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November 20, 2020 LAVI N Firm Offer Event Agent: David Lavin Firm Offer ‘Speaker will not be contacted regarding this event and the date wil not be held uni this Frm Ofer signed andrew, Organization University of South Carolina ‘Speaker Nikole Hannah-Jones Event Date(s) March 26, 2024 College of information and Communications/School of Journalism and Mass) ‘Communications Media & Civil Rights History Symposium 2021 Fee $25,000.001USD (plus applicable taxes) Event Name Event VenueiCity ‘Speech Topic In conversation with Nikole Hennah Jones (fireside chat) Complete Schedule Keynote Speaker 12m. EST Travel Expenses: ‘Additonal Provisions VIRTUAL AV: ‘Speaker willbe using’ wifi connection. Speaker has a 2018 Macbook Pro and will be Audiovisual using the builtin web eam and mic. Speaker uses Chrome. Speaker has access to a ‘Requirements stand alone mic™and corded earbuds. Speaker has access to additional external lighting. ‘Speaker will nt be available for an AV check in advance of the event date. Speaker will log on 15 minutes prior to event for brief AV check. PaymentTerms §0% Deposit Due thirty 30) days after Firm Ofer is signed Thebalance payment: Due thirty (30) days prior to event date ad LAVIN, enone 09.2 This document, when signed below and delivered to The Lavin Agency Lavin"), constitutes «frm and binding offer which the above-named organization the “Client agrece to Keep open, and rt revoke or revise, fra paiod af wt less than 30 days fom the date hereot in onsderation of Lavia’s undertaking to seck the acceptance thereof by the Speaker. I within that period the Speaker named above accepts this ler and notice of sec acceptances given by Lavin othe Client, then the terms of his ofer wil consti the etre agresment between Lavin tnd the Client. the Speaker agres tothe terms ofthis offer 30% ofthe foe is non-refundable I the Client cancels the enggement afer the Speaker bs ‘agreed to tan less than 60 days prior othe event date the Client will owe Lavin the balance ofthe Tee pls say expenses acl neue for travel ad accommodations for any reason beyond thet con, Lavin o Speaker is unable ofall their olgation wider this zeeement, ‘Lavin wil make reasonable efforts to provide a replacement Speaker subject o Clits approval f Lavin is umble to provide peak acceptable lo Client, Lavin’ only obligation wil be to etum any monies pal by th lic othe Lavin, without nee nd witout further Tibi, Transp wan ged ihn a ee belong dn ne mem gel i ati ince eeu ronement over COVID-19 cancers, New event date shall ake pace within 15 month rote de ofthe origina even date and th tens ‘tthe Fr Ofer sal extend ti he event hasan pce Any monies paid wil be apie the new atl he even that hear ‘outstanding fees, its agreed that those fees shal epi in accordance with he payment rr ofthis Fn Offer before new eves datas ben ‘lied with he Spenker. If the Clint convert the event to viral event on the arpa! program dt, the Speaker apres fo conve 0 veal event. (lie agrese not to reproduce any par ofthe Speakers presentation without the rir we sent OF Lavi. Client agrees to epprove llevent sponsors with Lavin Chen wl provide upto four) cmplinentay tickets pais, or Fgiatons io ie een or confrece, fr guests ate Speaker, upon request aA Thi offer, nd any agreement arising fom he acceptance oft hl be cons and afc! ye laws of aul areca juosicton: ing pry shal thor pty. ‘The erm and conditions. this. agreement inching information exchanged ding the tepottion ofthe agreement are gonfdentia and— ‘may not be disclosed t-ny-thira party. The Client alo wledes that they may be hel ables breach occurs andi maybe construed by avin asa cancellation wb, h hip Mira) JANOS 2621 Signature Date J Print NameSECRETARY, UNIVERSITY OF S.C. Title

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