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‘September 5, 2019 LAVI N Firm Offer Event Agent: Tom Gagnon Firm Offer Speaker wil nt be contacted ogaraing ins oven an tno dao wi ol beheld un tis Fe Oe gO cer veaion Universi Ann rie uaenshi¥ oF MICHIGAN Crpaizaon UnvorstyoFMenigan- Ann Arbor TAS gFIGON GONSHITUMIONAL CORPORATION Speaker Nikole Harnah-Jones January 28, 2020 oF January 30, 2020 Event Date(s) Agency wil advise of Speakers selected dale upon confirmation by Speaker Event Name Wallace House Invited Lecture Foo $16,000.00 Event : vena (On Campus; Ann Arbor Speech Topic 1619 and The Legacy hat)Bul a Nation, Compista late aftemoon conversation with invited studants, Keynate address wiqBa, Dinner at Wallace House with Schedula invited fellows Client is responsible for the folowing expense: Speaker's fee is inclusive of all fare and out-of-pockel ‘Travel expenses. Hote Client to book and pay in advance (or crect bil) for Rotel accommodation a8 required. xporses Client to arrange and pay for ground transportation in event ciy, as well as any roquired Ml airporthotal ground transfers Provisions AudioVisusl stationary oF ¢lip off Mic, Podium, projector for PowerPoint laptop, water, clicker for slides. Reauroments Uses a MacBook Air. A/V check NOT required Payment Frame Fall patent due upon competion of services. LAVIN rumor raz “This docamers, when signed below and delivered to The Lavie Agency Lavin), consis a fim and biading offer whic the above-named cganzatin Ge “Client” agrees o Keep open, and not to revoke or revise, for a prod of notes than 30 day fom the date hereon ‘Sonsderation of Lavin'swederiking to seek the acceptance thre by the Speaker. If wikis tat pecod the Speaker aimed above weeps this ‘offer and ntive of suc asoeptance tr given by Lavin tothe Chen, then the ter of thi fer wil eat the anit agreement beracen Lavin fd the Clem. ithe Speaker ages to the terms of this fer 50% of tae fer is nen-efundable. Ifthe Clem ances he engagement ater the Speak hss agreed it and less than 60 dye pris to the event date, te Clie! wl oe Lavine balaeeof te fe plus any expenses utully ncuted for Lavin vil make reasonable effets to provide replacement Speaker subject 19 Cian ‘ccepabe to Ce. Lavi only obligation wl be fo retrn any monies pay the Chen the Lavi, wo ieet and widout ater abi ‘chent agroes nat to eproduce any pt of th Speakers presentation without the po writen canseat oF Lain Chen ays approve all event ‘pongo vith Lavin, Ct wl provide up to fow (2) complimentary ket, passes, otha he eveaor confereece fr gucss ofthe ‘Speake upon rust. “This ote, and any agreement artng from the sceepane of it, shal be construed and enfocee by the avs ta mutaly agreeable jaiion. Inany ation areng hereunder, the proving party shal ocover hi, er ors cost, oud remcoable ates! Fes, ons ie er pry “The terms and conditions of tis agreement including any information exchanged dafing the negoliaton ofthe geemcct ere conten! and ray not be dtcoee nary thi ary. The Client aekmowledpes ha they may betel ole «Brash our ed t may begocstrued by avin at cancelation, Chom Sfemosn: ~ 446 VG Kc ro

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