) juris which,place where) an earnest solemn appeal
dejure de (down) juris by law
lectum read
lecture lectum a discourse given before an audience especially for instruction
legend lectum a story coming down from the past
legible lectum able (adj:capable of being) readable
elect e lectum select
select se lectum choose
dialect dia lectum a reginal variety of a language
neglect neg lectum disregard
elegant e lectum ent (n:has,shows or does) refined gracefulness
illegible il lectum able (adj:capable of being) not readable
collect col lectum gather
necro/noc death/harm
necropoilis necro cemetry
internecine inter (between) necro ine (adj:like) deadly
y (n:state,condn,result of an
necrology necro activity) a list of recently dead
necropsy necro autopsy
y (n:state,condn,result of an
necrotomy necro activity) dissection of a dead body
ous (adj:having,full
innocuous in (not) noc of,characterised by) harmless
ous (adj:having,full
obnoxious ob (away) noc of,characterised by) offensive
innocent in (not) noc ent (n:has,shows or does) blameless
ous (adj:having,full
pernicious per (through) noc of,characterised by) Exceedingly harmful
nocent noc ent (n:has,shows or does) Having a tendency to cause harm
nuisance noc ence (n:an action or its result) A bothersome annoying person
nasc/nat born
High Frequency Roots

natal natus al (adj:pertainig to,act of) Relating to or accompanying birth

native natus ive (adj:having the quality of) A person born in a particular place or country
Marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly
naïve natus experience

nature natus The essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized

natural natus in accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature
nativity natus ity (n:state or quality) The event of being born
y (n:state,condn,result of an A method of treating disease using food and exercise and heat to assist the
naturopathy natus activity) natural healing process
Present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during foetal
innate in (into) nasc ate (adj:kind of state) development
renascent re (again) nasc scent (process) to be born again
ion (n:the act or result of,one
nation natus who) The people who live in a nation or country
ion (n:the act or result of,one
national natus who) Of or relating to or belonging to a nation or country
nascent nasc scent (process) Being born or beginning
ion (n:the act or result of,one
international inter (between) natus who) Concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations
cognate con (to) natus ate (adj:kind of state) Related in nature
agnate a(not) natus ate (adj:kind of state) Related on the father's side