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An Energy Day in your

town, city or region Energy Days

EU Sustainable Energy Week 11 to 15 April 2011

Get ready for the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011

Who can take part?

If energy efficiency and renewable energy matter to you, then
you are a potential Energy Day organiser, whether you are:
• A local or regional authority.
It’s time to get into the starting blocks for next year’s EU • A company, business organisation or chamber
Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Europe’s key event for of commerce, university.
a more sustainable energy future. • A consumer association, citizen group or NGO,
a university or research, think tank.
Between 11 and 15 April 2011 hundreds of events organised
in all parts of Europe will show, promote, discuss and celebrate
energy efficiency and renewable energy – and you can be What is an Energy Day?
a part of it.
Energy days can be any event or happening to promote
energy efficiency or renewable energy – from exhibitions,
9 reasons to organise Energy Days in your town, conferences, online events, performances to guided tours,
city or region open door days, workshops, media campaigns, concerts and
much more…
1. Raise the profile and improve the image of your
organisation, town, city or region. Any non-for-profit event addressing energy efficiency or
2. Be part of a European campaign. renewable energy qualifies to be an Energy Day.
3. Turn your town, city or region into a frontrunner
of Europe’s energy revolution.
4. Attract media attention and make headlines. Looking for ideas for your Energy Days?
5. Energise your local communities and get their
6. Help local companies expand into fast-growing Celebrate energy efficiency and set an example
green energy markets. Eckart Würzner, Lord Mayor of Heidelberg, Germany,
7. Innovate and set a new direction for your town, unveiled a new, ultra energy-efficient fire station in the city:
city or region. ‘We even held our Civic Festival here, attended by more than
8. Make it easier to attract investment into your sustainable 10 000 visitors, to allow everyone in Heidelberg to view this
energy projects. building and enable them to understand how we are putting
9. Get additional visibility and support for your event environmental protection into practice.’
from us.
Energise your neighbourhood
Why not launch an energy savings competition between
neighbourhoods, following the example of the European
’Energy Neighbourhood’ campaign? Teams of households
compete with other neighbourhoods and try to save at least
8 % of energy to meet the challenge of their city. A team in the
French town of Lornay achieved a massive 25 % saving!

… and much more!

Have you already thought about organising painting
competitions for school children, offering free breakfasts for
employees coming to work by bike or public transport, music
performances, guided press tours to the best sustainable
energy examples in your town, or exchanges with your
European twin towns?

‘ Participating in EUSEW 2010 added
an international dimension to our event
and helped us promote it. It also made it
easier for us to receive fresh funding for

Covenant of Mayors signatories: be a part of
the EUSEW and organise your Energy Days!

What better chance to mobilise and involve your citizens

school projects and to build relationships
with other players. No doubt we will join and local stakeholders in your sustainable energy policy?
the big EUSEW family again in 2011!
By signing up to the Covenant of Mayors, local authorities
Michel Spagnol, Physics Teacher at St. Ignatius
commit to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 20% across
College Boys’ Secondary School, Hal-Qormi, Malta.
their territories. Covenant signatories pledge to organise local
Energy Days once a year to promote the support of citizens
and local stakeholders needed to meet this challenge.

What kind of support Is your city already a Covenant signatory? Then take
will we provide to make advantage of the EUSEW 2011 to organise your
energy day between 11-15 April 2011 and let us know.
your Energy Days a success?
Full support from the EUSEW Secretariat is available.
• Your Energy Day will be highlighted on the EU Sustainable
Please contact: energydays(at)
Energy Week 2011 website.
Get more visibility and media attention.
• EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011 logo, branding,
communication tools and certificate. The framework
Show that you are part of it.
• Energy Day handbook and helpdesk. The EU Sustainable Energy Week was initiated by the
Get advice, inspiration and help. European Commission in 2005 and is the flagship event of the
• EU background briefs and press pack. Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign to promote renewable
Info, facts and figures to put your event into perspective. energy and energy efficiency.

Next steps? In addition to the Energy Days organised across

Europe, the EU Sustainable Energy Week will also
• Are you keen to take part? Register your Energy Day feature a series of events in Brussels, including:
in time before the EUSEW 2011 on
and stay tuned. • a 3-day policy conference organised by the European
• For any immediate question, do not hesitate to contact Commission from 12-14 April 2011.
the EUSEW secretariat on eusew(at) • for the journalists amongst you we will develop a
• Or join us on Facebook and share your experiences dedicated media highlights programme in the near future.
with other Energy Day organisers from all over Europe. • and much more… Details to be announced shortly!
To join, simply click the following link:
172679319429447 AdEPorto has been organising Energy
Days since 2009. Being part of EUSEW

links our daily activities to Europe while
Our warmest congratulations go to
the EUSEW organisers for their marketing

at the same time endorsing our efforts for
the city’s benefit. We are looking forward
efforts. Participants received easy-to- to joining the EUSEW 2011.

handle communication tools to market
their events widely. In short: a great Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes, President
collaboration to be repeated. of the Board of Directors, AdEPorto – Agência
de Energia do Porto, Portugal.

Jeanette Wopperer, Director of the Regional

Assembly, Stuttgart Region, Germany.