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ICT – Information Communication Technology in Kenya
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IT, ICT Companies in Kenya
Gachie Leave a comment Go to comments A comprehensive list of all IT, ICT, Computer & Technology Companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the business website. Attika Crafts Agency A.I Records (Kenya) Ltd HOME – The Kenyan Homepage Asper Worldwide Enterprises Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa – AGRA Alphabit Technologies Altech Technologies Andest Bites Avant Garde Design Best Telecom Limited BestWebs Systems Birowaks ByTech Bunduz Creative BrighterDayWeb Blueweb Technologies Blueprint Technologies Blueline Synergy Limited Dechtech Solutions Deep Africa Definitive Technology Ltd Delisys Delivery Systems Ltd. Design Village Designergy Company Limited Difinit Point Kenya
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5/11/2011 10:14 PM

Top Ranked.C. Inflex Africa Technologies Ltd Infisoft Systems Infinium Technologies Imagine Brands Icon Telesec Services Limited Icon Computers HP Kenya HDS Logic Gsoco Online Greenline Technology Ltd. www. www.Information Communication Technolo. Ventures Kemnet Technologies Kenya Microcomputer Systems Ltd Invent Cartriges Ltd Intersat Africa Ltd Internet Solutions Kenya Interactive Technology Limited Integrated Networks and Data Systems Ltd.turnstar. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT .com/technology/ 2 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .smcuniversity. Institute of Software Technologies Innovative Computer Solutions Ltd Ingenuity Solutions Infoken Solutions Infocom Dial *142# to activate.cqs. Online PhD Degree Leading Swiss Business Great Offers by Safaricom Now browse the internet @ 2/.com Forestry Cabs OSHA Certified.. Contact us for more information www. Digi-Tel Limited Invent Technologies Ltd Isolutions Associates iTkenya Jambo Telkom Limited J. Ebits Online Eaxpo East Africa Data Handlers Ltd Doxa Interactive Studio Ads by Google ACL Data Analytics CQS .Distributor of ACL data analytics software Prestigious. Graphics Beyond Global Link Consultants Limited Gigabyte Systems Ltd Gem Multimedia Ltd Frepactech Ltd Freepac Tech Footprint Computer Solutions Limited Finedatta Africa Ltd Fgee Technical Agencies Fairtech Solutions Limited Excel Excellence in Networking ESRI Eastern Africa Eset Enterprise Information Management Solutions (EIM) Enigma Technologies Ltd Endeavour Africa Kenya Empire Microsystems Ltd Elyon Comptch Supplies Economic Industries Ltd.per Turnstar South Africa Largest Manufacturer of Turnstiles and Vehicle Barriers in Africa www. Flexible.

ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . Dot Com Laptop Computer Garage Direct Communications Systems Ltd Digitek IT Mart Ltd Digital Horizons Ltd Digital Consulting Group Limited Digital Age Institute Ltd Pricedata...IT.Information Communication Technolo. Power Innovations Ltd Pinehearst Systems PesaPot Holdings Limited Pergamon Ltd Peakt Solutions Peak and Dale Solutions Ltd PC World PC Tech Systems Ltd Passive Software Technologies Limited Orgacilla Merchants Ltd Openworld Openview Business Systems Onsite Nakuru IT One World Technology One World Networks Ltd Olive Computer Dealers Office Savvy Limited Office Mart Limited Octagon Data System Nouvelles Images Limited Nexus Networx Newtec Concepts Ltd Nero Web Solutions Nditronics Communications Limited NairobiNet Online Model Office Copiers Investments MobiWorld Technologies Mobile for Good Ltd Michael Jones Software Metrocomia East Africa Mentor Systems Mediawise ideals ltd Mano Designs & Solutions Ltd Manam Infotech Pvt Ltd Macleons Enterprises Mackphilisa Computer Systems Machines Technologies Mac More Solutions Lotex Technologies Logisol Africa Limited Lino Stationers Ltd 3 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM Muva Technologies Mouseatwork..

...Information Communication Technolo. The Handmade Web Tetra Infotech LLC Terabyte Solutions Techzone Ltd Technology Today Techbiz Ltd Tangible Business Solutions Takamori Computers Systems Kenya Symbiotic Media Consortium Swift Technologies Limited Starcom Squad Digital Limited Specicom Technologies Ltd SpaceWave Technologies Sokoletu Creative Limited Software Technologies Ltd Softlink Options Simbanet (K) Ltd Sasahost Limited Saptronics Ltd Sai Office Supplies Limited Sahannet Rnemedia Technologies Rivotek Kenya Ltd Richmond Designers And Printers Ravenzo Trading Rampart Technologies 4 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .IT. Krisjonz Computer Ltd Knowledge Technology Ltd Kingsoft Company Limited Kenya Webhositng Tangerine Wagold Kenya Web Host Africa Ltd Web Professional Services Web Host Africa Ltd Web Professional Services Webhost Kenya Weblink Creations Websimba LTD WebSoft Development WebSpaceKenya IT Solutions Xerotech Systems Virtualsat Ltd Tramigo Track and Trace Kenya Ltd. Linksoft Communication Systems Lime Technologies Limited Lantech Labos Technologies (K) ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . http://softkenya..

Avtech Systems Limited Amiran Communications Ltd Alternative Technology Supplies Alldean Satellite Networks Ltd AITEC East Africa Africa Online Kenya Limited Adwest Communications Abacus Computer Systems Ltd..Information Communication Technolo. Raidar Creative Quality Computer Services Qaulitywise Enterprises Q-Line Technologies Ltd Protec Yukon Enterprises ZeboTech Business Solutions Data Centre Ltd Copy Cat Ltd Comtec Group Computer Technics Ltd Computer Source Point Computer Revolution Computer Planet Compulynx Centurion Systems Bloomerg Limited Kijiji Media Jenntech Systems Gtech World Enterprises Hyper Centre Bewa Computer Systems Lamu Software Gerald product ambassador Jossie Product Ambassador Ebenezer Movies Bejeris Jamoh the Xpert Disney Media Golman computers Ecrown Technologies Frida Cybercafe Businet Systems Happy Land Electronics Bromley computer systems Dimension computers Jowa Technology Ltd Bell Atlantic Communication Limited Baobab Solutions co.Computerlink Ltd Nash cyber Hookup Dating Agency Net wise Netware systems 5 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .com/technology/it-ict-computer-technology-companies-in. http://softkenya..K. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . Ltd...IT. A.

. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . http://softkenya.IT. Limited Christopher Kyalo Consulting MCS(Misters Control System speed monitor Linnicom Esjo Media Services Webska Cyber Ghetto Entertainment Blue Violet Interactive 6 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM . Cyber Cafe Pro Nix accessories Union Technology Limited Broker Hadem cyber Voda World Cellulars Scafric Enterprises COMP-USA (K) Ltd African Desktop Ltd Chirema Telecomunications First Itech Ltd Jonk services Rapid Applications Developers Simba Photocopy Saltec Computers Hilasoft Systems Snettscom | innovative web solutions East Africa Virtual School Enedu Web Host Ezra Onsinyo Birundu Opencast Information Technology Smart Boards Intersol Asper Worldwide Enterprises Mayne Heights International Telemas Company Limited Tim Studio Touchline Technologies Ltd Eazteq LTD Shop & Deliver Infinitydownline Daniche Solutions Mark Computer Symatec Solutions Company Ltd Mutembei Webleytech Inet Cyber Cafe ChwaniTech Bit Cyber Prime Wood Ltd Octopus ICT Solutions Communication Technolo.. Kahawa Digital Solution Okoa Doo Smart Net Cyber Accoladebiz Co..

http://softkenya. Oryx cyber Tecbytes Computer Solutions Friendtech Inc www.Information Communication Technolo. Propertyunit. NaiCity – The Nairobi Online Business Directory Onpoint Tracking System Spidtell HDS Logic Computer Zone Consultants &Supplies Ltd Spikenard Web Zuku Fibre Services Muranga Computers Group Muranga Computers Group Magtech Solutions Ltd Rosymaish Technologies Mindwaves Technologies Calais Communications Kinetic Technology Alphajiri Kenya International House Business Centre Joomla Convert Vybz Kenya Flint Media Pinecrest Studios Joseph Co Ltd Mutunguru Cyber Cafe Mafundi wa Mitambo Digital Link Ict Solution Provider Wencyber Benjos Investment Allicos Accolade Computer Technologies New Com Computer College Abovenet Technologies Mobile Solutions Foresight Computer Services 7 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .Com Extend Limited Isys Technologies Sam Maosa Mwas Kwamtandao. Bostelecomputing Butterfly Solutions.logisticskenya.Net Microsystems Kenya Limited Miketech Computer Solution Kamundu Entertainment Bermin Cyber Cafe Dankam Agency Begood Computers Ltd.. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT .

. Technology Companies in Kenya Comments 8 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM . ICT Companies in Kenya.IT.. Shamata Technologies Native Media Technologies Afrinet Cyber Cafe Vilmart Computer Consultants Virtual media solutions Breezenet Technologies Pharaohken Solutions. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . Internet Companies in Kenya. http://softkenya. IT Companies in Kenya..Information Communication Eastcom Computers Gift Electrical and Mobile Accesories F K Electronics Swiftweb International Fastnet Cyber Smartlink Technologies Related Articles: Computer Hardware and Maintenance Companies in Kenya Online Shops in Kenya Internet Service Providers – ISP – in Kenya Website Design Companies in Kenya Categories: Kenya ICT Guide Tags: Computer Companies in Kenya.

..the smarter way of being smart! Dedan K Kimani Apr 14 Do all these companies have enough engineers.. Add a comment... Internet Service Providers – ISP – in Kenya Website Design Companies in Kenya RSS 9 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .we are suffering Green Shift Mar 29 Emphasize on PC Sharing and Solar No comments yet. Displaying all 3 posts. Name E-mail or Login Log in to Facebook to post your comment Post Omera Black Apr 14 virtualisation and server consolidation to cut costs. 1. http://softkenya.Information Communication Technolo.. No trackbacks yet.?? . an opportunity to saving on Total Cost of Ownership.IT.. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . cutting down on electronic waste and a significantly reducing on carbon emissions footprint! Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback 1.

. ICT Companies in Kenya Website Design Companies in Kenya 10 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM . Radio Station Equipment Studio Ads by Google Join us on Facebook softkenya softkenya on Facebook Like Low Cost SMS Marketing Delivery to all Networks in EA. http://softkenya.Information Communication Get free SMS to Try & Resellership www.915 people like softkenya. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT . Kibet Mc Dennis Crony Abner Hardco Zack Eric Ads by Google AA Kenya Computer Repair ICT Professional Study in Kenya Forex Brokers Kenya Ads by Google ICT Security Computer Systems Safaricom Kenya Kenya Tour Guide Computer Networks Recent Posts Computer Hardware and Maintenance Companies in Kenya Online Shops in Kenya Mobile Phone Service Providers in Kenya Internet Service Providers – ISP – in Kenya IT. Apply Now! Education Master or PHD Get Your Master’s or PhD Online. Contruction & Outfit Solutions from as Little as $10.advantasms. Education..000 www.

com/technology/it-ict-computer-technology-companies-in. http://softkenya.IT.. | Kenya | Kenyans | Jobs | Constitution of Kenya | Downloads | Nairobi | Mombasa | Kisumu | Nakuru | Meru | Kenya Towns | Kenya People | Law | Business | Quotes | Speeches | Counties in Kenya | God | Life | Wildlife | Travel | Love | Food | Education | Kenya News | Parks | Guide | Women | World | Books | Inspitation | Kenyan | Technology | Kenya Hotels | Directory | Web hosting | Web Design | Classified | Health | Environment | Attractions | History | Questions | Contact us | 11 of 11 5/11/2011 10:14 PM .. ICT Companies in Kenya | ICT ...Information Communication Technolo.

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