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Volume 1, Issue6

Guardian International Currenc y Corp. May 10, 2011

Don Filippos’ Insight

Greece Causing Concerns Once Again

World Issues 1 The European Central Bank (ECB) cautions of catastrophic consequences if
Commodities Review 1 Greece is allowed to restructure its’ sovereign debt. One Official stated, “Default or debt
restructuring is a dramatic economic and social event for the country which experiences it.
The Way I See Things 2
Then they go on to say, “It could be political suicide”, to tackle the problem in such a
A Little More 2 manner. The Germans on the other hand did raise the issue that this could be achievable
yet prefer a bailout of more than the 158 billion Euros already provided.

It seems that Power in Europe simply wants to enslave the population and those
that resist will be disposed of. The Economic situation has become a war in many ways;
without even shooting a bullet or blowing up buildings with bombs. Debt is the enslavement
of Man! Pay down your mortgages in this time of low interest rates, as inflation is here and

Beware of advertising calling for Armageddon, as a Christian group has gone on a

rampage with advertisements calling for the Second Coming of Christ and the need for
Salvation coming May 21, 2011. Time and time again, they continue to use fear to
intimidate the meek and weak. They claim the ones that seek salvation will be saved while
the rest will be prone to natural disasters like earth quakes and natural phenomenon. For
some this can be very intimidating. But as I say to my wife, “why worry about tomorrow of
things you can’t control and live for today and do the things you can enjoy.

Oil and the Price at the Pumps?

Gold rebounded again, higher $6.80 @ $1,510.00, heading toward $1,650?
Silver rises $1.07, presently @ 38.16USD/oz, very volatile Range $49-$33.00. Oil
comes back $1.30 @ $101.25/USD/Barrel, yet relief at the pump still to be seen. The
Oil /barrel dropped $17/barrel yet the price at the pump will go up 6 cents per litre
today. Does this make sense? Understand the higher the price of oil, the more money
the Government makes. Canada dollar stable around the 1.0400 level (.9600), Euro
after hitting above the 1.4900/USD level, looks poised to fall further presently below
1.4350/USD but could head below 1.4000/USD shortly. May see a little pullback,
higher before the next fall.

Note: Movements based on Previous Days Market Close.

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option to pay monthly, interest free for one year. If looks could kill, I think my family
would be collecting the life insurance policy. She rolled her eyes after signing the
contract. We will see, she said as she left me confused as to who is the actual head of
the household.

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