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Company profile

About Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon is an information technology company providing the complete systems solutions
from conception to implementation and maintenance. It renders services to small and large
organizations worldwide.

Craft Silicon majors in Banking Software, Micro Finance software, Savings Co-operative Internet
Banking, Switching Software Products, Mobile Banking and other financial software products. Craft
Silicon is a Multi National Organization with its software installations across the globe. Its corporate
environment allows everyone to contribute and to be productive. Under such an environment,
Customization can be agreed quickly, and reaction to competitive pressure can be rapid.

Craft Silicon is a proudly Kenyan software house that provides software solutions for core Banking,
Micro Finance, switching and electronic payments. It serves more than 200 finance spanning across
more than 30 countries across 4 continents. Its software products are available in English, French and
Spanish; it has International offices in Bangalore, India to cater for their clients in Asia APAC region.

Craft silicon’s clients is a testimony of their commitment to offer the best-in-its-class and out-of-the-
box solutions every time. At Craft Silicon, they have an implicit code of conduct which is reflected in
the way every team member interacts within and outside the organization.

In Craft silicon, there is transparency in their functioning, openness in their outlook and an indomitable
team spirit among them. This not only helps them in being consistently prolific but also in delivering
financial software solutions beyond expectations.

At Craft Silicon, they believe that the most sophisticated system is the one that’s simple to use. They
want their customers to take advantage of what they are good at, so they work closely with their
customer base to create features and functions that are easy to implement.

Craft Silicon Ltd. provides customized software solutions for the financial sector in Kenya and

Retail Banking

Banks are moving back to basics today. Business trends show a shift in priorities, moving from
acquisition to organic growth and retention. After all the losses in the recent recessive times, the drive
for profitability is being led by standard retail banking activities. Suddenly, what was considered bland
and unremarkable in retail banking business is being seen as stable and attractive. In short, they are
now heralding a new economic framework for banking. This could result in banks literally tearing
down the walls to bring in their customers.

Banks must focus beyond robust financial health and operational best practices and focus on protecting
their most valuable asset: their customers. Strong, loyal and valuable customer relationships benefit
from innovative and efficient IT solutions that address business processes, business intelligence and
information systems. Not surprisingly banks are struggling to operate in a more agile and global
fashion. A shift toward more fluid, globally integrated enterprises will enable banks to capture
opportunities whenever and wherever they exist – on the revenue and cost sides. With a wealth of
experience in partnering with leading banks and financial institutions across the world and a
comprehensive range of services and solutions, Craft Silicon is the partner that gets clients results:
optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost

At Craft Silicon, they believe that the next-generation architecture for banking should be such that it
manages the dynamic nature of the business and technology, while it supports agility, fosters
innovation and is flexible.

Bankers Realm Integrated banking solution from Craft Silicon is a complete and comprehensive core
banking suite – complete in development and comprehensive in its application. This solution can help
financial institutions to stay competitive even with a growing customer base by offering new and
differentiated products. It is an easy-to-integrate, scalable, enterprise-wide solution that handles large
transaction volumes on a 24x7 basis. It automates banking processes and provides best-in-class
customer service at reasonable cost, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

With world-class implementation and support expertise, the solution has been successfully deployed in
various banks in Kenya along with other market-leading banks around the world.

Co-Operative Banking

The fact that co-operative financial institutions, in addition to municipal saving banks, have had the
most prolonged and successful experience in the mobilization of micro savings and micro lending is
uncontroversial and has contributed tremendously towards income generation.

The existence of functioning cooperative societies leaves a positive mark on the economic and social
structure of a country since co-operatives develop on the basis of local initiative and local economic
strength. In the context of globalization, co-operatives are particularly well-equipped to combine the
advantage of local activities with regional and national networking within the system. What they need
to do is adapt their structures and operations accordingly, thus contributing considerably not just to
strengthening their members but the local/regional economic structure in which they are operating.

Bankers Realm Core Microfinance Solutions (BR MFS), a solution from Craft Silicon that supports all
functionalities for Savings and Credit Co-operative Organizations (SACCO), is more than just
conventional software. All financial software’s are supposed to do credit and debit movements, but BR
MFS Solution for SACCO does much more than these basics. The software is fully loaded with visual
reporting functionality, risk analysis, performance analysis, income/expense ratio, etc. This helps the
management to analyze information in an intelligent manner. Added functionality like drag and drop,
plug and play, and friendly interface makes it ideal for both hard core operators and hard core
managers. The product has been further enhanced to generate some of the key ratios and indicators that
are documented in the MIS guidelines from World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and
Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP).
Microfinance Solution

Economist and Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman once said that “the poor stay poor, not because
they're lazy, but because they have no access to capital.” Till date, a large number of poor people
remain outside the formal banking system. The role of microfinance as a sector is to reach this set of
the population that remains ‘unbankable’ or ‘unbanked’, and make financial services accessible to
them. And indeed, microfinance is fast emerging as a powerful instrument for poverty alleviation in
growing economies.

Investors now have high expectations from Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) considering the growing
incidence of successful small businesses. One way to solve this is through the selection of the right
microfinance technology that is scalable, reliable and affordable, and at the same time, allows MFIs to
focus on their core business areas.

Craft Silicon, in recognition of the operational problems, the bright prospects and the opportunities, has
developed Bankers Realm Core Microfinance Solution (BR MFS) and worked at its further
development as an answer to the anticipated future needs.

The processes used to manage information as it flows in, out and within a MFI is of critical importance.
With the growing need of small income earners to access organized funds, MFIs now need to monitor
the growing number of customers with small transaction values. BRMFS is able to manage such minute
customer records and portfolios, and also help MFIs manage their profits and analyze the risk factors.
Craft Silicon’s MFI offering also provides its partners with alternate channels such as POS, mobile
banking etc. that allow the businesses to provide online, real time and secure services to customers
even in remote areas using the branchless banking concept. Coded to offer functionality, power and
flexibility, BRMFS enables an organization to achieve high productivity, more efficient customer
service and greater profitability.

As is the philosophy at Craft Silicon, we believe that the most sophisticated system is the one that is
simple to use. We want our partners to take advantage of all that BRMFS has to offer and we work
closely with our partners to witness the changing trends so that we too can anticipate and continually
Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking or Sharia Finance, currently estimated to be worth approximately USD $ 750 billion,
is growing at a remarkable pace of approximately 15% - 20% per annum and represents a vast global
practice which has developed a worldwide presence. Sharia compliant products in the retail and
investment banking space are helping unlock funds, investment and deposits from individuals and
corporates globally that follow Sharia principles as their day-to-day business and investment

Craft Silicon recognizes the emergence and the development of Islamic banking throughout the world
and has introduced a solution to the Bankers Realm family called Bankers Realms Islamic Banking.
Bankers Realm Islamic banking is now modeled to suit Islamic demands. It is a comprehensive Islamic
banking solution that provides banks with full-fledged savings, liability, investment, add on utilities
and reports management system. The solution also provides regulations and policies that are governed
by the Sharia and supports AAIOFI standard of accounting.

Alternate Channels

Banking as an industry is dependent on personal services but with the onset of globalization and
increased competition, banks are starting to use more advanced technology in order to meet the
changing business dynamics in industry. It is within this need for expanding services to meet customers
anytime in any place, financial institutions have embarked on setting up channels that can provide their
customers with over-the- counter services. These alternate channels facilitate a flexible approach to
providing services to the customers in remote areas and enable easy access through wireless
connection. The channels include use of mobile, automated teller machines, bill payments, mini branch
solutions, and point of sale, internet and others. These channels are 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Craft Silicon has also developed a switch that can communicate between the core banking system and
alternative business channels. Craft Silicon’s Switch solution helps solve the distribution problem for
banks, a solution with which a bank can expect to accelerate their services and market the right
products to a broader set of customer segments, to make the vision of banking beyond branches come
The switch is known as Banker Realm Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT). BREFT is a switch routing
engine that allows an institution to accept incoming messages in any given format, process them and
either respond to them or forward them to the designated host. BREFT switch engine is highly
parameterized and can process messages in any formats, translate them to any formats as required by
the designated host.

Craft Silicon Provides alternate channels include ; Bankers Realm CE (Point of sale solution) , BR EFT
-ATM (ATM Switch solution) , Banking@Home (Internet Banking Solution) , bMobile (SMS Banking
solution) , Trucell (Mobile banking solution) and our newly innovation yet to come to markertBR
Money Transfer and ELMA (Mobile shopping solution)

Our customers enjoy the different diversified alternates to reach their customers in marginalised areas.
These solutions have been tested to intergrate with other core financial applications such as T24 , Flex
cube and informix.

The channels are easy to deploy and provide and easy and effective way for customers to acces their
financial services right at their comfort.

Switch Solutions

The banking industry was once a simple and reliable business that took deposits from investors at a
lower interest rate and loaned it out to borrowers at a higher rate. However de-regulation and
technology has led to a revolution that has the complete industry transformed. Banks have now become
global industrial powerhouses that have created ever more complex products that use risk and enhance
security in various complex models.

Through technology development, banking services have become available 24 hours base operation
through use of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), online banking , point of sale , mobile phones ,
bill payment and many others.

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, de-regulation and the diversification of the financial services
industry has had profound implications for banks. The spectacular growth of the global economy
continues to reshape the banking system. There is definitely a shift in focus, from only transactional
capability to end-to-end, enterprise-wide performance monitoring and management. Growth is no
longer measured by volume but by value.

Craft Silicon understands the technological needs of the banking sector for diversification by tearing
down walls for survival and for growth, at large.

Banker Realm Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT) is the solution that banks can use to communicate
between the core banking system and alternate banking channels and break down the barriers and the
boundaries that customers have in the limited time access to banking services. BREFT is a switch
routing engine that allows an institution to accept incoming messages in any given format, process
them and either respond to them or forward them to the designated host.

The BREFT uses superior middle ware that enables it to handle all the electronic delivery channels. It
supports multilingual ATM screens and has multicurrency capabilities. The back office of BREFT
generates a host of daily reports and MIS and is able to monitor and process end-of-the-day
transactions for updates. It can issue and authorize magnetic strips and electromagnetic wave compliant
cards. It has features that make it highly flexible and scalable to very high transactions and also does a
host of activities like manage stored-value cards or prepaid cards, mobile top-ups and connect to other
Point of Sale (POS) networks.
At craft silicon, products are developing according to the solutions provided, products can vary
according to the usage patterns, and they are as follow below.

Core financial solutions

BR Core microfinance
Opportunities at the base of the pyramid are driving the buzz today. One of the most significant
areas in this category around the world is Microfinance. Craft Silicon, in recognition of the bright
prospects and the opportunities, has developed BRmfs (Bankers Realm Core Microfinance
Solution) that helps manage small to large customer records, volumes of transactions, portfolios, and
profits and also analyze the risk factors. BR MFS Solution is now running on their high end web
platform - BR .Net. Craft Silicon's MFI offering also provides its partners with alternate channels such
as POS and mobile banking that allows businesses to provide online, real time and secure services to
customers even in remote areas. The limitless scope and convenience offered could be testified by over
200 satisfied Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), in over 32 countries around the world.

• Multi currency/ multilingual user definable
• CRM module: captures all customer information
• Custom fields and forms
• Regulatory bank reporting
• Credit scoring module
• Group meetings and schedules synchronization
• Client group exits tracking, reinstatement and savings refunds
• Recurring deposits
• Detailed loan management
• Loan repayment performance highlights
• Batch disbursements / rescheduling / pay offs
• Loan history tracking

To Customers

 Faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration.

 Flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customer.
 Provides friendly integration of group meetings with group loan schedule for repayments.

To Businesses

 Increased customer service efficiency, with faster transaction, loan and group processing
 Very fast and easy to import and export data in any format
 Customizable interest procedure that allows customers and businesses to enjoy the changing
interest rates in the market.
 Accurate and efficient MIS Reports for analysis of profits and loss for the business.
 Consolidatable balance sheet for different branches

BR Integrated banking

Challenges like deploying the right technology architecture, applications and policies that allow
banks to operate as seamlessly connected and integrated enterprises are just a few that need to be
tackled on the face of the widening horizon by financial institutions.

At Craft Silicon, they believe that the next-generation architecture for banking should be such that it
manages the dynamic nature of the business and technology, while it supports agility, fosters
innovation and is flexible.

Bankers Realm, the Core Banking solution from Craft Silicon, is a complete and comprehensive core-
banking suite – complete in development and comprehensive in its application. It is an easy-to-
integrate, scalable, enterprise-wide solution that handles large transaction volumes on a 24x7 basis. It
automates banking processes and provides the best-in-class customer service at reasonable cost,
thereby maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

 Intuitive and responsive graphic user interfaces that enhance end-user productivity in operations
 Data import and export of different formats
 Treasury bills and bonds
 Safe deposit locker management
 Online and offline transaction management


To Customers

 Easy and more efficient to financial services through alternate channels such as ATM, Internet
banking, POS and Mobile Banking.
 Flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customer.

To Businesses

 Increase profit margin with low cost of expenditure due to increased customer margin base
through introduction of alternate channels such as ATM, POS and internet banking.
 Greater customer service efficiency through easy to use modules and reports presentations
 Customizable dashboard allowing faster decision making on business status
 Easy report generator tool and mail merge tool

BR Islamic banking

Craft Silicon recognizes the emergence and development of Islamic banking throughout the
world and with this growth; a new solution to the Bankers Realm family called Islamic Banking has
been introduced. Islamic Banking has taken shape in the world with huge investments being put in
banks and with the need for Sharia compliant institutions, financial institutions have now modeled their
services to suit Islamic demands. Craft Silicon now offers a comprehensive Islamic banking solution
that provides banks end-to-end functionality that defines and offers Sharia-compliant products that will
play a critical role in addressing the needs of the burgeoning Islamic banking segment.

 Covers purchase and sale transactions of commodities on a separate financing contract

 Captures payment schedule
 Amortization repayment schedule for profit and rental
 Defines grace period and repayment holidays
 Defines /collects late payment charges for installments
 Facility to link commodity/assets to inventory account
 Opening of term deposit and demand deposit linkage to an acceptance pool
 Facility of pre-mature closure
 Distribution of profit on a pre-defined agreement
 Statement of account for individual a/c or combined statement for all a/cs of a customer
 Using the Islamic pool for mobilization of funds, facilitates placement of funds and
management of profit distribution for acceptance of deposit
 Defines profit distribution frequency for a pool


To Customers

 Provides add-on utilities that customers can use e.g. Hijri calendar
 Provides multicurrency option for customers to transact with
 Fully comprehensive solution, providing all features, products, services which are Sharia

To Businesses

 Provides easy integration with other Sharia based utilities for funds, remittances and customized
 Provides multilingual option, which includes use of Arabic language, grammar and tools
 Easy to add new product and services under the Shariah-based policy
BR .Net

Bankers Realm.NET is a new high end version of Bankers Realm. Bankers Realm.NET is designed
to operate large volume of transactions. This software is designed to operate independent of the
platform. Bankers Realm.NET is designed to operate in any standard browser. During the design of the
product, a lot of concentration was placed on issues like:

 Centralized operations on very low bandwidth lines

 Capability of software to handle huge transaction volumes
 Capability of software to handle third party channels like ATM, POS etc.
 Database security

Bankers Realm.NET also offered under the SaaS model. Where it is hosted on Craft Silicon Data
Center servers, while the customer can pay per usage.

Our core applications currently running on the platform are the Bankers realm Core
Microfinance solution , Bankers Realm Islamic Banking Solution and Bankers realm integrated
Banking solution.


 Graphical User Interface (GUI).

 Online help and context sensitive help.
 Easy to understand error messages.
 Easy to use interface, similar interface and navigation modes across the system.
 Multicurrency system.
 Multi-company system.
 Multilingual system (English, French and Spanish etc.)
 Ability to maintain all bank-owned products e.g. loans, deposits, etc.
 Ability to maintain any bank sold products e.g. third party car loans, third party insurance
 Ability to create new product based on product template.
 Support exchange rates as both LC / FC or FC / LC.
To Customers

 Fast and accurate transaction posting

 Easy processing of services, thus improving customer service efficiency
 All customer records are one click away
 Customer data is secure, only accessible to authorized person

To Businesses

 Accessible through broadband internet connections

 Maker- checker support for all modules
 Multi OS / Multi browser support
 Batch processing of all group transactions, saves data entry time

Switch solutions
BR EFT Switch
With the need to expand services to meet customers at any time and in any place, financial
institutions services have embarked on setting up channels that can provide their customers with over-
the-counter services. These channels are on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and can be used anywhere Internet
connectivity is available, with no cashier or operator but just an automated system. Craft Silicon has
developed a switch that can communicate between the core banking system and alternative business
channels. The switch is known as Banker Realm Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT).

Bankers Realm EFT SWITCH is a high end transaction routing engine that allows a bank / micro
finance institution to drive their ATM, POS or any other electronic delivery channels. BREFT Channel
Manager securely and transparently manages and integrates the channels through which banking
services are delivered through ATM / POS. BREFT accepts incoming messages in any given format,
processes them and either responds to them or forwards them to the designated host.

 Integrates with BR Applications

 Facilitates anytime, anywhere services
 Transaction routing between the source and destination is key field based and configurable
 Supports BIN base transaction routing
 Supports interface to ATM proofing, POS transaction settlement, interchange transaction
 Interface with Host security Module (HSM)
 Supports hardware and software based security
 Easy integration with regional, national and international interchange such as Master Card,
VISA, Amex etc


 Integrates easily to other electronic devices and financial solutions thus making deployment of
different alternate channels easy and seamless
 Provides an easy to user interface to touch point devices, thus providing easy to use service for
customers using ATM, Interactive kiosk, POS and PDAs
 Provides fully customizable modules for accessing external content , transaction services
networks and internal billing such as VISA and Master Card , Mobile portal , Telephone
banking and Mobile prepaid services

BR ATM Switch
The ATM is an automated teller machine which can dispense cash and accept other requests
like balance enquiry, funds transfer from the customer, etc. To identify the customer, the machine uses
a magnetic strip card which is issued by the bank and with the authentication of the PIN it can secure
the transactions. The transactions accepted by the ATM are routed to the ATM Switch which
authenticates the PIN with the hardware security module and interacts with the other core banking
applications and if necessary routes the transaction to the third party switching network. It accepts the
response and handles the responses to the ATM.
Craft Silicon Limited provides the ATM switch known as the‘Banker Realm ATM Switch ‘ and also
lease ATM machines to customers who are using Bankers Realm core financial applications as well as
non - Bankers Realm core financial applications customers. The main types of ATM leased to
customers are NCR, Wincor, GRG, Fungishtu and Triton. The hardware provided, depend heavily on
the financial institution specification on services provided by ATM. The specifications can include the
security mechanism preference, customer identification preference (biometric or magnetic strip, pin
code etc.), device installation (on wall or stand alone) and others. The ATM machine uses Win 0S2,
NT and XP operating system, and is highly scalable to any core banking RDBMS, core banking and
core microfinance application, and any other EFT channel vendors.


 Pin change
 Enquiries - Balance, account info, mini statement, full statement, Forex rates
 Financial services - Cash withdrawal, bill payments, deposit (cash, cheques and mixed cash &
 Perform mobile top-up
 Ability to do multicurrency transactions
 Ability to process internal transfer
 Currency exchange
 Biometric features (Fingerprint)
 Deposit currency recognition, acceptance, recycling and exchange
 Able to access the database on real time basis
 Multilingual

To Customers

 Provides easy-to-use interface, with a simple menu to access different banking services
 Provides customer friendly error and warning messages on transactions
 Provides easy to read and understand customer statements
 Provides one-stop integration of payments, from mobile to bank, or other banks
To Business

 Provides better and anytime, anywhere access to the bank account and services
 Increases revenues through use of ATM
 Easy advertisement portal, for news, announcements of new products and services

Financial inclusions

BR Banking @ Home

With the world changing into a global market, internet has become one of the major platforms
for business, communication, marketing and deploying solutions. Financial institutions are now gearing
their business towards the internet platform through advertising, running their application,
communication and now providing their services to their customers. One of the main ventures is
through internet banking, where a customer can access banking services right at their convenience and
comfort. Craft Silicon prides itself in proving that any core banking solution can integrate to provide
their customer service through internet banking – BR Banking@Home. BR-Banking@Home software
is written in one of the most popular visual programming languages available in the market today.
Since the software is designed using open database technology (ODBC), it can handle a wide range of

Banks can set up their own web page that can provide some of the general information about the bank
to the Banking@Home users and the guest users. A guest user may browse the web page and can
optionally get some of the general information like currency rates, product highlights, financial
statements and more. An IBS user will be able to get some more options like the account balance,
transaction details, and transfer of funds to his or her accounts etc.

The BR Banking@Home Solution will allow users to log in to the bank account either as a guest user
for demo or as an authorized account holder for access to the account. It allows authorized users to
access all their accounts on one page.

BR Banking@Home shows details of the accounts, up-to-date transactions in the form of statements
that is done on online and real time basis.

 Displays multiple account balance

 Account Transactions
 Transfer of Funds
 Stop Payment Request
 Account Turnover and Other Statistics
 Send mails/Read mails
 Configure email and other alerts
 Flexible bill payments

To Customers

 Provides easy-to-use interface

 Provides add-on utilities for loan inquiry, forex exchange request, funds transfer request,
interest calculators, news updates, account opening and others.
 Provides an investment portal with latest stock rates in market
 Provides online help on how to use the application
 Runs on low bandwidth

To Businesses

 Provides better and anytime, anywhere access to the bank account and services
 Reduces customers’ queue on enquiries
 Provides an avenue to update customers on news, events, and new products and services
BR Trucell

Mobile industry is a highly dynamic, growing sector that financial institutions are engaging
into. With a vast number of people owning a mobile for communication, financial institutions are now
integrating their services right into the palm of their customers. Craft silicon is no exception.

TruCell, a mobile banking application, integrates easily to any core banking application to enable
customers and bank users to access their financial services right in the palm of their hand.

Also known as ‘the Mobile Banker,’ TruCell is an application that runs on almost all java and internet
enabled mobile phones. Some of the features fully depend on phone capabilities that have camera and
Bluetooth. TruCell connects to core banking financial solutions using the Bankers Realm switch –


 System Settings Options

 Transaction Processing
 Account Opening
 Loan Application
 Balance Inquiry
 Mini Statement
 Funds Transfer


To Customers

 24-hr easy access to the account

 Online and real time update of the bank account status
 Allows transfer of funds from one account to another and bill payments
To Businesses

 Provides better and anytime, anywhere access to the bank account and services
 Reduces cost of customer service
 Increases customer service base due to better services


Over the years the use of short detailed messages has evolved from ‘a message in a bottle,’ to
‘messenger boy’ to ‘telegraphs’ and now to ‘mobile devices that sent instant message with milliseconds
of delay,’ therefore providing prompt response. In a busy business world, customers want information
on their fingertips instantly. It is in this urgency that financial organizations have narrowed down their
customer queries into structure short message service (SMS) requests that are responded to instantly,
therefore reducing customer queries queues in the banks. This in turn increases customer service
efficiency. SMS Banking is an ongoing technology that financial institutions use to reach to their
customers, and customers to reach to their banks at their own convenience.

Craft Silicon Limited introduces BMobile, a state of the art SMS Banking application that provides any
bank running any core banking applications a solution to reach to its customers through their mobile

BMobile is an add-on module that is installed on a PC on the bank’s network with a GSM modem
connected to it, or with a direct connection to a mobile service provider via the Internet. It has the
capability to handle 2 types of transactions:

 Pull SMS transactions - At a request of the customer, BMobile can send information to the
bank customer’s mobile. Examples of pull messages for information include an account balance
enquiry or requests for current information like currency exchange rates and deposit interest
rates, as published and updated by the bank, loan application, disbursement or deposit maturity.
 Push SMS transactions - These can also be called as ‘Alerts’, automatically picked up from
the respective fields in the database and sent to the customer. Example of push messages could
include bank marketing messages or alert messages on an event which happens in the
customer's bank account, such as a large withdrawal of funds from the ATM or a large payment
using the customer's credit card, account credit or other customer alerts request.

 Balance enquiry
 Currency rates Alert and Request
 Funds transfer, inter/ intra-account
 Mobile top-up
 Bill payments
 Merchant payments
 Transfer funds
 Mobile service integration for Payments


To Customers

 Easy access to requests and inquires on bank services and account status
 Saves time and money on request made for bank services
 Get updates on new products and services by the bank right at finger tips

To Businesses

 Increases revenues through push and pull SMS services cost

 Reduces customers queue on enquiries
 Easy reach to customers for news and updates through SMS
 Creates a better ‘know your customer’ opportunity
 Facilitates better reach and increase in business customer base

The support team works closely with other teams within Craft Silicon to ensure that all client business
needs are attended to in a timely manner and as per client expectations. Any issues reported by our
customers is attended to in highly professional manner, and tested to ensure delivery of quality work.
The team includes:

• Head of Support and Implementation (Core Financial Solutions and Alternate

• Heads of Division
• Project Managers
• Senior Support and Implementation Engineers
• Support Engineers
• Help Desk Engineers

Other teams involved include: Development, Quality Assurance Department, Reporting Division and
the Sales and Marketing Department who work closely with support team.

At Craft Silicon, we look at our support process as:

• Implementation / Post Implementation Support & Issue Resolution.

• Attending to the client issues to enable them to operate smoothly.
• Based on the terms and agreement between client and Craft Silicon written under
the (Annual Maintenance Contract) AMC.
• Off Site – online
• On Site – Support engineers visit the client site.

Any staff member of Craft Silicon can provide support to the client but the responsibility primarily lies
with the Support and Implementation Department and its engineers.

The support process will normally include the following main activities:

1. Issue reporting and capture

2. Analysis
3. Issue Resolution
4. Testing
5. Documentation
6. Deployment of the Solution
7. Project Monitoring Tool Update
8. Issue Closure

Testing and Deployment

At Craft Silicon, issues resolved by our development team are first tested by our Quality Assurance
team (QA) before deployment. The main processes the QA team will follow are:

• Apply the solution developed on a fresh database.

• Test other operations related to the solution / issue
• Test other processes that could be affected by the solution
• Quality Assurance Test if applicable.
• Provide a Release Note to Support.
• Documentation provided by team of professional technical writers

The feedback provided to the client is in form of documentation Release Note, that includes details of
the resolution provided. The client is required to test the solution provided first from test server, give
feedback to Craft silicon support team and the based on results can be guided to deploy solution to the
main live database.

On Site Support

This will involve a support engineer visiting the client site to deploy the solution. In this case the
following must be included in the resolution process:

• All steps in the On-site checklist must be observed

• A back up must be taken before any changes are made
• Solutions must first be tested with the client in the test server
• The engineer can deploy if satisfactory
• The Client must sign off on the issues sorted
• The staff should carry an updated back up if required.