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(Automated Teller Machine)

Automated Teller Machine

Scope:-This project is used to increase the comfort of the people to withdraw the
amount. As it covers wide range of geographical area, so as to support distributed
system. To use this ATM service one should be an account holder in the bank whether it
may be savings or current account. The main aim of this software is to withdraw the
amount, to check the balance and to change the pin code.


• User must be able to check the balance.

• User must be able to withdraw the amount.
• User must be able to change the pin code etc...

Use case diagram for an ATM system

Enter PIN

Check Balance



Change PIN

Class diagram for an ATM system

Cus tom er
B ank
nam e
nam e
plac e
plac e
addres s
addCus tom er()
depos it()

A tm M ac hine

S avings A c c ount Current A c c ount

withdraw() withDraw()
depos it() depos it()
F unc tional K ey K ey P ad

Sequence diagram for an ATM system

User KeyPad ATMMachine

1: Insert card

2: Validatecard

3: Pleaseinsert Validcard

4: Enter PinNumber

5: Pin Number

6: ValidatePinNumber

7: WrongPinEnter Currect One

8: Select TransactionType

9: Enter The Amount ToWithDraw

10: Amount In Digits

11: Check Balance

12: Can't WithDrawUr Balanceis Low

13: DoUwant Receipt

14: Yes / No

15: PleaseCollect Ur Money &Receipt

16: DoUwant Continue Yes / No

17: No

18: Thanks YouFor Using Our ATMService

Collaboration diagram for an ATM system

User KeyPad

1: Insert card
3: Please insert Valid card 5: Pin Number
4: Enter P in Number 10: Amount In Digits
7: W rong Pin Enter Currect One 14: Yes / No
8: Select Transaction Type 17: No
9: Enter The Amount To W ithDraw
12: Can't W ithDraw Ur Balance is Low
13: Do U want Receipt
15: Please Collect Ur M oney & Receipt
16: Do U want Continue Yes / No
18: Thanks You For Using Our ATM Service

ATM Machine

2: Validate card
6: Validate P in Number
11: Check Balance

Collaboration diagram for Invalid PIN

State Chart diagram for an ATM system

Component diagram for Banking System

customer console ATM machine

ATM transaction

Account info

Employee console
Card reader Bank Database

Webpage Client desktop

webmerchant transactrion

online transaction client desktop transaction

Deployment diagram for Banking System

Customer may be
ATM card holder,
ATM Machine
credit/debit card holder or
providing services of
an online user of
ATM transaction
a Bank

ATM Machine
Customer Console Bank Database
keeping the details of
each and every account

Bank Database Client Desktop

Card Reader

Client Desktop
providing services of
banking at desks

Web Page Employee Console

Card reader Each employee at

providing services of Bank given a desktop
Web Page and provided with own
credit/debit tranmsaction
providing services of id & password for login to
online transaction the Bank's Database