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Minutes of the Lake County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee

Meeting of April 7, 2011

Present: Committee members: Anthony Jack, Buffy Jimenez, Bob Rumfelt, Jeff Smith,
and Rob Brown. Staff to Committee: Jennifer Hammond and Matt Perry. Robinson
Rancheria Tribal Council: Tracey Avila, Stoney Timmons, Kim Fernandez, Michelle
Monlo, and Nicholas Medina. Others: Don Anderson, Judy Anderson, and Kimberly

9:05 am - Meeting called to order.

Supervisor Brown made a motion to consider and approve the bylaws and Conflict of
Interest Code for the committee. Buffy seconded and the motion was carried.

Supervisor Smith made a motion to appoint Supervisor Brown as Chairman of the

committee and Bob Rumfelt as Vice Chair. The motion was carried.

Matt Perry presented information to the committee regarding the State of California
doing audits on various County SDF committees. Matt explained several of the various
audit findings and why the committee should keep these in mind when considering and
acting on applications this year and in future years. Matt also indicated that by 2013 the
SDF account may be out of funds. Matt feels it is very important to document
proportionate shares of impact from casinos so we are not penalized by an audit.

Tracy Avila requested that the tribes receive copies of the reports which are submitted
to the state each year re: the SDF program. She felt that they would be useful to the
tribes when they advocate for the need for the SDF funds with relevant parties.

Supervisor Brown explained to the committee the rationale for changing the way that
tribal sponsorship letters were obtained. In the past, sponsorship letters were required
to be submitted along with the applications and this year the procedure was changed to
requiring sponsorship letters be obtained after the applications were approved. Tracey
Avila expressed concerns about this change in application procedure. She felt that the
old procedure allowed the tribes to review the applications well in advance of the
committee=s meetings and this allowed them to be better informed. Tracy also touched
on the role of the state auditor=s. She shared that the auditors make recommendations
and they are just that, recommendations. Bob Rumfelt concurred that he agreed with
Tracy that the sponsorship letters should be obtained and submitted with the

The committee had a discussion on how important it is to justify proportionate shares of

funding in order to successfully survive an audit. The committee also discussed the
possible use of casino patron/player cards to track information for various funding
application requests. Tracy talked about the importance of the D.A.=s application for
funding as his office handles the prosecution of crimes perpetuated against the casinos
and this is a deterrent.
The committee felt it would be very useful to create an actual SDF application policy
and convene the Local Benefits Committee next year to have it reviewed and approved.

Supervisor Brown requested that the committee review the applications they had
received thus far at today=s meeting. Supervisor Brown made a motion that the
committee allow the deadline for submission of applications to be extended to April 28,
2011. Bob seconded and the motion carried.

The amount available to Lake County this year from the SDF monies is $874,000. 2%
of this amount is available to offset administrative costs, which would be over $17,000.
However, staff recommends only $10,000 for administrative costs. Supervisor Brown
made a motion to approve $10,000 in funding to the County Administrative Office in
order to offset these costs. Supervisor Smith seconded and the motion carried.

Matt provided an overview to the committee of the spreadsheet which includes the
grant applications received to date and which particular casino funds could be used to
fund each grant.

Committee had a lengthy discussion on the application from the D.A.=s Office. More
detailed information is needed from the D.A. regarding the amount of time spent and
the cost of prosecuting someone who perpetuates a crime against one of the local
casinos. The representatives from Robinson Rancheria expressed their 100% support
of this grant application.

Committee discussed the various grant applications from Sheriff Rivero. The committee
felt more explanation and justification was needed from the Sheriff. Robinson
expressed their strong opposition to funding any of the Sheriff=s grant applications.
Supervisor Brown suggested giving the Sheriff several weeks to respond to the
committee with justification for his requests for funding.

Committee discussed the request from Northshore Fire District. The committee
approved the grant application but may increase the amount of funding which is
actually approved.

Committee discussed the request from Lakeport Fire District. The committee approved
the grant application but may increase the amount of funding which is actually

10:50 am: BREAK

11:05 am: Committee reconvened

Committee discussed the request from Lakeport Police Department. Matt indicated he
had requested more specific information from the P.D. regarding which calls they had
received that were related to the casino and which calls were related to the casino.
Matt will make this same request for clarification from Northshore Fire and Lakeport
Committee discussed request from Vector Control. Supervisor Brown expressed
concern that the Vector Control District already receives adequate funding from
multiple sources. He felt the money should go to Fire and Police services. The option of
revising the application and requesting data on vector control services to the
Middletown area was discussed.

Committee discussed request from Mental Health Department. Tracy felt that there was
no impact shown on their services from the casino and she also pointed out that the
tribal casinos are already contributing to these types of health and human services
through various state programs focused on addiction, substance abuse, gambling, etc.
Additional statistics and justification are needed in order to consider further.

Buffy made a motion to approve the application from the D.A.=s Office in full
($279,000) pending the review of further information and statistics to be provided by
the D.A. Bob seconded and the motion was approved.

Committee discussed request from Southlake Fire District. Nick commented that if we
do approve this application, we should use the funds from the application requested by
the Sheriff for his Southshore Office. Committee does not like that other fire
departments have to pay to use some of their training facility that SDF funds had been
used to construct.

The committee discussed the possibility of having the Sheriff attend the next committee
meeting in order to provide further information and justification for his requests. The
possibility of a joint meeting of the tribal councils was also discussed - so that
applicants could appear before all the councils at one time.

The Committee decided to extend the deadline to receive applications to April 28,
The Committee felt it would be worthwhile for Matt to explore soliciting additional
applications from the following departments: Public Defender, Code Enforcement,
Animal Care & Control, Parks, and Water Resources for the Quagga Mussel Program.

Robinson Tribal Council members requested that each applicant appear before the
Robinson Tribal Council, which meets on Wednesdays at 10:00am, to request support.
Tony Jack advised that the Big Valley Tribal Council meets the third Thursday of the
month at 1:00pm.

By consensus, the committee approved that grant recipients be required to sign a

Statement of Assurances, Certifications, and Hold Harmless agreement.

Next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2011, at 1:30pm in Conference
Room B of the Courthouse.

Buffy made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tony seconded and the motion was
Meeting adjourned at 12:32pm.
Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Hammond, Sr. Administrative Analyst 263-2580