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Performance has a name The CNC for every application:

· Easy entry
SINUMERIK 802D sl – · Cycle support
· Free contour programming
now with Manual Machine plus · Easy setting up/dressing of tools
and workpieces
· Innovative program management
via network, CompactFlash card or
USB drives
· Ethernet on-board
Easy operation for the
conventional machine:

Brochure · November 2007

· Precise traversing and positioning
· Machining via handwheels
· Easy menu support through
· Easy reworking thanks to easy
program support
· Turning of circles and curves
· Cutting of arbitrary threads
· Easy machining of tapers and
The high-performance control
for increased productivity:
· Fast, precise and reliable
· Controls axes, spindle and
auxiliary axis
· Compact design as operator panel
· Execution of large programs from
network, CompactFlash card or
from USB drive
· Remote diagnostics capability
· Without battery, therefore
© Siemens AG 2007

offers you flexibility and productivity
when drilling, turning and milling
Technical specifications makes drilling, turning and milling
■ 5 digital drives a good deal easier.
(up to 2 spindles or 1 C-axis) ■ Free contour programming
■ 1 PLC axis ■ Graphical support for cycles
■ 10.4” TFT flat screen • Drilling:
■ 512 KB memory (value version) – Centering
■ 1 MB memory (plus version) – Deep hole drilling
– Boring
■ 3 MB memory (pro version)
– Boring with stop
■ Frame technology – Tapping with/without
■ Rotary axes compensating chuck Setup function
■ Look ahead (rigid tapping)
■ Handwheel function • Milling:
■ Up to 32/64/128 tools – Face milling
(value/plus/pro version) – Deep hole drilling
■ Ethernet (pro version)
– Thread cutting with/without
compensating chuck
■ CompactFlash card or
– Row of holes – circle/line
– Drilling, sinking
as memory medium,
– Milling of pockets,
accessible via operator panel
grooves and circular pockets
■ Compressor function
• Turning:
CNC and conventional machine – Grooving, undercut
on-board and selectable – Stock-removal Free contour programming
– Thread cutting
Standard CNC comfort – Drilling, counter sinking
– Deep hole drilling
■ Integrated pocket calculator
– Tapping with/without
■ Part counter compensating chuck
■ Program operating time counter – Boring
■ Monitoring of tool life and ■ Graphical simulation for
workpiece count program and editing checks in
■ NC program templates form of broken-line graphics
■ On-board help can be expanded ■ Universally applicable
■ 18 languages on-board • Processing part programs according
■ Graphical PLC status indication to ISO standard
• Commands for switching from other Graphical support for cycles
Improved convenience for the G codes to ISO standard
conventional turning machine • Ethernet on-board for networking
■ Create programs by manual input • SIMATIC PC USB FlashDrive can be
used as memory medium
■ Taper turning
• Remote diagnostics via modem or
■ Radius turning Ethernet
■ Free contour programming
■ Thread repair
■ Reworking

Remote diagnostics

© Siemens AG 2007

SINUMERIK 802D sl with Manual Machine plus

opens up new turning options

SINUMERIK 802D sl with

Manual Machine plus offers you:
■ Tool measurement
■ Tripping
■ Tool zero point setting
■ Manual machining
■ Taper turning
■ Radius turning
■ Center drilling
■ Tapping
■ Grooving/parting Tool measurement Thread cutting

■ Multiple grooving
■ Multiple parting
■ Thread cutting
■ Longitudinal thread cutting
■ Thread repair
■ Thread end repair
■ Stock removal cycles
■ Manual machining step programming

The additional Manual Machine plus

operator interface offers you new
turning options. Tapping Stock removal cycle
By simply operating a switch, a second
type of programming is activated. It is thus
possible to create a program manually
and with simple cycles – in other words
by doing. This program can then be used
like a normal program for other parts.
Manual Machine plus is especially suitable
for training purposes. The same machine
can be used regardless of the level of train-
ing reached – either as a manual machine
or as a CNC machine.

Grooving Machining step program

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