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1724 Broadway STE 1 • Fresno, California 93721 Ph. 559.360.

3377 •


This Contractor Agreement (Agreement) is made between Seaflower Boutique (SFB) and Particle1 (P1), 1724
Broadway STE 1, Fresno, California 93721 (Contractor).


The CONTRACTOR agrees to provide SFB with the following services: The Web Design of the seaflowerbou- web site in its entirety. The web site includes:

• The Joomla Core system

• Shopping Cart with Paypal integration
• Customized email ( - based on the gmail platform
• Customized look and feel to match Seaflower Boutique branding
• Logo Design
• Interactive menu design for easy navigation of services and information
• “Front end” wysiwyg editor
• Web site training: logging in to front end interface, updating/adding client info, updating gallery
images, updating contacts, and updating other static content
• Product Catalog
• Product Details
• Featured Products/Specials

The CONTRACTOR shall work with SFB to design the Web site content based on materials and notes that are
to be submitted at the signing of this agreement. The CONTRACTOR shall include suggested changes made by
SFB until the web site is launched. In addition to contributing to the graphic design of the web site, the CON-
TRACTOR shall offer suggestions and recommendations regarding the launching of the web site. The CON-
TRACTOR shall also provide SFB with a final product that is technically compatible with and suitable for mass
viewing through various web browsers (Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari etc.)


2. This Agreement shall be for the date of May 16, 2011 through June 30, 2011. The CONTRACTOR shall con-
sider June 30, 2011 as a deadline for launching the web site and is encouraged to do so sooner. The CONTRAC-
TOR shall remain in communication with SFB after the completion date and assist with training and technical
support until all “bugs” and errors are fixed. Upon completion of this Agreement, the CONTRACTOR shall
return any property or documentation belonging to SFB.


4. SFB agrees to pay the CONTRACTOR a total of $3,800.00 contingent on the design of the SFB web site in
its entirety. SFB agrees to pay the CONTRACTOR $1,900.00 upon the signing of this agreement and $1,900.00
upon completion of the Agreement, when final proofs are used and launched to the domain seaflowerboutique.
com. Also, all necessary material, passwords, and technical information that SFB has on there current hosting
and domain must be provided (if applicable) at the time on signing this agreement. Work on the SFB web site
cannot begin until all three requirements are met.


6. Any communication required between the parties concerning the terms in this Agreement shall be made
promptly by phone or in writing.

SFB has provided the following as contact information:

Marisa Ditimus
(619) 600-2923

Linda Densmore

The CONTRACTOR has provided the following as contact information:

Frank Sanchez
1724 Broadway Suite #1 Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 761.0796

Stephen Gamboa
1724 Broadway Suite #1 Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 360-3377

The parties hereby indicate by the signatures below that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions
of this Agreement in its entirety.

Client: SeaFlower Boutique Contractor: Particle Media Group

Signature: ______________________ Signature: ______________________

Print Name: Linda Densmore Print Name: Frank Sanchez