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I can neither congratulate Mr.

Obama for a surgical strike in Pakistan nor can

hold him wholly responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden without a cause. Al-Qaed
a is proclaimed terrorist organization and was responsible for causing death of
more three thousand innocent men, women and children by attacking the World Trad
e Centre in US. He should have been killed more than three hundred times provide
d he would have been brought alive and given a fair trial in an American or Inte
rnational Court of Justice. The latest story coming up in the press reveals that
he was unarmed and nothing was on his person to blow himself up as the sniffer
dogs did not find anything explosive there.
The commandoes killed one of his sons and injured his wife too for reasons best
known to them.
There was a better option to capture the culprit alive but was perhaps not possi
ble due to his orders to kill him out right.
US have called it a unique attack in the history and should not be cited as an e
xample to encourage such attacks by other countries. Why! When we look back to t
he carnage in our Bombay on 26/11 our commandoes did a better job. Their act was
not an offence but saved many a precious life staying in the hotel including so
me foreigners and shot down all the perpetrators of the offence except one who w
as caught alive. He was given a trial and is now awaiting execution. Our neighbo
ring country first denied but ultimately had to accept that they were Pakistani.
We did not injure the sovereignty of any country but defended our own. The act
done by US can by no means be termed as a right of self defense, is contrary to
established norms of justice and UN charter.
Mr. Bush (Ex-President of USA) when visiting Iraq, a shoe was hurled at him by a
n Iraqi journalist, to show his anger to the unworthy visitor. He was arrested a
nd punished by the court of law, yet this set a trend and many shoes were thrown
on many dignitaries in various part of the world. This was an act of an individ
ual but now a head of his state as big as America has set an official precedent
to kill a person entering into a territory of a sovereign country without its in
formation purely with a spirit of anger and vengeance. This is not even illegal
but bring devastation to the whole world if practiced generally.
History is the witness that in 1945 Nagasaki-Hiroshima the two cities of Japan w
ere bombed by American forces killing ten of thousands of Japanese and to this d
ay nothing grows on the land turned barren due to this act. If out of retaliatio
n Japan (now a nuclear power) resorted to similar tactics how an ordinary Americ
an would react?
The civil society has to deal with all criminal/terrorist according to practices
established by law-national and international. We cannot be judges and executor
s all by ourselves without giving a chance to the accused to explain.
He may get a second term or not as President, time will only decide, but only a
few months are left for his present assignment. It is expected that he will plea
se review his policy both internal and external to make the world a better place
to live in. The battle against the terrorism should be fought by all countries
together with extreme caution and with a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation