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US Department of Homeland Security Investigations

The US Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will be issuing a

Special Agent hiring announcement opening on January 17, 2011 and closing in
January 23, 2011. HSI will hire entry-level Special Agents at the GS7 and GS9
levels for positions along the Southwest border. Approximately 600 special
agents will be hired over the next year and be assigned to field offices in San
Antonio, El Paso, Phoenix, and San Diego. Assignments may also be made to New
York, considered a hard-to-fill location.

For those who have applied in the past, there is no need for a PIN or marketing
code as HSI has recently changed the testing process.

PLEASE NOTE: Information / position description WILL NOT be available until

January 17, 2011. Questions should be directed to the point of contact on the
announcement and not the FEB office. Candidates should monitor regularly.

To learn more about HSI, visit:


A FACT SHEET on law enforcement careers, including fitness and age criteria, is

Federal law enforcement careers provide exciting and dynamic opportunities to motivated
individuals. When you think of Federal law enforcement, one naturally thinks of the Federal
Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Secret Service. In
addition to these opportunities, most agencies hire special agents (criminal investigators) to
conduct investigations of alleged illegal activity. You may be interested in investigating illegal
drug smuggling or anti-terrorism for Customs and Border Protection (CBP), or maybe
fraudulent tax schemes for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or international arms
trafficking for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), just to name
a few.

In addition to all the regular benefits of Federal employment, agents receive additional benefits.
Most agencies provide their agents with an additional 25 percent of base pay, known as Law
Enforcement Availability Pay. Also, agents are allowed to retire, will full retirement benefits, at
age 50 provided they have 20 years of service. The mandatory retirement age is 57.

Law enforcement positions are very sensitive, with strict hiring requirements. The exact
requirements vary by agency, but the general requirements are:

U.S. citizen
22-37 years old
Possess valid driver’s license
Pass vision test (uncorrected and corrected, including color vision)
Pass hearing test
Pass medical exam (including physical fitness exam)
Pass drug test (amount of prior drug use, if any, varies by agency)
Pass thorough background exam (includes polygraph test) for Top Secret
Pass comprehensive written and oral exams
Most require an undergraduate degree, although some allow a combination of
education and work experience
Willing to carry firearm, and qualify with the firearm
Available for assignment anywhere in the world

For further information, visit the government’s job search website and
search using series number 1811 (criminal investigator). Also, you can visit individual agency
websites for exact qualifications and available opportunities. A list of agencies can be found at Selected agency websites are as follows:

FBI Secret Service