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Church of Scientology
30 October 1969 The Independent Journal Published by the Church of Scientology
Since World War nEastern intelligence services have developed a new weapon.
The security forces ofWestem countries are too fond oftracing the history of intelligence to
show there is nothing new.
There have been new intelligence technologies developed in every decade for the last century or
more. The extent and literature on the subject are so vast that the superficial student or the nonspecialized
government executive is as outdistance as he would be in the field of Chinese literature.
Intelligence is highly specialized and intricately sophisticated in the East. A founder ofthe
extremely efficient Gennan services, the most vast West had known, spent 17 years studying the
intelligence technology ofthe Japanese and even then only scratched the surface.
It is no wonder then that a new intelligence technology has been in use against the West since
1948 without detection or understanding.
The basic idea of weakening or corrupting a population has been in use since before the Persian
attacks on Greece. Naturally the degradation of a population is possible on a long-term basis if actual war
is unsuccessful or impossible as a method ofremoving a natural enemy.
A sufficiently degraded or weakened people are in effect demilitarized.
Where direct combat confrontation is undesirable or considered too dangerous, the weakening of
an enemy's trade or economics and the contraction of his sphere of influence by covert means becomes
the next solution available. That is textbook.
The degradation and weakening ofthe enemy population itself is more difficult and requires a
longer time span. Although this is considered desirable by potential attackers, no feasible technology to
fully accomplish it had been worked out and employed on any scale before 1948.
The advent of fast transport and mass communication media and the internationalization of
fmance controls offered an opportunity to design and use technology which could destroy the enemy's
population totally as an effective nation.
The atomic bomb made direct combat confrontation between major powers too dangerous thereby
opened the door to any program which would promise successful destruction of considered enemy even
on a long-term basis.
The techniques ofcultural destruction were developed, financed and pressed into action.
The West, naive and traditional in the field of security has failed utterly to detect and handle
cultural destruction - the major weapon now in full use against Western nations.
Espionage to Western security forces and politicians still means enemy efforts to steal the plans
ofthe battleship. Even where Western security officers confusedly suspect what is going on, their
political seniors are not likely to permit action since they have been carefully coached to believe in the
inevitable deterioration of man in modern society.
The essence ofthe campaign is to make it all seem internal and inevitable with a ready social
explanation for each new decline.
Spies, as enemy agents are called by those who know very little about it, are generally caught at
the point they relay information after citizens whom they have persuaded to steal plans have turned them
into the national security service.
A new feature in cultural destruction is that these "spies" are agents who do not report. They
merely act.
Briefed at some period long ago they need no further detailed briefmg. They just go on working.
These agents need no funds from their masters as they are fmanced internally and most often by
the government they seek to subvert.
Three things mask their activities: (a) they assume identities ("cover" in intelligence argot) which
are considered above the law; (b) they seem essential to handle the disorder which they themselves are
actually creating; (c) the extent and coordination of their actions are too.incredible to be grasped by
people who take a "reasonable view ofthings."
All the evidence oftheir successes is in plain view. Yet they pose as the authorities vital to
handling these conditions.
Soaring crime rates and widespread drug addiction are hallmarks of intelligence subversion and
always have been. To these more common signs of attack on the population cultural destruction has
added "miseducation," soaring insanity totals, sexual perversion, racial warfare and the sabotage of sound
The somewhat natural impulse of rather barbaric societies to go astray and become hectic is being
exaggerated to such a degree and with such swiftness that almost anyone with a little help could see that
natural turbulence is been enormously assisted.
The exact technology by which it is done makes a fascinating and revealing study. All the
inventiveness that commonly emerges only during actual warfare has been redirected into the resolution
of the problem "Howto destroy a nation which cannot be directly fought."
England has watched her whole empire contract to the possession of Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland as her only undisputed external terrain. An event usually requiring centuries of decline,
happened within two decades.
The US, conquering hero of World War n, is reduced to bargaining at a conference table while
her postage-stamp enemy confreres direct public campaigns to end the war within US borders.
The voice raised in protest against national decay is silenced and vilified, such has become the
strength of the external enemy.
Security forces in the West see in all this only an effort to bring about an internal revolt where
they observe it all. It is not an attempted revolt. It is cultural destruction on a grand scale.
It took the originators half a century to smash utterly the basic educational standards of the
Western people and substitute new values, or lack ofthem, which opened the door to total subversion.
An examination ofthe changing textbooks and the connections of the authors ofthose which then crept
into use and the political color and background ofthe "educators" who recommended them is an
interesting search.
The source area ofthe training skills used by "social scientists" is traceable directly to enemy
The basic cultural institutions normally relied upon to uphold the standards of Western society
have been infiltrated, discredited and swept out of power. The motif of the destruction of churches
springs directly from the enemy.
In place of these institutions have sprung up a horde of"unimpeachably respectable" societies run
by suave, glib and enemy connected confidence tricksters to whose deadly advice congresses and
parliaments listen with an awe usually reserved in barbaric societies for fathers.
In two countries recently the government paid all the expenses of meetings ofthe enemy agents
who, in their posh hotels, carefully protected by the internal security forces, carefully planned and put into
effect the next steps of the cultural destruction of those countries - and in the bargain discussed behind
carefully closed doors the abolishment of their hosts' constitutions and cancellation of their boundaries.
A large percentage of those who attended were direct from enemy territory. .
Another member ofthis group, a card-carrying enemy, was listened to attentively by a
Congressional committee who were already acting on her advice not to oppose so strenuously the
widespread drug addiction being pushed by her infmitely "respectable" friends.
Nearly haifa hundred of these wholly "respectable social scientists" recently entered a Western
nation straight from satellite countries and set up in business there at once, marvelously fmanced, entirely
above the law because they were "authorities" and "scientists" and ''vouched for" by "eminently
respectable professional societies." The security forces there were restless about it but evidently could do
nothing because of "pressure from above".
It has gone so far that anyone who mentions it is at once accused of "seeing a Red under every
bush." The last political figure in the US who refused to believe it was "natural" was stopped and killed
as surely as though he had been poisoned.
There are many ways to win in competition between nations. Where outright war is impossible
or covert military operatives unprofitable, there is now cultural destruction, a complex and highly skilled
tool which not only destroys the national will to fight but also morally reduces and destroys the social and
economic fiber ofthe enemy.
Ifaction is not taken, if the trend is not halted, the West will be dead within a decade.
, ~
"Some time ago I realized the resolution of
this scene would require a powerful tech,
tailored to check this downward spiral at each
step ofthe way andget it reverting upwards.
I set about to study and research and
develop processes that would accomplish this.
The result ofthat work is Super Power.
Super Power is the answer to a sick, a
dying and dead society.
With it we literally revive the dead!
With it we have the means to put
Scientologists into a new realm ofability
enabling them to create a new world!" - LRH
"The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the
right thing, to be kind, to be decent.
"Amongst us we have occasionally the feeling like: life requires that we be stern, life
requires that we be ornery enough and mean enough to fire him: life requires that we've got
to tell this preclear the next time we come that she must go, she must leave, she must never
darken our door again. Life requires that. We must be stern, we must be mean, we must be
occasionally ornery, and we must steel ourselves to take an unkind action. And we feel
sometimes there's something wanting in us, because we refuse to take this unkind action. We
feel we hate being cowardly, that we are ducking back from our responsibilities. We feel the
best way to solve the thing would be to be a little bit mean about it. Get the idea? We should
be able to be tough...
"And so our kind impulse is mumed by the fact that we 'know' we had certainly
better tell this person off..
"Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, ifit does unsettle it. But the only way
anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That's the only
way it ever does solve.
"And it never solves by being tough. And believe me, ladies and gentleman, here
talks a guy who in his college days was a top sergeant of the reserve marines, who drilled
battalions. And when I tell you that it doesn't pay to be tough, rve had experience.
"An officer in the war, and I can tell you that at no time, at no time during the entire
war, did I ever see toughness win either in the field ofdiscipline, the field ofefficiency, or
the field ofgetting a job done. I have never seen it win.
" ...There is no substitute for liking people like liking people. There's no substitute
for reality like reality. There's no substitute for communication like communication with
good aff'mity and good reality. And that's really close to a static. Do you understand?
"You go down scale from that you get into Dale Carnegieism. You ought to read that
book sometime; it's a real killer. It's how to subvert ARC.
"All right. What do we have then? What do we have in these organizations? What do
we really have ofvalue in the organizations of Scientology?
"The orily thing we have ofvalue, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life,
increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality, and the ability to like
guys. That's all you got." - LRH
(DEC Tape: Attitude and Conduct of Scientology, 3 November 1955)
he pay is communication, sensation, ARC,
understanding, cooperative endeavor, enthusiasm over
goals, activity; the feeling one is going someplace and
doing something. These are the only payments that can be
made to anyone for living. There are some things that try to
substitute for them: mink coats, Cadillac's, and big bank
accounts. Person says, "Well, if I could just make a couple
of million, then I would've been paid for it." Well, you and
I know the answer to that. We see some of these fellows
that slaved through it for 20-25-30 years, let everything go
by the boards but that first couple of million, or something
like that, and there they sit in the preclear's chair with
ulcers. They were paid, apparently; they were apparently
paid; paid in cash - but they weren't paid in
communication, sensation, understanding, feeling of a job
well done, ARC. These payments they didn't get, and it
made them sick! So the -is something real about living, and
that something real is life. Not MEST, although MEST is a
good substitute for realio/.
Now, the funny part of it is, that if you can get paid in the
commodities which I have just mentioned, you usually get
paid in cash, too and there's certainly nothing wrong in
having a few hogsheads full of cash."
LRH, 29 Dec. 57
Ability Congress
Now, you can trace then - here's a person that's higher up the scale. He's occasion-
ally able to disagree with the MEST universe. Once in awhile he can- he can disagree with it
like mad. He can take a car out here and, I don't know, sort ofpick it up onthe curves at ninety
degrees and turn it and it doesn't tum over. Itjust keeps roiling in some direction or other. He's
just got a little tiny edge on things. Hejust doesn't quite care what the MESTuniverse does to
Did you ever see anybody at agambling table who cared desperately and who had to win.
Did you ever see himwin? Not in this universe. But this fellow who's sitting there and he doesn't
care- ifhe got the money he's take it out and throwit in a spittoon. And there that fellow sits
with the dollars rolling in on him. And he's getting ahigher and higher stack ofwin. But then one
day he gets married or something, he's threaten to lose hisjob and he says, "I've always won at
gambling. NowI think I'll go backand play. I'll make some money." He's done. He goes back
and he loses and loses and loses and loses and loses.
Well, he was able to take a very grand viewofall this at first Then later on, when it be-
came serious to him ... And you know- you know, the way to get ahead in the world is "work
hartl' and "save your money," and be respectful- respectful and polite and willing, and very
agreeable to your superiors. This is the old fonnula, and yet it's dismaying to go around and find
the (quote) "captains ofindustry" and find out that they're a whole bunchofpirates and bums.
There were never respectful to anybody. Theyjust -it'sjust incredible, yet here they sit in com-
mandoflarge works and industries. They didn't save their money. They don't save their money.
They are not cautious with their investments. They buythe doggonedest things. They get
into the worst possible scrapes and trouble, and seem to keep right on going and getting right out of
And you sit around and say, "Well, the fellow is going to come up to griefsooner or later."
Andafter you've said that for about forty years, why, you get a little apathetic about it but youjust
knowthat right will1riumph in the end And ofcourse, the end ofthat track is MEST. W e ~ the
fellow how hopes this, by the way, is alreadypretty well on that track and he'll be f\.1EST before
the other fellow will, because the other fellow can still bend the I\4ESTuniverse around and he
doesn't have to agree with it too much."
LRH- Tape excerpt 1Dec 1952
Human beings have a very high native sense ofjustice.
Advanced Procedure and Axioms
There is freedom in knowing what is thought right, what is thought wrong.
There is only slavery when nobody knows and the rules are all "offthe cuff"
DEC: "Justice"
An inability to confront evil leads people into disregarding it or
discounting it or not seeing it at all.
Management Series: "Ethics"
One must act, one must preserve order and decency, but one need not hate or seek
A New Slant on Life
Injustice is not something in which any man with power should ever trade.
It is not just a sin. It is suicide.
Technical Bulletin: "Riots"
Inaction and indecision in the present is because offear ofconsequences ofthe future.
Technical Bulletin: "Future Processing"
The lowest level ofreasoning is complete inability to differentiate, which is to say,
Science ofSurvival
The highest level of reasoning is complete differentiation.
Science of Survival
Your enthusiasm and zest for existence come mainly from your ability to differentiate.
The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
Association is the essence of logic.
Scientology 8-8008
. ~
You can't have a civilization without able citizens.
It is impossible to have a working democracy without
its ranks including only intelligent and capable individuals.
Five morons do not make a genius.
LRH Note: "Ability Book"
The road to ruin is paved with false information.
Article: "False Reports"
Try to give somebody something he doesn't want and you are
going to overthrow his power ofchoice.
His power ofchoice is the only thing that he had to begin with,
which gave himpower, capability and anything else
and that power ofchoice has been consistently and continuously
overthrown by giving himthings he didn't want and taking
away from him things he didn't want to get rid of back and forth.
You get the individual pretty overwhelmed and he goes down in power.
Technical Bulletin: "Recognition of
Rightness ofthe Being"
The common denominator ofall life impulses is selt:determinism.
The Perception of Truth Lectures
The essence ofa man is his self-determinism.
Self Analysis in Scientology
Self:determinism may be defmed as the location of matter and energy in space
and time, as well as a creation oftime and space in which to locate matter and energy.
The Perception of Truth Lectures
Choice is the keynote ofself-determinism. To determine anything, you must
have the choice to determine. Choice to determine means that you must have the power
The Route to Infinity Lectures
The deterioration ofthe individual is the deterioration ofhis own determinism.
Universes and the War Between Theta
and Mest Lectures
It can be readily established that an individual loses his self A· terminism in the ratio that
he possesses objects and utilizes force.
Scientology 8-8008
One can have a game and know it.
He can be in a game and not know it.
The difference is his determinism.
Dianetics 55!
Fear is a state of imperception,
fear is an unwillingness to confront.
Personal Achievement Series lecture:
"Deterioration ofLiberty"
Knowingness is reduced by assuming one must be in certain places to perceive
and so know, and that one cannot be in certain places.
The Creation of Human Ability
Perception is knowing across a distance.
Universes and the War Between Theta and MEST Lec-
If one can confront, he can be aware.
If he is aware, he can perceive and act.
Ifhe can't confront, he will not be aware ofthings
and will be withdrawn and not perceiving.
Thus he is unaware ofthings around him.
A thetan can be what he can see.
Scientology 8-8008
FuNDAMENTAL: The basic action ofexistence is duplication.
LOGIC: All operating principles of life may be derived from duplication.
AxIOM: Communication is as exact as it approaches duplication.
AxIOM: Unwillingness to be cause is monitored by unwillingness to be duplicated.
AxIOM: Unwillingness to be an effect is monitored by unwillingness to duplicate.
AxIOM: An inability to remain in a geographical position brings about an unwillingness
~ .
, ~
to duplicate.
Axiom: An enforced fixation in a geographical position brings about an unwillingness
to duplicate.
AxIOM: Inability to duplicate on any dynamic is the primary degeneration ofthe
Axiom: Perception depends upon duplication.
AXIOM: Communication depends upon duplication.
AxIOM: In the MEST universe, the single crime is duplication.
FORMULA VIII: The primary ability and willingness ofthe thetan to duplicate must be
rehabilitated by handling desires, enforcements and inhibitions relating to it on
all dynamics."
A group is as capable as it contains capable individual members.
Article: "What it Means to Be a Scientologist"
Single men and determined groups have been the only makers ofspace
in which man could walk free.
Technical Bulletin: "Purpose"
The power ofthe individual is his ability to initiate the resolution
ofproblems and execute the solutions.
Article: ''Dianometry,
Your Ability and State ofMind"
The totality ofpower is orderly progress.
DEC: "Justice"
Man can seldom handle power. He retreats from it or abuses it.
When he has it he often misdirects it.
Article: "The States of Existence"

"... So this body that is getting old is simply getting less and less willing to
duplicate and is getting more and more changing, more and more radical- and will
fmally get so radical that it'll build cancer cells, or it builds wrinkles or it does all
sorts ofweird and incredible things, you see. But that's the way it goes on the time
track, and so it goes over that peak and then ages. But it spends, today, far more
years aging than it does growing. Hmm, this is way out ofbalance, isn't it?
"Your modem society is geared to that. TV - grind-grind-grind-grind-grind;
new program, newprogram, new program, new program, see. It's got to change-
change-change, alter-alter-alter-alter. See? No reason why it ought to alter, at all.
In fact, there's no reason for TV.
"And, by the way, TV would be one ofthe more interesting ways to break
down a society - one ofthe much more interesting ways to break down a society.
Make everybody face only MEST and never face another living thing. See, because
TV isn't a living thing; it's just MEST shadows. So you see the social life ofa coun-
try busting up, and so forth, under the impact ofthis sort ofthing.
"People do not know, by the way, that when sitting in front of a TV set they
are being bombarded with enough gamma rays to cause a Geiger counter to go hys-
terical. They let their little kids sit in front ofthese TV sets. Why don't they let
them sit in the middle ofHiroshima? I mean, it's just the same.
"There's a desert out there that the government bombed and left it green glass,
all radioactive. -They carefully told everybody it isn't radioactive, but then I don't
know why some ofthat sand, just a little handful ofthat sand, put in with a couple of
dental plates and a key will make a perfect print today on the dental plates - X-ray
"But here people sit in front ofthis terrific bombardment of gamma rays,
you see, just because they can be absolutely sure that thing isn't going to duplicate-
isn't going to duplicate. It's sitting there all the time. It's perfectly motionless, actu-
ally. But their interests can change, wander and so forth. But there they are, facing
that's because they've had such bad experiences with other people.
You know, is a bad experience. It really shouldn't be duplicated. You
know, you go to parties, and you get drunk, and your husband makes a pass at some
girl, you know. Bad things happen, and we just better not duplicate those parties
anymore, and so on. Why be sociable anyway? It's much better to sit here and look
at a piece ofMEST with a glass face on it which changes shadows - much better
than to be social. ,,,
"What do you think is going to happen to a country? Just what's happening
to it, ofcourse...." - LRH
. ~
. ~
nd you say 'a world
without war' and so
forth; we'll have it, very
soon. As long as they don't
commit one before we make
it and that's the rush. And
that's why I consider my
plate so highly loaded,
is we're operating against a .
- LRH (excerpt from SHSBC Lecture entitled Technology and
Hidden Standards)
- ,
In 1978, LRH wrote about Super Power in Ron's Journal 30: "1978, The Year of
Lightning New Fast Tech." He called it:
"A superfantastic, but confidential series ofRundowns
that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or
not that puts the person intofantostic shape unleashing
the Super Power ofa thetan...It consists of12 separate
high-power rundowns which are brand newand enter
realms ofthe tech never before approached. " - LRH
This was the year that he researched and released New Era Dianetics and NED for OTs.
He called Super Power the most major technical breakthrough of that year! Taken
together, Super Power first addresses barriers to a person's ability to DO and to
OPERATE, and handles these. Then the person is raised up to greater awareness ofhis
environment. And finally it raises his competence level in his activities in life. Super
Power raises the power ofa thetan!
LRH made a discovery about perception during his research ofthese rundowns. A being
has 57 perceptions and each one ofthem has channels along which he can sense things.
LRH found that difficulties along a particular sense channel can exist despite there
being nothing wrong with the sense channel itself: On Super Power, drills exist which
train a thetan to perceive along each ofthe 57 sense channels.
Imagine doing a process that increases the ability to perceive magnetic fields, or the
saline content ofthe body, or compass direction. How about having every one ofthe 57
sense channels open and operating and completely under one's control? That's just one
ofthe 12 rundownsl
During the early days of research into Super Power, LRH found a new phenomenon and
"Apparently during the last decade, A newfactor has entered into the
culture that was previously only rare, possibly due to lowered educational
standards or the declining nature ofthe culture itself, but mostprobably
due to one ofthe common drugs or medications or evenfood deficiencies. A
percentage which was only one or two seems to havejumped up to eighty or
Thisfactor is visible in a decline in the ability to tell identities, similarities
and dijJerences.
Thefactor can be called 'Disassociation'. " - LRH
Disassociation from situations, present time and in life, is a severe barrier to a being's ability
and power. Think ofa time you were trying to concentrate on something but were .
distracted. You didn't get much done. Well, multiply that to the nth degree in all activities in
. ~
life and you get an idea ofthe extreme this can go to. Not everyone by a long shot suffers from
it to this degree, but it can be present in varying degrees, any of which is HANDLED on Super
These separate rundowns, audited in order, will take a thetan through the exact actions in
sequence that he would use to perform effectively and dynamically on any post or job. It starts
with handling a person's ability to be fully in-ethics on all dynamics, then it addresses and
handles any reason why a person might be stuck at a low point onthe tone scale, his ability to
predict consequences, his ability to assimilate and use data, to make decisions, and to be at
cause over what occurs in his life.
Super Power was very appropriately named by LRH as it unleashes the true power of a
the..an. Super Power does not replace the Grade Chart and can be run on any pc
anywhere on the Grade Chart providing he is not in the middle ofanother major
rundown and has handled any harmful effects ofdrugs, alcohol and medicine. The
results are spectacular wherever the pc receives it.
Right now Scientologists are in a unique position. Normally tech breakthroughs are put
together, printed and released and then the public have the opportunity to come in and
take the new service. This release is very different as one has the opportunity to be part
ofgetting out the release ofa brilliant piece ofLRH tech which will make world
clearing a reality in the not too distant future.
It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be part ofspearheading the way into the 21st
Century now!
Ethics and Justice Repair Rundown
Personal Revival Rundown
Consequences Rundown
Bright Think Rundown
Study Rundown
False Data and Loss Rundown (Part I)
False Data Rundown (Part II)
Cause Rundown.
Power of Choice Rundown
. ~
Perception Rundown
Perception Drills
Learning Drills
Physical Universe Drills
"Super Power••• This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of
ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts World Clearing within
reach in thefuture." - LRH(Ron's Joumal30)
Releases the person from out-ethics on all flows on all dynamics.
Removes any reason for the thetan to remain at or below death on
the tone scale.
Unsticks the person from points ofdisassociation on the track.
Puts himin shape to predict and build a future.
Removes the causes ofany inability to assimilate data and learn.
Frees a person from a fundamental mechanism which pins him to
false data.
Straightens out his ability to think.
Restores his power ofchoice over data, situations and activities.
Heightens his cause level.
Sharpens his perceptics and in many cases restores perceptics the person had thought
to be lost or impaired or non-existent.
(Another breakthrough LRH made during the time, he was researching Super Power
was that a thetan can have missing or impaired perceptics stemming from reasons
quite in addition to case and he developed a dynamite handling for this.)
Orients the person to his activities in life, from the new viewpoint
ofhaving had all the gains from the earlier rundowns.
, ~
Late in 1978, LRH had auditors brought in from all over to train on Super Power
and this was the advent ofthe New World Corps.
However, he found that the standards ofthe TRs and metering needed to deliver
Super Power were lacking and from this need to make auditors with the presence
and basic auditing skills to deliver Super Power, he researched this, which led to the
developments resulting in the Key To Life Course which was followed by the Life
Orientation Course.
Super Power is the original tech breakthrough which led to all these other tech
releases and now that these other courses (which represent steps needed to ensure
proper training ofSuper Power auditors) are firmly in place, Super Power itselfcan
be released.
Super Power was very appropriately named by LRH as it unlocks the true power of
a thetan. Super Power does not replace the Grade Chart and can be run on any pc
anywhere on the Grade Chart providing he is not in the middle of another major
rundown. But the results are spectacular wherever the pc receives it.
Well, let me tell you what Super Power deals with.
One ofthe Super Power rundowns has to do with a subject that people have a
serious amount ofaccumulated bypassed charge on, because it has been so suppres-
sively abused on the whole track
That subject is ethics and justice.
Ifthat charge isn't handled, it can get in the way ofefforts to actually mmJy
standard ethics and justice in present time.
LRH a rundown that really handles ALL ofthe charge connected
with ethics. It is THOROUGH.
He broke it down into 128 aspects, each ofwhich is 4 flows, making a total of
512 individual types ofcharge blown off your track!
The wins that people have had just on this one rundown are miraculous. In fact,
in the piloting ofiliis rundown on going exterior became so commonplace that
LRH added a step at the end of it, for all pes, to check exteriorization!
Let me tell you about another Super Power rundown:
There are tech breakthrougi}s that LRH made in his OT research which he then
used in developing some ofthe Super Power rundowns. One such rundown, the Per-
ception has to do with the 57 human perceptions.
Let me read you just a bit ofwhat LRH said about this one subject. It comes
from a technical advice in the mid 1980s:
u/'ve actually been doing research, not on the s'!:!!iect ofhearing, but on the
perception ofand communication channels ofOTs. Hearing in an atmosphere
and with a 60dy is highlY artifICial Not to go too wild on you but the reason whr.
people when tfley exteriorize think are really dead is that their friends don t
hear them when they talk to them. ThIS is a very usual experience. 1t is based on
thefalse datum that p'oception and communication is pnmarilJ!. in the atmos-
phere, ear and voice box area. This isn't true. These para-psychologjsts' trying to
testf,!r reading minds andall that bunk are actuallJ!. ilealing with primary com-
munication. A thetan exterior communicates on miIiofrequencies.
"He when he learns howand with practice, communicate by making air
molecules viDrate as welL But it is secondtl!Y communication. A bodj primarily
amplifIeS sensation or deadens it and this is also true ofears and eaiYlrums. In
this late stage ofdecadence ofthe track when people are convinced and are being
convinced that they are bodies and need brains to think with andears to hear with
and voices to talk with, one is actualfy dealing withfalse datIL It is no more than
that It is true that ears are very intncately rigged and that larynxes are very clev- .
erly constructed and aUthat and it is true that these thi'!8! function. And it is true
that when things are with them the person has diJJtcuity in speaking or
hearing. This IS true ofaU-57perceptions.
"But what we are dealing with here, no matter what theperson believes or
whatfalse data he is operating on, a being who primarilY operates on radio
frequencU;s but who can' alsoperceive and emanate ,n other types ofparticles
such as aIr.
"We are actuaUJ! studying here aproblem in body distortion - and what we
are tryin( to accomPlish is a return 01 direct response a being to emanations
whetlter In atmospliere or in electronicfrequencies. " - LRH


Whj.le developing this one Super Power rundown, LRH found that a person
trouble hearing some sounds -- but not others. The man went to a doctor and had
bis ears checked out thoroughly, and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong.
He had extensive NED auditing to handle aspect,but,
though he ran well and had gams, he was still slightly deat:
Then LRH made a breakthrouah on it. He said that IN SUCH CASES THE
The handling is the Perception Rundown. And to give you an idea ofthe
ofthis rundown, the processes on hearing nlake up just one section of
theJlercqltion Rundown, as the whole rundown covers every one ofthe 57 per-
Another one ofthe Super Power rundowns handles the phenomena of
LRH based the rundown on his discovery that a being can be DEAD as a
even though the body is alive. He found the exact mechanism that causes'
this. The rundown zeroes in on the precise points that hold this together and the
whole mechanism crumbles to pieces and the thetan literally comes back to life!
There is another technical datum LRH found which became another ofthe
Super Power rundowns -- the False Data and Loss Rundown. And the technical
datum is that very often, when a person accepts false data, he experienced a
LOSS prior to that!
LRH wrote,
"The loss causes the person to lose his ability to reject because he is in a
defeatedframe ofmind••• At the root ofnot being able to learn something is a
cliain of/aise data which, at the basis ofit, is one hell ofa loss. "
LRH gave a hypothetical example ofthis:
"You take somebodv who is an ace cook in Rome. Andthen the dark ages
hit and theJ!. wipe out allhis materials. Andhe's got nothing left but afew
sheep heau andso he drifts along two or three centuries doing other things.
Then one day he gets apprenticedto the cook ofthe Slime Bum Inn as a
kitchen boy and this gllY. tens him, 'You always take old boots and throw them
in the 'Now the way to cook is..• ' and he gets a whole bunch offalse
The rundowns described are but a few ofthose that make up Super Power.
I could tell you of many, many wins from staffand public who have completed Su-
per Power rundowns. I would like to just read you one, from an OT VIII after completing
only some ofthe Super Power rundowns:
"When I started the rundowns I was definitely needing a boost. As an OT vrn I had
created some incredible effects but had "hit a wall" several times, including two major
broken affluences. Broken aftluences are ugly and this most recent one was no exception.
The turnaround since starting Super Power has been nothing short of spectacular. Each
. ~
I ~
and every part of Super Power has contributed to what is now a major affiuence.
When I started this rundown I felt like I had high ethics standards. 'High compared
to what?' is what I realized was the problem. The rundown allowed me to truly look at
my life inthe raw, to turn it upside down and inside out. I came out ofeons of degrada-
tion, irresponsibility, out-ethics and injustice. The result was that I now know and can set
the standard for myself and others and have been doing so regularly.
"Another win is this: I knew someone who had been in excruciating doubt about
their post for several years. After completing one rundown I spoke to him and it was re-
solved favorably in a matter of minutes. What was amazing wasn't that I helped someone
but that it was quick and easy and that my ability to span the dynamics was so natural.
"But there are more wins that applied to this affluence which must be why it is so
awesome. A key one from the Consequences Rundown (another one ofthe Super Power
rundowns) has been to know that I can predict and build a future. Previously when I
made a commitment to something new, I could get shaken when I should not have been
and stubborn when I should have reconsidered. With this new found ability I have found
an uncanny accuracy in my decisions but when they are not I can recognize it, correct it
and get on with it. This one ability has already been worth millions to myself and my
II Another thing is -- an amazing phenomena has occurred not once but several times.
I have done evals only to find as I started to implement the why and handling that the tar-
gets were already being done by those named to do them!
"Super Power has been the most phenomenal action I have ever done. The wins are
too incredible to be believed. My experience on Super Power has fully convinced me that
this is the key to planetary clearing.
"LRH is a true friend and this is the greatest gift I have ever received! II
Super Power will be released broadly to the public when the new FSO delivery
building has been completed. Those persons who contribute to getting it built will be first
in line to receive Super Power once it is released.
Delivering it requires not just auditors but a whole teamofpersonnel, all specialist
trained, and all part ofwhat LRH called the New World Corps. Each delivery team in-
cludes C/Ses, Ethics Officers and Establishment Officers, or "EstOs", as there are steps
of Super Power that are not done by an auditor.
The FSO currently has over 120 of its own staffon the Technical Training Corps,
and many ofthem are scheduled for Super Power training under the supervision ofmy
office at Int Headquarters. These are the delivery personnel needed to deliver Super
Power in Flag's new Tech Delivery Building.
LRH intended that Super Power be delivered to every staff member of every org
. ~
around the world. In order to do this, he devised a whole system on how this was to be
done. He worked out a pattern ofa New World Corps team going to an org, and getting
all the staffin one whole portion ofthe org through the first 2 rundowns, then all staff of
another portion ofthe org through those same 2 rundowns, and so on, and then all staff
through the next 2 rundowns, and so on, until the entire org is through all ofthe run-
downs. He even worked out that each team includes its own Recruiter! And by doing
that, the New World Corps is constantly expanding, with more staffwho get trained up to
form new t e ~ to deliver Super Power.
And at the same time as staff are receiving it, Super Power delivery to public will be
occurring at the Flag Service Org. which initially will be the only org delivering it to
Now how important is Super Power? You now see -it's more than an auditing action.
It's a whole rundown. And here's what LRH said about it:
"You've always had the idea ofclearing the planet, right? Alright - THIS is how
we'Udo it First we clean up all the staffwith Super Power, and then we use it to clean
up the public andthen we clean up the government! Andthat's how we'll clear the
planet"- LRH
. ~
, ~
In 1979, LRH completed extensive research into modem society and many
individual cases, to establish exactly what changes had occurred and what our current
culture is.
He wrote:
"We have a culture that has slid right off the third dynamic. It has slid otT
onto the second dynamic and it is not even on the second dynamic now; it is
or attempting tOt on the first dynamic only•••
"It is no exaggeration to state that we are currently faced with a "dead" and
dying society. Causing or contributing to this dissolution are:
"a) Drugs, and a drug culture
"b) TV watching•••
"c) Spreading coDectivism and its resultant negation of individuality and,
"d) ••• behind the technological breakdown of the society, the psychologist•."
LRH found that these were the 4 main underlying factors in causing distinct
phenomena present in our culture and with individual cases and with all aspects of
society. He made a breakthrough -- he found that a person can be DEAD even though his
body is alive.
He found a whole mechanism underlying this:
"The computation is: 'I'm dead, therefore I'm not responsible.' Dead is as
irresponsible as you can get. A dead person causes nothing." - LRH
And further, LRH found that this does not just apply to someone who is a
hardened, confirmed or publicly labeled criminal. There are whole HUGE segments of
the population who have some greater or lesser degree ofdeadness or unconsciousness.
So it applies VERY BROADLY.
Ofthe 4 major factors contributing to the current state ofthis culture, you are no
doubt aware ofthe data on drugs.
Psychology, another ofthese factors, has been constantly putting out false data
About 30 years ago they began to teach psychology in schools all the way down to the
8th grade. This makes people labor against false data. And so laboring, they go
downscale. The attempt to wrap one's wits around a false datum and put it to use can
bring about STUPIDITY.
The mctor oftelevision was researched extensively by LRH. He wrote,
"TV and compulsive TV watching, which sprouted in the 50's and became
widespread by the 60's, has reduced many, adults and children aUke, to
spectator-observer roles. A further result is individuation. While the advent of
movies may have had some influence on this scene, with movies you at least have to
get out of the house and go down to the movie and you usually go with somebody.
When you come out of the movie you generally talk to somebody about it. Not so
with TV. With TV you get the lone and silent TV-watcher who cannot be
intermpted and whose 'communication,' if he is interrupted is often an
absent-minded or resentful grunt. He goes nowhere, does not mingle, does not
participate because the pictures and the action are aU brought to him, to look at.
With a movie you've got a beginning, you've got an end. TV often goes on
ceaselessly, throughout the day and night.
"There is another factor at work here. A person keyed in to compulsive
picture-watching is already severely at effect. In this state the content of much of
what he views tends to put him further at effect.
"I have just found the basic on hypnotism; it is a being at total effect. So we
are looking here at a large segment of society walking around (or glued to a TV set)
in what is at least a partial state of hypnosis. It -- LRH
The 4th factor in the deterioration ofthe culture is collectivism.
Collectivism is the control ofproduction of goods and services and the
distribution ofwealth by the government or a group.
Whether it is called socialismor by any other name, collectivism stifles individual
initiative and therefore creativity and productivity.
LRH said,
"To the degree that it is enforced upon the society it Hmits or destroys the
power of choice of the individuals within the society and we get a form of robotism
and decadence setting in. A being who does not have the power of choice, whose
creativity or productivity is curbed, suppressed, unrewarded or worse, punished,
goes down scale" -- LRH .
Farmers are paid not to grow crops.
Tax laws are such that the harder a person works, the more heavily he is taxed for
his work.
LRH said that scientists, artists, writers, inventors and the like, the most creative
members ofthe society and those upon whomthe forward thrust ofa culture depends, are
lured or forced into becoming captive brains in a collectivism-oriented society. Their
works are channeled, or restricted or snatched up and monopolized or even denied and
withheld from a population that would benefit from them.
Police are part ofthis too. People have been policed to death.
With all ofthese influences operating, it is no wonder that we face a civilization of
dead thetans.
Such people are unable to predict, as what is the prediction ofthe dead? There is
That is the current scene on Earth.
But LRH came up with the solution to this!
And his solution was called SUPER POWER.
He developed an entire set ofrundowns that handle these factors. Super Power
consists of 12 individual rundowns, delivered in an exact sequence that must not be varied.
The reason he called it Super Power is that part ofthe auditing handles a case
mechanism, which applies to every thetan, that has a similarity to a phenomena addressed in
Power Processing. The phenomenon is that of disassociation -- a thetan being stuck out of
present time, to a greater or lesser degree. .
But LRH made NEW discoveries on this line. One is that this phenomenon has
become much more widespread in society than it was in the past.
His other new discovery was about the phenomena itself and how to crack it. LRH
described this:
"This is the person who associates not A and B, but A and Q. Not apples and
bananas but apples and typewriters. You make a statement and he bends it over to
something that has nothing to do with the price of fish.
"He is very hard to direct because alter-is enters into it. In fact, an alter-is could
be a manifestation of being disassociated.
"Things which are ditTerent, he conceives to be identicaL Things which are
similar he conceives to be widely ditTerent. Things which are identical he conceives to
be only similar.
"He is lost in his own figure-figure and facsimiles, sometimes universes away•••
"The new discovery is that he is back on the time track in locations very remote
from where he is. It is not that he is stuck on the track where he is, but is stuck on the
time track elsewhere, often eons· ago. " -- LRH
This affects ALL beings -- some more so than others.


The Bright Think Rundown, which is just one ofthe rundowns of Super Power,
handles this phenomena and as a result makes a person much more aware and makes him
able to think more brightly, therefore makes himmore effective!
I mentioned the factor ofhypnotism and how many people in the society are in a
partial state ofhypnotism -due to combined effect oftelevision, drugs, false data from
psychs and collectivism.. One ofthe rundowns of Super Power that addresses this is the
Cause Rundown.
LRH says the following:
"The cure of hypnotism is to put the being at cause•• Hypnotism is that
process by which sufficient agreement can be made between an operator and a
subject so that the subject will agree that the operator has entire and complete
control of his ioteUectual processes. One can induce hypnotism on any dynamic
merely by suppressing the determinism of an individual on that dynamic and
supplanting the determinism with one's own will" -- LRH
That is EXACTLY what has happened in society due to those four factors. The
rundown gets to the root ofthis in the and TOTALLY reverses it!
Yet another one ofthe Super Power rundowns is one which addresses the
suppressive false data that a being has accumulated and how to rid himself ofthis.
"The common denominator of Hving appears to be learning. We find
leamingness at any level of action, Hving or operation.
"Education or learning has been in the past, a system of avoiding
observation. A systematic avoidance of observation will sooner or later get
something into trouble and into trouble has come the whole of education itself.
"Old-time education could be defined as 'placing data in the recaDs of
others.' Therefore, old-time education accepts hypnotism, does not really aUow for
the useableness of the information, does not analyze doingness and completely
avoids any havingness, which of course permits nobody to be anything.
"Putting data into the recalls of others causes others to rely on experience,
not perception and estimation of the situation.
"This condition must be remedied." -LRH
And LRH developed the remedy in another one of the Super Power rundowns.
The factor ofdeadness that I told you about is addressed in different ways by
various Super Power rundowns, but is most directly taken up on the Personal Revival
, ~
This rundown is what is referred to in the instructions ofa CIS Series 53, if
"deadness'" or "unconsciousness" reads.
LRH said,
"The rundown is not directed at the bank or engrams of the pc, it is directed
at the pc's considerations, decisions and computations which pin him into his bank
and engrams" - LRH
This rundown brings the being up out ofbank conditions. The tech utilized to do
this is the plus and minus nature ofthis universe. This is the basic structure that holds '
aberration t o g e t h e r ~ which LRH was researching during the 60s and covered on SHSBC
tapes -- in other words, DICHOTOMIES!
Through exact assessments which locate the precise dichotomies to be run on
each individual, the person is guided down the EXACT CHANNEL which totally blows
the valences and other mechanisms that pin one into this. THE RESULT IS THE
"With Super Power we enter into a technology wherein we:
1. Remove the reasons or necessity to remain at or below death,
2. Release the person from out-ethics of the past on aU flows.
3. Literally and quite miraculously revive the 'dead' thetan.
4. Unstick the person from the points of disassociation on the track
s. Put him in shape to predict and build a future
6. Remove the causes of his inability to study
7. Free him from a miasma of false data
8. Enhance his ability to learn and to think clearly with stable facts
9. Restore his power of choice
10. Heighten his cause level
11. Sharpen his perceptics and in many cases restore perceptics had thought
impaired or lost or non-existent
12. Boost him up to a refreshing new level of action and participation in .
life!" -- LRH
Thank you very much. And welcome to a groundbreaking like none you've ever
This is a moment ofgreat significance in the history of Scientology.
Indeed, tonight is a watershed.
For as we stand on the cusp of our 50th year - millions strong across 59 nations,
this building represents far more than mere concrete and steel.
As a matter of fact, when considering all that will eventually comprise the Mecca
ofour religion in this city -- here is a project greater in physical scope than the combined
total of all Scientology just twenty-five years ago.
And so it's not for nothing that I also say -- here will stand a structure that will
symbolize our pledge for a better culture -- a civilization without insanity, without crimi-
nals, without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where
man is free to rise to greater heights.
Now, on one hand, maybe this building can only be appreciated in terms of it's
sheer physical size.
And in purely MEST terms I have a few notes on that score -
When it's all said and done, we're talking 370,000 square feet,
-- 22,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations,
-- five miles of carpeting,
-- 180 miles ofelectrical wiring, and -- one million pounds of limestone floor
But that's really not the point. Instead, let's look at the significance ofwhat that
MEST represents. Because, what we begin this evening will ultimately represent more
than forty-thousand square feet for the training of 1,500 auditors at any given time -- rooms
that reflect every word and syllable ofwhat LRH defined as the ideal Scientology course
Then there will be the 300 auditing rooms to ultimately deliver 12,000 hours of
auditing a week.
What they represent are 15 Hubbard Guidance Centers delivering every grade and
rundown on the Bridge and, again, in an environment that represents in the physical uni-
verse, what LRH envisioned in the tech.
As a matter of fact, its completion will represent something even more signifi-
cant in the history ofour religion -- with the release of Super Power and the Cause Resur-
gence Rundowns. And that's significant to every Scientologist because these are rundowns
for Scientologists at every level ofthe Bridge.
The first he described in terms ofunleashing the super power ofa thetan.
That's why LRH called it Super Power.
The second is called Cause Resurgence Rundown, because it rehabilitates the
thetan's ability to generate his own energy and blow away the facsimiles of his own case.
And still, this new building represents even more than all that.
For, you see, being both new and particularly relevant, we have a duty to this
world -- to explain what we represent and what we offer.
We do not yet have generations upon generations ofScientologists, and so our
growth ensues from bringing the news of Scientology to others -- hence our mission to
reach as many as possible.
And in so doing, by our very presence and, even more, by our perseverance -- the
very fact that we have not only survived, but expanded in the teeth ofunbelievable odds -
raises questions.
As in, "What is Scientology?", "What do you do?" and "What can be so valuable
it is worth enduring everything you have faced?"
And therefore, this building represents our effort to answer those questions for
one and all.
Because here will stand a facility where the concepts, precepts and principles of
Scientology will be seen and understood in three-dimensional clarity.
And yet when speaking of bringing understanding of Scientology to those tmfa-
miliar with Scientology, we're also speaking ofsomething else this building ultimately
I'm referring to that responsibility we hold in common with every church and re-
ligious institution -- a duty to serve its community.
When we first established our church in Clearwater more than two decades ago,
we honestly had no sense of what the future would hold in terms ofexpansion.
After all, when Scientologists first arrived in this city -- primarily Sea Organiza-
tion members from the Flag Ship Apollo -- we numbered no more than a few hundred
. ~
, ~
, ~
staff: while the parishioners who came for services numbered in the dozens.
Today, every week we see several thousand Scientology parishioners, from
every comer ofthe globe, not to mention the thousand more staff
But something else we never planned for began happening.
Visiting Scientologists decided to make Clearwater their home, to be near
their Mecca, until today the city contains the most thriving and dynamic community of
Scientologists, well over 10,000 strong.
And as we have grown, so, too, have our contributions to this city.
And if, through our sometimes trying:first decades, we were not as involved in
the community as we might have been, today we are, both as an institution and through
the dedicated efforts of individual Scientologists.
Let me give you some facts and figures -
-- First, there are the 250 hours Scientologists provide weekly for free tutoring
-- There are also the many thousands ofhours from 170 Scientologists work-
ing year in and year out in the name of Criminon.
-- Then there is our 'Winter Wonderland', held yearly from 1993 onward,
which has brought the Christmas spirit to over 68,000 people -- children and adults
alike, from all around Clearwater.
And when you add it all up, every year Scientologists provide more than
167,000 hours ofservice in the name ofa drug-free, crime-free, better educated and
more beautiful Clearwater!
Now that's all in addition to what we generate on a fully routine basis -- mean-
ing the l.3-billion dollars Scientologists have brought to this community since their ar-
rival two decades ago.
Or to put it in even more bottom-line terms - we are committed to this com-
munity because we are a part ofthis community.
And with what we inaugurate today comes our pledge to even greater commu-
nity commitment - not only through the efforts of local Scientologists, but the full
measure ofthe Church as an institution.
Working in alignment with the objectives ofthis city, we will help our friends
in Clearwater who share our goal ofcreating that better environment whereby all may
better survive. Or, to put it another way, I give you this:
The city ofClearwater is embarking on a path of rejuvenation and revitaliza-
They call their plan "ONE CITY -- ONE FUTURE".
And that future most definitely includes the Church of Scientology, NOW,
In closing, however, I would like to offer one more thought on what this day
represents to Scientologists.
For when you consider the great religions ofthe world and look at the Vati-
can, or Mecca, and what their construction so many centuries ago meant to their faith-
ful-- therein lies a little ofwhat this day means to a Scientologist.
Because the creation ofour Mecca is right here, and... right now!
So as this building begins to rise, I want you to remember all it signifies, as a
place of learning, as a place ofwisdom, and as a place of spiritual freedom from which
we work to achieve the aims of Scientology and what LRH wrote in conclusion ofthose
aims -
to LRH.
What will mark this place tomorrow is made possible by the Church of Scien-
tology Religious Trust.
That trust established a project in 1990 which has worked long and hard to
make this new building a reality, by raising contributions that make its construction
All told, those who have thus far contributed number in the thousands.

I would like to acknowledge every one of you for your contributions -- Thank
I would especially like to acknowledge the 'Cornerstone Club Members', - The
'Key Contributors', -The 'Founding Members', and -- The 'Legions ofRonor', whose
names appear on the banners beside the stage in recognition oftheir particularly gener-
ous contributions.
- What you have contributed will stand for the benefit ofevery Scientologist
who will step into this building... through tomorrow... the next decade... the next cen-
tury and beyond.
And for that, both Scientologists oftoday and tomorrow owe you a great debt
ofgratitude and appreciation.
All ofyou - Please stand up and be acknowledged. Thank you for what you
have done.
And now for the ground breaking.
Given all this building means -- not only to Clearwater and Flag -- but to the
whole ofthe worldwide Scientology religion, I will be joined by executives from Scien-
tology Organizations around the planet, including-
the Church of Scientology Religious Trust,
Religious Technology Center,
International Association of Scientologists Administrations,
Church ofScientology and -- the Flag Service Organization.
Finally, I will also be joined by the 'Legions ofRonor' -who stand in represen-
tation ofevery person who has donated to this project, whose support has made this so
very possible.
And together we stand in representation ofevery Scientologist on earth. For
ultimately, that is who this building will stand for.
Please join me now in the groundbreaking.
There you have the start ofoUr new building and all that building means in
terms ofa new tomorrow.
_ J
In closing, I give you this from LRH-
"All great cathedrals began their building by the placement of a single
And the building unit of a great society is the individuaL"
Tonight we have placed that first stone ofour cathedral.
But what is most important are the individual efforts that made that possible.
And as Scientologists, let's each and every one ofus let this mark our rededi-
cation to helping create a great society.
Chairman of the Board RTC's Speech
Excerpted from Maiden Voyage Going Global Event 1999
At the higher end ofthe Bridge we are working to bring you Super Power.
That not only includes the construction ofa new 350,000 square foot Flag Mecca, but also the
training ofauditors to deliver the rundown.
And since you have not had the rundown, its importance in the scheme ofplanetary clearing may
not be totally real to you.
So let me put it in context -- LRH researched and developed Super Power the same year he made
the breakthroughs ofNew Era Dianetics and, New Era Dianetics for OT's.
It was also the same year he personally shot the original tech films, and the year he developed
the new Mark VI E-meter.
All that as well as a dozen other rundowns including the original Purification Rundown.
And yet, notwithstanding the magnitude ofthose technical breakthroughs, LRH declared that it
was Super Power which --
"Puts world clearing within reach in the future." - LRH
Super Power will consist ofa dozen rundowns including ones on,
Ethics Repair,
Personal Revival,
Bright Think,
False Data,
Cause Rundown,
Power ofChoice Rundown
and the Perception Rundown.
In fact, the physical requirements to deliver this last rundown, the "Perception
Rundown", are what made the construction ofthe new FSO building imperative.
Because, when it comes to delivering LRH tech we have only one standard -- by the book and
all the way.
Without giving you too much data, I can tell you this - the Perception Rundown comes after
the previous series ofrundowns for a very important reason.
Its purpose is to rehabilitate all frfty-seven perceptions ofa thetan.
Ofcourse, you've heard that mentioned before.
But let me give you a further glimpse.
You first begin by handling every part ofyour case that has brought you to where you are, and
the inability to utilize all fIfty-seven perceptics.
Now, get that -- you resolve all case barriers to these perceptions.
But, and ~ this too, once you have resolved those case barriers, you will have only gained the
potential to regain those perceptions.
Let me give you an example.
In the MEST universe, if you were to break your leg, and keep it in a cast for twelve weeks,
just because the bone has mended, it is unlikely you will be able to walk when the cast is removed.
And you most defInitely will not be able to run a marathon.
So the next step is rehabilitating the use ofthat limb.
Well, it's no different with a thetan.
Once those case barriers are resolved, there is a rehabilitation step where you receive the core
LRH data on what each ofthese perceptics is composed ot: and how you
use those perceptions - as a thetan.
Next, you actually rehabilitate your use ofthose perceptions.
And I do mean literally, in the physical universe.
Let me give you a mundane example.
One ofyour perceptics, and you use your body for this, is taste.
Well, there's being able to "taste" something and then, there is having full use of that perceptic.
One ofthese perception rooms will include equipment containing 2,000 tastes ofeverything you
can imagine from very intense all the way down to microscopic levels.
And when you are done going through the procedures, you will have that perceptic.
But let's move onto something less physical in nature.
Something you probably don't even think about.
What about your sense of"compass direction"?
Here too, there is an exact way you will rehabilitate that perception.
And what about "barriers" and perception ofthem?
And not just solid walls -- something we're used to in the physical universe.
What about "liquid"?
Or "gaseous"?
Yes -- that too will be rehabilitated.
And how about "gravity"?
Or the perception of "time track motion"?
Go down the list ofperceptions and it will all be there.
So don't think for a moment that the gorgeous building we are constructing is just that.
It is far more than MEST.
We're talking about your core abilities as a thetan."
While I can still name this and before it becomes the intimacy of me, I want to say that I
have learned more about me in the last hour than I have known about me in the last 100,000
lifetimes. I just found out that I wasn't who I thought I was for as long as I can "remember"
because "rememberingIt is probablyjust the reliving ofrestimulated incidents - rather than just
being or just knowing. I have never ever experienced auditing like this. I have never had here be
so here, and now be so now - and would never ever have thought it would be safe to be me, be
here and be now.
I don't know how someone could descn"be what happens to you and to Ittime" on this
process. LRH, lowe you now and here and me. Thank you for each ofthese; they are precious.
Love, P. B.
I wrote a success story last night right after session but now I have had a chance to
assimilate the wins ofthis RD. Even thinking about what occurred here still brings tears to my
eyes. The exteriorization that occurs on these rundowns is awesome.
I have never, ever run processes where the commands bring up incidents that are more
real and more there than the room you are actually sitting in. And when you look at and blow
the mass connected with this, you have so much more ofyou and so much more of PT -
enormous amounts ofboth, that you didn't even know you were missing or were lost.
I have simply never experienced auditing like the auditing ofthis Super Power RD. I
understand why it is so named-LRH is a genius-compassionate, brilliant - but simply a
Love, P. B.
This was absolutely, unbelievably fantastic.
The gains I made surpass anything I've ever gotten before.
It would take me days to write down every win I've had, but the most comprehensive thing I
could say is that my ability to live, to understand life and to understand and live with other people has
increased beyond what I really thought was possible. I feel like I understand life as a whole.
Thanks a lot to everybody who helped me get through this (especially Peter). It is very
powerful stuff and there is no way somebody CQuid ever make it on their own (except, ofcoUfse,
My love and affinity for LRH is more than ever before because I really see how much he did
for me and every other person in the world.
Love, S.F.
This pilot is incredible.
And this Ethics Repair List is a life changing action--many times over! I have blown
huge amounts of charge.
I've lightened up.
I've gotten back both a sense ofhumor and, ofall things, realigned my purpose for my
post and for me.
I also feel I have a very basic, unaberrated sense ofethics and justice. I feel I can
standardly apply it to others and make sure it is standardly applied to me. It was Great!
P. B.
This was a very simple, yet great action. It got me to extend my responsibility in thinking
and acting past the moment to the future.
I can predict and make decisions and take actions and be responsible for the effects I
will be creating through these. It's really a simple OT ability a thetan has that can easily fall out
ofuse. Thanks very much to my auditor and to LRH.
lv.lL, S.H.
, ~
This was a great action. I rehabilitated an ability as a thetan to absorb and duplicate data
and to just be able to have knowledge and to know.
It was really a great win, as I felt I could not only apply Study Tech, but actually even be
above the mechanics ofhow to study, I simply restored my ability to have knowledge and to
Thanks very much to my auditor and to LRH for this incredible tech!
ML, S.H.
The simplicity ofthis action was so simple and laser like that the cogs and realizations I
had were by far beyond my wildest expectations!
The regained ability to learnjust came flooding back into my beingness. I know how to
know, more so than I ever believed I could (or anyone would allow me to believe}-- whole life
times of past knowledge became available to me. My desire to study, learn and know shot up to
a height I thought only LRH had. This rundown will change the whole concept of learning and
hatting. In fact, this whole Super Power RID factually has to be done to get the full impact of its
Thank you to my auditor and CIS and thank you very much to LRH. He really has no
stops on us becoming totally OT and more.
What a surprise, and what a simple but necessary step on this route!
The thing that gets me is how LRH dovetails all this tech so that it perfectly fits and is
the correct step and the correct gradient at that time.
I feel really validated because I had been putting these actions into motion - from
gains earlier in the rundown and what is so apparent to me is that I am controlling my life now
- not IT controlling me.
I love it. Thanks so much.
Love, D.E.
. ~
For many years I've known that there were 57 perceptions that a thetan had but not until
this rundown did that datum hit home that they were my perceptions. Like perception of
appetite, endocrine system, gravity etc., etc. They are all there, now in P.T. being perceived-
I am no longer a lazy being operating onjust a few ofmy perceptions. Can you imagine what
its like to knowingly stand out in an open space and perceive with 57 perceptions all at once
knowingly and enjoy what's happening? It took LRH again to map out the way for this to be
rehabilitated in a being. Thank you very much, Sir!
Much Love,
This was by far the most extensive, exhilarating, life-changing RID I have ever done..
This includes a lot of RIDs up to NOTs Case Completion.
It got me into PT (more than I'd ever expected possible). It brought me to life and gave
me back more sanity than I ever thought I had, and boosted my ability to learn far in excess of
anything I'd imagine. It made the Data Series policy letters something I can use (rather than try
to learn). It expanded my ARC to slightly beyond the limits ofthe upiverse and in general made
me feel happier than I've ever felt. It blew me out ofmy head - permanently. And ifyou think
I'm exaggerating - do the Rundown and see for yourselfl
LRH - Dear Sir, I am revitalized as a staff member and as a being.
ML, P.S.
So where do I start? Who wants to go back and think about where I was? This is the
first auditing I've had that cuts through all that (whatever it is) that I've had hanging around and
simply asked me the questions - that's me, the thetan. Its like you get auditing to handle
problems, problems, problems and you realize you can handle problems and you really don't
have any. Well, Super Power is different.
You're given a problemto solve. The question is right to the thetan. Boom! And guess
what! You've got J/lOOth ofa second to come up with the solution. Who has time to do anything
else but solve it!
That took a bit to confront. But, you mow - now, I confront life and work etc., all that
stuff is out ofthe way. Let's get to the point and get the job done!
I started offI would say in not so good shape, and my stats were so-so and work was
hard. Since then, well, I'm the Division Head, affluent STATS, I love my job and boy, is it a
breeze! I recognize out-ethics and can handle it. I can do my BPs, execute my plans and attain
my goals. I can help others, which I've felt I could NOT DO before. I can postulate something
and it does happen. Super Power are the only 2 words to explain how I feel and how I look at
life and the future.
What a win to postulate something and make it happen. And it means a lot because I'm
doing what I love MOST. I can not wait for everyone to do this. What a team! No one will be
able to stop us and our expansion will really be up to us.
Thanks - to my auditor and to all who worked on this and most ofall thanks to LRH
- what a man! Thanks, Sir.
This Rundown reversed my dwindling spiral as a being in this universe. I woke up for the
1st time ever. The qualities of life that came back to me are beyond expression in words. The
ability to grant beingness and life to others has increased beyond anything I dreamt ot:
LRH made this rundown to revitalize a being. Well, it does much, much, more than that.
I see now that death and unconsciousness are just considerations agreed upon and made
solid. The less agreement the less solidity and the more life there is.
Right nowI'm so full of life I feel like living for the 1st time ever and it feels 80-0-0
good! I'mgoing to get everyone else doing it. LRH you are our GREATEST friend, thank you!
P. S.
For as long as I can remember I always had thoughts about how good it would be to be
somewhere else. This was usually preceded by something happening in present time that I didn't
100% want to get involved with.
For the 3 days that I was on this RID, my universe did more 180-degree turns, dips and
rises than you would experience in an implant station under a meteorite storm.
Then all ofa sudden the penny dropped and all was quite crystal clear for thousands of
miles around me. I had moved out ofthinkingness up to lookingness on the Know to Mystery
scale. I amcompletely aware ofmyself as a being independent ofthe body and past experiences.
I am using theta perceptions I never dreamed I had. I don't 'think' anymore. I mean it's actually
an effort to go back down into that level again.
I see now that my future is what I ~ e it and it surely does look like a very bright one
I have been in Scientology 16 years and have done New OT V and am a Class IX
auditor with 25,000 hours ofauditing experience under my belt and I've NEVER experienced
case gain like this or seen it in the pc's I am auditing on Super Power.
This RID is and will change the conditions on this planet and make a golden age on earth
second to none. It truly deserves the name of SUPERPOWER
My undying and eternal gratitude to our greatest friend ofall time, L. Ron Hubbard.
ML, P. S.
Secure your property! I almost took a coffeepot apart, but held myselfback because it wasn't
mine - but it was, because I wanted to know how it worked, what made it go, what made it tick.
When this happened, I realized I no longer had a back offon things I could not understand. And ifI
don't understand, I now know why. I'm remembering all kinds ofthings. I want to learn all kinds of
things. Life is alive with energy and I'm having a great time!
ML, K. D.
I am very impressed with this action.
I feel so ALIVE and in comm with life.
I bad so many gains from this action; it is hard to put it in words. I feel I can see, hear, touch,
feel etc., more than I ever could before. It is like the lights have been out for awhile and someone
really put the lights on and I can SEE! It is VITAL that everyone on this base receive SUPER Power.
It is very basic and powerful.
, ~
This action has changed my life. I can truthfully say I have NEVER felt this good in my life.
Many thanks to the Qual Sec; who pushed me into session. Thanks to Paul and Pat for
getting me DONE with this step.
My 'deepest love and admiration to LRH for the tech. My exchange to LRH is to carry on
what I am doing on post and help others to Total Freedom.
Love, P. F.
I had some ofthe most amazing things happen on this rundown that I never ever
expected to occur and never would have thought I would have that gain from this RD.
In the Perception rundown you address any ofthe 57 perceptics that you may have
trouble with. Well I have never, ever, ever, ever had a sense of direction and now I do!
And in addressing "muscular tension" and "state ofendocrine glands", I completely
obliterated some major, stuck, fixed chronic somatics - that were so stuck and so fixed and
hurt so consistently that I had actually forgotten I had them- since I couldn't recall NOT
having them.
The result is not only do I not hurt - how amazing! But, I feel somehow, I got back a
feeling ofbeing limber. Earlier, I simply felt like I was bone-against-bone and disk-against-disk
with nothing in between. I would move a body part and it would audibly grind.
While I was running this, all kinds ofbody problems just disappeared, bones popped
back in loudly enough for the auditor to hear and, at the end, I d i ~ ' t feel like my body was
dying anymore. In fact it felt a whole like when you're a kid and have no attention on the body
and you just want to run around and expend energy. This is NOT what I expected from this
Rundown. It was fabulous and LRH is fabulous. This IS Super Power!
MI., P.B.
The Ethics Repair List hit on areas I never expected. It ripped to the heart ofwhy any
being goes under in this universe and showed me why groups fail. I saw how insidious an SP
can be and how they wreck lives far and wide without anyone ever seeming to notice them as
the cause for disaster.
After this I had a major win on getting o1£a withhold I've had for a very long time. It
wasn't even an overt; it was a withheld reality on who 1am and what I'm doing here. I was very
surprised by the amount of relief I experienced in communicating this to my auditor.
. Anyway, this was a fantastic action and was very rehabilitating. Thanks to LRH, RTRC,
my CIS & auditor.
I knewI could not spot an outpoint if it hit me in the face. I knew it. It was hopeless
because no matter what 1did I just couldn't get it. I gave up. And because this was a hopeless
situation, pluspoints started to become hopeless. I now know what each is. I do not even have
to but spot pluspoints and outpoints and my life and job have become easier. It really has saved
my life where work is concerned. I spot an outpoint and find the situation and get it handled.
We will all benefit from it. And best of all, 1can now understand the data series issues! More
tech to have.
ML,K. D.
From one ofthe first auditors (an OT VIII) to deliver and receive Super Power on the pilot of
this rundown:
"I think the most amazing thing about Super Power is that it put me back in comm with life.
I've had a lot of auditing and am a New OT VIII Completion. 1didn't have any problem perceiving
my environment.
"However, I must say that on Super Power I found out, shockingly enough, that I had never
really seen, heard, felt or been part ofthe game of Hfe.
"I have never experienced this type of processing before. It touches on things so intimate to a
thetan and his relationship to the physical universe, and brings them to the forefront so forcefully
that it requires quite some confront on the part ofthe auditor and pc to handle it. After doing a
rundown dealing with perceptions, I clearly sawthat a lot of my perceptions were on a body
automaticity - as they had been for millions ofyears. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to finally be rid
of that!
"Super Power got me to blowthrough all ofthat and put me directly in comm with life.
"Fromthere it was a rocket ride of sorting out how one actually does think and operate in the
physical universe and what it means to generate power.
"After KEY TO LIFE and LIFE ORIENTAnON COURSE, there would be no stopping
. ~
someone who did Super Power and had a clear idea of what game they wanted to play in the
physical universe.
"I should also mention that I have audited others on Super Power and have seen similar
results in them. The changes are never mild; they are B I G ~ sweeping, life-changing realizations. The
auditor and pc really work together and get through some ofthe biggest barriers the pc has ever had
to confront.
"It's very precise, no nonsense auditing that blows the doors open on a thetan's ability to truly
create and handle power in life. ft
ML, P.S.