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Nihangs and their Mohallas

Gurinder Singh Mann, October 31, 2008, PHN

As a tribute to the 300 year consecration of the Guru Granth Sahib as Guru, we
provide our readers with various pictures of the celebrations.In the Punjab after
Diwali the Akali Nihangs entertain the crowds with " mohalla" and in Hazur Sahib,
the Sikhs celebrate the day after with what they call " holla Bolla".

(left) A Nihang, or Sikh religious soldier, adjusts his moustache as he attends a special
prayer at the Rakab Ganj Sikh temple in New Delhi, India. (AP / Gurinder Osan)

(right) A Nihang listens to a speaker inside the Golden Temple, Sikh's holiest shrine,
during the 300th anniversary celebrations of Guru Granth Sahib in Amritsar. (AP / Altaf
Major Singh Nihang wears a higly decorated Turban which has a length of four football
fields during a religious procession in Amritsar. (MUNISH SHARMA / REUTERS

A Nihang is about to fall from his horse as he exhibits his riding skills during a religious
procession called Mohalla in Amritsar. This religious procession is carried out a day after
the Diwali festival each year in which the Nihangs from various major groups display
their martial-art and horse-riding skills.
(Raminder Pal Singh / EPA)
The decorated ‘Guru Maharaj da Ghoda’ (horse) being taken in procession around
Nanded on Holla Bolla.
(The Hindu, P.v Sivakumar)

Another Nihang attempts to control a horse as it rides into a crowd of devotees during the
Mohalla celebration taking place a day after the Diwali festival in Amritsar. (AFP)