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From the Pastor’s Heart


A benediction (Latin: bene, well + dicere, to speak) is a short invocation for divine help,
blessing and guidance, usually at the end of worship service. Many Baptist worship
services conclude with a final prayer. But the benediction is something more than a
prayer. The word benediction means to say good thoughts, to pronounce truth, based on the
Principles of God.

With the exception of each first Sunday, when we join hands and sing “Bless be the tie that
binds,” I have given a benediction. I got that from Dr. James Flamming, long time pastor
of the First Baptist Church of Richmond. While I first thought it was theatrical, I realized
that pronouncing a blessing upon each person was in keeping with the spirit of our departure
from worship.

As my family and I are departing this church, it is appropriate to conclude with a benediction:

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face
shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up
his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."
(Numbers 6:24-26.)

Pastor John

From the Special Events Committee

There will be a farewell reception for Pastor John and Kristye, Leah and Eve
on Saturday, May 7 from 2 to 4 pm. Please save the date.

Notes from your Director of Christian Ministries

Kid’s Own Worship and Faith Discovery Centers for May

Parents and Guardians – You are invited visit your child’s classroom during Kid’s Own Worship or Faith
Discovery Centers at any time – our wonderful teachers would love for you to come and experience the
joy of learning about Jesus with your child. You might even find that God is calling you to serve in our
Children’s Ministry

Week Bible Memory Verse Bible Point

Story/Scriptu (all are NIrV unless otherwise noted)
May 1 Peter Explains And that's not all. We are full of joy even when we Jesus Brings
Belief in Jesus suffer. We know that our suffering gives us the Joy
1 Peter 1:3-9 strength to go on. The strength to go on produces
character. Character produces hope.
Romans 5:3-4
May 8 Jesus Returns “So you must go and make disciples of all nations. Go Tell
to Heaven Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Others About
Matt 28:16-20; Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey Jesus
Acts 1:1-11 everything I have commanded you. And you can
be sure that I am always with you, to the very
Matthew 28:19-20
May 15 Christians Care Let us consider how we can stir up one another to Encourage
for One love. Let us help one another to do good works. One Another
Another Let us not give up meeting together. Some are in
Psalm 23; the habit of doing this. Instead, let us cheer each
Acts 2:42-47 other up with words of hope. Let us do it all the
more as you see the day coming when Christ will
return. Hebrews 10:24-25
May 22 Stephen But make sure in your hearts that Christ is Lord. Stand Up for
Forgives His Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who Jesus
Accusers as asks you about the hope you have. Be ready to
They Stone give the reason for it. But do it gently and with
Him respect. 1 Peter 3:15
Acts 6:8-7:60
May 29 Paul Teaches in Don't you know who made everything? Haven't We Can Know
Athens you heard about him? The Lord is the God who God
Acts 17:16-31 lives forever. He created everything on earth. He
won't become worn out or get tired. No one will
ever know how great his understanding is. Isaiah

Bible Studies
Study of the Gospel of Matthew Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm.
You are welcome to join in at any time – Each week we view a video dramatization of the
NIV translation of a chapter of Matthew and then discuss the scripture presented. For
information, contact Carol Seeley or Brian Barnes.

Men’s Bible Study Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm.

Gather with other men to study and discuss scripture together. For information, contact
Frank Halbauer.

YOUTH NEWS and for your monetary gifts that will

allow the Youth to go to camp this
MOMENTUM NEWS summer. We hope that you can “visit”
the thank you card the Youth created on
the wall across from the choir room.
You will sometimes hear me say to Thank You!
the Youth “we serve an awesome and As we continue our monthly
mighty God”. Never has that statement mission projects we will be conducting a
been proven more than in the last month community food drive on April 23rd that
and even as we continue to look forward will benefit the food pantries of Calvin
to what God has in store for this ministry. Presbyterian and Lighthouse Community
The Barbeque Luncheon was a churches. I want to draw your attention
tremendous success because of your to Lighthouse Community Church in
faithfulness to follow God’s leading and particular; they are helping folks in their
your love and generosity for the Youth community so much that as I write this
Ministry and the Youth themselves. We article they have no food on their
were taken aback by the total amount of shelves. We pray that God will bless this
money that was raised … over $900.00! gathering of food in a great way and that
We cannot thank you enough for your gift it can be used to affect and change the
of time by being there for the luncheon lives of those who are in need.
As always, we invite anyone to join
us in our monthly mission projects! May With prayers and supplication to God for His
help, we can then see things function correctly.
your days be blessed! Life’s purpose is to worship and honor Him. “To
Your Humble Servant In Christ, Him be glory and dominion forever and forever.”
Brian Barnes (1 Peter 4:11) My prayer is that you will allow God’s
Agape love to reign in your life.
Mark Your Calendar for the following events
from the Rec Committee: Now, that’s a HAPPY feeling.

June 11 Family day at the beach Azalea Style

July 2 Independence Day Celebration 11-4 pm Mike Campbell, Deacon
July 22 Movie on the lawn TBA
October 30 Fall Festival 5-6 PM


“Feelings.” That is a title of a very popular “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of
song. It is also something we all have. Hopefully, witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin
there will be more happy feelings than sad ones. that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the
But, be assured, hurt is a part of life. That brings me race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the
author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before
to this point: Christ Jesus “has made us him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at
(Christians) Kings and Priests unto God and His the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:1-2 NIV)
Father (Rev. 1:6). We are members of the royal
priesthood of God. As mutual believers we need to AZALEA ON MISSION
have love and respect for each other.

We do not honor God if we fail to exercise APRIL and MAY

our authority as priest of the kingdom. Nor if we fail
to exercise our authority to proclaim His good news Gifts to the Easter Offering for
to a lost soul, to labor in His church, to not be Association and Virginia Missions
ashamed of our faith. We are always on call to will be received during April and
demonstrate our character when expressing our May. Our church-wide goal is $4500.00 – with
thoughts and opinions. 60% of the total gifts forwarded to the VBMB
for the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions
So, it’s important to conduct ourselves in a and 40% forwarded to NABA to fund MISSION
Christ-like manner. God’s Holy Word should guide IMPACT 2011.
our principles as we strive to live in and honor
Christ Jesus. God gives unto us “gifts”, some as MISSION IMPACT 2011 Emphasis:
evangelists, some as pastors and some as teachers. (based on Acts 1:8)
(Eph. 4:11) Those fields of service are time  Transforming Churches, Transformational
consuming and cannot be taken lightly. Anything Leadership Conferences (Jerusalem)
that is allowed to interfere in fulfilling a ministry is  Transforming Hampton Roads; Transformational
not of God and will eventually fail. We must be Leadership Conferences (Judea)
unified in seeking after God’s will and not our own  Partnering Domestically, Cross Cultural Ministries
understanding and desires. (Samaria)
 Partnering Internationally, Child Head-of-
We have mourned for our church and will no
Household Ministry (Ends of the Earth)
doubt mourn again. But, we should be mourning for
not praying and seeking God’s will and not for Easter Offering Mission gifts to date total $3500.00
earthly concerns. We don’t need to take time and
think in terms of a “blame game” or “guild trips.” APRIL and MAY
What we do need is time on our knees. God is not
going to let His church fail. The church will always To all you good cooks in Azalea, share your good
thrive when we have respect and love for the Lord cooking with others! Send your favorite recipes to be
and for each other.
You can send as many as you like. Contact Audrey
for more information.


We will host the annual outreach tea. -------------------------------------------

Date: Sunday May 22
Time: 2:30 to 4:30 Mark your calendar and plan to join us on Sunday,
May 22, at 3:00. This is when the workers will have
Look for your invitations an opportunity to experience VBS the way our
one for you and one for a relative or friend. children do. We will be learning the VBS theme
song, making and sampling several snacks, making
Join the fellowship, crafts, playing games and hearing Bible stories.
laughter, goodies and special teas.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE NAME OF JESUS? If you are planning to help in VBS this year, please
 Non-perishable food items for the food pantry
give your t-shirt size to Lynne G. by May 8.
 Transportation for Doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping
and other needs are being met There will be a final VBS meeting on Sunday, July
 Baskets of Love are being distributed
 Busy hands are crocheting/knitting prayer shawls
10. This will be following the 11:00 worship service,
 Sponsoring a child through the Door of Hope in S. Africa with lunch provided. We will be concentrating on the
 Collecting funds for Operation Smile VBS scenery and decorations at that time. Please call
 Donating through a Diaper Bag Ministry to assist work in the church office or let me know if you plan to attend.
 Our Youth are sponsoring a child in Africa
Jesus said, “When you have ministered to the least of
these, you have ministered unto me.” (Paraphrased
From the GEMS

Next Ladies Night Out: September


All ladies of the church are invited to the next GEMS

meeting on May 20 at 6:30 pm. This will be a hands
on project, and anyone who can cut, stuff, sew or tie
a knot is needed. Those of you who have a portable
sewing machine, please bring it with you.

We are still collecting the following items, please

leave them in the Mission Boxes.

Men’s gloves
Sweat pants of all sizes for men and women from
children’s through adult sizes
Sample size toothpaste,
Wash cloths, hand towels
Flat sheets – full size or larger
Large Zip Lock bags
Empty shoe boxes
Empty and clean bottles that Mrs. Buttersworth
syrup and bear bottles that honey comes in.