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Final Exam for ch 1-10 - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.


A computer user buys a low priced replacement monitor but finds that there is a lot of
flicker. The flicker makes the monitor unusable. Which characteristic of a monitor needs to
be considered to ensure flicker-free viewing?
#refresh rate

When analyzing a protocol used on the network, it is discovered that multicast messages are
being sent to network devices. Which class of IP addressing is being used to send these

A technician notices that a data floppy disk is in the floppy disk drive of a computer when it
is powered on. Which error message could this potentially cause?
#invalid system disk

What characterizes spoofing?
#Making data appear to come from a source other than the actual source.

When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that has a
BIOS, what is the next step during the boot sequence?
#BIOS reads the MBR.

When calculating the total cost of ownership of a printer it is necessary to consider the cost
of the consumables. Which two consumables are associated with an inkjet printer? (Choose
#ink cartridge

Which protocol adds security to remote connections?

What is the purpose of an IRQ?
#Request information from the CPU.

A wireless LAN is being deployed inside the new park ranger, one room office that is located
at the highest part of the national park. When the testing was completed, the technicians
reported that occasionally, the wireless LAN signal is affected by some type of interference.
What are two possible causes of the signal distortion? (Choose two.)
#the number of wireless devices that are used in the wireless LAN
#the large number of trees that surround the office

When installing a service pack or security patches on an operating system, what should be
done to protect the system in the event of a faulty or aborted installation?
#Create a restore point.

A technician is asked to wire a network that supports CSMA/CD. Which architecture and
physical topology should the technician use for supporting this access control method?
#Ethernet and Star

What is the best way to fully ensure that data is unable to be recovered from a hard drive?
#shattering the hard drive platters with a hammer

A technician is asked to configure the time the system must be idle before the hard disk
spins down on all the Windows-based laptops in the company. The technician configured the
power options in Windows but it appears to have no effect. Where should the technician look
to enable power management?
#System Registry

A printer has a paper jam. An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same
document to this printer. What can be done to remove these print jobs?
#Cancel the jobs in the printer queue.

ABC Inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the
information they store. Which type of adapter will need to be installed on the servers to
accomplish the desired redundancy?
#RAID adapter

A call center technician has asked a customer to perform a simple operation to fix a problem
on a computer. The customer seems unable to perform the task. What should the technician
#Determine whether the customer would prefer to receive the instructions in another
form, such as e-mailed, illustrated written instructions.

Which two technologies enable printers to be accessed by multiple network users? (Choose

A user reports that a printer is printing unknown characters on documents. What is a
possible solution to this issue?
#Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.

Which network device uses a MAC address table to segment the network?

A technician needs to configure the hard drive on a computer so that there appears to be
one drive for the operating system and four drives for data from different applications. How
can the hard drive be configured to provide this perception?
#Create one primary partition and one logical partition with four logical drives within it.

A supervisor received a complaint that one of the technicians was rude and disrespectful.
Which action by the technician most likely caused the customer to complain?
#The technician interrupted a number of times to ask questions.

A technician is troubleshooting a user complaint that a printer is not printing a report. Which
step is one of the first that the technician should take?
#Check the Device Manager on the user computer for hardware problems.

Which Registry file contains information about all software that is installed on a Windows XP

A hacker is detected using commonly available wireless hacking tools to access encrypted
wireless network communication. Which resolution would prevent this action?
#Change the SSID that is being used on the wireless network.

Which two general precautions should be taken before replacing any non-hot-swappable
laptop component? (Choose two.)
#Disconnect the power cord.
#Remove any batteries.

Which power mode should be used by a laptop so that all the data is saved, all the
applications the user was working on are left open, and there is no power used by the

What is the purpose of SCSI and RAID adapters?
#to connect storage devices such as hard disk drives to a PC

Which network protocol is used to automatically assign an IP address to a computer on a

A customer used the convert.exe utility to take advantage of NTFS security features. The
customer later discovered that the application on the computer can only read FAT32 files.
After the hard drive was formatted back to FAT32, the customer noticed all of the data files
are missing. What should the customer do next?
#Restore the data files that were backed up in preparation for the conversion.

Which two components normally require a laptop to be powered down and the battery
removed before removing the components? (Choose two.)
#internal hard drive

A customer reports that after using a computer for over a year, the computer now takes
more time to access the files. Which management tool can be used first, before any other
complex procedure?

A customer needs to purchase a new power supply for a computer. What must be considered
when selecting an appropriate power supply?
#The power supply has sufficient wattage to support all components inside the computer.

What is a benefit of using the USB or FireWire ports to connect peripherals to a laptop?
#The peripherals can be plugged in and out without turning the laptop off.

A small business has used a high quality configurable flatbed scanner to scan a number of
photographs to print as large posters. However, the quality of the images printed as posters
is poor. What should the user do?
#Increase the resolution of the scanner.

A user has been writing data to a USB flash memory drive. What should the user do before
removing the device?
#Click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray then on the device.

A technician installed a network adapter in a computer and wants to test network
connectivity. The ping command can only receive a response from local workstations. What
could be causing the problem?
#The default gateway is not set.

A technician is explaining the differences between inkjet printers and laser printers to a
customer. Which two comparisons should the technician make? (Choose two.)
#Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers.
#The laser printer output is dry after printing, but an inkjet printer may still have wet ink
on the paper after printing.

A network administrator is troubleshooting a server that keeps crashing. While monitoring
traffic to the server, the administrator notices repeated, larger than normal pings to the
server. What is the name of this type of attack?
#ping of death

A technician wants to create a new partition on a new additional hard drive. Which tool
should be used?
#Disk Management
Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is troubleshooting
a laptop? (Choose two.)
#Reboot the laptop.
#Disconnect the peripherals.

A company uses a single computer to receive and test all Windows updates. When the most
recent update was installed, several programs failed. What is the first course of action that
a technician should attempt to remove the update?
#Run a System Restore from the last restore point.

A mobile training room uses a generator to power the PCs, servers, and printers. The
company that runs the room upgraded the equipment but then found that when all the
devices are powered up they become unreliable, with some PCs shutting down. What may
cause this power problem?
#The power consumption of all devices is too much for the electrical circuit that is

When installing the Windows XP operating system, a technician is given a choice of file
systems to use. If security is a requirement, which file system should be chosen?

A technician has replaced a failing floppy drive. While testing the new drive, the technician
notices that the floppy drive light remains lit constantly. What is most likely the cause of the
#The ribbon cable is installed incorrectly.

Which two types of connectors can be found on DVI cables? (Choose two.)

Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system?

The technician has been asked to upgrade the printer driver for an old printer. What is the
best source for a new driver?
#manufacturer's website

Where can a user change the idle time after which a laptop will switch to standby mode?
#Left-click Start > Control Panel > Power Options, then click the Power Schemes tab.

A home computer owner has a PC system that runs Windows XP. For security reasons the
owner has been using a limited local user account for a number of years. The owner wishes
to install a new piece of software, but the user account does not have the necessary
permissions. Which type of account does the owner need to use to install the new software?

A student enables file sharing on a laptop so that a friend can access music files. Which type
of service is being configured?

What do the terms refresh rate, interlace, and aspect ratio explain?
#image properties of a monitor

A technician wishes to boot a computer using a CD-ROM that contains a limited operating
system and diagnostic utilities. Where would the technician set the boot order for the PC?