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For three decades KEBO AG has designed and manufactured Our in house production capability is constantly updated to

high performance injection moulds for the highest outputs maintain the highest standards. In addition we support a lean
of plastic products for the medical, pharmaceutical, labora- organisation structure for the benefit of our customers.
tory and cosmetic industries. This experience is mirrored in
the packaging sector for thin wall products, IML and closures. We support our customers on a local basis and have an
excellent network with collegues in the plastics industry
A core principle of the company is to operate and display worldwide.
a high level of professionalism and competence to both
customers and suppliers.

Rundbuckstrasse 12 telephone +41 (0) 52 674 14 14

CH-8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall fax +41 (0) 52 674 14 00
Switzerland e-mail
Injection mould technology web
Seit über drei Jahrzehnten stellt die KEBO Seit über drei Jahrzehnten stellt die KEBO
AG in höchster Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit AG in höchster Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit
innovative Hochleistungs-Spritzgiess- innovative Hochleistungs-Spritzgiess-
formen her, die für die Produktion von formen her, die für die Produktion von
Medizinal-, Labor-, Pharmaprodukten, Medizinal-, Labor-, Pharmaprodukten,
Verschlüssen und Verpackungen, IML ein- Verschlüssen und Verpackungen, IML ein-
gesetzt werden. gesetzt werden.

Wir unterhalten eine hohe Fertigungstiefe, Wir unterhalten eine hohe Fertigungstiefe,
verfügen über moderne Produktionsmittel verfügen über moderne Produktionsmittel
und eine schlanke Organisationsstruktur. und eine schlanke Organisationsstruktur.
Eine gut ausgebildete und motivierte Eine gut ausgebildete und motivierte
Mitarbeiterschaft ist das eigentliche Kapital Mitarbeiterschaft ist das eigentliche Kapital
von KEBO AG. von KEBO AG.

Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden direkt vor Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden direkt vor
Ort und verfügen über ein umfassendes Ort und verfügen über ein umfassendes
Netzwerk im ganzen Spritzgiessprozess. Netzwerk im ganzen Spritzgiessprozess.

Our strengths Our partnership

• High performance injection moulds with1 a large number 04.01.12 14:4
• Well equipped technology center enables detailed
of cavities and stack moulds process analysis

• C
 lean room compatible,a stable process and long • Comprehensive support and after sales service,
product durability worldwide

• M
 odular and compact designs, reliable 100 % inter- • Well qualified and reliable project managers guaran-
changeability of the mould and hotrunner components tee comprehensive consultancy in the concept phase
and perfect coordination throughout the project
• W
 ell thought out mould concepts, in house designed
and built hot runner technology, high level of production • Co-operation based on partnership ensures an
capability impressive return on investment

Our guarantee
• Private owned company since 1979
with worldwide references

• Decades of experience in the com-

plete injection moulding process

• Reliable data chain management

with an integrated system, complete
documentation at all stages of
manu facture

• Complete service from initial con-

sultation, engineering design
through to mould and process

• Mould with CE conformity marking

Reduction of moulded part cost
In order to reduce moulded part cost,
an optimal mould design is crucial. Here
is an example of how to reduce the cool-
ing time by 40% and improve moulded
part quality by means of an optimal
mould and gating design (picture 1).

This pharmaceutic spray head, which de-

mands high precision and optical qual-
ity, has been traditionally injected later-
ally by means of a semi hot runner with
2 gates. KEBO has now manufactured
a full hot runner injection mould, where
the part can be injected by means of a
lateral full hot runner system developed
by KEBO. This provides a better process
control as well as higher productivity.
Due to the elimination of the sprue and Picture 1
runner the cycle time is significantly re-
Semi-hot runner vs. Full-hot runner
The direct savings potential is clearly
displayed in the cost comparison chart.
The slides are operated through slid-
ing blocks which in turn are moved by
hydraulic cylinders, this reduces the risk
of contamination in the shut off areas as
well as eliminating the need of angle pin
slide actuation.

Our philosophy is to work closely with

our customers to find the best solutions
for their problem.

Picture 2

- conformity in mould making

In the mould making industry the issue able equipment“ and thus would be
of CE marking obligation is being con- subject to CE marking.
tinually discussed and challenged. De- Because safety is of great importance to
pending on the interpretation of the KEBO AG we offer our customers CE
machine guidelines 2006/42/EC, the in- marking on our injection moulds (inter-
jection mould is defined as “interchange- changeable equipment).
High Performance moulds – taken to the limit
In all plastic processing industries –
Medical/Pharmaceutical or Packaging/
Closures – the demand for high output
yields can only be satisfied with high
performance moulds. What character-
ises a high performance mould? The
answer is optimized cycle times, raw
material savings through direct injec-
tion instead of cold runners and part
design improvements (particularly in
the packaging and closures industries),
long uninterrupted production run ca-
pability, long mould life, user and ser-
vice friendly design.
These demands have a significant influ-
ence on the part price calculation. As
can be seen in the graph shown, the
larger the required yearly yield is, the
larger the percentage of material costs
is per part. Furthermore, the part cost
is naturally reduced when the same
Part cost in relation to high performance moulds
equipment is used to produce a higher (Example of a packaging product)
yield. 30.00

With the reduction in wall thickness and

cycle times alone, the physical limits are
Part cost per thousand

often reached in the packaging indus-

try. In the example shown; an extremely
thin wall section and high flow path 15.00
ratio has been realised for this 200 ml
IML packaging container. A highly com- 10.00

petitive part price has

been achieved for 5.00

this part, using

an 8 cavity injec- 0.00
4-cavity standard 4-cavity mould 8-cavity standard 8-cavity mould
tion mould on a mould high perfor- mould high perfor-
mance mould mance mould
4200 KN injection Material costs
machine with a 4.7 Direct Machine and equipment costs
Floor Area and Capital costs
second cycle time Running Costs (elec. + water)
Direct wage and overhead costs
(including IML). Direct Mould costs (depreciation + maintenance)

Expansion of the Sales Team

Andrew SARGISSON will increase the Sargisson has operated in Europe, India
sales and marketing capacity for the and North America and his experience
company on a global basis, developing will prove invaluable to KEBO as they
business in new and existing territories continue to expand in these markets.
through contacts built up with his 25
years in the injection moulding busi- Andrew SARGISSON can be contacted
ness. His focus has always been in the via the following methods:
medical and packaging sectors of the telephone +41 (0) 52 674 14 47
industry and matches perfectly the mar- mobile +41 (0) 79 576 61 23
kets served by KEBO. e-mail

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