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University College of Northern Denmark


5 17 international programmes University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) is a newly merged

6 Why study in Denmark institution working in the fields of education, development, applied
8 What Denmark and Aalborg can offer you research and innovation. UCN is active in healthcare and wellness,
13 Academic life at UCN T&B social studies and education, technology and business, training
16-32 AP and BA Programmes in English and lifelong learning. We have over 7000 students in full degree
programmes and more than 9000 part-time students undergoing
16 Financial Management (AP)
continuing and further education and training. As a regional institu-
17 Marketing Management (AP)
tion we service the top of Denmark.
18 Hospitality, Service & Tourism Management (AP)
19 International Sales & Marketing Mangement (BA)
At the University College we have a department of Technology
20 International Hospitality Mangement (BA) & Business (T&B). This brochure presents all the 17 programmes
21 Sport Management (BA) taught fully in English within the Technology and Business study
22 Financial Management and Services (BA) fields.
23 Export Sales and Technology Management (BA)
24 Computer Science (AP) UCN Technology & Business has longstanding links with business,
25 Multimedia Design & Communication (AP) industry, public sector and professional organisations, and our
26 IT Network and Electronics Technology (AP) commitment to being Denmark’s leading academy of professional
27 Design & Technology (Graphics) (AP) higher education means you benefit from our drive to ensure that
28 Web Development (BA) you, our graduates, are the first choice for employers.

29 Software Development (BA)

30 E-Concept Development (BA)
31 Energy Technology (AP)
32 Architectural Technology and Construction Management (BA)
33 Accommodation - housing in Aalborg
34 Fees and finances
36 General information
37 The Danish Higher Education System

Some of the information provided in this brochure may be

subject to change. Always check our website for the latest
updated information:

Whatever you want to do - or if you theories, we also make sure you the opportunity to develop UCN Technology & Business’
you’re not quite sure yet - we’ll you know how to use them in the skills you need for your doors are open to Danish as
do everything to boost your op- practice on real challenges that career and thereby increases well as international students
portunities and help you on your occur in real life companies. your employability and entre- from all over the world. All our
way to a happy and successful UCN Technology & Business preneurship. programmes are taught in Dan-
future career. works closely with experienced ish, but an increasing number
From Business to Hospitality, business people to organise our UCN Technology & Business (17) also in English.
IT & Technology, every one of teaching programmes. offers professional academic
our programmes are designed programmes to students who UCN Technology & Business
to develop the skills employers Practical experience in business need quick access to a business is there for you and for your
are looking for - we focus on or industry gives you a real ad- career and we reach our goals career.
applied management skills = vantage when you start looking through a modern teaching
meaning that we not only teach for jobs. We offer work relations approach, high quality learning
on all our programmes, giving facilities and committed staff
and students.


Ash Govender, South Africa

“I enrolled at University of Northern Denmark (formerly

Annamaria Kubovcikova, Slovakia
NOEA) in September 2005 on the AP Marketing Management
programme and graduated in 2007. I had the opportunity to enroll at Aalborg Uni-
“After graduating from the UCN T&B Marketing Management programme, I contin- versity to complete a bachelor’s degree (Bsc. Economics and Business Administration).
ued my studies in Aarhus at the Aarhus School of Business (ASB), master programme After completion of the bachelor programme, I continued my studies on the 2 years
in International Economic Consulting. Master’s Degree in Msc. International Business Economics which I successfully com-
I enjoyed the time at UCN and have a lot of positive memories. I think it is a great pleted in August 2010. At present, I am trying to use my newly acquired qualifications
institution to start an education, especially for a foreigner, like me. I needed the time to to apply for jobs. I would also like to thank University College of Northen Denmark for
get accustomed to the new environment and new way of learning. So I can see I have laying the foundation and paving the way for me to achieve academic success”.
an advantage in my graduate studies over the people who just came to Denmark, be-
cause I am used to applying theory in the exams and I am used to the Danish way of Anders Lund Olsen, Denmark
lecturing and studying in general. I appreciated the group work at UCN; it has taught
me how to work in teams. I am working in a voluntary organisation AIESEC as a Vice “I’m at the Sport Management BA programme at UCN and at the moment, I’m on my
President of External Relations. 4 months internship at Dowling College in New York, USA. I’m working
I am using the marketing and sales background that I got in UCN for accomplishing with some very exciting assignments and I have also been given
my goals in the organisation. Although I have decided to concentrate on economics quite some responsibility. I’m primarily working with communi-
more than on marketing, UCN gave me an overview of the business studies, introduc- cation and marketing handling different tasks relating to their
tion to cross-cultural and team-based work and last but not least applied approach to website such as student assignments
education (which is used in ASB as well)”. and home matches from various sport branches. And in coopera-
tion with my manager here, I’ve already found a thesis for my final
bachelor project which is also of value to Dowling College. I’ve been
assigned the task to promote our home matches through different
Louise Holk, Denmark
marketing strategies and thus motivate the students to attend these matches. This
has provided me with many exciting tasks and a lot of information for my bachelor
“In 2008, I graduated from the Hospitality, Service & Tourism project. All in all, the internship is highly challenging both professionally as well as
Management programme at UCN. During my internship, I personally as I live in a foreign culture and need to create a new network in New York”.
had worked 5 months in Dubai – United Arab Emirates - at the
Ritz Carlton in the Rooms Division (Front office, Guest Relations
Mykhailo Bevz, Ukraine
and Concierge). As a direct result of my internship experience and knowledge
from Ritz Carlton, I was, after graduation, employed as the Guest Relations Manager ”I graduated from the Marketing Management programme at UCN
for the NP Hotels (D’Angleterre, FRONT, Hotel Kong Frederik). It was an entirely new T&B in 2009. After an intensive search for jobs, I started as Account
position at the NP Hotels so I started from scratch and was responsible for all the Manager for Nordsign A/S in Hadsund, DK in November 2010
Guest Relations departments at these hotels. In 2009, I had the chance once again to working with CPM/ERP system analysis and implementation, sales
move to Dubai and to work as a marketing coordinator for an oil trading company, force automation planning and the company website. At UCN, the
International Bunkering Middle East DMCC. Concurrently with my jobs, I’ve been most important courses were, in my opinion, International Market-
studying for the diploma in business administration (HD) at CBS, Copenhagen where ing and Global Communications. As well as Danish law, Economics
I completed the first part in the summer of 2010 and has now started on the second and Financial management. IM course gave general marketing framework
part, however, virtually as I’m living and working in Dubai”. giving us an understanding of interconnections of marketing mix in the context of
enterprise strategics and operation activities. GC introduces systematic approach to
dealing with foreign cultures, including the Danish culture. Second most important
aspect of education at UCN is group work, which prepares us to real life situations,
where reports must be delivered on time with limited amount of input information
and conclusions must be made and presented to the company management”.

UCN Technology & Business is a dynamic and innovative training institution that focuses on high quality
education with an emphasis on professional skills and personal competences.

In the table you can see the

unique numbers of 2-year AP
degree programmes we offer
and how they can be extended
to bachelor degrees by
another 1,5 year of studies –
Financial Management
called Top-up programmes.
Marketing Management The combination gives you two
different degrees/diplomas.
Hospitality, Service & Tourism
You can also study a full Bach-
Int. Sales & Marketing Management
elor programme 3,5 year in
International Hospitality Management one particular subject field.

Sport Management
Financial Management and Services

Export Sales and Technology Management

Multimedia Design & Communication

Computer Science

IT Network & Electronics Technology

Design & Technology (Graphics)

E-Concept Development

Web Development

Software Development
Energy Technology

Architectural Technology and Construction Management


Denmark is a modern welfare benefit from their co-operation Danish higher education is fa- Higher education in Denmark
state with an international with business, industry as well mous for its innovative teaching is regulated by the state, and
outlook. The Danish knowledge- as research and development approach and high international all public institutions are subject
based economy, covering areas institutes, creating an enriching standards. The institutions offer to continuous approval and
such as biotechnology and food and vibrant learning environ- a dynamic study environment, evaluation processes. The
and environmental science, is ment for their students. emphasizing independent study, institutions have a high degree
highly developed. All Danish initiative and project-oriented of autonomy, but they are
higher education institutions learning. required to follow the national
regulations for e.g. teacher
As a student at a Danish higher qualifications, degree structures
education institution you are en- and examinations, including
couraged to play an active role a system of external examin-
in your learning process and ers. The regulations define the
take responsibility for planning national standards for Danish
and carrying out your projects, higher education and ensure
either independently or together that all students obtain an
with other students. In addition education of the highest quality.
to attending lectures you will A nationally established – fully
be expected to participate in independent – accreditation
discussions and continuously agency assures the quality and
develop your critical thinking the relevance of higher educa-
and analytical skills. tion programmes. Furthermore
many institutions have obtained
For international students, the international accreditation for
Danish approach to teaching their programmes.
and learning can introduce a
whole new way of studying and All institutions of higher
thinking, which will challenge education in Denmark use the
you and provide you with an European Credit Transfer and
excellent platform for your future Accumulation System (ECTS),
career. which facilitates European credit

(Source of information: IU/

Danish Agency for International
Education, an institution under
the Danish Ministry of Science,
Technology & Innovation)
In-coming exchange A DANISH
students EDUCATION
Due to the extensive network PROVIDES YOU
of partners that UCN T&B has WITH:
developed through many years
of active involvement in Interna- • Strong analytical
tional networks as EAIE, SPACE, and communicative
Nordplus, Leonardo, Erasmus skills
etc., we have a large number
of incoming exchange students • The ability to work
every year. These students are independently and
already enrolled in a higher in groups
education institution in Europe
or Australia or other places. • An international
An exchange student can study
at UCN T&B for one or two se- • A good foundation
mesters and choose a semester for your future ca-
at one of the 17 programmes reer
we have in English. A semester
covers 30 ECTS points. Students
wanting to be exchange students
at UCN T&B, are advised to
contact the international office at
their home university.
Danish Agency for
International Education

You can get more information Ministry of Science

Technology and Innovation

by contacting the International

office at

Application forms and learning

agreement can be found on

How much do you know about Denmark? Would it be a nice place to live and study?

According to the World Data- How come? Probably because it Foreigners living in Denmark The Danish language is spoken
base of Happiness, Denmark is a rich society characterised by benefit from the Danish welfare by approx. 6 million people,
tops the list of the world’s hap- a non-hierarchical structure and system on an equal footing with mainly in Denmark. The modern
piest countries. open democratic dialogue. Den- Danes. Danish alphabet is similar to the
mark has a very well organised English one, with three additio-
infrastructure all over the coun- Denmark is a happy northern nal letters: æ, ø, and å. Foreig-
try, almost no unemployment, a European country. Characteristic ners say that if you know some
welfare system that offers free of Denmark’s geography are the English and German, Danish is
doctors, hospitals, education many islands, a total of 407. not so difficult to read, and by
and a number of other good so- No point in the country is further making an effort you have a
cial benefits, very low crime rate than 50 km from the nearest chance to learn it while studying
and almost no poor people. sea or fjord. Mild climate all at UCN Technology & Business.
year round: warm summers and
not severe winters, moderated Knowing the Danish language
by the effects of the warm Gulf will increase your job opportu-
Stream. nities, not only in Denmark, but
also in Scandinavian companies

Facts about Denmark and the Danes

• Denmark’s population in • Denmark is a constitutional

2009 was approximately monarchy and the head of
5.4 million people. state is Queen Margrethe II.

• Denmark is known for its • Denmark was the heartland

commitment to human rights of Viking society during the
and fight for sustainable Viking age.
• Informality is a key word for
• Denmark has a long tradition the Danes.
for life-long education.
• Denmark is a Mecca for
• Most of the Danes prefer going admirers of modern design,
to work by bicycle rather than architecture and fashion.
by car.
• Denmark has a strong interna-
• Almost 83 per cent of all tional political commitment
Danes have got Internet and is a member of the Euro-
access at home. pean Union, the Nordic
Council, the United Nations
and NATO. Despite of this the
Danish currency is still the
Krone, DKK, although it is
pegged to the Euro.

Veneta Manolova, Bulgaria

I am so happy to be student at UCN Technology & Business. It was my dream to get
education abroad and I decided to come and study in Aalborg at UCN Technology
& Business because of the high academic reputation of the institution. The teachers
are very friendly, talented, open-minded and have practical knowledge in all fields of
subjects. The University has all facilities to encourage student to study. – new mo-
dern building, computer rooms, school libraries, bookstore, copy and print machines,
wireless internet access and 24/7 access for students in the school.

Aalborg is an excellent study abroad destination that has everything a student can dream about.

Aalborg is also a relative small About 195 000 people live in

but still cosmopolitan city that Aalborg, which makes it the
is very popular among Dan- 3rd largest city in Denmark. It
ish students and students from is a bicycle-friendly city that lies
all over the world for the high on the banks of the picturesque
academic standing and up-to- Limfjord and is a clean and tidy
date education, diverse life of city with pure air.
entertainment and fun, beautiful
nature, history, architecture and
design. Aalborg is located in
the upper parts of the Jutland
peninsula in Denmark, known
as the tourist destination number
one in Denmark.

Peter Kozar, Slovakia

Student life here in Aalborg is really rich and there is always something happening from
student parties, competitions or sport days to the parties in the ”Street” which is very
well know to every student up here .
I found a nice student job in the restaurant, however its not always easy to be self
sufficient and take care about yourself alone but it’s a part of everyone’s life sooner
you start better it is……and you know what……At the end of the day it feels fantastic.
Looking back and reviewing my decision to study at UCN Technology & Business…
I would never take it back.


Eating Night Life Sporting Music & Culture

& Drinking Out Famous Jomfru Ane Gade, a Traditions The cultural life of Aalborg
The city has a great choice of street full of discos, bars, pubs Besides modern fitness clubs, and neighbouring cities is very
places for eating and drinking and cafes, is a real pride of Aalborg is also home to Ice diverse. Aalborg has a num-
– more than 300 bars; you can Aalborg. It’s a real ‘mecca’ Hockey, Handball and Football ber of theatres and cinemas.
easily find student-budget fri- for those who love to relax teams in the best league in Den- Students have a choice of
endly spots and places offering and spend a night of dancing mark. Several times the teams venues, hosting popular local
Danish, Thai, Italian, Chinese or just sharing a drink with from Aalborg have won the Da- and foreign bands. Aalborg is
and Greek cuisines. Danish friends. nish championship. Along with frequently visited by world stars:
people are fond of charming that you will find many places Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart,
cafés and pubs – Aalborg has a to play pool, football, athlectics, Bryan Adams, Elton John, José
lot of them! bowling, dance, badminton etc. Carreras, Stevie Wonder etc.
and Aalborg has also very mo- The most important events are
dern swimming pools – in-door Aalborg Carnival in May – the
and outdoor, with wellness and biggest in Northern Europe and
relaxing facilities. drama performances along with
the Viking Festival.


Shopping Amusements
Two long pedestrian streets are Aalborg has a very nice Zoo, a
the main shopping areas in the Tivoli park with music concerts,
heart of the city and you will be an Aalborg tower, and a num-
pleased by a great selection of ber of museums, parks and the Meiken Ehlers, Germany
boutiques offering designers’ Limfjord with its harbours full of UCN Technology & Business is located in one of the biggest cities of Denmark - Aal-
items. Stylish shops and depart- boats and yachts. borg. Aalborg is a very nice city for students. Everybody can speak English and Danish
classes are offered by the municipality so that it is easy to get integrated. Besides,
ment stores that have everything
there are many possibilities for doing something in your free time like just going to
you desire. Seasonal sales are Close to Aalborg you will find the gym, cinema, or do any other kind of free time activity. In the evening it is very
the “must-visit” time. Don’t the cleanest, longest and biggest famous to just go to a café, drink something and “hygge sig”.
forget Aalborg’s huge shopping sandy beaches in Denmark with
malls – they provide much of the swimming and windsurfing op-
indoors shopping experience. portunities and very idyllic small

UCN Technology & Business has a lot to offer its students. Below are a few highlights of the most important
reasons for choosing UCN Technology & Business as your future study abroad destination:

How we teach High-quality and

With over 180 professional staff Challenging modern learning Intimate, intercul-
and our continuous investment education facilities tural atmosphere
in development and research, Thanks to the good and long- UCN Technology & Business is At UCN Technology & Business
UCN Technology & Business term contacts with the business a modern academic space for not only the teaching based on
is a stimulating and inspiring sector we guarantee that the teaching and research with three classroom learning with max.
environment for your studies. qualifications obtained by premises in Aalborg: Porthus- 30 students per lecture, but also
our students are relevant to gade 1, Sofiendalsvej 60 and the facilities surrounding the
A head start to a an increasing global business Lindholm Brygge. The aca- classrooms are inspiring and
promising career environment. The hands-on demy takes its pride in offering lively with art on the walls, on-
Studying at UCN Technology & management situations and 24-hour access opportunities, going art exhibitions and cosy
Business means that you get a entrepreneurial agenda is very up-to-date IT equipment and a corners where students can sit
quick start in your future career popular among the students in professional library that subscri- for a cup of tea or to do group
with many paths to take at a general and the international bes to a number of academic work. The students are a mixture
middle-management level, also students in particular. and business databases. Danish of nationalities and it contributes
with the possibility to continue design is dominating the buil- to the intercultural understan-
your development at a number ding constructions, the light, the ding based on dialogue, debate
of top-up universities and schools interior and furniture making the and commitment.
in Denmark, the Netherlands, whole environment very friendly,
France, Great Britain, Australia, light and inspiring.
USA, Norway or Hawaii -
places that UCN Technology & Rodrigo Pacheco Carrillo, Peru
”One of my professional goals in the near future is to go back home and help
Business has made agreements develop sports in Perú. For me it is an honour to be studying in Denmark as it is
with. one of the best contries in the world in the terms of sport´s organizations and
UCN is giving me the first tool to understand and put in practice those methods.
I appreciate very much the work and effort of our UCN lecturers as they are the
ones helping us to build up our future professional career”.

”I have been studying at UCN for two semesters now and it has been a great experi-
ence. The teachers truly make classes a good part of the day with active discussions
and exercises that really allow us to apply what we learn according to real life scenarios
and see things from many perspectives. Being enrolled in the international program
has also given me the chance to meet many people from around the world and make
new friends to enjoy this time in Denmark. In the autumn of 2010, I also have the
pleasure of doing my mandatory internship in Ecuador, South America”.
At UCN Technology & Business we emphasise the innovative Danish teaching approach which is described with
the three words: THINK, PLAY, PARTICIPATE.

These three key words describe There are many ways you will ties e.g. through our Erasmus a top-up BA degree (1,5 years).
what we expect from all our stu- be taught during your proramme, Charter and other bilateral All UCN Technology & Business
dents and in what atmosphere however, UCN Technology & agreements in Australia and programmes are accredited by
the teaching is taking place: Business places its special focus Scotland etc. the Danish Ministry of Education
on preparing you for the com- and are subject to government
petitive work in the business sec- All programmes feature a com- quality control. Having gradu-
tor and thus the methods used pulsory placement in a com- ated with a BA degree you can
will be different from those you pany, in Denmark or abroad, continue with a Master’s degree.
THINK know from school or college. during which you are to apply in
Independence Group-based thematic activities, practice what you have learned Assessment
Problem-oriented learning miscellaneous projects, guest in the classroom. Assessment is carried out via
Specialisation lecturers, field trips, independent a combination of course work,
Challenges group work, case study, and Level of degree assignments and interdiscipli-
Initiative debates are the highlights of our and recognition nary examinations. A range of
education. The lectures are Today, UCN Technology & Busi- methods used include problem
PLAY conducted in a friendly, yet ness offers a variety of study solving exercises, formal reports
Creativity constructive manner, where a choices for our prospective which could be both oral or
Innovation dialogue between the lecturer students, ranging from Acad- written or presentations, and
Open-mindness and the students takes place. In emy Profession (AP) to Bachelor other special assignments.
Freedom most cases there will be no right degrees (BA). AP degree is a
Informal environment or wrong answer; your opin- short pragmatic programme
Experimentation ion and arguments are of the aimed at a business career. It
biggest importance for us. Our is normally comparable to the
PARTICIPATE business partners play an active first four semesters of a Bachelor
Active participation role in developing curricula, Degree. Our Bachelor degrees
Responsibility what gives our students the edge (BA) are 3,5 years as they in-
Dialogue when it comes to employment. clude 6 months of internship in a
Teamwork company. The BA degrees of 3,5
Engagement/Commitment As a student you have the right years can be studied within one
Debate to streamline your career basis field of study or in a combina-
Consideration and reflections through the choice of electives, tion of an AP degree (2 years) +
Networks specialisation and final project
theme. UCN Technology & Busi-
ness also has the opportunities
to offer study abroad opportuni-


Financial support Friendly student Social arrange-

to students when counselling and ments
going abroad career services From UCN Technology & Busi-
UCN Technology & Business International Office provides ness staff and student unions
actively sends its students and practical support to life in and buddies arrange a number
professors abroad to the partner Aalborg and “Going Abroad” of social events. The events are
institutions in and outside of activities. The student and career sports day, Halloween party, oth-
EU. Our students can apply for counsellors are there all the time er theme parties, bowling trips,
financial aid when undertak- to help you, if life gets difficult Friday bars and excursions, and
ing their placement or studies or you need to talk to someone company visits.
abroad, partly through EU fund- or receive good advice. They
ing, or funding from the Danish can also guide you in terms of
state that UCN Technology & elective subjects, career and job
Business gets to its students and opportunities etc.
partly through private funds
that support UCN Technology &
Business’ international activities.

AP degree in
Are you a quick learner, willing to work independently or as part of a team? Have you got leadership poten-
tial? Want to follow a career in accounting and finance?

About the Programme for example: Programme Structure

The AP degree in Financial Ma- • Banks The programme is as follows:
nagement is a 2-year full-time • Mortgage institutions
• Real estate administra- The first 3 semesters take place Modules covered from semester
undergraduate programme. It is
tion offices at UCN T&B in Denmark, and 1-3
based on research into the de-
• Insurance companies consist of compulsory and elec- • Financial Enterprise and
mands of the business world for
• Real estate companies tive subjects. Markets
staff with international compe-
or • Personal Finance
tencies in the area of finance. It
• Finance departments of The 4th semester is elective com- • Customer/Client Relations
involves a demanding process of
large private or public prising an internship period in • Business Economics
personal and managerial skills,
enterprises a company of your own choice • Management and Communi-
which will be enhanced through
and a final exam project. cations,
this programme making you
You also have opportunities to • Global Economics
well equipped and competent to
continue with a “top-up” BA de- The teaching and learning ap- • Business Law
embrace the financial sector.
gree and adding 1.5 year more proaches are based on themes. • Statistics

The programme addresses to your AP degree, in order to This means that all subjects
See page 36 for general infor-
several financial as well as man- achieve a Bachelor’s degree. In cooperate on joint inter-discipli-
mation regarding our English
agement issues, with the aim the scheme below you can see nary semester themes in order programmes such as require-
of providing a rigorous profile what opportunities you have at to link the individual subject ments, fees and application
UCN T&B to get a BA degree elements and create a more deadlines
leading to the award of an
Academy Profession Degree. on top of your AP degree.The holistic/broad view.
advantage is that you get two
Career Opportunities different diplomas; first one AP
The AP degree in Financial degree in Financial Mangage-
Management will enhance your ment + a BA degree in e.g.
career prospects and your op- International Sales & Marketing.
portunities for increasing your Please visit our website on www.
earnings. With a Financial Man- for further informa-

agement degree in your hand, tion.

you will be able to work in the
field of financial consultancy in,

AP DEGREE (2 YEARS) BA DEGREE (TOP-UP 1½ YEARS) Lina Baronaite, Lithuania

The most important reason why I am here is that the education system in my
Financial Management Int. Sales & Marketing Management
country and in Denmark is totally different. In Denmark you are taught less
Int. Hospitality Management theory and more practice which is very important in every-day life.
We are making a lot of projects through the lessons and it’s really interesting.
Sport Management And now I understand that I got really great opportunity for my future.

AP degree in
Are you a team-player? Have you got entrepreneurial talent? Are you interested in applying your analytical
skills in business?

About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme Structure

The AP degree in Marketing After completing the Marketing The programme is as follows:
Management is a 2-year broad- Management programme you
The first 3 semesters take place • Global Communication
ly based business career platform can either choose your newly
at the UCN T&B in Denmark, • Project Management
taking place in an international obtained AP degree to pursue
and consist of compulsory • Financial Management
setting at UCN Technology & an immediate business career or
and elective subjects. It’s also • Global Economics
Business. Our programme pro- you may decide to continue your
possible to study one semester • Statistics
vides you with the newest tools studies in our bachelor-pro-
abroad. On the programme’s • Business Law
necessary when studying areas gramme of International Sales
4th semester you can go for ei-
of marketing specific to the mar- and Marketing Manangement
ther an internship at a company Elective Subjects:
keting function within organiza- or in International Hospitality
of your choice in Denmark or • International Finance
tions (e.g. Sales Management), Management or in Sport Man-
abroad. Lastly, a final project • Second Language
as well as the study of contem- agement. Other top-up pro-
is to be written in order to • Logistics
porary techniques in marketing. grammes are available at other
complete the programme. This is
Students can also take a SPACE Danish universities or abroad in See page 36 for general infor-
to be made in close collabora-
EuroBusiness Diploma along e.g. the UK. mation regarding our English
tion with a specific company,
the way to enhance their career programmes such as require-
and could be the same company ments, fees and application
opportunities. Career opportunities include:
where you did your internship deadlines
• Marketing Coordinator
during the specialization period.
• Sales supporter
Read more about Marketing
• Trainee Modules covered from seme-
Management at UCN Tech-
• PR Worker ster 1-3
• International Marketing nology & Business on www.
• Advertising Consultant
• Export Sales Represen-
• Project Coordinator or
• Purchasing Assistant

Olga Koval, Ukraine

”The Danish studying process is much different compared to what I was used to
when I studied at home. Studying at UCN Technology & Business is mainly done
in groups where we work on group assignments. This is good as it improves our AP DEGREE (2 YEARS) BA DEGREE (TOP-UP 1½ YEARS)
confidence and allows us the opportunity to share ideas. UCN Technology &
Business offers students well equipped facilities in all aspects. The library has a Marketing Management Int. Sales & Marketing Management
wide range of books, and the computer services including the wireless internet
Int. Hospitality Management
are excellent. I am very happy with my time at UCN Technology & Business so
far, and I would recommend the academy to anybody interested in studying Sport Management
AP degree in
Are you a proactive and service-minded individual? Working with people is your passion? Want to pursue a
career within hospitality, tourism, travels or sport management?

About the Programme • Event Coordinator Programme Structure

The 2-year AP degree in • Reception desk The programme consists of compulsory and specialisation modules
Hospitality, Service and Tourism personnel together with a 13-week internship period in a relevant company
Management takes its point of • Travel agency/booking in Denmark or abroad. Training is arranged in cooperation with
departure in relevant and latest Assistant the business sector supplemented by company visits, guest lectures,
business practises as well as • Project Assistant study trips and projects for specific companies. When you begin
containing a theoretical part. • Conference personnel the programme, an introduction into the various specialisations
The graduate will be equipped • Sponsor Adviser is presented to you, which equips you to choose your individual
to participate on all levels of the In the scheme on this page you career path.
organization. The graduate is can study the top-up BA degrees
expected to combine knowledge you can take after graduation Compulsory subjects: Specialisation areas:
about business practises, cultural with an AP degree in Hospitality, • Methodology and research • Hotel & Restaurant
and innovative relations as well Service & Tourism Management. methods Management
as principals regarding sustain- Apart from these options you • Economics • Tourism Management
able development. The graduate can also study abroad in e.g. • Service Management • Sport Management
is further expected to participate UK or at other Danish universi- • Intermediate economics
ties. • Leadership See page 36 for general infor-
in customer relations and work
• Human Resource Management mation regarding our English
with people of various educa- programmes such as require-
tional, cultural and linguistic • Strategy and business develop-
ments, fees and application
backgrounds in the organization. ment deadlines.

• International marketing
• English and cultural studies Read more about the Hospital-
Career Opportunities ity & Tourism Management
• Custumer Relations
Gaining the AP degree in degree at UCN Technology &
Hospitality, Service and Tourism Business on www.
Management will enhance your Svetlana Zelezkina, Estonia
I have always been dreaming about
career prospects and wage- AP DEGREE (2 YEARS) BA DEGREE (TOP-UP 1½ YEARS)
living abroad, because it is a new expe-
earning opportunities. rience, a new image of the world, new Hospitality, Service & Tourism Management Int. Sales & Marketing Management
contacts and prestige. I chose Denmark
because it is a very marvellous and Int. Hospitality Management
For instance graduates can
unique country; moreover it gives
choose to achieve a Bachelor me opportunity to receive education
Sport Management

degree within approx.1- 1.5 without tuition fee.

year or begin their career imme- Studying at UCN Technology &
Business is really great and exciting.
diately and find a job as, e.g: Qualified teachers are friendly and sup-
• Marketing Coordinator portive, if I have any misunderstandings
• Sales Coordinator in terms of lectures or projects, I can
always ask them for help.
• Food & Beverage Assistant

Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up


Are you interested in developing your knowledge and comprehension of business practice, applied theory
as well as methods, used for sales and marketing within an international business perspective? Then have a
look below:
About the Programme interview. See also the other Programme structure
The programme focuses on sales admission requirements on page
and marketing in an internation- 36 in this brochure. In the BA degree the Semesters Subjects are taught in the con-
al context with special emphasis 1-2 contain: text of two overall themes:
on business to business sales. Career Opportunities • Lecturing, project work, • The background for a com-
The programme is a full-time With a Bachelor degree in tutoring, case-studies, compul- pany’s sales
3 semesters’ undergraduate International Sales and Market- sory assignments in a thematic • Business development with
programme giving you 90 ECTS ing you can get a good job as structure an international perspective
points. It is based on research mentioned below:
into the demands of the business • Marketing Manager Semester 3 Themes are subdivided into
& hospitality world for staff with • Export Manager • Work placement in Denmark topics i.e.:
international competences in the • Sales Manager or abroad • The customer as the focal
area of international sales and • Sales and Marketing • Bachelor project point
marketing management. Co-ordinator • Industry and competitors
With an • International Sales Repre- Core subjects: • Innovation
• AP degree in Marketing sentative • Marketing • Developing of the sales base
Management or • Sales Support Executive • Supply chain management and the business platform
• AP degree in Hospitality, • Key Account Manager • Management and organization • The sales performance
Service and Tourism Man- • Sales Planner • Business law • Follow-up and retention
agement or • Finance and economics • Theory & methods


• AP degree in Financial Master’s Degree
Management Bachelor graduates can typically
• or equivalent higher educa- obtain a Master’s degree after
tion programme having studied 1-2 years at uni-
Tine Klitgaard Nielsen,
You have access to this bach- versities and schools in Denmark
elor top-up program. Please and/or abroad. At the website I graduated with an AP degree in
note that graduates from the you can see the Marketing Management and I have
Hospitality, Service & Tour- further study opportunities. been really fond of studying at
ism Management programme That is why I choose to continue
will be asked to attend a short on their top-up BA degree, both
because I need to develop further
in this line of business, but also be-
cause I am planning an international
career abroad. The new BA is ideal
Financial Management for that I feel.

Marketing Management

Hospitality, Service & Tourism Management Int. Sales & Marketing Management

Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up


Are you aiming for management positions within hotel, tourism or experience economy? Have you con-
sidered adding an international perspective to your degree? Then a bachelor of International Hospitality
Management is the right choice for you.
About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme structure
The BA in International Hospital- A Bachelor degree in Interna-
ity Management is a business tional Hospitality Management Semester 1 Core subjects:
programme that is specially enables you to work in a com- • Lecturing, project work, tutor- • Economics
designed to educate profession- plex world of hospitality: man- ing, case-studies • Management
als of the international hospital- aging, running and developing Semester 2 • Cultural awareness
ity industry. projects in the hotel, tourism and • Lecturing, project work, tutor- • Customer relations
The programme is a full-time experience economy sectors. ing, case-studies • Strategy
3 semesters’ undergraduate You can have jobs as: • Work placement
programme giving you 90 ECTS Semester 3
points. It is based on research • Resort Manager • Lecturing, project work, tutor-
into the demands of the business • Event Manager ing, case-studies
& hospitality world for staff with • Tourism Consultant • Bachelor project
international competences in • Hotel Manager
the area of international tourism • Executive Sales Supporter Master’s Degree
and hospitality management. • Key Account Manager Bachelor graduates can typically obtain a Master’s degree after
• Sales Planner having studied 1-2 years at universities and schools in Denmark
With an • International Sales Repre- and/or abroad. At the website you can see the
• AP degree in Hospitality, sentative further study opportunities.
Service and Tourism Man- • Project Manager
agement or • Sales and Marketing Coor-
• AP degree in Marketing
Management or

• AP degree in Financial
• or equivalent higher educa-
tion programme
You have access to this bachelor
top-up program. See also the
other admission requirements on
page 36 in this brochure.


Financial Management

Marketing Management
Hospitality, Service & Tourism
Management International Hospitality Management

Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up

Are you interested in the sport industry and committed to take leading positions in this highly challenging
business? If you like to combine your passion for sport and events with a deep understanding of the underly-
ing mechanism of sports, events and leisure, this programme is the right choice for you.
AP DEGREE (2 YEARS) BA DEGREE (TOP-UP 1½ YEARS) Programme structure
Financial Management Semesters 1-2
• Lecturing, project work, tutor- • Sports marketing - Consumer
Marketing Management
ing, case-studies, compulsory behaviour - Sponsorships and
Hospitality, Service & Tourism Sport Management
Management assignments in a thematic fundraising
structure, visits to organisa- • Sports management - Strat-
About the Programme Career Opportunities
tions in the industry egy - Organization and hu-
The programme focuses on sports As a Bachelor of Sport Man-
Semester 3 man resource management
management, marketing, econ- agement you will learn to
• Work placement in Denmark • Sports economics - Sport as a
omy and law in an international manoeuvre within the sports
or abroad product - Sports finance
context with special emphasis on business. Your future tasks may
• Bachelor project • Methodology and research in
events, experience economy and range from running professional
the sports industry. With this sports activities to planning and
Study Contents • Sports law - Sports contracts
degree you can contribute to the conducting events or you might
Core subjects: and risk management - Legis-
growth of this sector and also to work as a project coordinator
• Sports industry - Sports organi- lation
the development of experience within the public sector. It will
zations and the environment
economy in general. help you delve into relevant
The programme is a full-time theories relating to the industry
Master’s Degree
3 semesters’ undergraduate and will provide you with a
Bachelor graduates can typically obtain a Master’s degree after
programme giving you 90 ECTS necessary practical experience
having studied 1-2 years at universities and schools in Denmark
points. Being a graduate of which will become a solid foun-
and/or abroad. At the website you can see the
Sports Management will open dation for your future career.
further study opportunities.
many doors in a highly competi- Your first job could be as an ad-
tive world of sports, events and ministrator or project manager
leisure management. for one of the many different
With an projects and events within the
• AP degree in Marketing Man- sports field and types of job titles
agement or could be:
• AP degree in Hospitality, • Sports Consultant
Service and Tourism Manage- • Sports Executive SPORT MANAGEMENT - BA
Bart Lensink,The Netherlands
ment or • Key Account Manager Although I was one of the first kids on the block to study Sport Management this
• AP degree in Financial Man- • Sports Development Planner program has a great future potential. Sport is so much more than just a game; it is
agement • Club Manager an important part of life (and business) for so many people. Teachers know how it
is to be a student. They can learn you a lot, but besides school it is easy to say skål
• or equivalent higher educa- • Sports Marketing Coordinator
(cheers/proost) and have a drink.
tion programme • Event Coordinator With the Jomfru Ane Gade in the centre the most well-known party street of
You have access to this bachelor • Project Manager Scandinavia is on board. So have fun while building your future (just like I did!!) and
top-up program. enjoy the beauty of Aalborg.

Bachelor degree in
Are you interested in working with people, figures and finance? This bachelor programme enables you to
handle complex jobs in a rapidly expanding financial world. The international dimension is a further boost for
global activity.
About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme Structure
The BA degree in Financial The BA may lead to a job in the The seven semesters will give you 210 ECTS credits and consist of
Management is a 7 semester financial field - consultancy e.g. lecturing, project work, tutoring, case studies and compulsary as-
3 ½ year full-time bachelor in a bank, a mortgage institu- signments in a thematic structure.
programme based on research tion, an insurance company or
into the demands of the business in the finance department of a Furthermore it includes:
world for staff with internatio- large private enterprise, or other • A basic module with the tools The programme is flexible and
nal competences in the area of financial services. of the financial trade you will be able to adapt the
finance and services. • An international module giv- modules to enhance your career
The programme was establis- Job titles could be: ing you special experience and desires.
hed in close cooperation with • Consultant or other staff in • An internship at home or
the Bankers’ Association and banks in financial corporations abroad Core subjects:
several other professional bodies • Financial Adviser • A specialization on a special • Financial sector
and the advisory board guaran- • Financial Account Manager financial profession: bank, • Financial management
tees you an updated programme • Investment Planner insurance, credit, real estate • Marketing
at all times. • Financial Manager etc. • Organization psychology
The programme is offered at • Financial Coordinator • Three elective periods incl. • Management and organiza-
specialised institutions only – • Real Estate Agent the above module tion
UCN was among the first to get • Insurance Agent • A bachelor project – you • Business law
accreditation for this program- • Accountant will be on assignment by a • Economics
me and we have lecturers with • Controller company in the sector • Statistics
active financial backgrounds in
our faculty.

Master’s Degree
Bachelor graduates can typically
obtain a Master’s degree after
having studied 1-2 years at uni-
versities and schools in Denmark
and/or abroad. At the website you can see the
further study opportunities.

See page 36 for general infor-

mation regarding our English
programmes such as require-
ment, fees and application
Bachelor degree in
Are you interested in the Danish business sector and its competitiveness? Would you like to be capable of in-
dependently handling the tasks of the company in relation to export, both internally and abroad and collabo-
rate with both the technical and mercantile staff? If so, this new programme may be the right choice for you.
About the Programme Programme Structure 1st semester 5th semester
The 3.5 year full-time Bach- Programme Structure • Business foundation and tech- • The selling organisation
elor degree in Export Sales The programme is divided into nological basics
and Technology Management three cross-sectional fields: A 6th semester
combines technical fields with technical, a mercantile and a 2nd semester • Internship / placement ”from
mercantile subjects and provides general field with the following • Understanding markets theory to practice”
the graduate with a profound percentages:
insight into the company’s busi- Technical field: 40 % 3rd semester 7th semester
ness in relation to product sale o Production development and • Planning the marketing effort • Specialisation module and
and technical solutions. processes, material, construction, Bachelor project
4th semester
design, and project management
• Markets and customer man-
Career Opportunities Mercantile field: 40 %
With a Bachelor degree in o Industrial export, marketing,
Export Sales and Technology foreign trade, finance, shipping/
Management, you can partici- transport, and innovation
The first five semesters are prima- UCN and a contract needs to be
pate in the strategic develop- Personal field: 20 %
rily based on classroom lessons signed between UCN and the
ment of customer basis and rela- o Communication, foreign lan-
combined with company visits company to ensure the fulfilment
tions for the company through guage, cultural understanding,
and guest teachers, however, of the programme’s internship
technical service, counselling and negotiation techniques.
with a strong attachment to the objective.
and sales. Thus you should be business sector. The internship The bachelor project on the
able to complete and implement These cross-sectional fields are


on the sixth semester can take seventh semester is your op-
sales, services and marketing divided on 7 semesters, each
place partly abroad and partly portunity to work thoroughly with
plans in a global market. The with its distinctive professional
in Denmark and provides you one or several subjects and to
programme provides you with focus.
with the opportunity of applying show your capability of using the
a strong profile to undertake theory and skills you acquired skills built up during study and
professions such as: in practice while cooperating training as well as your ability to
with an interesting company. The apply it to the context of export
• Export consultant company must be approved by companies.
• Product consultant
• Export manager See page 36 for general infor-
• Export director mation regarding our English
programmes such as require-
ment, fees and application

AP degree in
Looking for excellent career prospects in computing? Are you keen on finding solutions and being challenged
using an analytical approach? Want to obtain highly respected qualifications?

About the Programme Career opportunities include: Programme Structure

The 2.5-year AP degree in Com- • Programmer The course consists of 5 semesters, which gives you a total of 150
puter Science equips you with a • System developer ECTS points in the European Credit Transfer System.
general all-round knowledge in • IT operator or
the field of information technolo- • Network Consultant Compulsory subjects, • Specialistion Modules
gy. The programme is centred on semester 1-3: May vary from semester to
a practical approach - “learning Your employer may be a private • Software Construction semester.
by doing”. The degree in Com- company or a public, national • Software design
puter Science emphasizes both or international organization. • IT in Business Organisations Semester 5:
the technical part as well as the • Computer Architectures and • Final Exam Project
social aspect, since the graduate After completion of the Com- Operating Systems • Work Placement
is expected to work in a team at puter Science programme you • Software Architectures and
the future work-place, function- can also choose to continue Distributed Programmes See page 36 for general
ing well as a team-player as your studies at UCN T&B in • Computer Network and information regarding our
well as at in the field of informa- Software Development or Web Distributed Systems English programmes such
tion technology. Development. They are top-up • Systems Development Metho- as requirements, fees and
programmes adding another dologies application deadlines
Career Opportunities 1.5 years of studies to your
Specialized part semester 4: Read more about the Computer
An AP degree in Computer Sci- degree giving you a BA degree.
• Systems Development Metho- Science degree at UCN T&B on
ence provides you with a strong You can also chose to continue
studies at other universities in dologies
profile to kick-off an immediate
business career. Denmark or abroad.

Aire Vaher, Estonia

I chose Denmark because I know that Danish education, together with other Nordic
countries, is one of the best in Europe. The time and effort UCN teachers put into
teaching and communicating with students is impressive. The studies are always up
to date and you can be sure that the things you learn here can be put to practice in

real life, in your future work place. If you want to study something, you will find lots
of opportunities, choices and motivation here.


Computer Science Web Development

Software Development

AP Degree in
Are you eager to learn to design, plan and implement the presentation of information and messages with the
help of the latest multimedia tools, both at national and international levels? Are you interested in making
communication between individuals easier and to facilitate this through web design?
About the Programme result published on the internet. Programme Structure
Multimedia Design
The 2-year full-time AP degree
in Multimedia Design is an
Career options include profes-
sions as: Semester 1-3: • Programming and scripting
opportunity to study within the • Web Designer Lecturing, project work, tutoring, • Database modelling
wide field of media and com- • Flash Designer case-studies, compulsory assign-
munication. Your future work • Game Designer ments within Semester 4:
may range from consultation • Web & new media project • Work placement in Denmark
and specialist assignments to manager Core subjects: or abroad
managing major projects. It is • New media consultant/ • Multimedia design • Final examination project
an undergraduate programme developer and innovator • Concept Development
giving you 120 ECTS. It is based • Webmaster • Video & Audio See page 36 for general infor-
on research into the demands of • Project co-ordinator • Aesthetics mation regarding our English
the business world for staff with • Usability programmes such as require-
international competences in the With an AP degree in Multime- • Communications ments, fees and application
area of web development. dia Design & Communication • Media sociology deadlines.
you have various possibilities to • Marketing
The Multimedia Design pro- obtain further academic studies: • E-business Read more about Multimedia
Graduates can obtain a BA de- Design & Communication at
gramme is a relatively short and • Project management
UCN T&B on
practice-related education that gree in Web Development and • Corporate culture and
combines your design skills with E-Concept Development if they strategy
your skills in presentation and undertake another 1.5 years of
communication of information top-up studies within this field,
and messages. at UCN, Technology & Business. Multimedia Design & Communication Web Development


Graduates can also continue
E-Concept Development
Career Opportunities their top-up studies 1.5 years at
The programme equips the other universities in Denmark or
graduate to independently plan abroad.
and carry through processes
and tasks in multimedia produc-
tions - from strategy and market
analysis through A/V produc-
tions and design of user faces,
to the programming of the end

AP Degree in
Are you dedicated to explore studies in the IT- and Electronics engineering field? Are you enthusiastic working
with product development, planning and operation of systems in the fields of computer technology and
About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme Structure
The 2-year full-time AP degree The AP degree in IT Network The programme is divided into four semesters. You can choose to
in IT Network and Electronics and Electronics Technology pro- specialize within either electronics or IT networks. The programme
Technology qualifies the candi- vides you with a strong profile to consists of compulsory subjects and specialized subjects.
date for a professional position work in a lot of different profes-
as manager of or participant sion regarding computers and The compulsory subjects (75 %) test equipment, programme
in projects related to product electronics, for example: fall within four parts: development, and networks.
development, planning, and the • Electronics developer General subjects: linguistic
operation of systems in the fields • IT consultant communication, technical docu- The specialized subjects (25 %)
of computer technology and • Commercial purchase and mentation, technical mathemat- consist of two parts:
electronics in the private as well sales ics, information technology, • Internship in a company in
as the public sector. • Network manager computer and electronics Denmark or abroad.
The programme gives you 120 Business subjects: commercial • Final examination project
ECTS points. It is based on With an AP degree in IT Net- purchase and sales, business The programme is completed
research into the demands of the work and Electronics Technology economics, business organi- with a project on a chosen
IT sector for staff with interna- you have various possibilities to zation, project management, issue. A written report is to be
tional competences in the area obtain further academic studies environment and safety, quality. produced and assessed after an
of IT network and electronics with topping up to a BA degree Technology subjects for student oral presentation. The project is
development. at university in Denmark or specializing in IT network: to substantiate that the student,
Besides enthusiasm for working abroad. transmission media, communica- on an analytical and methodi-
with computers and electronics, tions systems, network systems, cal basis, can handle a complex
the programme also gives you network hardware, database issue of a concrete nature and of

a thorough insight into subjects systems and programming. central relevance to the content
such as: Technology subjects for the stu- and aims of the programme.
• development and construc- dent specializing in electronics: The final project can be made in
tion of electronics electronics, product maturing, co-operation with a company.
• sale and technical support
within IT and electronics
• planning and management
within production techniques
and tests
• purchasing of IT and elec-
• environment
• advisory and consulting
services within the IT sector

AP degree in
Are you a creative individual full of new ideas? Are you fond of contemporary
design? Do you have a flair for interacting with people?

About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme Structure

The 2-year AP degree in Design The programme equips the The programme is as follows:
& Technology (Graphics) is an graduate to independently The first 3 semesters take place at UCN T&B in Denmark, and consist
opportunity to study in an artis- plan and carry out processes of compulsory and elective subjects.
tic and professional environment and tasks in business areas 1st semester You have to choose to carry out
where we welcome diversity, in- concerning graphic design and • Mandatory module an internship at a company of
dividuality and problem solving. communication. For this reason • Design your choice getting hands-on
The education encourages you your job opportunities with an • Business experience with design solutions
to develop a highly individual AP degree in Design & Tech- • Technology and graphic projects.
portfolio to reflect your career nology (Graphics) will be very
aspirations. prosperous. 2nd semester The fourth and final semester
• Mandatory area of study also consists of a specialisation
The programme is for students Career options include a profes- • Design process together with the final
wanting to develop creative skills sion within: • Production project. Here you get the op-
within a commercial context • Graphic design • Marketing portunity to work in-depth with
and provide creative solutions • Editorial & Advertising some of the subjects dealt with
to real communication problems • Newspapers and magazines 3rd semester
in the other semesters.
though design forms, colours • Print houses • Mandatory area of study
and products. • Illustration (continued)
4th semester
• Marketing departments • Elective subject
• Internship three months
The programme consists of three • Typography
• Final examination project
main themes: • Animation Graphic
1. The creative and aesthetic See page 36 for general infor-
design Examples of elective subjects mation regarding our English
2. Hands-on graphic design could be: programmes such as require-


Ralitsa • Promotional video an screen ments, fees and application
programmes and applications
3. The business approach Minkova graphics
• Packaging design Read more about the AP degree
• Modern branding in Design & Technology (Graph-
ics) at UCN Technology & Busi-
• 3D and design of experience
ness on
Ralitsa Minkova, Greece
“Scandinavian design is worldwide known and respected. Apart from this, UCN T&B
offers all students the possibility to be well educated with the help of professionals
of the Graphic Design field and practice their skills on the latest equipment, so that
they can feel how the real work process is-from the very beginning up to the very
end. Through each step you will receive all the assistance you need, since the teachers
always will be available for you to answer all your questions.”

Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up

Are you dedicated to work with more advanced web development projects targeting different platforms, the
use of multimedia - audio, video, etc. in integrated communication solutions?

About the Programme Career Opportunities

This programme will educate • Web Developer
you to work in a society charac- • Web Master
terized by a rapid development • Web Designer
of digitization needs and sophi- • Project Manager/
sticated methods in industry/me- Co-ordinator
dia applications. As a Bachelor • Multimedia Consultant
Zuzana Krystýnová , Czech Republic
in Web Development you know • Event Manager “Communication between teachers and students is much
how to handle the frontend of • Media Planner more open, closer and friendly and during the classes’ ideas
IT systems using Customer Relati- • Web administrator and thoughts from students are welcome all the time! It is a
mixture of projects, teamwork, presentations and exams. If you
ons Systems (CMS). You will also
like that, - take your chance and study abroad! I`m so happy to
know how web systems are Programme Structure be here at UCN T&B and I will never take this decision back.”
build from scratch using object-
oriented IDE and relational Semester 1-2: lectures, project • Advanced media technologies
databases. The programme is a work, tutoring, case-studies, • Databases and XML
full-time 3 semesters’ undergra- compulsory assignments • Web communication and
duate programme giving you network sociology
90 ECTS points. It is based on Core subjects:
research into the demands of • Web programming and Semester 3: Work placement
the business world for staff with network front end/back end and Bachelor project.
international competences in the • Interface design and digital
area of Web development. aesthetics
With an
• AP degree in Multimedia Master’s Degree
Design and Communication Bachelor graduates can typically obtain a Master’s degree after
or having studied 1-2 years at universities and schools in Denmark
• AP degree in Computer Sci- and/or abroad. At the website you can see the
ence or further study opportunities. 
Computer Science
• equivalent higher educa-

tion programme
You have access to this bachelor
top-up program. See also the
other admission requirements on
page 36 in this brochure.
Multimedia Design & Communication Web Development

Computer Science (2.5 years)

Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up

Are you challenged by programming and big system development projects? Would you like to call
yourself software developer? If Yes, the Bachelor top-up degree in Software Development might be
the right choice for you.

About the Programme Career Opportunities Programme Structure

The programme focuses on As a Bachelor of Software
the challenges which software Development you know how to Semester 1-2:
developers face when working handle the back-end part of big Lectures, project work, tutor- • Development of large
with large, often global systems distributed IT systems based on ing, case-studies, compulsory systems
development projects. The first large databases. Your job op- assignment • System integration
2 semesters consist of 6 courses portunities could be: Core subjects: • Tests
focusing on different aspects • Systems Developer • Software construction • Electives
of how to handle communica- • Systems Designer • Software Design
tion and coordination in large • Programmer • Database for developers Semester 3:
projects. The last semester • Systems Planner • Contract based development Is a work placement and the
consists of an internship and a • IT Consultant Bachelor project.
bachelor project. • Project Manager
The programme is a 3 semes- • Systems Constructor
ters’ full time undergraduate • Web Developer
study giving you 90 ECTS
points. It is based on research
into the demands of the IT world
for staff with international com-
petences in the area of software
With an
• AP degree in Computer
Science or
• equivalent higher education
you have access to this bachelor

top-up program. See also the
other admission requirements on
page 36 in this brochure.

Master’s Degree
Bachelor graduates can typically obtain a Master’s degree after
AP DEGREE (2.5 YEARS) BA DEGREE (TOP-UP 1½ YEARS) having studied 1-2 years at universities and schools in Denmark
and/or abroad. At the website you can see the
Computer Science Software Development
further study opportunities.
Bachelor degree in 1½ year Top-up

Do you have an AP Degree in Design & Technology (Graphics) or an AP Degree in Multimedia Design & Com-
munication qualification and would like to qualify yourself to work on digital platforms at a strategic and
practical level? Do you want to learn more about user-driven innovation and user experiences on the web?

About the Programme • Concept developer in digital ter contains an internship as

The 1.5 year full-time bachelor media, advertising, design or well as the concluding bachelor
degree in E-concept Develop- web agency, communications in project.
ment functions as a bridging large companies in e.g. the mar-
programme on the Design & keting department, or in large 1st and 2nd semesters: • E-Marketing (10 ECTS)
Technology (Graphics) as well organisations • E-concept Development and • E-Media Production (5 ECTS)
as Multimedia Design & Com- • Project manager in the fields E-Project Management • E-Business Production (5 ECTS)
munication programmes. The of development and evolution of • E-concept Development and The modules conclude with an
programme will provide you digital communication solutions user experience (scientific ap- oral examination.
with an in-depth understanding • Cross media designer, art proach)
of the technical and theoretical director (Total of 20 ECTS) 3rd semester:
aspects of E-concept Develop- • Web designer, art director Electives – 2nd semester: • Internship in Denmark or
ment, and you will learn to (like cross-media designer but • E-Design (15 ECTS) abroad
develop concepts that combine more web oriented) • E-Commerce (15 ECTS) • Bachelor project
various professional disciplines • E-marketing consultant • E-Communication (10 ECTS)
such as e-commerce, digital • Entrepreneur or freelancer in
advertising, design, communica- e-commerce business or digital The Bachelor project is your op- Teaching methods are both
tion, marketing, and business communication portunity to show your capabil- by means of relevant theory
information. ity of using the skills built-up as well as hands-on practice.
during training as well as your Project groups will thus develop
Programme Structure
ability to apply it to the context digital communication solutions
Career Opportunities The programme comprises three
of a real life problem and solu- alongside their teaching in the
A Bachelor’s degree in E- semesters and consists of both
tion. individual subjects.
concept Development enables mandatory subjects as well as
you to understand the complex- elective subjects where you can
See page 36 for general infor-
ity and diverse possibilities of customize your course accord-
mation regarding our English
recent technological develop- ing to your desires. As an extra,
programmes such as require-
ments and also how to identify you can choose to focus entirely

ments, fees, and application

the needs of the company within upon e-commerce during your
this field. It provides you with programme.
a strong profile to undertake
professions such as: In the first semester, you have
• E-shop manager, E-commerce two mandatory courses, and
company in the second semester you can
• Retail e-shop manager, E- choose between six electives Design & Technology (Graphics) E-concept Development
commerce company comprising a total of 30 ECTS
Multimedia Design & Communication
points. The last and final semes-
AP degree in

Are you eager to become the most desired energy specialist who can advise about the implementation of
complex energy and indoor environment systems? And are you interested in ensuring the correct structure
and optimisation of energy consumption by exploiting alternative and new energy sources?
About the Programme Programme Structure Semester 1 • Processing plants
The AP Degree in Energy The programme is divided on 4 • Building technology • Data collection and energy
Technology is a 2-year full-time semesters, each with its distinc- • Heating technology technology and automation
undergraduate programme. tive technical focus. • Indoor climate • Business skills
The programme provides the • Automation
• Controls and regulation Semester 3
graduate with the ability to The compulsory part contains • Assessment methods for
• Energy technology
handle projects across the build- a number of technical energy • New and traditional energy energy saving and environ-
ing technology and electricity theory modules such as building forms mental purposes
and plumbing sectors in order technology, indoor environment, • Energy analyses • Innovation
to create solutions for energy automation, control and regula- • Assessing energy consump • Processing plants
tion • Data collection and energy
optimisation and conservation tion, traditional and innovative
• Project management technology and automation
in technical building and proc- energy sources, energy analysis,
ess installations including air calculation of energy consump- Semester 2 Semester 4
conditioning systems, heating tion as well as processes and • Planning and projecting • Internship/work placement
pumps or similar in residential production plants. The elective energy saving constructions • Final examination project
or industrial buildings. subjects cover a wide field and
provide you with the oppor- while cooperating with an inter-
Career Opportunities tunity of working thoroughly esting company. The semester
With an AP Degree in Energy with a subject and specialis- terminates with a project based
Technology you will obtain ing in process and production on cooperation with a company
competences enabling you plants, building installations and embraces skills and know-
to advise clients on practical as well as alternative and new ledge acquired throughout the
energy optimisation, energy energy sources. Furthermore, entire programme.
supply in industrial and private the programme enhances your
construction, and also industrial knowledge on subjects related
process installations. Graduates to corporate understanding, See page 36 for general infor-
primarily with subjects focusing mation regarding our English
may seek employment in utility
programmes such as require-
companies, in the installation on innovation, project manage-
ments, fees and application
industry or in technical and ment and business know-how / deadlines.
environmental departments in understanding.
Christian Hald Madsen, Denmark
the state and/or municipalities ”After 4 years as an electrician I lacked challenges and I wanted further education
in jobs like The three months internship on so when I learned about the Energy Technology programme, it immediately
the fourth semester can take caught my attention ”. Becoming an energy engineer is about being an expert in
• Project manager
energy optimisation – both when it comes to residential buildings and different
• Energy engineer place in Denmark or abroad types of industrial consumption. My dream is to become an energy advisor at a
• Energy advisor and provides you with the op- contracting company or a large carpenter company. There is a major potential
portunity of applying theory and in the existing housing stock as regards energy optimisation so consequently, he
• Energy consultant
looks very positively on his future job possibilities.
skills you acquired in practice
Bachelor degree in


Want to be a part of a constantly growing construction industry? Eager to work with new as well as existing
buildings of architectural importance? Interested in getting a technologically–based education?

About the Programme Career options include: 1st and 2nd semester Core Subjects:
The Bachelor degree in Architec- • Construction Management Core subjects: focus on those • Building and construction
• Building Technician study areas connected with drawings
tural Technology and Construc-
• Construction details
tion Management is designed Work overall planning and erection of
• Planning and management
to develop marketable compe- • Project Management family homes as well as an em- of the design and construc-
tences in a wide variety of skills • Project Co-ordinator phasis on construction details, tion process
within the planning, building Roles building materials and process • Qualified choices of building
and design professions. Leading • Quality Management planning. materials for a concrete multi-
story building project
objectives include developing • Sales Management
3rd Semester • Conversion and renovation of
the ability to (construction industry) older buildings
apply technology to building • Architectual technology Core subjects: focus on individu-
• Implementation and construc-
design and in communicating al building components such as tion of industrial, sports
wood and concrete components buildings, etc.
practical solutions. Programme Structure
for carcase constructions.


When starting on the programme
Career Opportunities in Architectural Technology & AP degree The 6th semester is a profes-

The Architectural Technology Construction Management you Following the 3rd semester the sional specialization semester
and Construction Management are in fact starting on 2 different student can opt for the Build- with the full 6 months taking
graduate’s role is to solve techni- course programmes at the same ing Technology programme place as an industrial place-
cal construction problems. The time. On completing the first and graduate at the end of the ment, either in an architect or
graduate is part of the project, 1 ½ years (3 semesters) you 4th semester (2 years) where engineering practice or with a
and has to interpret, develop can choose between 2 different students will work on elective building contractor. The place-
and co-ordinate the work of programmes: assignments and write a final ment/internship can take place
the architect and civil engi- • AP degree in Building project. in Denmark or abroad.
neer to ensure the operational Technology
demands of the building project • Bachelor degree in Bachelor degree
The 7th semester consists of an
are carried out efficiently and Architectural Technology Does the student wish to con-
elective assignment and the
properly. The graduate can also and Construction Manage- tinue with the whole Bachelor’s
final Bachelor Project (disserta-
manage the construction process ment degree, the programme on the
tion) The programme is recog-
on site and act as the mediator 4th – 7th semesters are designed
nised by CIOB, ABE and CIAT.
between craftsmen, technicians, in the following way:
architects, engineers, surveyors, See page 36 for general infor-
managers and clients. mation regarding our English
Job opportunities in Denmark programmes such as require-
and abroad are very prosper- ments, fees and application

It is relatively easy to find accommodation in Aalborg and the prices are more competitive
compared to e.g. Copenhagen.

UCN Technology & Business will UCN Technology & Business is The housing normally includes After some time in Aalborg, a
do its outmost to help inter- happy to offer: access to kitchen, a shared bath, number of students normally
national students make their furnished rooms, FREE internet, decide to live together and share
stay in Aalborg beneficial and A single or a shared room or laundry facilities and bar/party an apartment. UCN Technology
comfortable. Keeping that in an apartment at a student hostel facilities and fitness opportuni- & Business helps our students
mind, however, students have to in Aalborg e.g. UC House, Tech ties. Further on there is often a with the practical matters con-
apply for accommodation in due College hostel or at the AAB living room with stereo, sofas, nected to this housing opportu-
course, therefore the earlier you Sports College. TV with international channels , nity.
apply the higher are the chances table football, table tennis and
that you will get an offer of ac- Read more about student hous- pool table etc. All this might not
commodation. ing on and see be part of private accommoda-
the different types of accommo- tion but then normally the rooms
The municipality in Aalborg also dation offered as well as costs of are bigger or cheaper through
guarantees that everyone com- renting. this option. In general, average
ing to study/work in Aalborg monthly rents vary between
will be covered by the accom- EURO 270 – 400, depend-
modation guarantee, provided ing on the area, the size of the
that students have registered on rooms, the facilities available
their website www.aku-aalborg. and the general standard of ac-
dk commodation.


Tuition fees: Cost of compulsory At all programmes it is required Expenses

EU/EEA and Nordic students: literature that students either bring a International students must have
• The tuition fee can vary from • For a whole AP programme laptop or buy one in Denmark. sufficient funds to cover their
EURO 3,400 to 6,500 per of 2 years approximately EURO Microsoft office package can living expenses while studying
semester, depending on the 670 - 1,400. be bought at a favourable price in Denmark. Recently, living
programme. • Top-up programmes approxi- from UCN Technology & Busi- expenses for the average student
mately EURO 670 for the full ness bookstore. in Aalborg have been approx.
BUT due to the fact that the programmes. EURO 650 per month, inclusive
Danish government pay the • For the BSc in Architectural Student Job accommodation. Students can-
tuition fees it is free on any pro- Technology and Construction Possibilities not rely on getting a student job
grammes for the Danes as for Management programme roughly Many students have student jobs once they arive - it takes 1-2
other EU/EEA & Nordic studens. EURO 375 per semester. and work during the week and months and they should be pre-
• For more specific costs of at weekends. During summer pared for low season periods.
Non-EU students: each individual programme, holidays students may want to
Please note that UCN Technol- please visit UCN Technology & work full time, which their work Danish Language
ogy & Business has a very Business’ website. All students permit allows them to do. Courses
favourable “Special Service no matter where or how they Students studying at UCN Tech-
Package” for NON-EU/EEA buy the literature must have it by nology & Business can take Dan-
students, which may cover some the time the study starts. ish language courses through
of your book expenses. the Municipality in Aalborg.
Study trips
UCN Technology & Business Most programmes have a study At the UCN Technology &
might also be able to offer trip abroad which is to be finan- Business website www.ucnorth.
scholarships to a limited number cially covered by the students Estimate of General dk you can find the frequently
of NON-EU students. Contact themselves. asked questions (FAQ) and a for more lot of other detailed information
information or find information about studies at UCN Tech-
on nology & Business and life in
Tuition fees could be subject to
change. For the most recent up-
dated information, always check
UCN Technology & Business’
Aliz Lukacs, Hungary
website on
” In addition to your studies you can also find a part time job and earn EURO
13 per hour. I am really glad and proud of myself that I am here in Denmark
because it is the best way to secure a good career in the future”

Degree and Length of Language of Instruc- IELTS (6.0-6.5) – or alterna- to fill in a coordinated enrolment
Programme tion tively approved test through form called the KOT scheme,
At UCN Technology & Business All the mentioned programmes agreement with agency/ which is similar to the UCAS
you can study the following in this brochure are taught fully UCN T&B. system in the UK. Find the appli-
degrees in English: in English. Next to the above entry require- cation forms and how to apply
• AP degree, duration is 2 years, ments also: at UCN Technology & Business’
• AP degree in relevant field website:
covering 120 ECTS points Entry Requirements
(except Computer Science) from Denmark or
AP degrees and Bachelor
• Bachelor degree, duration is degrees • Equivalent higher educational Starting Date
3,5 years, covering 210 ECTS • High school diploma compat- background from abroad All programmes start the 1st of
points ible with the Danish system September.
• Top-up bachelor programme, – otherwise the diploma has Top-up Bachelor
duration is 1,5 years covering
to be supplemented with Degrees Residence & Study
90 ECTS points university or college studies or • The same requirements as AP Permit
• General upper secondary and Bachelor degrees. EU/EEA students: permit to
Some programmes are offered education or International or • In addition 120 ECTS points be obtained on arrival. UCN
as AP degrees and some as Eurpean Baccalaureate acqired within relevant subjects Technology & Business will assist
Bachelor degrees. After gradua- • Or high school diploma that are required for the specific students in getting their study
tion with an AP degree, students from the USA + at least one Top-up programme. permit as soon as possible after
can decide to continue and get a year of university/college • For more information on their arrival to Aalborg.
bachelor degree by choosing • Or at least two years of the required subjects, please Non-EU/EEA students: permit to
one of UCN Technology & Busi- relevant studies from universi- check the relevant AP degree be obtained prior to arrival. For
ness’ Top-up programmes or ties in Africa, India, Pakistan from UCN T&B in relation to more information visit http://
some of our partners’ top-up and countries with similar the interested Top-up Bachelor > English
programmes. educational systems or programme. > Coming to Denmark section
• Other appropriate education or contact your nearest Danish
Equally Bachelor graduates found to be acceptable at the Embassy or Consulate for further
Application Deadline
can typically obtain a Master’s discretion of UCN Technology information.
15th March
degree after having studied 1-2 & Business
(later applications are welcomed,
years at university. • Students from Asia or Africa Read more on
but no guarantee given).
All UCN Technology & Business’ – 2 years of university study or contact International office
programmes are accredited by completed at UCN Technology & Business:
Application procedure
the Ministry of Education in • High level in mathematics
All higher education institutions
Denmark. • A recognised English test:
in Denmark use the same appli-
TOEFL (at least 550 paper
cation form. The applicants have
based, 213 computer based),


Collaboration with the International net- Further studies Master programmes takes
Business Sector works and partners After graduation from the AP 1-2 years. UCN Technology &
Project work is the primary UCN Technology & Business degree programmes you can Business has a very good co-
cause for collaboration with has had an Erasmus University continue and get a bachelor operation with Aalborg
the business sector as well as Charter for many years and degree at UCN Technology & University offering a number
networking and close contacts therefore we have many in- Business. We have currently se- of English taught programmes -
to secure jobs in the global coming as out-going Erasmus ven top up BA programmes. You see more on
business arena. People from the students and teachers exchan- can also go to other universities
business sector come to UCN ges. Our list of partners contains in Denmark or you can decide Employment
Technology & Business as guest many attractive universities all to make use of our network of At UCN Technology & Business
lectures to tell about new trends over Europe. UCN Technology partners offering our students the graduates have a good
and technologies. They come as & Business works in alliance their bachelor programmes employment rate within the
project supervisors, speakers at with 140 international partners. as top-ups. You can e.g. go to sector that they studied. The
the graduation ceremony, host UCN Technology & Business UK universities, Australia, the career opportunities can be
students in internships and are is also a very active player in Netherlands etc. At the UCN studied under each programme
used as sparring partners in the international networks as EAIE Technology & Business site description. Many students go
development of new programmes. and SPACE, etc. where we have you can find a for jobs directly after gradua-
chairs in the executive committe- full list of top-up universities with tion but many students also go
During the studies all students go es and we participate actively in whom we co-operate. The list is for further studies – Bachelor
for an internship which could be international projects funded by continuously up-dated as UCN and Master degrees.
in Denmark or abroad. the European Union, Nordplus Technology & Business students
and other regional and national are attractive to foreign univer-
Through these work relations the funds. sities, and not least on Master
students develop valuable skills programmes.
needed for their future career
and that increases their emplo-
yability and entrepreneurship.

nd Marta Kuzman, Poland

I find UCN Technology & Business very interesting; especially, because you are able to
continue your studies in many other countries after graduation. You are also encoura-
ged to do your internship abroad and to take part in Erasmus exchange programme.
The academy assists you and they have means to support you financially. Therefore
UCN Technology & Business can be a great starting point and can be combined with
studies in other countries as well.


The Danish Higher Higher education institutions • Research universities (Uni- • A number of university level
Education System Higher education is offered by versitet) are regulated by the institutions are regulated by the
This description of the Danish four types of higher education Ministry of Science, Technology Ministry of Culture and offer
Higher Education System has institutions and regulated by and Innovation and offer first, first, second and third cycle de-
been approved by the Dan- three ministries: second and third cycle degree gree programmes in subject field
ish Ministry of Education, the • Academies of Professional programmes in all academic such as architecture, design,
Ministry of Science, Technology Higher Education (Erhvervs- disciplines. music and fine and performing
and Innovation and the Ministry akademi) and University arts.
of Culture. Colleges (Professionshøjskole)
Public higher education institu- are regulated by the Ministry of
tions in Denmark are governed Education and offer profession-
by national legislation concern- ally oriented first cycle degree
ing degree structures, teacher programmes.
qualifications and examinations.
All programmes are accred-
ited by national, independent
accreditation agencies and the
Accreditation Council.


Overview of degrees in the Danish Higher Education System

Danish higher education institutions use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for measuring study activities. 60 ECTS correspond to
one year of full-time study.

Danish qualifi- Ordinary higher educa- Adult/Continuing Qualifications Framework for European/Na-
cations levels tion degrees higher education the European Higher Educa- tional Qualifica-
degrees tion Area - Bologna Frame- tion Framework
work for Lifelong
Learning - EQF/
Academy Academy Profession degree Academy Profession Short cycle Level 5
Profession (90-150 ECTS) degree (60 ECTS)
Bachelor’s Professional Bachelor’s Diploma degree First cycle Level 6
level degree (180-240 ECTS)* (60 ECTS)
Bachelor’s degree (within
fine arts) (180 ECTS)
Bachelor’s degree (180 ETCS)
Master’s level Master’s degree (within fine Master degree Second cycle Level 7
arts) (120-180 ECTS (60-90 ECTS)
Master’s degree (120 ECTS)**
PhD level PhD degree (180 ECTS) Third cycle Level 8

* Can be obtained through a full regular bachelor’s programme (180-240 ECTS) or a top up bachelor’s programme (90 ECTS)
following an Academic Profession degree. A few Professional Bachelor programmes are 270 ECTS.

** A few Master’s programmes are up to 180 ECTS.

Qualification framework Admission and progression same field of study with a top up
The Danish qualification levels General access to higher programme (90 ECTS). Com-
form the basic for the Danish education in Denmark requires pletion of a first cycle degree
National Qualifications Frame- a secondary school leaving qualifies students for admission
work for Higher Education, examination or comparable fo the second cycle.
which is certified in accordance qualifications. Admission to
with the overreaching Bologna some particular programmes
Framework according to the prin- require entrance examination
ciples adopted by the European or submission of a portfolio of
Ministers of Higher Education. artistic work.
Danish higher education qualifi-
cations at level 5-8 in the Danish Completion of a short cycle
Qualifications Framework for degree qualifies students for
Lifelong Learning (NQF) are admission to a first cycle degree.
also compatible with the level Degree holders with a short
5-8 in the European Qualifica- cycle Academy Profession de-
tions Framework (EQF). gree can obtain a Professional
Bachelor’s degree within the

The 7-point grading scale

The grading system in all state-regulated education programmes as of September 2007 is the 7-point grading scale. The
grading scale is compatible with the ECTS grading scale.

The 7-point 12 10 7 4 02 00 -3
grading scale
grading scale

Apart form the 7-point grading scale, pass/fail assessment may also be used. 02 is the minimum grade for passing
an exam.

Edina Lázár, Hungary
” I chose Denmark because I wanted to study abroad
and have a chance to get a higher education in
English and because there is NO TUITION FEE if you
come from Europe”

Erik Menkhorst, The Netherlands

I contacted a lot of different universities in Den-
mark, and then I found NOEA/UCN to be the best
choice. NOEA offers good computer facilities for his
students, you also have access to the building after
school hours. The teachers/staff are always willing
to help you if you have any problems, that is a great
advantage which I haven’t seen so far on previous
programmes I have followed.

Ludmila Kukulova, Slovakia

” I also love the way professors lead students to think
further and that there are different nationalities
at UCN Technology & Business, it broadens your
INTERNATIONAL perspectives and forces you to use
your English”

Sabine Ziemele, Latvia

This time for me at UCN Technology & Business was
very fruitful and I feel that I have grown a lot. I have
got what I was coming for. I have learned even from
small everyday things, from the differences, from the
beauty all around. I am learning the Danish attitude
towards the way of living and it makes myself wiser.
This is a very useful experience.

University College of Northern Denmark Sofiendalsvej 60 Phone + 45 7269 8000

TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS P.O. Box 71 Fax +45 7269 8001
DK-9100 Aalborg E-mail: - choose in English