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Negative social impact of Advertising

Advertisement: 01

• In spite of being registered by Government public thinks its legal religious

institution. Again, the give more value to the “Darbar Sarif” more than
Sosque, which becomes the culture.

• It stands on Banani, which is a reputed place in Dhaka city. It resembles more

credibility among inhabitants.

• The institution established from 1977, has a strong community who belief on
it and source of earn money by saying holy words.

• Islam doesn’t advice us to do Milad, South-Asian Muslim make it traditional


• This Advertise manipulating poor, sick and illiterate people to donate for cure
or solve the problem and it continue as illegal business.

• It creates negative impact on children. They see their parents and relatives
come here and do prayer which makes different values and norms in to their

• Annoying and irritating for other sensitive religion peoples, sometimes the
Muslim can be arrogant on others for their local might.

Advertisement: 02

• A middle aged man jump for excitement. This picture is used in the billboard
which is not matches with the education services. Firstly, a HSC passed
student is not aged like him. Again, for opening new branch at Chitagong, is
not a matter of dream to achieve what the copywriter used as the tagline.

• It adversely affects lifestyle and value system of local students, because they
are not familiar with private education system.

• For teaching graduate students, university needs good faculties but the try to
collect local teachers to teach the students. As a result students suffer for
qualitative resources.

• It deceptive local parents and student to not go far for study.

• The important information like faculties, Govt. permitted and other resources
are omitted which leading to misunderstanding.

Advertisement: 03

• “Sufia” is common bangle female name in our country, by advertising throw

sensational picture, the Sufia named women face critic in the society.

• The dress pattern does not represent the Bengali culture and Female hand-
cup on her hands means she is bad or getting splendid judgment for doing

• This poster doesn’t say clear statement for the product or service, and by
hiding the information the copywriter create suspense, but it promotes
Bangla Film.

• This poster manipulative youth and changes need patterns to see this movie

• It must be creates negative impact on children, if the child’s name is Sufia or

her mother or sister’s name, then it makes stereotype to think negatively.

• It interpreted deceptive idea to woman and children of patriarchal society.

• The important information like who is the producer, director, or other cast
members are omitted from the advertisement leading to misunderstanding.

• Contents of the messages and their context, defiantly objectionable appeals,

which annoying and irritating for people for displaying on crowd places.