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The Christian

Fifth Avenue Church of Christ
115 W. Fifth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
740-654-0626 – e-mail:

May 3, 2011
Brad Seevers
Senior Minister
. David Tingler
Associate Minister
National Day of Prayer 2011
We will be holding our Annual National Day of Glen Shady
Prayer service on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 6 P.M. Youth Minister
The theme for this year’s event is “A Mighty (740-438-5257)
Fortress is Our God”, and is based on the verse from
Psalm 91:2 which states: “”I will say to the Lord, my
refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” Sunday Services
1st Worship
2nd Worship
Theme: “Angels”
10:30 a.m.
Menu: Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Bible School
Succotash, Cole Slaw, 9:15 a.m.
Pies and Angel Food Cake, Rolls
Coffee, Tea and Punch Evening Worship
Sunday School 91
1st Morning Worship 98
2nd Morning Worship 101
AVAILABILITY: As we move into the
Total Morning Worship 199 warmer months, I just want to remind
Evening Worship 116 everyone that my basic “work days” are
Family Reunion (04/27) 41 Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. I
Weekly Budget $ 4,471.00
Budget Received $ 4,592.00
do, however, remain flexible with
Easter $ 145.00 regard to additional hours, special needs
Cliff Byers Memorial $ 50.00 and emergencies.
Elders $ 27.00
IDES $ 10.00 SENIOR SAINTS: This is the “final
Women’s Prayer Breakfast $ 24.00
call” for “Senior Saints in the Smokies”.
Van Fund $ 48.00
Bloom Carroll Choir $ 120.00 If we are to attend, registrations must be
submitted within the next few days.
The dates of attendance would be May
At the Table 1st T. Puckett, P. Wersell 30 to June 3. If you are interested,
Serving 1st L. King, C. Mars, R. Ayers, D. Brown
contact me immediately.
At the table 2nd T. Puckett, Nick Hinson
Serving 2nd L. King, D. Taylor, D. Thornton
N. Tomlinson, R. Troutman JUNE EVENT: I am planning a trip to
Pastor of the Week Tom Puckett Greenville, Ohio, on June 29, to visit the
PM Deacon Larry King KitchenAid plant and the Garst Museum
which features the Annie Oakley and
Offering Counters Team 5
Lowell Thomas collections. Watch this
COMMUNION PREPARATION space for more specific information
1ST Worship Brenda Hines regarding travel plans and costs.
2nd Worship Sue Tingler
THE WILDS: It is our plan that we
1ST Worship Ray & Mary Alice Coats visit this wild animal exhibit on July 27.
2 Worship Don Taylor, Dorothy Henderly
NURSERY WEDNESDAYS: You are invited to
Sunday School
Laura Wersell, Thea Kallenberg join us each week at 10:00am or 6:00pm
2 Worship Marie Huffman, Kim Seevers for our study on 1 Corinthians.
Preschool Helper Carolyn May
Early Elementary Helper Thea Kallenberg
Upper Elementary Helper Becky Hoagland
6-8 Grade Helper Delores Payne continuing the series from Proverbs. On
Visitor Center 1st Worship Shirley Marsh May 8, the theme, from Proverbs 10:22
Visitor Center 2 Worship Deb Cooper is, “Escaping Earthly Mindedness”. On
SECURITY May 15, the title is “Life’s Most
1st Worship David Will Dangerous Word”, as found in Proverbs
Bible School Ray Coats 27:1. (The Lord’s Supper is available at
2nd Worship Mike Cooper
Evening Worship Jim Puckett
this 6:00pm service.)
We are, currently, in need of an At the Table 1st Fred Griffith and Glen Shady
additional adult classroom on our George Lambert, Ralph Conrad, Jack
Serving 1st
main floor. Therefore, we plan to nd
Hardwick, Bill Kelly
At the table 2 Fred Griffith and Jim Cox
relocate most of the material that has Serving 2nd George Lambert, Nick Hinson, Patrick
accumulated in the old “choir Hinson, Neal Rudolph, Don Taylor
room”, in order to make use of it as Pastor of the Week Fred Griffith
a class room. The choir robes, hand PM Deacon George Lambert
bells, some cantata books and some Offering Counters Team 1
music will be moved to another
area. However, much of the old COMMUNION PREPARATION
1ST Worship Brenda Hines
musical material is outdated and will 2nd Worship Sue Tingler
be eliminated. There is, also, a
piano we would be glad to give to GREETERS
anyone willing to move it. If you 1ST Worship Don and Judy Gardner
2 Worship Jim and Bev Puckett
would like any of the old sheet NURSERY
music or the piano, contact Don Sunday School Laura Wersell and Courtney Beiter
Taylor, Dave Tingler or Brad 2nd Worship Nick and Tracy Hinson
Preschool Helper Debbie Cooper
Seevers. You have until May 15 to Early Elementary Helper Nancye Rose
claim any of the items. Upper Elementary Helper Larry King
6-8 Grade Helper Mike Cooper
Happenings this week and next….. Visitor Center 1st Worship Mary Alice Coats
May 6 – Dorcas work day for Mother- Visitor Center 2nd Worship Cindy Cox
Daughter Banquet – 10am until…..
May 7 – Crafter’s Bee – 10am – 1:00pm SECURITY
1st Worship Dan Brown
Mother-Daughter Banquet – 6:00pm
Bible School Paul Hoagland
May 8 – Carriage Court service, 2:00pm 2nd Worship Jim Puckett
Oversight Meeting, 7:00pm Evening Worship Dick Shumaker

May 12 – Elders Meeting, 6:00pm

Movie We extend our deepest

sympathy to Doris Byers and
Night at family on the death of her
the church husband, Cliff. Memorial
Friday, service was held here at the
church on Monday, April
May 13th 25th. Our thoughts and
7:00pm prayers are with you and
your family.
The book to be
discussed at the May
meeting is “Medical
Error” by Richard
Mabry. This book is
available for purchase
“Get Real” Life Group will May 23 for $12.00 in the church
6:30pm office.
not meet this Sunday, May 7.
However, they will meet at A note to say “thanks”
to everyone who brought
Tim & Marie Huffman’s cookies to share in the
home on May 15th at 6:00pm. fellowship following the
concert by the Bloom
The study is from 1 John. Carroll Chamber Singers
last Sunday evening!


The Women’s Sunday School class is
planning an overnight retreat to
Round Lake Christian Camp on May
13 & 14. The main speaker will be
Love Lockman from Seymour
Curious 303 is designed to assist you in Christian Church in Seymour,
discovering your spiritual gifts. We Indiana. Registration forms are on the
want to help shape you for ministry at Women’s Bulletin Board. Please
FACC. As our congregation continues to make checks payable to Round Lake
grow, we will have an increasing need Christian Camp. Any questions,
for more people to serve and volunteer contact Beverly Puckett, 654-4472.
in ministry. Our class meets in the main Please join us for this time of
lobby. Please join us to see how God fellowship with other Christian
may use you for His kingdom work. women.
Our Men’s Golf League will begin the week of May 22nd
and we will use the Pleasant Valley Golf Course for our
matches. All those who have told me of their interest will
receive an introductory letter about how the league will
function by the end of next week. If you have not contacted
me yet as to your participation, please do so by this Sunday.
If you have any questions, call me at 740.550.9882.
“A Note from brAd….”
May 4- This will be our last Mayberry night. I hope you have enjoyed these special
studies based upon the “simple life”.

May 8- This Sunday we will honor our MOTHERS at FACC. On this day I will share
a special sermon for these wonderful people in our lives. In addition we will have a
time of prayer for those who gave us life. Outside of our relationship with Jesus Christ,
it has been said “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden,
fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice
with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling
to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of
darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” Come celebrate with us and bring
your mother.
May 13- Family Movie Night @ FACC. All the fun begins at 7 P.M.
MAY 15-FRIENDS DAY AT FACC. On Sunday, May 15th, you are being encouraged
to invite your friends for a special morning service. I will preach a positive message
about friendships so if you know anyone that needs a good church home, please invite
them out that day. As I have shared before, 85% of “unchurched” people say they
would go to church if someone would just invite them. As usual, any visitor that attends
will be given one of our water bottles but in addition, we will have a few drawings for 2
lucky friends that will walk away with a nice prize. Most importantly, this may be the
first time your friend hears about “the friend who sticks closer than a brother-Jesus”.
Will you begin making your list today of who you plan to invite? The worst thing that
can happen is they will say NO. But something tells me they just might say YES!
May 22- If you are new to FACC, you are invited to a special reception
immediately following the 10:30 service. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall for 15
minutes. This is a great opportunity to meet our staff and ask questions about the
church. We will serve cookies and drinks. Please join us.

Final thought: “Whatever you give your attention to is the thing that
governs your life.”
In His Service,
Brad, Eph. 3:20-21
Our Prayer Requests
John Swartz Elanor Adrion Norma George Judy Smith Wilma Wilson
Bob Black Wanda Dickson (Crestview) Frances Trimmer Mark Miller, Jr. Barbara Benadum
Dorothy Herman Jeane Goldfarb (home) Lois Wilson Pete & Markele Kandra Millie Hoy
Our Troops Patricia Hoffman-Weitsman Deb Dobson Joe Lockhart Unspoken
Upcoming Events
May 22
Graduation Sunday
Seniors in High School
will be recognized during
the church services. Children of God...
"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old
June 20-24
he will not turn from it." -- Proverbs 22:6
Vacation Bible School
5:00pm - Meal Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street
5:25-8:00 - Programming We are excited to be fast approaching Vacation Bible School. This
year we are transforming the church into Main Street, a place
Prayer Concerns where the people are all a little different. They show kindness and
Vacation Bible School love to each other. It is just a little inside out and upside down from
Planning how most people act. I wonder why these people are so different…
 Seniors in High School Vacation Bible School is really one of those things that has shaped
as they are about to my life. Not only did I have the privilege of being part of a church
move on with some big family that did an amazing job with VBS, but I got to see my mom
changes in their lives. and the few other ladies that worked with her from behind the
 That God would raise up scenes. Their dedication to putting together a week that kids could
remember for years to come still inspires me when I plan VBS here
workers from within the
at FACC. It may seem dramatic to say “remember for years to
church who are come,” but this is my experience. I still have so many great
passionate about memories from VBS. Worship times, missionaries, the same
working with young teachers every year, my mom getting tarred and feathered with
people pancake syrup, and the list goes on. I hope to never lose these
memories, and we are hoping to create a VBS that impacts the
children in Lancaster just as deeply.
BYOS Party!
It would be sad, though, if a child missed out on this opportunity
Monday, May 9 needlessly. When I was little, my brother and I went to daycare
6:00pm - 8:00pm since both my parents worked. When VBS rolled around my mom
Bring your own had it arranged so that many of the other kids at daycare could
scissors to help come and she would take the time to pick them up and get them
prepare VBS there. Now I imagine she could have easily copped out of doing
decorations. this as she was generally busy enough with VBS week, but she did
not because VBS was something she wanted to share. I wonder if
We will stop promptly at any of you have situations like this. Over the next month think
8:00pm no matter how about talking with that boy that lives across the street or calling that
much may be left to do. If girl who is a friend with your daughter at school. Would it not be
you can handle scissors amazing if everyone who was already coming to VBS pulled into
and/or rubber cement, you the parking lot with a car full of kids? For many of you I am sure
can help us with VBS. this is doable and you never know you may be creating lifelong
Hope to see you there. memories with eternal blessings.