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> all it does then the mod may remove this header.] */

We don't moderate posts. We believe every member will moderate himself

and we trust them.
> Today we had a seminar on Open-source Software and Embedded systems.
> So I went there and to my utter dismay felt so bad that I even felt
> like hating the open-source community.

I thought it was Swathanthra Tech Fest, probably you came for the
wrong meet or you had wrong expectations.
> I know that the open-source community is made up of a few geeks and
> extremely dedicated people . But the ones here where neither they
> were just normal people thinking that they were abnormal and failed
> miserably to pull out the cap.

We are normal people in the community and we believe we can make a

change fro the better.
> So they started speaking as usual and then they go to the part on Ip
> rights (Intellectual property Rights to be precise) and as usual
> Basmati and Turmeric comes to the fore ;they start saying that the
> Americans have applied for patents to these substances but when we
> look closer the people who applied for these patents are hold your
> breath Indian- Americans(INDIANS living in America). So what do you
> say about these a**h***s who call themselves indians ??
Vikram had already explained it. It is the companies which, the
Indians work for, owns the patents. Copyrights, patents and trademarks
are different issues and has to be treated separately, please don't
club them together as intellectual property.

> And then they talked of WALMART coming to India and how it will
> displace the local shopkeeper. Just give it a moment ; how can
> Walmart give goods at a very low price which the shopkeeper can't ?
> The fact is all the extra money goes into the shopkeepers pocket as
> extra profit . So if you are buying something whose MRP is Rs100. You
> pay that much to the shopkeeper but when you buy it at walmart you pay
> Rs70/- and that I feel is goog for the people . Walmart is only going
> to bring down prices by a good management skill and this will help all
> sections of the people . I still don't know why people are worried
> about a shopkeepers profit ?? he'll always find a way to make more
> profits.

Again see what Vikram wrote about it.

> And the next part of the talk was on languages , the orators seemed to
> be critical of C, JAVA the foundations of modern programs and went
> on to demonstrate a new language called Perl and Python (by a
> separate orator) .

Perl isn't a new language. You have not heard it before doesn't make it new.

>These seem to have borrowed heavily from JAVA .

What is wrong with that? Java borrowed the concepts of Object Oriented
Programming from C++ and eiffel. And if you look closely the syntax is
borrwed from C.

> Python is a lot similar to JAVA in the sense that it is interpreted

> (You don't get executable code you get a byte code that is
> interpreted on the go by a runtime environment) but there was no
> special mention of this at all.

Why do you think it has to be compared to java? Is it because you are

a big fan of java? And you can get the executable code if you want to
(see and many of the GNU/Linux distributions
ship a natively compiled version of eclipse.

> Everything that was demonstrated could have been done by creating a
> new method in JAVA . Python seemed to be a simplified version of JAVA
> with some major methods being renamed so that it looked good . And

haha. It could be done in any other language as well what is special

with java? It could have done easily with C#, why don't you use C#?

> Perl doesn't even have libraries . You must download them form the net .
> Moreover JAVA is getting open-sourced this year . Sun will be
> releasing the source code before this year So i don't understand what
> the attack on it was for .

Java compiler and virtual machine are already available, only the
class libraries are yet to be released (that is because some of the
parts are not owned by Sun and they need to re implement those before
they can release it as Free Software)
> And then as the stuff progressed people started walking out out of
> boredom; a full audience at 10:30AM had become a half a classroom of
> students by 4:00PM this was mainly due to boredom created by the
> speakers of earlier sessions .

We should have a serious look into it.

> Also the audience were promised CD's containing the latest releases of
> some popular distributions which never came through.
Akshay mentioned the cds were distributed outside the hall, so you
might have missed out.
> There was no concrete reason given for people to migrate from Windows
> to the open source LINUX except the awesome graphics which would come
> up only with the installation of a new file called Beryl
> ( Minus Beryl there was no reason to
> migrate to Linux. If they were to have mentioned that it was possible
> to run all my favourite programs from Windows on linux and also be
> able to play all those awesome games i can on XP and Vista on Linux
> there is no doubt a large number of us would have shunned out XP then
> and there.

We are not to migrate people from Windows, we want to show people the
world of Free Software and the possibilities it offers. It is for each
one to decide on their own whether they want to move or not. You are
absolutely right to continue with Windows if you don't see any reason
to migrate.

> On a scale of 5 stars , i would give a rating of 2 on behalf on all my

> friends. More over no one collected the feedback forms in the end !!
Let your friends rate themselves.

> [this is strictly my own opinion and I can't help it if i've hurt you]
but you did rate the evnt on behalf of your friends so that makes it
not just your personal opinion. Anyway we will take it in its positive
sense. Would you join us to make it better next time?