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Proposer’s Declaration

Provident Insurance has based your demands and needs on the assumptions stated below.

Policyholder & Additional Driver must:

 be a permanent UK resident for at least 12 months
 be aged between 21 and 75 years
 hold current, full and valid UK/EU driving licence for at least 12 months
 NOT have a provisional licence
 have no more than 7 penalty points in the last 3 years and have no prosecution or police enquiry pending
 have had no more than 2 fault claims in the last 3 years.
 NOT have been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years.

The vehicle must:

 only be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes plus commuting, unless otherwise stated on your
certificate that business use by the policyholder is permitted
 NOT be used for hire or reward, racing, pace making, speed testing, commercial travelling or use for any purpose
in connection with the motor trade
 have a current value of less than £28,000, unless the vehicle is a demonstrator vehicle in which case the vehicle
value must not exceed £40,000
 have no more than 8 seats in total
 be right-hand drive only
 be registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or The Isle of Man
 not be used to carry hazardous goods
 not be used or driven at a hazardous location

Other important information:

 Foreign use is NOT permitted for any demonstrator vehicle or courtesy car
 Vehicles, other than demonstrators or courtesy cars, which have been on cover with us, cannot be granted cover
again within 16 days of the end of the previous policy.
 Commercial Vehicles must NOT exceed 4 litres in engine capacity or 3.5 tonnes in weight.

Compulsory Excesses:
 In addition to any Voluntary Excess you may choose, there is a Compulsory Excess of £250 in respect of any
claim you make.
 An additional £200 excess applies for drivers aged 24 years or under in respect of any claim you make.
 Additional excesses apply for certain vehicle types; these will be detailed on your policy schedule.

Vehicle Modifications:
 Vehicles fitted with manufacturer specified optional extras, fitted at the time of manufacture are acceptable.
 Vehicles modified to cater for a disabled driver or a disabled passenger are acceptable.
 All other post manufacture modifications (cosmetic or performance related) are not acceptable.

Hire/Loan Vehicles:
This Short Term insurance is NOT available for:
 Individuals using a credit hire vehicle following a motor claim
 Credit Hire Companies
 Accident Management Companies
 Vehicle Salvage Agents
 Vehicle Recovery Agents
 Individuals hiring a vehicle from a vehicle rental company
 Vehicle Rental Companies
 Taxi Proprietors (Private Hire and Public Hire)

Road Licensing (Car Tax):

 The Short Term insurance certificates provide evidence of insurance in the format prescribed by Road Traffic Act
legislation. However, the DVLA and UK Post Offices will not accept electronically downloaded documents for road
fund licence purposes. Therefore, you cannot purchase temporary insurance under this arrangement for the
purpose of obtaining a road fund licence. Road fund licences should be obtained using documentation supplied by
the provider of appropriate annual insurance cover on the relevant vehicle.

Impounded Vehicles:
 The Short Term insurance certificates cannot be used for the purpose of recovering an impounded vehicle.