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Our last lesson was about social interactionism and two important psychologists of it.

We are born into the social world and share something with others around us so we
use the language to do something/ask your favor through social interaction. Thus, we
make our own sense of the world through these interactions. First important
psychologist in social interactionism is Vygotsky. According to him, a child need
someone to move into next stage during his/her childhood so social interaction is so
essential to the tranmission of culture, development of thinking and occurance of
learning via language. The concept of Mediation plays an important role of learners’
lives. A child can move into next knowledge with the help of his/her mediator that
can be a parent, a teacher or peer. The role of the Mediator is to help a child to find
ways of learning. As a teacher, the basic role is to help learners and create confidence
atmosphere to find their ways through guiding learners by asking good questions.
Other concept is the zone of proximal development. It is the gap between what a
learner has already mastered (the actual level) and what he/she can achieve when
provided with educational support (potential development). It pushes learners beyond
their knowledge, It helps them to reach their potential. Moreover, holistic view is
important. It should be holistic. We should give the meanings through interactions as
a whole with all its complexity, not piece by piece. Feuerstein is important figure in
the social interactionist movement. He developed someways for children who are
incapable of learning at school. Ways of education are important. Anyone can become
a fully effective learner. Learners are unique. Intelligence is modifiable and
intelligence can be learned,taught ;in this way, education has much greater role than
might have been previously imagined. Structural cognitive modifiability helps
students to develop cognitive fuctions and operations to build cognitior. Cognitive
skills are necessary for independent thinking.
I had some difficulty in figuring out some aspects of Feurstain maybe I should more
focus on it.
I believe I may use social interactionism in my teaching by guiding my students to
reach their potential with the help of my speacial care. I should teach them how to
learn. I can give some responsibilities to be collaborative with each other. Peer or
group works activities can be done. Also, i can help them to see their own potential. I
should also make two different learners at different levels interact with each other.
Relieved/relax funny lively atmosphere can be created. Feelings of students are so