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Mohammed Samiuddin

Mobile: +919966255013
E-mail ID:

To strive for Excellence in the field of SAP – with dedication, focus, proactive approach, positive
attitude and passion. And to utilize my knowledge and skills in the best possible way for the fulfillment
of organizational goals.

Educational Qualification

• Bachelor Of Engineering in Information Technology from

Muffakham Jah College of Engg &Tech, Osmania University(2010).

Professional Summary :
• Undergone training in SAP ABAP from Reliance Global Services, Hyderabad.

Software Proficiency
Languages : ABAP/4, JAVA,C,C++.
Operating System : Windows, LINUX.
Packages : Microsoft office.

ABAP/4 Expertise

• Creation of Data dictionary objects like Tables, data elements and domains, views search helps.

• Worked extensively on Reports with Classical, interactive and ALV programming.

• Developed Conversion(BDC) programs for uploading the data into R/3 System using both
Session & Call Transaction methods.
• Created and modified layout sets using Smart Forms.

• Commendable knowledge of Dialog programming.

• Developed BAPI interfaces for uploading the data into R/3 system using function module.

• Conceptual knowledge of Customer exits and BADI.

• Proficient in Interface Programming in IDOC’s, ALE & RFC.
Objects Worked On :


• Developed a Classical Interactive Report for Customer Master Data, which provides options of
customers document data, customers partners function data and customers general data on
basic list as check-boxes. After clicking any of the option user can see the relevant details on the
secondary list.

• Designed an ALV Report for Material Master Data. This ALV Report gives details about
Material/Product Master Data for Sales Analysis.

 Designed an Interactive ALV Report for Purchase Order Details. Also by selecting the Purchase
order on output list screen the user can see the relevant Purchase Order in ME23N transaction


 Created custom Script for Customer Invoice Details.

• Created a Smartform for Cash memorandum which provides the details of payer details, billing
details, items, materials, quantities and their prices with their total amount for relevant customer.

• Created a Smartform for displaying the billing details of all the items related to a particular
Invoice. This Smartform also describes about all the discount conditions related to those specific


• Created a BDC program to create materials on MM01 transaction.

• Created a BDC program to create customers on VD01 transaction.


• Worked on LSMW to create Vendor Master Purchasing Data using MK01 transaction.

• Worked on LSMW for Customer Master Sales Area using VD01 transaction.


• During creation of Purchase Order (ME21N) concatenate the Initial of Company name to
Purchase order number by using standard exit.

• Implemented an enhancement in VA01 which provide predefined sold to party for a given Sales

• Created a custom BADI to get the material description for a given material.


• Creation of Purchase orders by using (BAPI_PO_CREATE1) standard BAPI.

• For a given Sales order get the text associated with its header (creating/extending business


• Migration of material data from SAP-6.0 to SAP-6.0 using standard IDoc type, Message type,
Process Code.