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MHAC-8 From the Producers of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS™ Game 6668


WEAPONS LOCKER By Jerry Epperson and Jeff Grubb


All Marvel characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof The names of characters used herein are fictitious and do
are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Group. MARVEL not refer to any person living or dead. Any descriptions
SUPER HEROES and MARVEL SUPER VILLAINS are trade- including similarities to persons living or dead are merely
marks of the Marvel Comics Group. Copyright ©1985 Marvel TSR, Inc. coincidental. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, PRODUCTS OF
Comics Group, a division of Cadence Industries Corpora- PRODUCTS OF YOUR IMAGINATION™ YOUR IMAGINATION, and the TSR logo are trademarks
tion. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A. owned by TSR, Inc.
Game Design ©1985 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved




WEAPONS LOCKER By Jerry Epperson and Jeff Grubb
Welcome to the Weapons Locker, a copious subsections: Common weapons and Unique but became STANE INTERNATIONAL™
compendium of crafted creations sure to weapons. Common weapons are those recently.
contribute to any campaign! potentially available to the bad guys and pop- STANE INTERNATIONAL was owned and
ulation at large, while Unique weapons are operated by OBADIAH STANE™, having
This book lists weapons and weapon sys- single modified items with unique power. driven Stark out of business Stane killed
tems, including, but not limited to battle- Common weapons are broken down by himself following a battle with IRON
suits, ray-guns, unique and personal Name; Price; Range (in areas) Normal Dam- MAN™. The present disposition of the cor-
weapons, and all manner of destructive age (using standard ammunition); Rate of poration is in the courts.
devices ranging from handguns to missiles Fire; and Number of Shots that may be fired CORD CONGLOMERATES™, better known
payloads. before reloading is required. Design Notes as CORDCO™, engaged in high-tech sci-
This book is divided into two primary sec- mention any special characteristic of the entific and government contract work. It
tions BATTLESUITS and WEAPONS. The weapon. declared bankruptcy following scandals
Battlesuits section lists armored combat There are usually two entries for Price. The involving the MAULER™ and RAIDER™
suits in complete detail The Weapons sec- first entry is for an open market, while the armors, and was purchased by Stark
tion concerns itself with both common and second is a black market price (for bad guys) International.
uncommon instruments of destruction, or government price (for good guys). The ROXXON OIL™ is the world’s largest multina-
including a wide variety of “standard” weap- Black Market is the criminal underground tional industry, and is not above engaging
ons for use by “normal” agents of subversive moving these weapons, and while untrace- in criminal activity to achieve its goals. Its
agencies. able, there is a 1 in 10 chance that a black subsidiary, the BRAND CORPORA-
Battlesuits have the following notation market item malfunctions. Government cost TION™, provided a whole host of super-
Name; Availability and Price (if applicable); reflects the amount of additional paperwork powered agents before being closed
Builder; Inventor; and Wearer; Ability Modi- involved, and the government keeps very down.
fiers; Known Powers and Design Notes. close tabs on any weapon given to a hero. JUSTIN HAMMER™ is the brains behind a
The Name of the armor is its make and Unique weapons are modified and special series of holding companies whose net
type, usually the code name of the wearer, items used by particular heroes and villains. worth rivals that of Stark International
but often, as the case with MANDROID™ and Their listing includes Name; Designer/ itself Hammer uses his money to refit and
SECBOT™ armor, a separate entity in itself. Builder/User, Known Powers; and Design refurbish villains’ equipment in return for
Availability and Price refers to how easy it Notes in a similar manner to Battlesuits. a percentage of their profits. Iron Man has
is to obtain the various suits. Most suits are Often poison, knock-out gases, stun-rays, fought Hammer twice, and Hammer’s
unique creations, but some may be available and blinding lights are listed as having a cer- present location is unknown.
on the black market. tain rank of potency or intensity. This rank S.H.I.E.L.D™ stands for Supreme Head-
Builder and Inventor indicates who affects the type of FEAT roll (usually Endur- quarters International Espionage and
designed and built the suit. The Wearer indi- ance) needed to avoid the effects of the poi- Law-enforcement Division, a para-military
cates who is wearing (or was wearing at last son or knock-out gas. If the ability is higher operation dedicated to the security of the
report) the armor, as well as a summary of than the potency of gas or poison, the player free world.
that character’s ability scores, so the judge must make a green FEAT roll to avoid its THE CORPORATION™ was a band of corrupt
may use the character and the armor. effects. If the two are equal, a yellow FEAT Californian businessmen They have since
Ability Modifiers show how the suit alters roll must be made If the ability is lower than been disbanded.
the Fighting, Agility, Strength or Endurance the potency, a red FEAT roll must be made. THE COMMITTEE™ was a similar band of
of a character. An ability may be raised by a For example, an Amazing potency gas criminals who worked with SENATOR
number of ranks to a listed maximum rank. If causes a character with Good Endurance to EUGENE KLIGGER STIVAK™ toward
a more powerful character puts on a suit that make a red FEAT roll, one with an Amazing world domination. They were a front for an
allows a maximum of a lower rank, that char- Endurance to a yellow FEAT roll, and one alien invasion and have been disbanded
acter’s abilities are at that lower rank. with Monstrous Endurance a green FEAT as well.
Known Powers are all the capabilities of roll. AIM™ stands for Advanced Idea Mechan-
the suit that are known to date, both exhib- A final note on the makers of the weapons ics, a branch of the subversive organiza-
ited or listed in the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK of war: We use many names under the build- tion HYDRA that became independent
OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE ™. ing section, so here is a brief tour of the Their chief achievements have been the
Design Notes is a brief history of the suit, Marvel Universe’s weaponsmiths: SUPER-ADAPTOID™ and COSMIC
those who wore it, and its relative success in STARK INTERNATIONAL™ began as STARK CUBE™, but deal with a number of energy
combat. The present fate of the suit is listed INDUSTRIES™, founded by TONY weapons as well Until recently, they have
where known. STARK™’s father, Howard. It ceased been under the control of MODOK™.
The Weapons section is divided into two weapon production several years back,
With all that said, on to the weapons!

Designers: Jerry Epperson and Jeff Grubb TSR Inc.

Editor: Anna Gray McCready POB 756, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 TM

Cover: Mark Bright (Color: Jeff Butler) ISBN 394-54874-4TSR0600

Illustrations: the Mighty Bullpen 0-88038-229-5
Graphic Design: Dennis Kauth 6868XXX1501 TSR, Inc.
Typeset by: Betty Elmore

The names and characters used herein are fictitious and do not refer to any persons living or dead. Any descriptions, including similarities to persons living or dead are merely coincidental. All Marvel Characters,
names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Group. MARVEL SUPER HEROES is a trademark of the Marvel Comics Group, Copyright ©1985 Marvel Comics
Group, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.
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written consent of TSR Inc. and Marvel Comics Group. Distributed to the book trade in the United States by Random House, Inc. and in Canada by Random House of Canada, Ltd. Distributed to the toy and
hobby trade by regional distributors.

• The suit cannot function long underwater
or in a vacuum.
Availability: Unique
Constructed by: Stark International
Inventor: Tony Stark
• The suit chest-plate contains an external Worn by: James Rhodes
pacemaker that helped keep Stark’s heart
beating when he was wounded. F A S E R I P
Gd Gd Ty Ty Gd Ex Ty
Iron Man was “born” in South East Asia, ABILITY MODIFIERS
where industrialist Tony Stark was wounded
by a piece of shrapnel and taken prisoner by Raises Fighting by 2 ranks
communist insurgents. The leader of these (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
communists, Wong-Chu, permitted Stark to Raises AgilIty by 2 ranks
build his insurgents a weapon in return for (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
removing the shrapnel and saving Stark’s Raises Strength by 5 ranks
life. Stark and a captive physicist, Ho Yinsen, (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
worked on the armor in a small laboratory, Raises Endurance by 6 ranks
intent on producing a weapon that would free (Maximum of MONSTROUS)
them both and save Stark’s life. Yinsen died
delaying Wong-Chu while Tony powered the KNOWN POWERS
armor, but as Iron Man Stark avenged his fel-
low prisoner’s death. BODY ARMOR
Scattering the guerrillas, Stark walked back • Electric-powered, iron-alloy, molecular-
to friendly territory, encountering downed scale chain mail maintained by an
chopper pilot JIM RHODES™ in the process. enclosed magnetic field. Made of
Stark kept the armor after his escape, trim- Remarkable material bolstered by the
ming it to allow the life-maintaining paceset- magnetic field to Amazing material when
ter to keep this heart beating. Stark would in operation.
have to wear the armor chestplate until he • Provides Amazing protection from physi-
was implanted with an artificial heart years cal damage.
IRON MAN™ ARMOR later. The original suit of Iron Man armor is • Provides Amazing protection from most
Original Grey Armor believed destroyed by Jim Rhodes following energy attacks.
the takeover of Stark International by Stane. • Provides Unearthly resistance to radia-
Availability: Unique, believed destroyed tion.
Constructed by: Tony Stark/Ho Yinsen • Provides Remarkable resistance to heat,
Inventor: Tony Stark/Ho Yinsen cold, and acid.
Worn By: Tony Stark (see Iron Man Armor, IRON MAN™ ARMOR • Provides Unearthly resistance to electri-
Golden Avenger Armor) Golden Avenger Armor cal attacks.


Raises Fighting by 1 rank

(Maximum of GOOD)
Lowers Agility by 1 rank
(Minimum of POOR)
Raises Strength by 3 ranks
(Maximum of REMARKABLE)
Raises Endurance by 3 ranks
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE)


• The original Iron Man armor was an
electrically-powered, transistorized suit of
armor, made of Remarkable material.
• The armor provides Remarkable protec-
tion against physical damage.
• The armor provides Typical protection
against heat, cold, energy, and acid

• The armor is powered by electrical energy,
and can absorb up to a Monstrous amount
of energy at anytime. This energy is then
expended through normal use.

• A reverse magnetic device built into one
arm allows the wearer Remarkable con-
trol over magnetism.

• High-speed gyro-stabilized turbines locat- • Excess energy is stored in two disk-ike • Super-cooled tablets of freon gas are
ed in the boots. pods attached to the waist. mounted in dispensers in the epaulets of
• Normal flight at Monstrous speeds, 9 • Detached from the belt, but linked by the armor.
areas per round normally, up to a maxi- cables, these pods may generate a broad- • May be used against targets in close con-
mum of 30 areas. spectrum induction field. This field may: tact.
• Boot-jets may be used as weapons, inflict- • Act as a Remarkable strength force field. • Inflicts Monstrous cold damage. Will
ing Incredible damage against targets in • Overload electronic circuitry with Excel- supercool metal and inflict the same dam-
the same area. lent intensity. Those electrical items with- age on machinery.
out an Endurance rank are overloaded on
• Medium-density plasma projectors located • Fully detached from the armor, the pods • AM/FM, short wave, civilian, and naviga-
in each gauntlet. Outlet located in palm of may be thrown up to 5 areas, exploding tion bands may be monitored through the
gauntlet. for Amazing damage in a single area. helmet.
• Range of 10 areas. • If one pod is detached, reduce the wear- • Receives own wavelength and those of
• May inflict up to Amazing damage. May er’s Strength, Endurance, and maximum defense organizations, including
inflict less at the discretion of the user. damage by one rank. If both pods are S.H.l.E.L.D.
• May be fired at separate targets (red detached, reduce these abilities by two • May tie in with satellite and computer net-
FEAT, yellow for Tony Stark, Jim Rhodes), ranks. Excess electrical energy may not works.
for up to Amazing damage, no target may be stored if both pods have been • Has emergency beeper.
receive more than Amazing damage. detached. • Range on all of above, 200 miles.


• Chest-mounted high-intensity lamp. • The armor is equipped with internal safety • Installed in the throat of the helmet, this
• Illuminates an area up to 3 areas away. mechanisms to prevent overloading of mechanism cuts out the high and low fre-
• Turned on suddenly, may blind an oppo- designed systems. These interfaces may quencies of the wearer’s voice, hiding the
nent facing the wearer for 1-10 rounds be consciously bypassed to increase abil- owner’s identity.
(Endurance FEAT roll to avoid). This light ities. • Further scrambling negates the effects of
is of Remarkable intensity. • Strength or repulsor damage may be electronic voice-detectors and similar
• The beam may be narrowed to produce a raised to Unearthly in this fashion. devices with Amazing ability.
laser. This laser has a 3-area range and • Any other single abilIty may be raised by a
inflicts Incredible damage (may not be single rank through override. ELECTRONIC COUNTER MEASURES
lowered). • Each round of override, the owner of the • Electronic Counter Measures are
• Illumination from the unibeam extends armor must make a yellow FEAT roll on installed in the suit, providing Good pro-
into the ultraviolet and infrared bands of the Shift 0 column. tection from electronic detection.
the spectrum. • Failure indicates the armor is immobilized • The suit is also equipped with high-quality
and must be repaired. internal security, such that the wearer has
AIR SUPPLY Monstrous protection from outside inter-
• Fully-functional life-support system capa- SONIC ATTACK ference of his or her armor’s perform-
ble of functioning underwater and in vac- • Mechanisms within the helmet may pro- ance.
uum for 2 hours. ject an omni-directional high-frequency
• Internal indicators and bell warns of sound wave. REVERSE MAGNETISM
potential failure or exhaustion of air • Range of 3 adjacent areas. • Reverse magnetism generators are
resources. • Sonic attack may inflict up to Amazing installed within the armor’s gauntlets.
damage to all within those areas. • This circuitry provides Incredible control
FIRE EXTINGUISHER • In additional with affected areas must over magnetism.
• Foam sprayer contained within the armor make an Endurance FEAT roll against the
reduces fire by a Remarkable degree, intensity of the attack, or be Stunned for 1- ROLLER SKATES
eliminating fires of less than Incredible 10 rounds. • Roller skates are installed within the boots
intensity. of the armor.
• Range of fire extinguisher is 1 area. TRACTOR BEAM • The wearer can reach maximum speed of
• Foam may be sprayed over armor to fur- • The armor has a small tractor beam Incredible (7 areas/round) using the
ther reduce heat damage by 1 rank. located in the chest plate. skates on a smooth surface.
• Lifts objects as Good strength.
• Internal circuitry of the suit may absorb up • Polarized eye shields installed in the hel-
to an Unearthly amount of energy each NIGHTVISION LENS met drop into place to protect the wearer
round. • Inset in helmet. from being blinded by bright lights.
• Three rounds of Unearthly electrical • Nightvision lens allows the wearer to see • Sudden polarization causes 1 round of
energy, or 300 points of potential damage, in normal darkness up to 3 areas away. blindness.
may be so stored.
• Further storage causes the storage pods SENSORS IMAGE PROJECTION
to overload for Monstrous damage to all in • Radar/sonar/heat detection sensors • The armor may project up to a dozen vis-
the same area. implanted in armor and helmet. ual images of Iron Man which match the
• Stored energy may be redirected through • Range of 10 areas. actions of the original.
the repulsors or unibeam, inflicting Mon- • Vital signs detector which may be keyed • Any attack on the wearer of the suit has an
strous damage each round until the to specific individuals in advance. Range equal chance of hitting a duplicate.
stored energy is depleted. of ten miles. • This illusion is one of light manipulation
• The circuitry of the energy systems may • Exotic energy detector, capable of detect- only. Radar, scent, or detection of life
be modified to absorb other forms of ing odd or unusual radiation, range of ten energies reveals the true location of the
energy. This requires a Reason of at least miles. user.

• The gauntlets may be fitted with rotated Constructed by: Tony Stark/CIRCUITS • High-density pulsed plasma projectors
studs capable of boring through earth. MAXIMUS located in the wrist of each gauntlet.
• The suit’s user may move at Good speed Inventor: Tony Stark • Range of 10 areas.
through soil and rock of up to Good mate- Worn by: Tony Stark • Inflicts Monstrous damage. May not inflict
rial. less than Monstrous damage, and may
F A S E R I P disintegrate materials of Remarkable or
BRIEFCASE Ty Ty Pr Ty In Ex Ty less material.
• The suit of armor may be stored in what • May not be fired at separate targets.
appears to be a normal briefcase, but ABILITY MODIFIERS
which has been specially constructed to UNIBEAM
contain the armor. Raises Fighting by 2 ranks • Chest-mounted high-intensity lamp.
• The briefcase is made of Remarkable (Maximum of EXCELLENT) • Illumination up to 3 areas away.
material. Raises Agility by 3 ranks • May blind an opponent using Remarkable
• It is secured by an Amazing complexity (Maximum of REMARKABLE) intensity.
lock. Raises Strength by 5 ranks • Beam may convert to laser/energy
• Failure to foil the lock sets off an Amazing (Maximum of INCREDIBLE) release, inflicting Amazing damage up to
strength bomb which destroys the armor Raises Endurance by 6 ranks 3 areas away.
completely. (Maximum of MONSTROUS) • Illumination of unibeam extends into the
ultraviolet and infrared bands of the spec-
This was the suit of armor used by Tony Stark
at the time of Stane’s takeover of Stark Inter- BODY ARMOR THERMAL BEAM
national, and was passed on to pilot James • Electric-powered, iron-alloy, molecular- • Also a component of the chest-plate
Rhodes when Stark’s alcoholism prevented scale chain mail maintained by the mag- assembly, the thermal beam is a high-
him from acting as Iron Man. It represents the netic field. Armor is made of Remarkable intensity heat beam.
ultimate technology created by Stark Inter- material, bolstered by a magnetic field to • May inflict Incredible damage up to 3
national until then, coupling Stark’s ingenuity Amazing material when in operation. areas away.
with the resources available from the • Amazing protection from physical dam- • Will melt metals of less than Incredible
multinational corporation. Iron Man kept sev- age. material strength.
eral suits of this type, as well as earlier proto- • Monstrous protection from most energy
types in his lab in the industrial complex. attacks (see below) DISRUPTOR FIELD
These duplicates where believed destroyed • Unearthly protection from radiation. • Generated from gauntlets, may be
by Rhodes. Rhodes served as Iron Man while • Amazing resistance to heat and cold. directed up to 2 areas away.
Tony was incapacitated, and retained the • Incredible resistance to acid. • Overloads electronic equipment and
armor with Stark’s creation of his newest set • Unearthly resistance to electrical attacks. guidance systems with Remarkable inten-
(See Silver Sphinx Armor) Rhodes doubts sity. Electrical equipment without an
he will use the armor again since Stark is FORCE FIELD Endurance rank is overloaded on a green
back as Iron Man. • Created by a “hardening” of the magnetic FEAT roll.
field, shunting power from other systems.
• May be used only 1 round per hour safely ENERGY ABSORPTION
IRON MAN™ ARMOR (see Overrides). • Circuitry may absorb up to an Unearthly
• Raises body armor for Slugfest and con- amount of energy each round for 4
cussive damage to Monstrous. rounds.
• Raises resistance to energy attacks to • Up to 4 rounds of Unearthly rank energy,
Unearthly. or 400 points of potential energy damage,
• Repulsor and other weapon or detection may be so stored.
systems may not be used when force field • Stored energy may be redirected through
is in operation. the unibeam or other weapon systems,
inflicting up to Monstrous damage until
FLIGHT the excess is depleted.
• High-speed duo-source turbines located • Stored energy retained beyond 4 rounds
in boots. can damage circuitry. Make an Endur-
• Normal flight of 10 areas per round, maxi- ance FEAT roll or energy is discharged,
mum of 30 rounds. inflicting Good damage on the wearer.
• May reach Unearthly speeds (50 areas/ • All forms of non-concussive energy may
round) outside the atmosphere. be stored within the armor, including heat
• Turbines have a high efficiency, and can and light energy.
function at the very borders of the atmos-
• If used as weapons, the boots inflict • Fully functional life-support systems may
Incredible damage to targets in the same function for an undetermined period
area. underwater and in a vacuum.
• High-efficiency reprocessors may result in
REPULSORS total environmental independence for an
• Medium density plasma projectors unlimited period of time.
located in each gauntlet, outlet located in
• Range of 10 areas.
• Inflicts up to Amazing damage. May inflict
less at the discretion of the user.
• May be fired at separate targets (see note
under Golden Avenger armor).

• Unlike previous versions, energy is stored • It is not known if the suit has further abili-
within the suit’s circuitry, such that individ- ties, modifications, or improvements of Raises Fighting by 1 rank
ual parts of the suit retain a “charge” if abilities available in earlier sets (such as (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
separated from the rest. reverse magnetism, freon tablets, or roller Raises Agility by 1 rank
• Enough “charge” remains in a discon- skates). Further abilities may be made (Maximum of GOOD)
nected gauntlet to fire one repulsor beam known as time goes by. Raises Strength by 6 ranks (Maximum of
of Amazing strength. MONSTROUS)
• Enough “charge” remains in a boot unit DESIGN NOTES Raises Endurance by 7 ranks (Maximum of
to fly with Good speed for 5 rounds. After regaining control of his life and his UNEARTHLY)
• Enough “charge” remains to power all drinking problem, Stark, along with Rhodes,
helmet operations normally. end the Erwins (Morley and Clymnestra) set KNOWN POWERS
• The chest unit needs no residual charge, up shop in California, calling their new com-
and may operate normally. pany Circuits Maximus. Stark began recreat- BODY ARMOR
ing his armor (his original set in Rhodes’ • Similar design to the Golden Avenger
OVERRIDE hands) as a method of working out ideas and armor, except for extreme additional pro-
• As with previous versions, the newest suit experimenting. The S-circuit, which uses its tection for space travel.
may be overridden by removal of the energy more efficiently, is en example of the • Provides Amazing protection from physi-
safety interfaces. breakthrough developed by Stark, using the cal damage.
• Strength or repulsor damage may be armor as a model. With the destruction of Cir- • Provides Amazing protection from most
raised to Unearthly by overriding existing cuits Maximus by Obadiah Stane, (and the energy attacks.
systems. resulting death of Morley Erwin), Stark • Provides Unearthly resistance to radi-
• All other systems may be overridden by a donned the newest set of armor to battle the ation and electricity.
single rank. foe that stripped him of his business, his • Provides Monstrous resistance to heat
• Each round of override, the wearer must friends, and almost his life.The battle with and cold.
make a yellow FEAT roll on the Feeble Stane was the first field test of this armor, • Provides Remarkable resistance to acid.
column. and resulted in the defeat of Stane and the
• Failure indicates the armor is immobilized destruction of Stane International. Stark REPULSORS
and must be repaired. serves as Iron Man in this armor. • Inflicts Monstrous damage at range of 15
• Nightvision lens as Golden Avenger IRON MAN™ ARMOR FLIGHT
armor. Space Armor • Conventional boot thrusters allow atmo-
• Radar/Sonar/Heat detection sensors as spheric movement at 8 areas per round.
Golden Avenger armor. • In space, nuclear thrusters allow move-
• Vital sign and exotic energy detector as ment at 50 areas per round.
Golden Avenger armor. • These nuclear thrusters may inflict
• Scanner program is keyed to particular Unearthly energy and radiation damage
typical threats (missiles, bombs), func- when in the atmosphere.
tioning at the Remarkable level.
• Energy detection equipment allows the VARIO-BEAM SPOTLIGHT
wearer to “see” hidden electrical cables • A variation of the unibeam spotlight.
and equipment up to 1 area away, noting • May provide illumination up to 15 areas
their power flow through up to Remark- away.
able material. • May command a deflector beam capable
of pushing against an object with Mon-
MULTI-BAND RADIO strous strength.
• As for Golden Avenger armor.
SONIC DISTORTER • Extendible gauntlets may be jettisoned
• As for Golden Avenger armor. as grappled up to 7 areas away, and
manipulated as if part of the armor.
ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES • Because of the weak mooring line, these
• Electronic Countermeasures provide gauntlets may only be used in zero-gravity
Remarkable protection from electronic conditions.
detection, including radar.
• The Iron Man armor has Unearthly protec- AIR SUPPLY
tion from signals designed to take control • The Space Armor contains 4-5 weeks of
of the armor and interfering with its per- recyclable food, water, and air.
• An implanted holographic projector in the ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES
armor allows the suit to blend in with the • Electronic Countermeasures are as for
background. While not invisible, this pro- the Golden Avenger armor.
vides Remarkable protection from visual • ECMs do not operate when using the
sighting. Against complex backgrounds, Availability: Unique, believed destroyed nuclear thrusters.
the projector only provides Good protec- Constructed by: Stark International
tion against being seen. Inventor: Tony Stark DETECTION EQUIPMENT
Worn By: Tony Stark (See Iron Man Armor, • As for Golden Avenger armor.
EYE PROTECTION Golden Avenger Armor) • Includes camera capable of withstanding
• As for Golden Avenger armor. vacuum.

• As for the Golden Avenger armor, with 2,000-
mile radius.

The Iron Man Space Armor was developed • May reach 11 areas per round while trav-
by Tony Stark as one of the specialized suits eling cross-country in clear air. BODY ARMOR
designed for certain missions, in this case, • Usually travels Amazing speed (8 areas/ • Usually constructed of some high-
those occurring in the earth’s orbit beyond round) when engaged in secret missions, strength steel alloy.
the reach of the normal air-breathing turbines following MOE (Map of Earth—close to • Provides Incredible protection against
of the standard suit (for long missions in surface). physical attacks.
space, a modified AVENGERS QUINJET™) is • Jet-boots may be used offensively, with a • Provides Remarkable protection against
usually used. The suit was used once to range of 1 area, for Remarkable damage. energy attacks, including heat cold, and
investigate the sudden death of an entire radiation.
midwestern town-deaths resulting from an REPULSORS
accident aboard a secret Roxxon solar- • The Stealth armor has no repulsor units. FLIGHT
powered space station. Stark donned the • High-speed turbine-thrusters located in the
space armor to investigate and first encoun- SENSORS boots.
tered SUNTURION™ there. The station fell • Standard radar/sonar package as with • Normal flight at 7 areas per round
out of orbit, and only the actions of Iron Man Golden Avenger armor. • If used as weapons, inflict Good damage
and Sunturion together prevented the • Active x-ray scanner, range of 1/2 mile. against a target in the same area.
destruction of Sarasota, Florida. Sunturion • Active deep sound scanner, range of 1/2
apparently perished in the rescue attempt. mile. WEAPON SYSTEMS
The Iron Man Space Armor is believed • Camera equipment including infrared • This type of armor has a choice of three dis-
destroyed by Jim Rhodes. film. tinct weapon systems Only one may be
used on any set of armor.
ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES • OPTION I: Internal blasters of 4-area range,
IRON MAN™ ARMOR • Monstrous protection from radar and inflicting Remarkable damage.
Stealth Armor other “active” detection systems. An • OPTION II: External hand held concus-
active system (such as radar) sends a sion rifle with 6-area range, Incredible inten-
wave to a target and notes any “bounce- sity Slugfest attack.
back:’ The armor warps this wave, pro- • OPTION III: “Thunder Puncher” combat
ducing no returning “blip.” enhancer, allowing the user to strike with
• The jet-boots are baffled to prevent any Monstrous strength in combat.
sonic detection.
• Non-reflective black coating provides DESIGN NOTES
Good protection from visual or mechani- The above is a standard battlesuit used by sub-
cal detection, at a cost of lower resistance versive operatives, made available through
to energy. less-than-honest arms dealers. This set is
based upon those used by Andrea and
DESIGN NOTES Andreas Strucker, children of the late leader
Stealth armor is another of the specialized of HYDRA, BARON STRUCKER™. These
suits of armor developed by Tony Stark for suits went up against the X-MEN™, but were
specific missions, similar to the Space armor. really no more than a delaying tactic while the
Stealth armor was designed using current Struckers attacked MAGNETO™, PROFES-
“stealth” technology to allow Iron Man to foil SOR X™, and GABRIEL HALLER™.
detection devices and slip unknown in and
out of restricted areas.This addition to
ECMs, detectors, and speed was accom-
plished at the price of lowered protective
capabilities and the elimination of any offen-
sive weapons.
The stealth armor was used once to rescue
Availability: Unique, believed destroyed BETHANY CABE™ undetected from East
Constructed by: Stark International German territory and the hands of the LIV-
Inventor: Tony Stark ING LASER™. While the armor failed in this
Worn by: Tony Stark (see Iron Man Armor, attempt, it was rebuilt and modified. It was
Golden Avenger Armor) believed destroyed by Jim Rhodes after
Obadiah Stane took over the company.
Raises Fighting by 2 ranks
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) Availability: NA/2,500r
Raises Agility by 3 ranks Constructed by: Various firms
(Maximum of REMARKABLE) Inventor: Various
Raises Strength by 5 ranks Worn by: Various lackeys
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
Raises Endurance by 6 ranks F A S E R I P
(Maximum of MONSTROUS) Ex Gd Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty
Raises Strength by 3 ranks
• Less effective than standard suits of that Raises Endurance by 4 ranks
time. (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
• Provides Remarkable protection against
physical and energy attacks, including
fire, cold, radiation, and acid.

BEETLE™ ARMOR • May fly at Excellent (5 Areas) speed. • Provides Amazing protection against cold.
• If power is diverted from weapon systems ICE PROJECTORS
and battle computer (rendering them use- • Miniature cryogenic units set in the gloves
less), speed may reach 10 areas per and powered by circuitry in backpack.
round. • Backpack also contains water reserves
and is made of Remarkable strength
• Mini-computer built into the armor’s • May generate snow, sleet or ice at the
chestplate. Remarkable level.
• If fed with proper programming, the Bee- • May provide the wearer with body armor
tle armor may anticipate moves by an of Remarkable strength.
opponent, effectively increasing the Bee- • May encase others with Remarkable
tle’s Fighting and Agility scores against strength ice, and form ice walls of
that opponent. Remarkable strength.
• Fighting is raised by 2 ranks. • May create icy missiles with range of 3
• Agility is raised by 2 ranks. areas and inflicting Remarkable damage.
• Programs exist on Iron Man, DARE-
AMERICA™. Gregor Shapanka was a research scientist
for Stark International who was dismissed for
ELECTRO-BITE selling company secrets. Using his Own abil-
• Installed in the gauntlets of the armor, this ities, Shapanka created his cold-generating
Availability: Unique electro-static blast may only be fired if suit end took to crime, first as JACK
Constructed by: ABNER JENKINS™ both hands are free.(Beetle fires by plac- FROST™, and later as Blizzard. Blizzard was
Inventor: Abner Jenkins and THE ing the second and third fingers together, slain by a mysterious assailant, but his suit
TINKERER™ aiming with the first and fourth finger.) and plans survive him.
Worn by: Abner Jenkins • Range of 10 areas.
• Inflicts up to Excellent electrical damage.
F A S E R I P • The user may increase this to Remark-
Gd Gd Ty Ty Ex Rm Ty able damage by drawing on power from
the wings and battle computer (if the
ABILITY MODIFIERS wearer does this, he or she does not ben-
efit from the computer’s programs when
Raises Strength by 2 ranks firing, and also plummets to the ground if
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) airborne.
Raises Endurance by 2 ranks
See Battle Computer for further modifica- Abner Jenkins was a master mechanic
tions. trapped in a menial job who build the Beetle
armor in his spare time to engage in criminal
KNOWN POWERS activities. The original Beetle armor was
used against several super-powered foes,
BODY ARMOR but was partially destroyed by Iron Man in
• Constructed of reinforced magnanium the same battle that claimed
and powered by ambient microwaves. PORCUPINE’S™ original suit. Following his
• Provides Excellent protection from physi- defeat, Beetle resigned and updated his
cal attacks. equipment, though he still needs to use both
• Provides Remarkable protection from hands to fire his electro-bite.To collect the
energy attacks, including heat and cold. data he needs on his super-powered oppo-
• As the suit is a powerful source of micro- nents, Beetle has been known to trade in
wave energy, transmissions such as radio information and to force other foes (such as
and television will jam within 3 areas of the RINGER™) into battle with his opponents
user. while he observes.

• If close to a source of microwave radia- BLIZZARD™ BATTLESUIT
tion, the user may further boost the suit’s
Strength in terms of lifting ability to Availability: Unique
Remarkable. This does not effect the total Constructed By: GREGOR SHAPANKA™
Health. Inventor: Gregor Shapanka
Worn by: Gregor Shapanka
• The gloves of the Beetle armor are F A S E R I P
equipped with pneumatic suction- Ty Gd Gd Ex Rm Gd Pr
• The armor’s user has Excellent control on ABILITY MODIFIERS: None
vertical surfaces.
• The armor is equipped with mylar wings BODY ARMOR
(Good strength material) powered by DC • Fully insulated battlesuit with additional
micro-motors, and controlled by cyber- padding.
netic command. • Provides Good protection from physical

BOX™ ARMOR MERGING Beta and Gamma Flights were. Bochs did not
Second Version • The Box armor is entered by physically agree to the proposed death of Hudson and
merging the user’s body into the living his team, and as a result had the Box armor
metal. taken from him.At that time, the armor was
• This merging takes 1 round. controlled by an internal link and Jaxon used
• Damage to the Box armor inflicts psychic that link to destroy Hudson.
anguish, but no real damage, to the Bochs escaped in the confusion following
wearer. the battle, angry at himself for letting the
• Catastrophic damage (loss of a limb), armor be used in such a fashion and angrier
results in unconsciousness for use, Red still that it resulted in the death of Hudson,
Psyche FEAT roll to avoid. whom he liked and respected. Contacting
• There is a danger of living beings being another member of Gamma Flight, a meta-
trapped within the Box armor. Make morph named Madison Jeffries, Bochs set
Endurance FEAT roll for every hour above about building another Box armor, this one to
three to allow the user to leave the Box be used as a tool against Omega Flight. To
armor. This limitation does not apply to avoid the problem of being controlled from
those without physical bodies. the outside, this version of the armor would
• Only Bochs may physically merge with his be physically entered, merging the user’s
armor. body to the armor.
This facet of the armor proved very useful
REPAIR when Walter Langkowski, SASQUATCH™ of
• Because of the nature of the “living the team, lost his physical body Langowski’s
metal” the best repairman for Box armor is body was housed in Box armor, until a better
Madison Jeffries, who can manipulate body was found. Bochs and Jeffries worked
metals and mechanisms at will. up a mystical dimension scanner with the
help of SHAMAN™ and found a mindless
F A S E R I P body at the Crossroads of All Realities.This
Ty Ty Ty Rm Gd Gd Rm body proved to be the HULK™, who escaped
back into our dimension as a result.
• Jeffries has Unearthly control over metals Langkowski’s spirit has vanished and Bochs
Availability: Unique and mechanisms, and may bend them to again used the Box armor himself.
Constructed by: MADISON JEFFRIES™/ his will.
ROGER BOCHS™ • Jeffries may heal damage done to the Box
Inventor: Roger Bochs and James Hudson armor at an Unearthly rate, but Box armor CALIBER BATTLESUIT
Worn by: Roger Bochs must be out of combat or not active for
him to do so.
• The Box armor is built to allow the user to
ABILITY MODIFIERS tap into available computer hardware,
tapping directly into the machine.
Because of the nature of Box armor, abilities • The armor also has standard radio gear
are not modified, but changed. with a 200-mile range across all standard
Fighting is REMARKABLE level. • This radio gear may issue a jamming sig-
Agility is REMARKABLE level. nal of Incredible intensity in a range of 5
Strength is MONSTROUS level. areas.
Endurance is MONSTROUS level
KNOWN POWERS • The Box armor’s sensors span the com-
plete electromagnetic spectrum from
BODY ARMOR microwaves to hard radiation.
• Constructed of “living metal” an inven-
tion of Roger Bochs. DESIGN NOTES
• Provides Amazing protection from physi- Roger Bochs is the handicapped engineer
cal and energy attacks. and inventor who first proposed the Box
• Provides Monstrous protection from heat, armor as a method of regaining his lost limbs
cold, and radiation. JAMES MACDONALD HUDSON™, leader of
ALPHA FLIGHT™, was interested in the Availability: Unknown
FLIGHT armor and recruited Bochs into his depart- Constructed by: Unknown
• Jet-thrusters are built into the legs of the ment H. Bochs and Box armor quickly rose Inventor: Unknown
Box armor. through Gamma flight and was in Beta Flight Worn by: Unidentified Terrorist
• Fly up to Excellent (5 areas/round) speed. when the government folded. Bochs
• If used as weapons, the boot-jets inflict returned with his invention, now more fully F A S E R I P
Remarkable damage to a target in the developed with Hudson’s help, to his home in Gd Gd Gd Gd Ty Ty Ty
same area. Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.
At home, Bochs was contacted by ABILITY MODIFIERS
• The super-strong metallic muscles of the agent for Jerry Jaxon and his OMEGA Raises Fighting by 2 ranks
Box armor can bound up to 4 stories up FLIGHT™. Bochs went along with Courtney’s (Maximum of REMARKABLE)
and 2 areas away in a single leap. proposal to form an opposing team to Alpha Raises Agility by 1 rank
Flight to see how involved other members of (Maximum of EXCELLENT)

Raises Strength by 2 ranks
Raises Endurance by 4 ranks The Constrictor battlesuit was developed by
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE) the now-defunct criminal organization known
as the Corporation, headed by Eugene Klig-
KNOWN POWERS ger Stivak (see TORPEDO™ armor). Frank
Schlichting was a small-time hood who
BODY ARMOR applied to the Corporation for work, and was
• State-of-the-art, presumably tool steel outfitted in the suit and employed as a hit
alloy construction. man. With the defeat of the Corporation by
• Provides Incredible protection from physi- Captain America and the Hulk, Schlichting
cal attack. went freelance, working for whoever would
• Provides Amazing protection from most pay. After a rocky career as a super-powered
energy attacks. criminal, Schlichting was severely beaten by
• Provides Monstrous protection from radia- ANACONDA™. He is now hospitalized.
tion, heat, and cold.


• Installed in right arm of suit.
• May inflict up to Remarkable damage up
to 10 areas away

• Installed in left arm of suit.
• May inflict up to Incredible damage up to 3
areas away

• Carried on back of armor.
• Carries a variety of charges and loads.
• Monstrous strength explosives.
• Amazing strength incendiaries.
• Remarkable intensity knock-out gas.
• Range of missiles is 15 areas. Missiles
affect all within the target area.

• The Caliber armor has a self-contained air
supply that lasts up to 6 hours.

Not much is known of the Caliber armor, but Availability: NA/5,000r
• Provides Good protection from physical Constructed by: Agents of Soviet Union
it is typical of the type created by individuals damage.
who believe that all you need to be a super- Invented by: “Sergei” a soviet scientist
• Provides Remarkable protection from Worn by: Former US combat veterans
powered villain is a flashy suit and a list of energy attacks.
demands. It is heavy in firepower, but light in • Provides no significant protection from
protection, particularly protection from spe- F A S E R I P
other forms of energy attack. Ex Gd Gd Ex Gd Gd Gd
cialized attacks. Caliber armor first appeared
in the streets of Vancouver, where the wear-
er was defeated by Alpha Flight. A few days
• Two adamantium alloy cables, one in
later, someone (presumably Omega Flight)
each wrist of the suit. They are Unearthly Raises Fighting by 2 ranks
sprung the criminal, apparently as a plot to
strength materials. (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
introduce a bogus GUARDIAN™ into the
• May reach into any adjacent area. Raises Agility by 1 rank
group. Caliber was defeated a second time
and the armor destroyed, but whether further • A successful wrestling attack indicates (Maximum of REMARKABLE)
versions of this type of armor exist are the coils have wrapped about the target Raises Strength by 2 ranks
unknown. inflicting Remarkable constriction dam- (Maximum of REMARKABLE)
age. Raises Endurance by 2 ranks
• While unbreakable, a successful Escape (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
CONSTRICTOR BATTLESUIT FEAT roll indicates the bonds have been
loosened sufficiently to slip out. KNOWN POWERS
Availability: Unique • Once ensnaring a victim, the wearer may
Constructed by: The Corporation send electricity through the cables from a BODY ARMOR
Inventor: Unknown power pack located in the chest inflicting • Constructed of unspecified steel alloys
Worn by: FRANK SCHLICHTING™ Monstrous electrical damage. using American-made circuitry.
• If used as whips, the cables may inflict up • Provides Remarkable protection against
F A S E R I P to Incredible damage up to 1 area away. physical damage.
Gd Gd Gd Ex Pr Gd Gd • Provides Incredible protection against
CYBERNETIC CONTROL energy attacks, including heat, cold, and
ABILITY MODIFIERS: None • Located beneath the padded crown of the radiation
battlesuit’s cowl
KNOWN POWERS • Allows the wearer to extend and retract BLASTERS
the coils at will, as well as vent power • Variable setting pulse-Iaser.
BODY ARMOR through them. • Inflicts up to Excellent damage up to 8
• Fully insulated battlesuit with partial bul- • Has Amazing ECM to prevent outside areas away.
let-proofing. takeover of the suit’s firepower.
• Carried separately from the suit, but takes two-shift raise in damage, if connected
its power from the armor. with a more powerful power-source
(example, a generator)
SENSORS • The armor lacks sufficient power to
• Full-band energy and life-detection sen- increase abilities without external help.
sors, 3-area range.
• Internal identification scanners are pro- DESIGN NOTES
grammed with near-complete listing of This is the second set of Crimson Dynamo
established super-powered individuals. armor, based on the plans of Soviet scientist
The wearer’s Reason is Incredible to iden- Anton Vanko.Vanko built the original set to bat-
tify such individuals and further enhance- tle Iron Man on behalf of his government, but
ment may grant details of known points of defected after his defeat by the Golden
career. Avenger. Soviet agent Boris Turgenov stole the
• Scanning program also gauges soldier’s armor from Vanko and both men died in the
capabilities against target, providing rec- ensuing battle, rendering the armor useless.
ommendations on tactics. The present set of Crimson Dynamo armor
was constructed by Alex Nevsky, Vanko’s
“CARD SHUFFLE” former research assistant, at Cord Indus-
• The armor, and those within, may be tries, to be used as a tool of vengeance
reduced to small squares of plastic the against Iron Man. Vanko’s other assistants
size and shape of credit cards (hence the and technicians were sent to a work camp in
armor’s name). Siberia following Vanko’s defeat (see Tita-
• This change may be effected by another nium Man). Nevsky was defeated, fled to the
party with an external control module set Orient where he was assassinated by Soviet
to that frequency. agents who recovered the armor for their
• While in the card-Like state is vulnerable country. A case may be made for Cord Indus-
(Typical strength material). tries taking the armor, but this corporation
had its own problems (see Mauler, Raiders)
FLIGHT and was bought by Stark International.
• Powered boot-jets allow the credit-card Since its recovery by the Soviets, the
armor high speeds for short distances. Dynamo armor has been worn by Yuri
• Maximum speed is 7 areas per round, but Petrovich on a mission to America (a failure,
internal fuel allows flight for only 10 F A S E R I P Petrovich has been sent to a work camp) and
rounds. Rm Ex Gd Ex Ty Ex Gd most recently KGB Agent Dimitri Bukharin.
• Long-distance travel is handled by a third After working briefly with the SOVIET
party moving them in credit-card state. ABILITY MODIFIERS SUPER SOLDIERS™, Crimson Dynamo is
now a solo operative of the Soviet govern-
DESIGN NOTES Raises Agility by 1 rank ment and KGB.
The Credit Card Soldier armor was devel- (Maximum of REMARKABLE) Despite its updating by Nevsky, the Crim-
oped by the expatriot Soviet scientist known Raises Strength by 3 ranks son Dynamo is an outdated battlesuit with
as Sergei, whose parents where being held (Maximum of INCREDIBLE) inferior technology. Whether its weapon sys-
by government in his home country. Under Raises Endurance by 5 ranks tems will be updated further is uncertain.
the orders of the TITANIUM MAN™, Sergei (Maximum of MONSTROUS)
developed both the armor and the credit card
technology used in that armor and in the Tita- KNOWN POWERS DEVASTATOR™ BATTLESUIT
nium Man’s armor. Posing as the COMMAN-
DER™, Titanium Man recruited a band of BODY ARMOR
disaffected Vietnam veterans to form the • Constructed of carborundium-matrix alloy.
GREEN LIBERATION FRONT™, dedicated to • Provides Amazing protection from physi-
the purposes of truth, justice, and making a cal damage.
lot of money. • Provides Amazing protection from most
Under the “Commander,” the GLF raided energy attacks
Wall Street, only to be stopped by BETA RAY • Provides Amazing resistance to fire, radi-
BILL™ and SIF™. The Commander entered ation, heat, and cold.
the fray, and was revealed as the Titanium
Man.The GLF turned on their former leader FLIGHT
when they realized they had been duped by • Thrust provided by two chemically-fueled
a Communist agent, and nearly defeated the turbo-fan jets located in each boot.
Titanium Man. Following the battle, Beta Ray • May fly up to 8 areas per round.
Bill, given an control console by Sergei, con-
vinced the remaining members of the GLF to BLASTERS
ditch their armor to avoid being permanently • Powered by electronic circuitry on a sepa-
“carded.” The whereabouts of the GLF, Ser- rate line from the boot jets.
gi, or the Credit Card Soldier suits are cur- • Produces lightning-Like discharge capa-
rently unknown. ble of inflicting up to Incredible electrical
damage up to a range of three areas.


• The armor possesses up to 1 hour of self-
AvaIlability: Unique contained air for the wearer.
Constructed by: CORDCO
Worn by: DIMITRI BUKHARIN™, KGB Agent • The Dynamo armor may be overridden to
produce a one-shift raise in Strength, or

Availability: Rare (Soviet State Secret) • May reach Incredible speed, 7 areas/
Constructed by: Soviet Armed Forces round) in this fashion.
Invented by: THE GREMLIN™
Worn by: Unidentified Soviet Officer ENERGY BEAM
• By manipulating the electromagnetic
F A S E R I P stress patterns, the user may tire a bolt of
Ex Ex Ex Ty Gd Gd Gd concussive energy once per round.
• Range of the bolt is 10 areas.
ABILITY MODIFIERS: None • May inflict up to Incredible Slugfest dam-
FLIGHT • While in operation, appears as a “tele-
• Powered by thrusters installed in the port.” This special form of transportation
boots. is not a standard form of teleportation.
• Turning made by using the power gaunt- • The wearer may stop himself or herself
lets. with respect to the rotation of the earth,
• May fly at Good (4 areas/round) speed for allowing sudden movement to the west at
an unlimited time. thousands of miles an hour, appearing as
if instantly vanishing.
POWER GAUNTLETS • On-board computers prevent the suit from
• Power receivers installed in each glove smashing into mountain ranges and other
allows Devastator to pull power down tall obstructions.
from the sky.
• Range of 10 areas. DIGGING ABILITY
• Inflict up to Monstrous Slugfest damage • The initial design of the Guardian armor
with power bolts. was for use in exploration of oil. Despite
its altered purpose, it still has some abili-
SATELLITE LINK-UP ties in this area.
• All of Devastator’s power is beamed to • The wearer may tunnel underground,
him from a satellite network stationed in moving at 3 areas per round, or 2 areas
geosynch orbit around the globe. per round if forming a tunnel for others to
• These satellites are protected by Remark- follow.
able ECMs rendering them invisible to
normal detection. DESIGN NOTES
• The transmitters within Devastator’s The cybernetic helmet that is the key to con-
gloves provide an unlimited supply of trolling the energy-shaping technology of the
power, but also form an open conduit back Recreated by: Delphine Courtney Guardian suit was developed by James Mac-
to the network.The satellites may be Modified by: Roger Bochs and Madison Jef- Donald Hudson while still in college. Upon
damaged or destroyed by energy feeding graduation, he was employed by JERRY
back through the gloves. JAXON™ of AM-CAN PETRO-CHEMICAL™
Worn by: Heather Hudson
in Canada, to use his discovery to develop an
DESIGN NOTES exploratory super-suit. Upon discovering that
The Devastator suit was the invention of the
Ty Gd Ty Ex Gd Ex Gd the suit was to be used by the US Military,
Gremlin, the deformed son of the equally
Hudson destroyed the plans and took the hel-
hideous original GARGOYLE™. Both
ABILITY MODIFIERS met which controls the suit, which by rights
Gargoyle and his son were superior intellects
was his.
in Soviet science. Gargoyle was cured of his
Raises Agility by 3 ranks Hudson, now unemployed and awaiting
radiation-induced deformity by Bruce
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE) arrest for his actions, was rescued by
Banner after the scientist and the Hulk bat-
Raises Strength by 3 ranks HEATHER MCNEIL™, Jaxon’s secretary.
tled. Gargoyle died soon after, and his son
(Maximum of REMARKABLE) Heather had fallen for Hudson, and used her
was informed by the state that Hulk was
minor connections in government to put Hud-
responsible. The Devastator battlesuit was
constructed and the power satellite KNOWN POWERS son in touch with the Canadian Government.
launched. The first wearer of the Devastator The Prime Minister was intrigued by Hud-
suit was destroyed when the Hulk contained BODY ARMOR son’s discoveries, and set up the young sci-
his power blasts, turning them on the wear- • Steel mesh battlesuit reinforced by per- entist in a secret “Department H” to work
er. A second suit was built by the state, using sonal force-field generator. with super-powered individuals. His first was
the now-traitorous Gremlin’s notes, but this • Provides Amazing protection from physi- Logan, now known as WOLVERINE™.
suit was neutralized by the Gremlin and two cal attack. With the initial space flight of the
armored allies from America. The satellite • Provides Incredible protection from FANTASTIC FOUR™ and the development of
was destroyed in this encounter, but again, Energy Attacks, including heat and cold. their amazing powers, Hudson developed a
the plans remain a Soviet state secret, and • The force field dampens, but does not purpose for his department—to create a hero
another suit may be created. eliminate, inertia from physical attacks. for use by the Canadian Government. His
The wearer may still be stunned and first mission, as WEAPON ALPHA™, was to
slammed by attacks. recover Wolverine, and ended in his defeat
GUARDIAN ARMOR • The force field must be on to be used, oth- by the X-Men. The second meeting took
erwise the suit provides only Good body place on Canadian soil, with Guardian
Availability: Unique armor.The field is considered “on” when in backed up by Alpha Flight his own team of
Constructed by: Department H flight or firing the suit’s weaponry. super-powered heroes. Wolverine escaped a
Inventor: James MacDonald Hudson second time, and eventually peace was
Worn by: James MacConald Hudson FLIGHT made between the mutant and the Canadian
• Flight is attained by directing dispersed government.
F A S E R I P beams of electromagnetic energy against Hudson led Alpha Flight wearing the
Ex Gd Gd Ex In Gd Ex the ground. Guardian suit untIl his death at the hands of

Jerry Jaxon, linked to the Box armor (see • Provides Excellent protection from most
BOX ARMOR.) Hudson apparently returned energy attacks, including heat and cold.
from the dead, but this was merely a plot by • Provides Monstrous protection from radi-
the robot Delphine Courtney. The robot was ation
destroyed, but enough of the suit and cyber-
netic helmet survived to be modified by Madi- FLIGHT
son Jeffries and Bochs into a second • Powered by chemically-fueled boot jets
possible set with similar powers. The armor • May fly at 6 areas per round
is being worn by Heather Hudson in her new • If used as weapons, the boot jets inflict
role as VINDICATOR™. Excellent damage to those within the
same area.


• Medium-density plasma projectors similar
to those found in the Iron Man Golden
Avenger armor. Outlet is located in each
• Range of 5 areas
• May inflict up to Incredible damage
• May be fired at separate targets.

• Internal air supply provided within the
armor contains sufficient air of 1 hour.
• This air supply is used primarily in fLight.

• The Guardsman armor lacks the energy
absorption or override abilities of the Iron Raises Strength by 3 ranks
Man armor. (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
Raises Endurance by 6 ranks
The Guardsman armor was designed as a
backup for the Iron Man armor by Tony KNOWN POWERS
Stark, and was given to co-worker and confi-
dante KEVIN O’BRIEN™. Calling himself the BODY ARMOR
Guardsman, O’Brien used the armor to save • Built similarly to the Iron Man Golden
Iron Man, but faulty circuitry within the hel- Avenger armor, the Iron Monger armor
met affected his personality, turning him replaced the molecular-plating with thick
against the Golden Avenger. Kevin O’Brien alloy steel and fully protected, articulated
died in an explosion while fighting Iron Man. joints.
Stark International retained the armor. • Amazing protection from physical and
Kevin’s brother, Michael O’Brien, broke energy damage and attacks.
into Stark Industries months later and stole • Unearthly resistance to radiation.
the armor, intent on investigating his broth- • Incredible resistance to heat, cold, and
er’s death, but the mood-altering nature of acid.
the malfunction soon turned him against Iron • Unearthly resistance to electricity.
Man as well. Iron Man managed to subdue
Michael and corrected the faulty component FLIGHT
in the armor. Michael dropped his vendetta • The armor flies by means of gyrostabi-
Availability: Unique against Iron Man and saved his life in a battle lized turbines that allow the wearer to
Constructed by: Stark Industries against the mutant SUNFIRE™. Iron Man maintain a standing position while flying.
Inventor: Tony Stark gave O’Brien the armor in repayment. • Normal flight is at Amazing (8 areas/
Worn by: Michael O’Brien, Security Director Michael O’Brien is currently head of security round) speed.
for PROJECT PEGASUS™. • Boot jets, if used as weapons, inflict
F A S E R I P Incredible damage against targets in
Gd Gd Ty Gd Gd Gd Gd same area
Availability: Unique, plans exist in Stane
• Medium-density plasma projectors of the
Raises Fighting by 1 rank computers.
Iron Man (Golden Avenger) design. Outlet
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) Constructed by: Shane International
set into each palm.
Raises Agility by 1 rank Inventor: A team of Stane scientists work-
• Range of 10 areas.
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) ing from notes left by Tony Stark.
• May inflict up to Monstrous damage.
Raises Strength by 4 ranks Worn by: Obadiah Stane
• May be fired at separate targets (as
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE) Golden Avenger armor)
Raises Endurance by 4 ranks F A S E R I P
(Maximum of AMAZING) Ty Ty Ty Gd Gd Ex Gd
ABILITY MODIFIERS • Another development of Stark Interna-
KNOWN POWERS tional technology, the unibeam has shed
Raises Fighting by 3 ranks all illuminating abilities and turned into a
BODY ARMOR purely offensive weapon.
• Steel mesh-covered exoskeleton (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
Raises Agility by 1 rank • Laser has 5-area range.
• Provides Incredible protection from physi- • Laser may inflict up to Amazing damage.
cal damage. (Maximum of GOOD)

• Though not proven in combat, the Iron
Monger armor may be assumed to have Availability: NA/2,OOOr
similar properties as the Iron Man Golden Constructed by: Stark International
Avenger armor it was based upon. Inventor: Stark International
Worn by: Agents of SHlELD (sometimes)
• The Fighting,Agility, and combat shifts F A S E R I P
granted to the wearer of this suit apply Gd Gd Gd Gd Ty Ty Ty
only if the wearer is within range (10 miles)
of the central computer. Fighting and Agil- ABILITY MODIFIERS
ity is normal (with maximum listed) if
deprived of that contact. Raises Agility by 1 rank
• The computer control allows a neophyte (Maximum of GOOD)
to command the Iron Monger at peak abil- Raises Strength by 2 ranks
ity, without requiring a Reason FEAT roll to (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
operate the armor. If deprived of that con- Raises Strength by 1 rank
tact, experienced in dealing with the (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
armor must make a FEAT roll as a first
time wearer. KNOWN POWERS
Obadiah Stane was a ruthless businessman
• Constructed of titanium alloy
who gained control of Stark International by
• Provides Incredible protection from physi-
shifty business and illegal tactics, and by driv-
cal attacks.
ing Tony Stark deeper into his alcoholism.
• Provides Incredible protection from
Upon gaining control, a large number of
Stark’s employees resigned, and most of the energy attacks.
Iron Man technology was destroyed as well
by Jim Rhodes. Stane did discover a note- AIR SUPPLY
book containing Stark’s writing, and on the • Total internal life support system
basis of this, assigned his team of scientists • Can support normal functions for 24
to create his own battlesuit, known as the hours.
Iron Monger.
Though Stane was not involved directly in NEURO-STUNNER
the testing, the computer hook-up running • More refined version of the Stun Cannon.
the suit allowed the businessman to use it • A blinding flash of Amazing intensity may • Hits with Incredible potency stun ray.
against Stark when the hero arrived in his be generated. • Range of 1 area.
new armor to avenge Morley Erwin’s death • The suit may create discrete semi-solid • Inflicts no real damage other than stun-
(See Silver Sphinx armor for details on new objects of light. These objects are of ning.
suit). After besting several of Stane’s chal- Remarkable strength material.
lenges, Stark discovered the hook-up and • Such objects may be “fired” for Remark-
destroyed the computer link, removing able energy damage, S&T.
Stane’s advantage. No longer able to control • By solidifying this light at the fists, Light-
the suit fully, Stane was easily defeated, but master may inflict up to Remarkable dam-
committed suicide rather than be taken in by age.
Stark. With Stane’s death, the armor is con-
trolled by Stane/Stark International, but noth- ENERGY ABSORPTION
ing is known of its present location. • The circuitry of the suit may absorb an
Unearthly amount of electrical or light
energy without damage to the user.
• Should further energy be pumped into the
suit, a short-circuit occurs.The wearer
Availability: Unique
must make an Endurance FEAT roll or be
Constructed by: D, Edward Lansky
Inventor: Dr. Edward Lansky transformed into living energy. As such,
Worn by: Dr. Edward Lansky the wearer must maintain its energy level
or perish.
The lightmaster suit was designed and
ABILITY MODIFIERS: NONE built by Dr. Lansky, vice-chancellor of Empire
State University, to be used in a criminal con-
KNOWN POWERS spiracy against the government of New York
City, which had cut his budget. Lansky fought
FLIGHT and was defeated by Spider-Man, who over-
• Gravity-pump circuitry, which is the key to loaded the suit, converting Lansky to light
all suit powers, manipulating light. and later sending him to a “light dimension.”
• May fly up to 6 areas per turn, carrying Returning to his normal form through the
only what the wearer may hold in his or control of QUASAR™, Lightmaster was again
her arms. defeated by Spider-Man. Lansky is currently
in prison, but his original plans and other ver-
LIGHT MANIPULATION sions of the suit may survive.
• The suit grants the wearer Amazing con-
trol over light.

• Also installed in the arms of the armor. • The trunk contains Amazing potency
• Operates off magnetic force. knock-out gas.
• Inflict up to Remarkable damage up to 1 • May be used only against an opponent
area away. being grappled by the wearer.


• High voltage electrical dischargers. • Also located in the trunk assembly.
• Inflict Remarkable damage up to 2 areas • May issue a sonic “bellow” of Typical
away. Intensity, incapacitating those who fail an
Endurance FEAT roll.
• 250-watt laser/cutting torch. SENSOR DEVICES
• Inflicts Excellent damage. • Full-band radios installed in suit’s helmet.
• Range of 7 areas. • Sound-gathering devices placed in ears
allow the wearer to detect normal conver-
TRACTOR-REPELLOR sations up to 4 areas away.
• Field generator used to manipulate
objects at distance. DESIGN NOTES
• Perform as if Remarkable strength. The Man-Elephant armor was and is a bla-
• May be used to escape grappling attacks. tantly silly set of armor. Manfred E. HaIler
• Maximum range of 3 areas. built the suit using existing off-the-shelf tech-
nology available through his company, Haller
SENSORS Hydraulics. In a move designed to promote
• Infravision for 3 areas. his company and products, HaIler volun-
• Radar/Sonar display of Remarkable abil- teered to bring in the SHE-HULK™, thought
ity. at the time to be a dangerous menace.
• Full range radio and communication system, Though his offer was turned down by the
including loudspeaker. local sheriff, HaIler went on local TV and
• All senses of wearer receive Remarkable challenged the She-Hulk to
protection. Availability: Unique combat.Attacking She-Hulk, HaIler was
Constructed by: HaIler Hydraulics, Inc. defeated, and later apologized publicly for
REMOTE CONTROL Inventor: Manfred Ellsworth HaIler his rash and potentially dangerous actions in
• Communication system is such that exter- Worn by: Manfred Ellsworth Haller picking a fight. He has stated that the suit
nal sources may take over programming and its components have come off the mar-
in event of wearer failure. F A S E R I P ket, but it is unknown it someone else has
• Alternately, suits may be pre- Ty Ty Ty Gd Ex Ty Ty the suit.
programmed to follow certain actions
should the wearer be incapacitated. ABILITY MODIFIERS

OVERRIDE Raises Agility by 1 rank

• Mandroid suits have no override capabili- (Maximum of EXCELLENT)
ties. Raises Strength by 3 ranks
(Maximum of REMARKABLE)
DESIGN NOTES Raises Endurance by 5 ranks
The Mandroid is a personal combat suit (Maximum of AMAZING)
designed and built by Stark International for
use by S.H.I.E.L.D. in their operations. The KNOWN POWERS
thinking behind the Mandroid armor is to give
the wearer a large number of offensive BODY ARMOR
options available to provide a variable • Reinforced texturized rubberized woven
response to the level of threat. In some cases plastic “hide”.
that threat may include those posed by • Provides Incredible protection from physi-
super-powered heroes or villains. cal attacks.
Stark apparently produced this suit in • Provides Excellent protection from
great numbers for S.H.I.E.L.D. before getting energy attacks, including radiation, heat
out of the armament business, and the and cold.
agency may now rely on other suppliers
using the data provided by Stark. Many of the HYDRAULIC LOCK
suits have been lost in combat and others • Hydraulic armatures along the arms and
have disappeared in raids on S.H.I.E.L.D. legs may increase damage.
armories. Of these “rogue units,” many have • In grappling, the wearer can increase
fallen into the hands of the underground, and strength to Incredible strength.
have turned up as far away as Japan.
Despite (or perhaps because of) the great TUSKS
number of response options available, the • Removable tool-steel tusks, carried on the
mandroids have been singularly ineffective helmet.
except in the hands of a highly skilled oper- • Wearer may attack with tusks for Excel-
ator. lent H&S damage.
• May be removed from helmet, attached
by chains to a winch within suit. In this
fashion the tusks may be thrown up to 2
areas away, and used as grappling hooks.

MAULER™ ARMOR suit was stolen by a disgruntled employee of ABILITY MODIFIERS: NONE
Availability: Unique Cord’s named AARON SOAMES™, and later KNOWN POWERS
Constructed by: Cord Conglomerate by TURK BARRETT™, a small-time thug with
Inventor: Edwin Cord and Associates a grudge against Daredevil (see STILT- BODY ARMOR
Worn by: BRENDAN DOYLE™, Mercenary MAN). Because of such breaches in secu- • The Porcupine armor is a high-alloy
rity, the Department of Defense cut the molecular chain mail built for versatility
F A S E R I P funding for the project. Cordco collapsed and attack. It is studded with a plethora of
Rm Gd Gd Ex Gd Ex Gd after an affair with the Raider armor (see razor-sharp quills.
Raider Armor) and the company was pur- • Provides Incredible protection from physi-
ABILITY MODIFIERS chased by Stark international. cal attacks.
Cord, now in prison, contacted mercenary • Provides Remarkable protection from
Raises Fighting by 1 rank Brendan Doyle to steal the suit and destroy energy attacks, including heat and cold.
(Maximum of AMAZING) any plans in the computer systems, allowing • Any creature attacking the wearer in
Raises Agility by 1 rank Cord to hire Doyle and the suit out as a super- physical combat (including Slugfest and
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) powered mercenary. Doyle stole the suit from Grappling) without adequate protection
Raises Strength by 3 ranks the Stark International warehouse on Long are automatically hit with Good Slugfest
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE) Island, but was foiled by Jim Rhodes, who damage. Adequate protection means
Raises Endurance by 3 ranks broadcast the plans to a wide variety of Stark Good body armor, or attacking behind,
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE) locations. Rather than slay Rhodes, who Good strength material.
Doyle had served alongside in South East
KNOWN POWERS Asia, Doyle resigned his allegiance to Cord, HELMET
and left with the suit. Present whereabouts of • Weakest spot in the Porcupine armor,
BODY ARMOR the suit are unknown. In addition, plans exist though it is equally well-protected by
• Molecular-scale woven metal fabric. for the suit in numerous locations. quills.
• Provides Remarkable protection from • Provides only Remarkable protection, but
physical attacks. those attacking the helmet need a yellow
• Provides Incredible protection from energy FEAT roll to hit.
attacks, including heat and cold. • Helmet provides a 6-hour supply of com-
pressed air for the user.
LASER CANNON • Helmet is equipped with nightvision
• Solid state 600 watt laser cannon lenses to allow Gentry to see up to 3 areas
mounted in the right arm assembly. in the dark.
• Capable of inflicting up to Monstrous
• Effective range of 15 areas. • Ringing the faceplate and jutting from the
arms, legs, and wrists are innumerable
• 400 watt electron particle gun also • In Slugfest combat, wearer of Porcupine
mounted in right arm assembly, using armor inflicts Excellent Hack & Slash
loser cannon in short-pulse mode as a damage.
guide. • In charging combat, wearer of Porcupine
• Inflicts Amazing damage. Damage can- armor inflicts Remarkable Hack & Slash
not be reduced.
• Effective range of 10 areas.
• Wearer of Porcupine armor may not inflict
less damage when attacking in this fash-
• Electric, air-breathing turbines set into the
• Armor can move up to Amazing (8 areas)
• Fired from launchers in the wrists, these
concussion bombs are aerostable quills.
• Are fired with Remarkable Agility up to 3
areas away.
• High-frequency, extremely short range
• Bombs explode for Incredible damage
electric shocker implanted in the left
palm. against a single target.
• May inflict up to Amazing electric damage • Maximum rate of fire is 3 targets per
if touching an opponent. (Fighting FEAT in round.
normal combat) • May alternately be loaded with knock-out
gas of Amazing potency.
• Internal life support systems can maintain ELECTRICAL ATTACK
the wearer for 3 1 /2 days in a hostile envi- • Generated by the suit’s internal electrical
ronment. system and channeled through the
• While the life support systems may allow gloves.
survival in deep space or underwater, cer- • Fired with Excellent Agility.
PORCUPINE™ ARMOR • Range of 3 areas inflicts Incredible dam-
tain suit systems would be affected (such
as the air-breathing turbines that allow age to a single target.
Availability: Unique • Rate of fire is once per round.
flight). Constructed by: ALEX GENTRY
Inventor: Alex Gentry FLIGHT
DESIGN NOTES Worn by: Alex Gentry
The MAULER armor (Mobile Armored Utility • Flight is accomplished by gyro-stabilized
Laser-guided E-beam, Revised) was devel- boot-jets.
F A S E R I P • Maximum speed is 3 areas per round.
oped by the Cord Conglomerate under con- Ex Gd Ex Rm Gd Gd Ty
tract with the United States Government. The

DESIGN NOTES Fighting is MONSTROUS level • All internal access ways may be monitored
Alex Gentry was a weapons designer for the Agility is MONSTROUS level from the control room in the head.
US Army who designed a personal battle- Strength is UNEARTHLY level • Discrete areas may be flooded with
suit to use in crime. The original suit was a Endurance is UNEARTHLY level Remarkable strength knock-out gas.
bulky creation, bristling with weapon sys- The Armor is 25 stories tall, and cannot enter
tems Gentry’s design philosophy seemed to most buildings without destroying them. DESIGN NOTES
be the best defense is a good offense. In this Originally invented by the Japanese experts
suit, he fought and lost to a variety of heroes. KNOWN POWERS Takiguichi and Hashioki, the Red Ronin
The suit was finally destroyed by Iron Man armor was designed to hunt down and neu-
when the villain was in the service of Justin BODY ARMOR tralize radiation-spawned monsters in the
Hammer, Gentry returned to his labs and pro- • Multiple thicknesses of high-alloy steel Pacific Basin. The Red Ronin sun was almost
duced this present set of armor, intent on sel- reinforced by a high-energy proton field. completely destroyed in battle with several of
ling it to others and profiting much in the • Provides Unearthly protection from physi- these monsters, but was rebuilt by Dr. Earl
same way Hammer did from him. Seeking to cal attack when proton field is engaged. Cowan at the Detroit Branch of Stark Interna-
interest the SECRET EMPIRE™, Gentry took Monstrous protection when it is not. tional.
on Captain America and NOMAD™, and was • Provides Unearthly protection against Cowan was possessed with an intense
defeated. Porcupine was later killed, but his energy attacks, including heat cold, elec- case of cold-war hysteria. He thought that the
armor and designs survive him. tricity, and radiation. only way to remove the fears of a world war
would be to initiate it. To that end, he took the
FLIGHT Ronin armor and headed east hoping to
RED RONIN™ ARMOR • Multiple chemical thrusters installed in reach the edge of the continent end fly to the
the lower legs and feet. Soviet Union. The huge robot crossed the
• Allows Unearthly (10 areas/round) flight paths of the AVENGERS™, who, aided by the
for limited distances (500 miles maxi- S.H.I.E.L.D. anti-monster aircraft, the Behe-
mum) moth, managed to defeat the suit. The suit
was destroyed, and Cowan institutionalized.
LASER DISK The Red Ronin armor is not a battlesuit in
• 20-foot diameter hand-held shield with the standard sense. Its total actions are con-
light-blade 30 feet long. May reach into trolled by a single person, and its function in
adjacent areas with blade. fighting giant monsters and robots is includ-
• Light-blade inflicts Unearthly Slugfest ed in this book.
damage to all it comes in contact with,
and is not affected by the proton field of
the armor (and as such may damage the SECBOTS
• The armor deals with targets outside the Availability: NA/1,500r
range of its blade by throwing the disk at Constructed by: Various defense contrac-
an opponent for Unearthly Slugfest dam- tors
age. If Red Ronin makes a successful Inventor: Unknown
Agility FEAT roll, the disk returns to its

• The helmet of the armor contains the con-
trol room for the suit and is protected by
Amazing Strength vent fans, which should
clear the area around the head of smoke
or gas in a single round.

• Set into the left hand of the armor.
• Range of 20 areas.
• Inflicts no less than Excellent but not
more than Unearthly damage.

• The 12-story armor is controlled from a
cybernetic linkage located in the head of
the suit.
• At the time of its latest rampage the link-
age was keyed to respond only to the
thoughts of Dr. Cowan.
Availability: Unique, Destroyed
• The Red Ronin Armor has Amazing
Constructed by: Stark International Detroit
strength ECMs end cannot be overridden
by external signals.
Inventor: Drs. Cowen,Takiguchi, & Hashioki
Controlled by: DR. EARL COWAN™
• Given the large size of the armor, the
many passageways and access hatches
Pr Pr Pr Ty Ex Ty Pr
have electronic guardians.
• All external hatches, such as those in the
ABILITY MODIFIERS feet are protected by Unearthly strength
stun-beams which inflict no damage but
The Red Ronin Armor does not modify abili- stun with Unearthly intensity.
ties, but rather has set abilities of its own.

Worn by: Security Force USAF Cheyenne Availability: NA/100r • Provides Remarkable protection from
Mountain Constructed by: S.H.I.E.L.D. physical attack.
Inventor: Sidney Levine and others • Provides Good protection from energy
F A S E R I P Worn by: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. attacks.
Gd Gd Gd Gd Ty Ty Ty
KNOWN POWERS Gd Ty Ty Gd Ty Ty Ty • Powered by high-efficiency boot-jets.
• Flies at Typical (3 areas/round) speed for
• Constructed of tungsten-reinforced steel. • If used as weapons, the boot-jets may
• Provides Remarkable protection from KNOWN POWERS inflict up to Excellent damage to those
physical attack. within the same area.
• Provides Remarkable protection from BODY ARMOR
energy attacks including heat and cold. • 9-ply kevlar backed by Type C Beta Cloth.
• Provides Monstrous resistance to radia- • Provides Typical protection from physical
tion. attacks.
• Provides Excellent protection from
RESTRAINING DEVICES energy attacks including heat and radia-
• Catchweb throwers installed in one hand. tion, but not cold.
• Catchweb, if hits, ensnares the target in
titanium steel cable of Incredible strength. DESIGN NOTES
The cables tighten as the target struggles This is the standard issue S.H.I.E.L.D. uni-
forcing the character to make an Endur- form worn at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and
ance FEAT roll or pass out. even field maneuvers. Color of the bands
and piping denotes rank in the organization:
SENSORS Level 1: White
• Full band scanners extending into the Executive Director (NICK FURY™)
infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. Level 2: Pale Yellow
• Communication monitors capable of pick- Special Director (DUM-DUM DUGAN™)
ing up signal within 3 miles. Level 3: Yellow
• Exotic energy detectors that do not detect Regional Director (ERIC KOENIG™)
a mutant per se, but discover odd energy Level 4: Orange
patterns within 500 yards. Special Officers (SHARON CARTER™)
Level 5: Red-Orange
DESIGN NOTES Regional Officers (JERRY HUNT™)
The Secbots are a less-powerful version of Level 6: Red
the Mandroid armor which they resemble, Field Agents (GAIL RUNCITER™)
but are designed for passive protection of Level 7: Brown
government installations, as opposed to Administrators (HAROLD JOHNSON™)
active missions in the field.The name is a Level 8: Gray
shortening of Security Robot. Examples of Technicians (SIDNEY LEVINE™)
these battlesuits may be found in high-
security installations such as the North ENERGY BLAST
American Air Defense Command in Chey- • Power blasters similar in design to those
enne Mountain (code Name—VALHALLA). in the Devastator armor, but lacking the
satellite power source.
• May inflict up to Remarkable damage.
S.H.I.E.L.D. UNIFORM • Range of 3 areas.

FIELD AGENTS The Soviet Super-Troopers were another
design by the Gremlin used to battle the U.S.
BELT POUCH: and the Incredible Hulk. Seeking a suit
SPARE CARTRIDGES design that could be produced in relative
Availability: Rare
mass quantities the Super-Troopers sought
Constructed by: USSR Contractors
SHIELD ISSUE HANDGUN: to make up in numbers what they lacked in
Invented by: The Gremlin
Worn by: Officers under the command of the individual power. The Hulk easily fought
Bureau of Military Mysteries through the Soviet detachment of these
LEFT FRONT troops and reduced Gremlin’s arctic base of
POCKET COMPUTER F A S E R I P Bitterfrost to ruins.
Ex Gd Gd Gd Ty Ty Ty When Gremlin turned against the state,
GAS BOMB SEAM OF BELT this battlesuit was made available to several
5MM PLASMA BEAM ABILITY MODIFIERS branches of the armed services including
20” GARROTE the Bureau of Military Mysteries which con-
Raises Strength by 2 ranks trols activity in the Forbidden Zone, a realm
DETACHABLE) (Maximum of REMARKABLE) of runaway experiments A “wing” of super-
Raises Endurance by 2 ranks trooper numbers 9 (three groups of three)
(Maximum of REMARKABLE) and may be commanded by another trooper
or by a super-powered Soviet citizen such as
KNOWN POWERS Devastator or Crimson Dynamo. The Soviet
Super-Troopers remain a state secret.
DENOTES RANK • Constructed of reinforced steel alloy.

• Tool-steel alloy hydraulic rams with stain-
less steel sheeting. BODY ARMOR
• Allows movement of 4 areas per round. • Reinforced plastic-based artificial carti-
• Maximum elongation of 290 feet, allowing lage.
the user to clear a 25-story building while • Provides Remarkable protection from
walking normally. physical attacks.
• Used as weapons, the rams may be • Provides Excellent protection from
wielded for Incredible damage in a 1-area energy attacks.
range. • Provides Amazing protection from attacks
of heat and cold.
AIR SUPPLY • Provides Amazing protection from electri-
• Self-contained air and gas mask allows 2 cal attacks.
hours self-contained air.
STUN GAS NOZZLES • Oxygen-diffusing system designed by Dr.
• Installed in right arm, nozzles in first two Newell built into suit.
fingers. Storage for gas in lower right arm. • Allows unlimited breathing ability under-
• Incredible intensity stun gas knocks oppo- water.
nents out for 1-10 rounds.
• Range of 2 rounds, but the user may MOVEMENT
enshroud himself in gas as he grows, • Mini-turbine impellers placed beneath a
allowing a full 25- story cloud surrounding wing membrane designed along the lines
the user. of a manta ray.
• May move 4 areas per round underwater.
DESIGN NOTES • May glide up to 4 areas per round above
Wilbur Day stole a new design of hydraulic water, and is capable of launching from
ram designed by KARL KAXTON™ of Kaxton the water level up to 10 stories up.
Industries and used it as the basis for his first
suit of Stilt-Man armor. Using this suit, Day BLASTERS
had an early success against Spider-Man, • Electrical discharge device placed within
but was eventually defeated by Daredevil. gauntlets, powered by a small thermo-
Day continued to refine his suit, and at one electric generator.
point built a suit of adamantium alloy with • Range of 1 area above water, same area
the aid of the extra-dimensional barbarian in water.
BLASTAAR™. This suit raised Strength and • Fires a bolt of electricity that may inflict up
Endurance to Monstrous levels as well as to Incredible damage and forces an
potential damage and provided Unearthly Endurance FEAT roll or the target is
body armor. This armor was later destroyed. unconscious for 1-10 rounds.
Returning to his original suit Day was
overpowered by Turk Barrett who stole the
armor to make a kidnapping attempt for
KINGPIN™. This theft so infuriated Day that
he informed Daredevil how to override the
AvaIlabIlity: Unique suit, allowing the Man without Fear to easily
Constructed by: WILBUR DAY™/Cordco beat Turk. With the original suit in police cus-
Inventor: Wilbur Day tody, Day broke into an empty Cordco auto-
Worn by: Wilbur Day mated factory to build a new suit Spider-Man
attempted to stop him, but was defeated by
F A S E R I P Still-Man in his new armor. It may be pre-
Gd Gd Ty Ty Rm Gd Ty sumed that Day has changed or removed the
method for shutting down the armor with its

Raises Agility by 2 ranks

Raises Strength by 1 rank
(Maximum of EXCELLENT) Availability: Unique
Raises Endurance by 3 ranks Constructed by: DR WALTER NEWELL™
(Maximum of REMARKABLE) Inventor: Dr Walter Newell
Worn by: Dr Walter Newell
• Constructed of tool-steel alloy.
• Provides Incredible protection from physi- ABILITY MODIFIERS
cal attack.
• Provides Remarkable protection from Raises Agility by 3 ranks
energy attacks. (Maximum of REMARKABLE)
• The surface of the armor is coated with a Raises Strength by 5 ranks
non-stick coating of Monstrous potency, (Maximum of AMAZING)
allowing the wearer to escape most Raises Endurance by 3 ranks
ensnarements. (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)

Designed by oceanographer, Walter Newell • The suit provides Unearthly teleportation
under pressure from the U.S. Government, abilities at the speed of light, allowing
the Stingray suit was first used to defeat and almost instantaneous travel from point to
detain a weakened SUB-MARINER™, who point in the world.
was under suspicion of aiding aliens in steal- • The wearer may not take other beings or
ing the earth’s oceans. Newell retained his items when teleporting.
suit afterward to aid him in his own studies of
deep-sea life, (its maximum diving depth is IMAGE GENERATION
1,200 feet. Stingray has fought alongside • Circuitry within the suit allows the user to
Sub-Mariner, the THING™, and TRITON™ of appear as a normal human while wearing
the INHUMANS™. Dr. Newell has taken up the suit.
residence on Hydrobase, an artificial floating • This illusion is confined to that of the orig-
island that is now used by the Avengers and inal user, and is a visual illusion only.
Fantastic Four as a staging area for their air-
• Wearing the Sunturion suit places the
wearer in great danger. For every day the
SUNTURION™ suit is worn, the user’s real Endurance (as
opposed to that the suit grants) is perma-
nently reduced by one rank. When the
user’s Endurance reaches Shift 0, the
user has been fully converted to energy
and may not remove the suit afterward.
• If the suit is opened, torn, or cut after Shift
0 Endurance is reached, the energy
stored within is released and the charac-
ter within will die.
• A process may exist to stabilize the wear-
er’s cell structure, converting it to micro-
wave energy before placing it into the suit,
allowing the wearer to survive such a loss.
This is only a possibility. Availability: Unique, believed destroyed
Constructed by: Workers in a Soviet gulag
DESIGN NOTES Invented by: Workers in a Soviet gulag
The Sunturion suit was developed by Roxxon Worn by: BORIS BULLSKI™
Oil in conjunction with their genetic research
division, The Brand Corporation, under the aus- F A S E R I P
pices of Arthur Dearborn, who also volunteered Gd Ex Gd Rm Gd Ex Gd
as a test subject.The original purpose of the
Sunturion was to serve as guardian and crew ABILITY MODIFIERS
for Star Well I, a Roxxon orbiting solar satellite
that would beam power through microwaves to Raises Fighting by 2 ranks
earth (the transmitters controlled by Roxxon, of (Maximum of INCREDIBLE)
Availability: Unique course). The scientists at Brand, according to Raises Agility by 1 rank
Constructed by: Roxxon/Brand Corporation Dearborn, converted his mass to microwave (Maximum of REMARKABLE)
Inventor: Unknown energy, and though he thought he was Suntu- Raises Strength by 4 ranks
Worn by: No owner presently Previous own- rion, they apparently placed this mutated (Maximum of AMAZING)
ers include ARTHUR DEARBORN™ of energy in the suit. Raises Endurance by 6 ranks
Roxxon, and MIKE STONE™, formerly of An accident on Star Well I resulted in the (Maximum of MONSTROUS)
CONTINENTAL TRUCKING™ death of the entire town of Allentown, Iowa,
and brought Iron Man in his Space Armor to KNOWN POWERS
ABILITY MODIFIERS investigate. Iron Man and Sunturion battled,
and knocked Star Well l out of orbit onto a BODY ARMOR
Raises Agility to REMARKABLE course that would smash into Sarasota, Flor- • The Titanium Man armor is a fully articu-
Raises Strength to AMAZING ida. Dearborn apparently sacrificed himself lated suit of armor made of titanium and
Raises Endurance to UNEARTHLY to power the Space Armor and let Iron Man titanium-steel alloys.
detect the crashing space station. Iron Man • Provides Incredible protection against
KNOWN POWERS believed Dearborn and Sunturion dead after physical attack.
this. • Provides Monstrous protection from
BODY ARMOR Mike Stone, a trucker for the Continental energy attacks, including heat, cold, and
• The Sunturion is constructed of high qual- Trucking Company who was tired for traffick- radiation.
ity plastics and metal, reinforced by ambi- ing in drugs, found the suit while on a fishing
ent microwave radiation. trip in Florida. He donned the suit to get back FLIGHT
• Provides Incredible protection from physi- at his former employer, but lacking Dear- • Miniature all-titanium jet engines
cal attack. born’s mutagenic modifications, was soon mounted in the armor’s boots, fueled by
• Provides Unearthly protection from all absorbed by the suit. The hero Daredevil high octane fuel.
energy attacks, including heat, cold, and opened the suit, letting Stone’s energy dissipate • Flies up to Incredible speed (7 areas/
electricity. into the atmosphere, and defeated the sec- round) twice that in open country.
ond Sunturion. The present state or location
MICROWAVE BLASTS of the suit is unknown. BLASTERS
• Energy of the user channeled through the • Electron beam blaster set into the gaunt-
gloves of the suit. lets.
• May inflict up to Amazing energy damage.

• These blasters inflict up to Amazing dam- was defeated by Iron Man on numerous • Fly up to 10 areas per round, 30 in open
age at a range of 10 areas. occasions, and fell from favor with his gov- country.
ernment. Finally regaining some trust from
HEAT BEAM his superiors,Titanium Man masqueraded POWER PUNCHES
• Laser heat beam shot from the eyes of the as the Commander leader of the GLF (See • By using the Turbos in the wrists, the user
armor. Range of 5 areas. CREDIT CARD SOLDIER ARMOR) in a plot may increase the damage done.
• This beam inflicts up to Incredible heat to destroy the US economic system. This • Up to Incredible damage may be inflicted
damage to an opponent. plot was foiled by Beta Ray Bill and Sif. using these power punches.
Bullski, making his escape through credit-
TRACTOR BEAM card technology was apparently destroyed VISOR
• Anti-graviton attracting beam installed in by a disaffected captive scientist. Whether • Originally used to protect the eyes from
gauntlets. Bullski was slain, or his armor or duplicates wind while in high-speed flight.
• Allow the wearer to lift up to 1 ton survive is uncertain. • Have been modified to serve as an energy
(Remarkable strength) at a distance of 5 analyzer.
areas. • As such, may note the presence of alien
TORPEDO™ ARMOR and exotic energies. In this fashion,
“RADAR RINGS” mutants and shape-shifting aliens may be
• Hoop-shaped coils of memory spring revealed in their true form.
(coiled metal which return to a predeter-
mined shape) DESIGN NOTES
• Fired from gauntlets. The Torpedo armor was invented by Michael
• If coil hits a target, it is considered to have Stivak, nephew to US Senator Eugene
entwined the opponent in a grappling Stivak. Senator Stivak had informed his
attack. nephew the purpose of the suit was for use
• Coils are made of Remarkable strength by the defense department. In reality, Sena-
material. tor Stivak hoped to use the suit to his own
• Because of the lightweight nature of the ends, and the senator was in turn being used
memory spring coils, the radar rings are by a race of evil shape-changing aliens
usually used against flying targets. known as DIRE WRAITHS™. The younger
Stivak discovered his uncle’s duplicity
SCREENING CLOAK (though not the alien connection), and set out
• A recent modification to the armor to destroy the original plans.
installed by the scientist known as Sergei. In the process of his mission, Stivak ran
• Creates the illusion of another figure over afoul of Daredevil who thought the Torpedo a
the Titanium Man armor, in this case the villain. In the course of the battle, a wall fell on
golden-plated leader of the Green Libera- Michael Stivak. He died of injuries suffered,
tion Front known as the Commander. but not before explaining his fate to Brock
• This illusion is of Amazing intensity. Jones and asking the former pro football
player to take the suit and destroy the plans.
OVERRIDES This Jones did, fighting Senator Stivak’s
• Because of the poor choice of available agents on numerous occasions. Discovering
materials, overriding capability is not as the alien connection, Jones fled with his fam-
effective as in American battle-suits (com- ily to Clairton, West Virginia.
parable with Iron Man Golden Avenger In Clairton, Torpedo discovered more Dire
armor). Wraiths, and with the aid of a good alien
• Strength or damage inflicted by any cyborg, battled them as a protector of the
attack form except “radar rings” may be small town. To aid him in protecting the town,
increased by one rank by overriding. Torpedo’s visors were modified to detect
• Overriding is very dangerous.The wearer exotic radiation allowing him to see the Dire
of the suit must make a red FEAT roll on Wraiths in all their disguises. A sorcerous
the Shift 0 column each round of override. breed of the alien menace bewitched Jones’
• Failure to make this FEAT roll results in an Availability: Unique, presumed destroyed mind, preventing him from registering the
explosion inflicting Amazing damage on all Constructed by: Michael Stivak obvious wraiths around him.The wraiths
within same area, including the unpro- Inventor: Michael Stivak rose en masse and destroyed the town,
tected wearer. The armor may be consid- Worn by: BROCK JONES™ including Brock Jones. His Torpedo armor is
ered worthless until repaired. believed lost in the burning of his house.
The Titanium Man armor was developed and
designed by the same team of scientists and ABILITY MODIFIERS: NONE
assistants that aided Anton Vanko in the
building of the Crimson Dynamo armor. Fol- KNOWN POWERS
lowing the initial failure of that armor, the sci-
entists involved were sent to a gulag in BODY ARMOR
Siberia run by Boris Bullski, a Communist • Built of a combination human and alien
Party official who had fallen out of favor with technology of unstated material.
his superiors. Realizing his opportunity, • Provides Remarkable protection from
Bullski impressed the scientists into working physical attack.
on a battle-suit for himself, with which he • Provides Unearthly protection from all
could defeat Iron forms of energy attack.
The prisoners performed an admirable job
given the materials available, though the suit FLIGHT
never reached its full design potential. Bullski • Nuclear-powered jet turbos located at the
wrists and ankles.

WEAPONS men. A finely balanced, very accurate
Number of Shots: 10 shots/power pack
Design Notes:
• Requires one hand to fire.
VARIABLE PISTOL • Requires no ammo, operates off power
COMMON WEAPONS Price: 12r/20r pack.
Range: 3 Areas • Use is Illegal in most cities Is used by legal
CHEAP HANDGUN Normal Damage: 6 points, S&T and para-legal authorities.
Price: 2r/4r Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round • Poor strength materials.
Range: 2 areas Number of Shots: 6, 8, or 9 • Also called Stunners, Stunnalators, and
Normal Damage: 6 points, S&T Design Notes: Janglers. More powerful versions may
Rate of Fire: 1 • As handgun/pistol with following changes: exist.
Number of Shots: 6 • May be set in the field to a particular
Design Notes: ammunition type without ill affect. CONCUSSION PISTOLS
• May be fired with one hand. • Uses: Professionals who need a great deal Price: NA/30r
• Poor strength materials (plastics). of options, e.g. Bounty hunters. Range: 4 Areas
• All-plastic guns may elude metal detec- Normal Damage: 10 points Slugfest
tors. These are double price. GYRO-JET PISTOL Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round
• Will not take specialized ammo Price: NA/15r Number of Shots: 5 shots/power pack
• Uses: Cheap weapon for small-time crimi- Range: 5 Areas Design Notes:
nals, security item for home-owners. Normal Damage: 10 points, S&T • Damage rolled on Slugfest column.
Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 2 rounds • Requires no ammo, operates off power
HANDGUN/PISTOL Number of Shots: 3 pack.
Price: 5r/7r Design Notes: • Requires one hand to fire.
Range: 3 areas • May be fired with one hand. • Used by organizations such as S.H.l.E.L.D.
Normal Damage: 6 points, S&T • May carry Gyrojet ammunition. and A.I.M.
Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round • Use Illegal in most cities • Also called Blasters or Force Guns
Number of Shots: 6, 8, or 9
Design Notes: LASER PISTOL NEEDLE GUN (Nick Fury)
• May be fired with one hand. Price: NA/30r Price: NA/40r
• Excellent strength materials. Range: 10 Areas Range: 6 Areas
• May be modified to take specialized Normal Damage: 10 points, S&T Normal Damage: 20 points S&T
ammo at twice listed cost. Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round
• Uses: Standard weapon for police forces, Number of Shots: 10 shots/power pack Number of Shots: 300
security guards, some criminals. Design Notes: Design Notes:
• May be fired one-handed. • Example is property of Nick Fury.
TARGET PISTOL • Requires no ammunition, only power • Fires a thin stream of razor-sharp nee-
Price: 7r/10r pack. dles.
Range: 5 areas • Use is illegal in most cities, is used by • Excellent strength material.
Normal Damage: 6 points, S&T legal and para-legal authorities. • Mother of pearl hand grips.
Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round • Because of delicate nature of weapon, is
Number of Shots: 1 rated at Poor strength material. PLASMA BEAM HANDGUN (S.H.l.E.L.D.)
Design Notes: Price: NA/50r
• Raise AgIlity by one rank when fired with STUN PISTOL Range: 7 Areas
two hands. Price: NA/30r Normal Damage: 20 points energy/Slugfest
• May be fired with one hand; sacrifices Range: 2 Areas Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round
agility bonus. Normal Damage: None; those hit must make Number of Shots: 10 shots/power pack
• May be modified (twice cost) to take spe- an Endurance FEAT roll against Typical Design Notes:
cialized ammo. intensity stunning. • S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation issue.
• Excellent strength materials Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round • Excellent strength material
• Uses: Professional target shooters, hit • May be fired with one hand

MACHINE PISTOL (S.H.l.E.L.D.) Number of Shots: 20 per clip RIOT GUN
Price: 20r/35r Design Notes: Price: 15r/20r
Range: 3 areas • Range reduced by increased rate of fire. Range: 2 areas
Normal Damage: 20 points • Must be fired with two hands. Normal Damage: 15 points
Rate of Fire: 1 burst • Good strength material. Rate of Fire: 1/round
Number of Shots: 6 bursts/clip • Uses: Military and criminal Private own- Number of Shots: 6
Design Notes: ership not legal in most cities. Design Notes:
• S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation issue. • Excellent strength material.
• Excellent strength material. LASER RIFLE • May be fired with one or two hands.
• May be fired with one hand Price: NA/50r • Usually uses gas or specialized ammo.
Range: 4 areas • Uses: Law enforcement, crowd control.
Normal Damage: 20 points, S&T
Rate of Fire: 1 shots/round GRENADE LAUNCHER
Number of Shots: 20/power pack Price: NA/30r
Design Notes: Range: 3 areas
• Requires two hands to fire. Normal Damage: As for grenades
• Typical strength materials. Rate of Fire: 1 every 2 rounds
• Uses: Military organized subversive crimi- Number of Shots: 1
nals. Private ownership not legal. Design Notes:
• Requires two hands to fire.
STUN RIFLE • Fires any of the listed grenades in Gre-
Price: NA/50r nade section.
Range: 5 areas • Good strength material.
Normal Damage: None, but target must • Uses: Law, military some criminal.
make an Endurance FEAT roll against
Remarkable intensity stun-ray.
Rate of Fire: 1 shots/round
Number of Shots: 2O/power pack
Design Notes:
• Requires two hands to fire.
• Typical strength material.
• Uses: Specialized military force, orga-
nized criminal elements.
Range: 10 areas Price: NA/50r
Normal Damage: 10 points, S&T Range: 7 Areas
Rate of Fire: 1/round Normal Damage: 10 pts Slugfest damage
Number of Shots: 4 Rate of Fire: 1 shots/round
Design Notes: Number of Shots: 12/power pack
• Requires two hands to fire. Design Notes:
• Good strength material. • Requires two hands to fire.
• Good strength material.
HUNTING RIFLE • Uses: Specialized military forces, subver-
Price: 8r/12r sive agencies.
Range: 10 areas
Normal Damage: 10 points S&T AUTOMATIC RIFLE
Rate of Fire: 1/round Price: 20r/30r
Number of Shots: 6, 7, or 8 Range: 5 areas
Design Notes: Normal damage: 15 points S&T
• Requires two hands to fire. Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
• Good strength materials. Number of Shots: 20 bursts/clip
• Common in rural areas Design Notes:
• Requires two hands to fire.
SNIPER RIFLE • Good strength material.
Price: 10r/20r • Uses: Military forces.
Range: 10 areas • A burst may hit up to three adjacent tar-
Normal Damage: 15 points S&T gets on a yellow FEAT roll.
Rate of Fire: 1/round
Number of Shots: 4 SHOTGUN
Design Notes: Price: 10r/20r
• Internal target site raise Ability by one Range: 3 areas
rank to hit (Maximum of Remarkable). Normal Damage: 20 points, S&T
• Must be fired with two hands. Rate of Fire: 1 or 2 per round
• Good strength material. Number of Rounds: 2
• Uses: Military and criminal. Ownership Design Notes:
not legal in most cities. • Requires two hands to fire.
• Good strength material.
ASSAULT RIFLE • May use specialized ammo without modi-
Price: 15r/25r fication.
Range: 7 areas • May hit up to three adjacent targets in the
Normal Damage: 10 points/round same area
Rate of Fire: 2 shots/round • Uses: Common rural gun, criminals

Price: NA/40r
Range: 7 Areas
Normal Damage: 25 points, S&T
Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
Number of Shots: 7 bursts/clip
Design Notes:
• Requires one or two hands to fire.
• Two-handed version is equipped with a
shoulder stock.
• Good strength material.
• Burst may hit up to three adjacent targets
for full damage to each (roll separately for
each target)
• Uses: Military, terrorists. Possession ille-
gal in most states.
• May not use specialized ammo.

Price: NA/50r
Range: 10 Areas
Normal Damage: 30 points, S&T
Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
Number of Shots: 20 bursts/clip
Design Notes:
• Must be stationary to fire.
• If mounted on vehicle, shift left two to hit.
• Bursts from a machine gun hit all targets
in a single area, roll for each target.
• May not use specialized ammo
• Good strength material.
• Uses: Military, terrorists


Price: NA/100r
Range: 10 Areas
Normal Damage: 20 points, S&T
Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
Number of Shots: 20 bursts/pack
Design Notes:
• Requires two hands to fire.
• Inflicts Excellent energy damage, S&T.
Price: NA/50r Price: NA/8Or
• Bursts hit all in target area.
Range: 2 areas Range: 4 areas
• Uses no ammo, operates on power pack.
Normal Damage: 30 points S&T Normal Damage: 40 points
• Typical strength material.
Rate of Fire: 1/round Rate of Fire: 1/round
• Uses: Para-military organizations.
Number of Shots: 5 rounds Number of Shots: 6
Design Notes: Design Notes:
• Requires two hands to fire. • Requires two hands to operate.
• Fuel stored in backpack. • Good strength material.
• Delivers fire damage, continues to burn • Damage is for single type.
for 10 points/round until put out. • Uses: Military
• Hits all in target area.
• Weapon is Typical strength material, LIGHT ARTILLERY
backpack is Good strength material. Price: NA/120r
• Damaging backpack may result in Range: 10 areas
Amazing explosion to all in same area. Normal Damage: 40 points
• Uses: Military operations Rate of Fire: 1/round
Number of Shots: 20
BAZOOKA Design Notes:
Price: NA/70r • Stationary to fire or suffer left three shift to
Range: 4 areas hit.
Normal Damage: 40 points • Excellent strength material.
Rate of Fire: 1 every 2 rounds • Damage is to all in area.
Number of Shots: 1 • May fire special ammunition.
Design Notes: • Uses: Military
• Requires two men to operate • Requires two men to operate.
• Good strength material. • Includes howitzers, mortars, and anti-
• Above is damage for single target. Explo- aircraft guns.
sive shells available inflicting stated dam-
age for all in that area.

Price: NA/100r Price: NA/150r Price: NA/300r
Range: 10 areas Range: 20 areas Range: Varies by missile
Normal Damage: None, fires a stunning Normal Damage: Remarkable energy, S&T Normal Damage: 40 points
beam of Incredible intensity. Rate of Fire: 1/round Rate of Fire: 1 to 10 missiles/round
Rate of Fire: 1/round Number of Shots: 10/power pack Number of Shots: 10
Number of Shots: 10/power pack Design Notes: Design Notes:
Design Notes: • Upgrading of laser rifle. • Must be stationary while firing.
• Upgrading of the stun rifle to its full exten- • Excellent strength material. • Fires missiles (see entry under Missiles).
sion. • Requires one man to fire. • Requires two people to fire.
• Remarkable strength material. • Uses: Military, special forces • Uses: Military.
• Requires two men to fire. One man may
fire it at a penalty of one shift. HEAVY ARTILLERY FISSION BAZOOKA
• May be fitted onto a tank or other mobile Price: NA/200r Price: NA/300r
launcher. Range: 20 areas Range: 20 areas
Normal Damage: 50 points Normal Damage: 40 points
CONCUSSION CANNON Rate of Fire: 1/round Rate of Fire: 1/round
Price: NA/100r Number of Shots: 30 Number of Shots: 10
Range: 15 areas Design Notes: Design Notes:
Normal Damage: Incredible Slugfest dam- • Requires two men to fire. • Will affect all within target area.
age • Remarkable strength material. • Typical strength materials.
Rate of Fire: 1/round • Single shell affects all in target area. • If damaged, will explode in 1-10 rounds.
Number of Shots: 10/power pack • Includes most guns from tanks and larger. The explosion inflicts Unearthly damage
Design Notes: times the number of remaining shots (10
• Upgrading of the concussion rifle to its SUPER HEAVY ARTILLERY area radius). Amazing radiation damage is
ultimate level. Price: NA/400r inflicted on any within that area for the
• Remarkable strength material. Range: 25 areas next year.
• Requires one man to fire. Normal Damage: 50 points S & T • Uses: Security outposts far away from civ-
• Also called force cannons or blast can- Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round ilization.
nons. Number of Shots: 30 • This example courtesy of Consolidated
• Uses: Military, special forces. Design Notes: Conglomerates, Incorporated.
• Stationary but may swivel in place.
• Incredible strength material.
• Single shell affects all in target area.
• Includes battleship guns.
• Uses: Military.








AMMUNITION Handgun (pistol, target, variable) Heat-Seeker tracks on hottest target in the
1r buys 10 rounds target area (multiple targets of same heat are
Ammunition is almost always purchased Rifle (sniper) chosen randomly)
separately from weapons. 1r buys 10 rounds 1r buys 1 round
LAW (Explosive Heatseeker would cost 5r for 1
STANDARD AMMUNITION 1r buys 1 round round)
Standard ammunition inflicts the normal
damage listed for that weapon. RUBBER BULLETS NEEDLE AMMUNITION
Pistol (cheap, pistol, target, variable) Rubber bullets inflict Slugfest instead of Needle ammunition is used for needle guns
1r buys 50 rounds shooting and throwing damage. similar to the one presented.
Rifle (standard, hunting, and sniper) Handgun (pistol, target, variable) 10r buys 1 clip
1r buys 50 rounds 1r buys 40 rounds
Assault Rifle Rifle (standard, sniper) GASES
1r buys 30 rounds 1r buys 40 rounds Gases are sold in amounts to flood a typical
Automatic Rifle Assault Rifle area for a single round.
1r buys 1 clip 1r buys 40 rounds
Sub-Machine Gun Smoke and Tear Gas: as Grenade of that
2r buys 1 clip EXPLOSIVE BULLETS type.
Machine Gun Explosive bullets inflict twice normal dam-
3r buys 1 clip age. Knock-out Gas, based on intensity:
Shotgun Pistol (variable)
1r buys 10 rounds 1r buys 10 rounds FEEBLE
Bazooka Rifle (standard sniper) Cost: 2Or
1r buys 1 round 1r buys 10 rounds POOR
Fission Bazooka Bazooka Cost: 40r
20r buys 1 round 5r buys 1 round TYPICAL
LAW Cost: 6Or
1r buys 1 round CANISTER SHOT GOOD
Light Artillery There are several types of canister shot, car- Cost: 100r
3r buys 1 round rying different payloads. A weapon type that EXCELLENT
Heavy Artillery may take one type of canister may take other Cost: 200r
5r buys 1 round canisters made for that weapon type. All can- REMARKABLE
Super-Heavy Artillery isters have the same cost. Cost: 300r
10r buys 1 round Bazooka INCREDIBLE
10r buys 1 round Cost: 400r
For game purposes, the amount of charge 15r buys 1 round Cost: 500r
for all power packs-using weapons of the same Heavy Artillery MONSTROUS
type (pistols, for example) are the same. 20r buys 1 round Cost: 750r
Power packs may be manipulated to fit other Super-Heavy Artillery UNEARTHLY
weapon systems than they were designed for 25r buys 1 round Cost: 1,000r
by making a Reason FEAT roll, and halve the
number of available shots for each level of Gas Canister: Contains Incredible intensity There are a number of ways to delIver gas
increase. (A pistol power pack modified to fit tear gas. Those failing an Endurance FEAT into a certain area, each with their own cost
a rifle has 5 shots of pistol-type damage.) roll are able to move but take no other action and a limit of the maximum of the intensity
while in the cloud. Covers 1 area. gas to be contained within.
Pistols (laser, stun, concussion)
5r for 1 power pack Knock-out Canister: Remarkable intensity GAS PELLETS
Rifles (laser stun, concussion) knock-out gas in a single area. Those failing • May be dropped in same area as user.
10r for 1 power pack an Endurance FEAT roll are knocked out for • Contains up to Good intensity gas.
Gatling Laser 1-10 rounds. • Cost Two times listed potency.
20r for 1 power pack
Cannons (laser, stun, concussion) Smoke Canister: Clouds a single area with GAS GRENADES
30r for 1 power pack Excellent intensity smoke. • May be thrown as standard grenades.
• Contains up to Remarkable Intensity gas.
MERCY BULLETS ExplosIve Canister: Doubles standard dam- • Cost Three times listed potency.
Mercy bullets inflict no damage, but affects age to all in that area. • Gas grenades are those available on the
the target with Remarkable potency knock- market. The higher cost reflects cus-
out drugs. Incendiary Canister: Inflicts stated damage tomized expense.
in fire, which burns for 1-10 rounds until
Handgun (pistol, target, variable) snuffed out. GAS BOMBS
1r buys 10 rounds • See Missile Payloads.
Rifle (standard, sniper) GYRO-JET AMMO • Alternate uses by doubling potency price.
1r buys 10 rounds Gyro-jet ammo is a self-propelled charge
Assault Rifle which only fits the gyro-jet handgun. GAS AEROSOL
1r buys 5 rounds • Used with range of individual in contact.
Automatic Rifle Standard Gyro-jet inflicts stated damage • Contains up to Excellent intensity gas.
2r buys 1 clip 1r buys 5 rounds • Cost is two times listed potency.

ARMOR PIERCING BULLETS Explosive Gyro-jet inflicts double damage

Armor piercing bullets may ignore armor up 1r buys 1 round 25
to Excellent strength.Armor of that level or
lower is treated as no armor.

Inflicts Incredible Slugfest damage
Missiles are used by missile launchers, are Standard Explosive Cost: 40r/50r
controlled in their movements and carry a 40 points to all in target area
payload. Payment for payload and control Cost: NA/40r Sonic Grenade
method is separate from missile and Inflicts Excellent sonic damage to all in tar-
launcher. Concentrated Explosive get area.
40 points to target only Cost: 50r/60r
Standard Missile Cost: NA/25r
Body Control Speed EXPLOSIVES
Ex Rm Ex High Explosive
Cost: NA/50r 70 points to all in target areas Ordinary explosives are rated according to
20 to all in adjacent areas damage.The first rank is for damage in an
High-Tech Missile Cost: NA/60r area, the second is damage in adjacent
Body Control Speed areas
Ex In Ex Fragmentary Explosive
Cost: NA/100r 40 points H&S to all in area FEEBLE
Cost: NA/40r Cost: 20r
High-Speed Missile POOR
Body Control Speed Incendiary Cost: 40r
Ex In Am 40 points fire damage TYPICAL
Cost: NA/150r Cost: NA/50r Cost: 6Or
Missiles without control devices fly only in a Amazing intensity gas for target area EXCELLENT/TYPICAL
straight line, hitting their target on the Shift 0 Cost: NA/500r Cost: 200r
Atomics Cost: 300r
Cost: NA/25r 100 points, 10 areas beyond that Cost: 400r
Information to control the missile is relayed 75 points, 30 areas beyond that AMAZING/REMARKABLE
through light weight wires (Feeble material) Monstrous radiation damage to any within Cost: 600r
that trail from the missiles rear. Maximum that area for the next year. MONSTROUS/INCREDIBLE
range of such missiles is 10 areas. Damaging Cost: Not available in ordinary situations. Cost: 750r
those wires causes the missile to go out of UNEARTHLY/AMAZING
control. Note: Missile payloads may be dropped with- Cost: 1,000r
out the missile components from aircraft
REMOTE CONTROL: TELE-GUIDED They fall straight down and are known as
Cost: NA/75r bombs.
A camera is set in the nose of the missile and
an operator up to five miles away can control GRENADES
the missile. Use the Control of missile or Agil-
ity of controller (whichever is lower), to deter- All grenades may be thrown by hand, or fired
mine Agility FEAT for this type of missile. using a grenade launcher.

REMOTE CONTROL: High Explosive

COMPUTER-GUIDED 30 points of damage to all in target area.
Cost: NA/100r Cost: 20r/30r
An internal programming unit within the mis-
sile is programmed against a specific target. Smoke Grenades
If multiple similar targets are available the Fills target area with thick smoke.
missile is able to determine its true target on Two column shift left for FEATs in this area.
a yellow FEAT on the Poor column. Cost: 10r


Cost: NA/50r Fills target area with tear gas.
The missile homes in on a specific, preset Two-column shift left for FEATS.
radio wavelength, either from a sending unit All in area make Endurance FEAT or
or from a tracer planted on the target. become nauseous, unable to act that round.
Destruction of the tracer or ceasing of the sig- Cost: 20r/30r
nal causes the missile to hit the last known
position of the tracer. Knock-out Gas Grenade
Fills target area with knock-out gas of
REMOTE CONTROL: HEAT SEEKER variable intensity gas.
Cost: NA/50r Cost: Good intensity 100r/100r
This form of guidance locks in on the highest Excellent intensity NA/200r
heat source ahead of it (usually a jet engine Remarkable Intensity NA/300r
or flaming hero).The missile turns with the
heat source, but may be sidetracked by a Flash Grenade
more powerful source of heat. Amazing intensity flesh that blind for 1 to
10 rounds.
Cost: 10r/20r








Price: 4r/8r
Range: 5 areas Standard arrows or quarrels inflict damage 2-PLY
Normal Damage: 6 points according to the type of bow used: LEATHER
Rate of Fire: 1/round Regular
Design Notes: 6 points damage • Acid Arrowhead: Delivers Monstrous
• Requires two hands to fire. Cost: 1r for12 intensity acid to target. Range 3 areas.
• Poor strength material. Long • Thermal Arrow: Inflicts Remarkable heat
10 points damage damage to target.
BOW, LONG Cost: 1r for 12 • Suction Cup Arrowhead: Holds onto
Price: 6r/10r Compound smooth surface with Remarkable
Range: 6 areas 15 points damage strength.
Normal Damage: 10 points Cost: 1r for 6 • Vibration Arrowhead: Inflicts Excellent
Rate of Fire: 1/round vibration damage on the Slugfest chart.
Design Notes: ARROWS (HAWKEYE™) • Magnetic Arrowhead: Holds onto metallic
• Requires Typical Strength to use nor- Hawkeye maintains a quiver of 36 shafts, surfaces with Incredible strength. May
mally. Otherwise, a Strength FEAT roll is each shaft held in place by a clamp to pre- trail cable.
needed. vent the arrows from spilling out. Of these • Putty Arrowhead: Adheres to rough sur-
• Typical strength material. arrows, Hawkeye maintains the following bal- faces with Excellent strength. May also
ance: gum up exposed machinery with Remark-
BOW (HAWKEYE) 12 Standard blunt-tip arrows (Excellent able ability.
Price: 20r/30r Slugfest damage) for compound bow • Siren Arrowhead: Generates Excellent
Range: 7 areas 6 Broad-blade arrows (Excellent S&T intensity noise in every area the arrow
Normal Damage: 15 points damage) passes through. Those within those areas
Rate of Fire: 1/round (Hawkeye may fire up 18 Assorted specialty headed arrows. must make an Endurance FEAT roll or be
to 3/round) stunned for a total of 1-10 rounds.
Design Notes: DESIGN NOTES • Rocket Arrowhead: Self-contained rocket
• Two-meter double recurved, compound Hawkeye’s uniform also contains 24 modules increases range by 1 area. May be used in
longbow. for holding spare arrow tips. These may be conjunction with other arrowheads.
• Reinforced fiberglass, Good strength fitted to a standard arrow in a single round. • Boomerang Arrowhead: Returns to owner
material. by means of computer homing device.
• Requires Good strength to use properly. Specialty Heads Maximum range of 5 areas May be cou-
Those of less than Good strength must pled with other arrowheads.
make a Strength FEAT roll to use. • Explosive Arrowhead: Amazing damage to
• Requires two hands to fire. single target or area.
• Smoke Arrowhead: Covers one area as
CROSSBOW Smoke Grenade.
Price: 15r/30r • Tear Gas Arrowhead: Covers one area as
Normal Damage: 10 points Tear Gas Grenade.
Rate of Fire: 1 every 2 rounds • Flare Arrowhead: Good intensity light for 2
Design Notes: area radius, plus Good fire damage to
• Requires two hands to fire. Shift left two if targeting effect or Amazing damage to
fired with one hand. flaming target.
• Typical strength material. • Cable Arrowhead: Reduces range to 2
areas, trails cable of Incredible strength
• Electrical Arrowhead Inflicts Amazing
electrical damage to target maximum
range 5 areas.

MELEE WEAPONS • Can be wielded with one hand. • Wielded with one hand for 5 points, H&S.
Thrown items are dependent on strength of • Cost: 1r • Wielded with two hands, 15 points, H&S.
the thrower for range, but Agility to hit a tar- • Good strength material.
get. SWORD • Thrown for 10 points, S&T.
• Any of a number of weapons with a blade • Used with flat of blade raises damage by
Strength Rank Range longer than 12 inches, including cut- one rank, to a maximum of Excellent, on
lasses, rapiers, sabers, sais, and scimi- the Slugfest column.
FEEBLE Strength throws 1 Area • Cost: 6r
POOR Strength throws 1 Area
• Excellent strength material.
TYPICAL Strength throws 1 Area SPEAR
• Can be wielded with one hand.
GOOD Strength throws 2 Areas • Any thrusting blade with handle over 1
• Damage 10 points, H&S or S&T
EXCELLENT Strength throws 3 Areas foot long.
• If used with the flat of the blade, damage
REMARKABLE Strength throws 4 Areas • Wielded with two hands for 10 points
is Slugfest Damage is strength raised by
INCREDIBLE Strength throws 5 Areas H&S.
one rank to a maximum of Remarkable.
AMAZING Strength throws 6 Areas • Thrown for 10 points, H&S
• Cost: 3r
MONSTROUS Strength throws 7 Areas • Good strength material.
UNEARTHLY Strength throws 8 Areas • Cost: 1r
• Sword designed to be wielded with two
Thrown items attacks are resolved on the CLUB
Shooting and Throwing column of the Uni- • Any one-handed blunt weapon of wood.
• Damage 15 points, H&S.
versal Table, with the “Kill” result becoming • Good strength material.
• May not be thrown.
“Stun” in the case of blunt items. • Inflict one Strength rank higher in Slug-
• Excellent strength material.
fest with a maximum of Excellent.
• May be used with flat of the blade as a nor-
KNIFE • Thrown for 10 points, H&S, Kill is now
mal sword.
• In game terms, a knife is any blade up to Stun
• Cost: 10r
12 inches long. • Cost: 1r
• Damage 10 points, H&S or S&T.
• Excellent strength material.
• Chopping blade with handle 1 to 3 feet • Small circular disks with sharpened
long. edges or spike-Iike teeth, used in the Ori-
• Excellent strength material.
• Inflict Good damage, S&T.
• Thrown for maximum range of 3 areas
• Cost: 2r for 3

• Flattened, cunled throwing weapon from
• Made of Good strength material, often
• Inflicts Good Slugfest damage.
• Thrown as normal weapon, of a skilled
practitioner, does not return to the
• Cost: 1r/2r

• Metal fittings over the hands, would
include hitting someone with a mailrank,
up to Remarkable maximum.
• Used on one hand.
• Cost: 1r

• Long strands of rope, leather, or metal,
allows user to hit non-adjacent targets in
same area.
• Use S&T table to resolve hit Kill is now
• Any Hold is of material strength of materi-
al. Rope has Poor holding, leather Typi-
cal, and a metal whip may have Good and
or better material strength.
• Cost: 1r for rope, 3r for leather, 10r for

• Metal fittings over the hands which deliver
an electric shock in addition to normal
• Good strength materiel.
• Inflicts Remarkable damage.
• Used on one hand.
• Cost: 20r 28

UNIQUE WEAPONS FLIGHT age. Made of Incredible strength material.
• Jet-thrusters in backpack • Bladerang: A finely-honed version of
BATTLEVEST (FIXER™) • Flight at Incredible (7 areas/round) speed. Razorang inflicts Incredible H&S dam-
Designed, built, and used by Norbert Ebersol. age. Has no effect on Good or better
The Fixer’s battlevest is a combination of a strength materials.
Description: Armored vest covering the large number of weapon systems developed • Screamarang: Inflicts Excellent intensify
wearer’s upper torso containing many inter- by the criminal over the years. sonic damage in a single round each
nal weapon systems. round they are in the air.
WEB-SHOOTERS (SPIDER-MAN™) • Gravityrang: Attaches upon hitting, creat-
KNOWN POWERS Designed, built and worn by PETER ing a localized gravity field of Incredible
Fixer’s battle-vest is made of Remarkable PARKER ™ strength.
strength materials and contains a wide vari- • Reflexrang: Solid weighted boomerangs.
ety of weapon systems. KNOWN POWERS On a “Bullseye,” has hit a pressure point.
• Two high-pressure turbines used to jet a Target must make an Agility FEAT roll or
JERICHO TUBE thin stream of “web fluid” over a great dis- fall, then an Endurance FEAT roll or be
• Shoulder-mounted voice-amplifying sonic tance. knocked out for a total of 1-10 rounds.
blast. • Device is made of stainless steel with
• Inflicts up to Remarkable sonic damage. teflon internals. Made of Excellent materi- DESIGN NOTES
• Used primarily against stationary, non- als. As Boomerang, Myers was well-trained in
living targets. • Range of Web-shooter is 3 areas. the use of his weapons, throwing them with
• Range of 2 areas. • “Web fluid” is an artificial material stored Incredible Agility. Despite their well-balanced
under high pressure in a container in each design (refined by Justin Hammer for a mod-
EXPLOSIVE SPHERES wrist. Each cartridge has approximately est portion of the profits), a newcomer to the
• Mounted in launchers in the shoulder and 100 uses and additional cartridges are field would be no more able to improve his
chest plate worn on the belt. abilities than one rank above his Agility.
• Range of 3 areas. • “Web fluid” is Monstrous strength mate- Boomerang wears up to seven of these
• Explode for Remarkable damage against rial which sets up in a single round, and is boomerangs on his outfit.
a single target. used for weblines, protective shields, and
• Used primarily against living, non- restraining devices for opponents. BILLY CLUB (DAREDEVIL™)
armored targets. • Use of other materials in the web- Designed, built, and used by Matt Murdock
shooters results in damage to the mecha-
• Mounted in launchers in the shoulder and • Billy club constructed of high-strength air-
chest plate. Can be used with separate WIDOW’S BITE (BLACK WIDOW™) craft aluminum, an Amazing strength
blaster. Designed and built by S.H.I.E.L.D. material.
• Range of 3 areas. Used by NATALIA ALLANOVNA • May be wielded in combat, raises damage
• If hits, stuns the target with Remarkable ROMANOVA™ by one rank, maximum of Monstrous.
intensity electricity. • Lower half of club fires a swing line into
• Used primarily against living, non- KNOWN POWERS any adjacent area Using this swing line,
armored targets. • Small device located in wristband capable the user may swing up to 3 areas a turn.
of firing a high frequency electrostatic • The billy club may be modified to resem-
NEUTRALIZER SHELL charge. ble a blind man’s cane.
• Mounted in launchers in the shoulder and • Range of 1 area.
chest plate. • Inflicts Excellent electrical damage. The hero, Daredevil makes use of the billy
• Range of 3 areas club as a form of transportation and his sole
• If hits, will neutralize electric equipment The Widow’s Bite was developed for Natalia weapon. If has remained similar in design
with Amazing ability. Romanova (also known as Natasha since its creation, with very few modifica-
• Used primarily against targets in battle- Romanoff, publicly known as the Black tions.
suits. Widow) by S.H.I.E.L.D. special weapons
branch following her defection to the United GAS GUN (BELLADONNA™)
PLASTICIZER SHELL States and used to aid S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Designed and used by Narda Ravanna
• Mounted in launchers in the shoulder and US security agencies.
chest plate. Description: Appears as a standard hand-
• Range of 3 areas. SPECIALIZED BOOMERANGS gun
• If hits, coats the area hit with a quick- (BOOMERANG™)
hardening Plastic of Remarkable Designed and built by Justin Hammer KNOWN POWERS
Strength. Used by FRED MYERS™ • Fires pellets of a knock-out gas based on
• Used against energy sources. the Belladonna plant.
KNOWN POWERS • Knock-out gas is Amazing potency.
RESTRAINING CLAMP • All boomerangs have a maximum range • Range of 3 areas
• Mounted in belt of battle vest of 4 areas. A skilled practitioner may • Gas has side effect of acting as Incredible
• Range of 2 areas. cause their flight path to bend around strength acid with adhesives, including
• If hits, uses an induced gravity field to corners, circle in a single area or return to Spider-Man’s webbing.
hold the target to the ground with Incredi- the thrower’s hands.
ble strength • All boomerangs are made of Excellent DESIGN NOTES
• Used to prevent mobile targets from strength material unless otherwise noted. Narda Ravanna was the creative head of a
escaping. • Shatterang: Explodes for Amazing dam- European cosmetics firm put out of business
age in a single area. by its competitors. Ravanna developed both
ELECTRICAL SHOCK • Gasarang: Pumps tear gas along the gas and the modified handgun and, as Bella-
• Part of outer surface of battlevest.
entire flight path of the boomerang. donna, set out for revenge She is currently
• Those touching the vest when activated
• Gasarang II: Pumps knock-out gas of under arrest though the fate of her creations
take Incredible electrical damage.
Remarkable potency in a single area. is not known.
• Used when grappled, has no effect on
• Razorang: Inflicts Remarkable H&S dam-
wearer of the vest.

NEUTRALIZER (FORGE™) employer, and is now working freelance.
Designed and built by Forge
Designed and built by The Committee
• Hand-held ray-gun firing a beam that
removes inherent super-powers from the • Two target pistols modified to take special
target. ammunition. All abilities and material
• Range 5 areas. strength as for handgun.
• Neutralizer Ray is of Amazing intensity. • Tranquillizer Pellets of Incredible potency.
Those struck by the ray must make a • Pyrogranulate capsules which ignite upon
Psyche FEAT roll or lose all inherent impact for Remarkable fire damage.
super-powers. Those beings with techno- • Silver bullets.
logical powers or whose racial type has • “Tingler” capsules Remarkable potency
special powers (such as SKRULLS™) chemical that cause a metabolic change
would be unaffected. Affected targets in the victim, causing the victim to burst
would have maximum ability scores of into Remarkable strength flames upon
Excellent and all special powers (but not command.
talents) stripped.
• The gun has a number of settings, deter- DESIGN NOTES
mining the length of time the effects work. Carson Collier, Jr, son of the 1940s cowboy
At its lowest setting, it robs mutant powers star “Coot” Collier, dropped out of school to
for 1-10 rounds At its highest, it perma-
take up a life of crime. His efforts were aided
nently strips these powers.
by The Committee, a group of corrupt busi-
nessmen, who provided the funding for his
weapon. With the demise of The Committee,
The master inventor known as Forge is him-
Enforcer went freelance. He was slain by a
self a mutant, with his mutation allowing him
his powers of invention. Working freelance mysterious figure while working for Obadiah
for the Department of Defense, Forge cre- Stane. His gun may have survived him.
ated the Neutralizer to be used against dan-
gerous mutants, but in its first field test, Peter MODIFIED HANDGUN (RED SKULL™)
Henry Gyrich used it to strip STORM™ of her Designed, built and used by the Red Skull
powers.The weapon was later destroyed by
Iron Man. It is highly unlikely that Forge will KNOWN POWERS
create or use more neutralizers. • Fires pellets of Dust of Death.
• Range of 3 areas.
SPECIALIZED WHIP (BLACKLASH™) • Dust of Death is an Incredible intensity
Designed and built by Justin Hammer poison with special attributes. Should the
Used by MARK SCARLOTTI™ target fail an Endurance FEAT against the
KNOWN POWERS dust, the victim loses hair and skin tight-
• Two cybernetically-controlled whips, made ens and discolors to resemble a red skull.
of woven boron-filament impregnated sap-
phire strands in a steel braid. This infamous device has become a trade-
• Each whip is stored in a sheath in Black- mark of the Red Skull in his long and infa-
lash’s gloves. mous career. He has not used it against
• Whips may be wielded for Remarkable others of equal talent (such as Captain Amer-
Slugfest damage up to 1 area away. ica), but rather reserved it for use against fail-
• Whips may be spun to provide Excellent ing menials and opposing agents. With the
protection from physical and energy death of the Red Skull, the fate of his inven-
attacks to the user and those behind the tion is unknown.
spinning screen.
• Each whip may be shortened to become a HATE-RAY (HATE-MONGER™)
nunchaku. Each nunchaku inflicts up to Designed and built by Unknown
Excellent damage. Scarlotti may wield Used by Adolf Hitler
both whip and nunchaku at once. KNOWN POWERS
• If elongated and stiffened, the whip may • Hand-gun sized and shaped ray gun that
become a vaulting pole. Allows user to beams a high frequency microwave radia-
clear a one-story building. tion at the target. This radiation stimulates
• If whip is grabbed or securely wrapped those portions of the brain that feel dread,
around a target, the whip may be fear, and anger, magnifying them.
detached from its handle. The next round, • The intensity of this ray is Incredible.
the detached whip explodes for Incredible Those failing a Psyche FEAT roll are con-
damage to those touching the whip, and sumed by rage, with feelings of love and
Excellent damage to all those in same respect turned to equally deep feelings of
area. rage.
• Range of 5 areas.
DESIGN NOTES • May be trained on a single target or the
Mark Scarlotti began his costumed criminal beam widened to affect all targets in a sin-
career as WHIPLASH™, but alter several gle area.
defeats, changed his costume end name to
Blacklash, with his trademark whips rede- DESIGN NOTES
signed by scientists working for Justin Ham- The Hate-ray, or H-ray, was developed by the
mer. Alter several more failed jobs, Scarlotti original Hate-Monger to encourage world
was abandoned by the MAGGIA, his main

unrest. The original Hate-Monger appears to MODIFIED HANDGUN (MISTER FEAR™)
have been a clone of dictator Adolf Hitler, Designed and built by ZOLTAN DRAGO™ DESIGN NOTES
imbued with the original’s memories and Used by ALAN FAGAN™ Victoria Star, rodeo performer, credits her
Psyche.This Hate-Monger has been impris- hardware to her father, Remington Starwin,
oned in a facsimile of the Cosmic Cube. Since KNOWN POWERS and uses it in adventuring.
that time, there have been two other Hate- • The fear gun is a specially modified hand-
Mongers using similar emotion-affecting gun that fires “fear pellets” up to 5 areas NULLATRON (RINGMASTER™)
rays The first proved to be the MAN- away. Original design by unknown scientists
BEAST ™, the second an agent of the • Fires pellets made of a chemical com- Modified and used by Maynard Tiboldt
PSYCHO-MAN ™. pound that triggers the reactions of fear
and flight in humans and animals. Those KNOWN POWERS
MELTER RAY (MELTER™) affected must make an Endurance FEAT • Ringmaster’s hat contains a powerful,
Designed and built by BRUNO HORGAN™ roll against Unearthly intensity drug. scaled-down version of the nullatron, a
with Tony Stark Those failing to make that FEAT roll seek mind-control device.
Used by Bruno Horgan to place as much distance between • The nullatron increases psionic power to
between the user and themselves as pos- the point of allowing the wearer to hypno-
KNOWN POWERS sible. tize large groups of people.
• The melter ray uses microwave frequen- • A single pellet covers single area. • The hat raises the wearer’s Psyche by
cies to loosen the molecular binding of a three ranks, to a maximum of Amazing.
specific type of material. Only one of the DESIGN NOTES This is the intensity of the mind control of
four settings may be used at any time. The fear gun and its specialized pellets were the wearer.
• Range of 2 areas. first created by the first Mister Fear, Zoltan • Those who are confronted by the power of
• Setting One: Metal—Affects material up Drago, and used by three others who fol- the hat must make a Psyche FEAT roll or
to Monstrous material, causing them to lowed his methods in crime. The most recent fall under the hypnotic control of the hat’s
“melt”. Inflict damage as an Attack of Mister Fear, Alan Fagan, has been arrested, wearer.
Monstrous strength. and his gun, costume, and about 100 gas pel- • Range is 3 areas.
• Setting Two: Stone—Affects rock and lets are now in the custody of police. • An unlimited number of targets within the
stone of non-mystical origin or stone unaf- area may be affected.
fected by magic at the Unearthly level. PASTE-GUN (TRAPSTER™) • The hat allows the wearer to mentally pro-
Inflicts damage on non-magical stone Designed, built, and used by PETER ject hypnotic commands without speak-
beings with Unearthly strength. PETRUSKI™ ing.
• Setting Three: Wood—Attacks the cellu- • The hat is equipped with projector that
lose in plant Life. Inflicts Amazing damage KNOWN POWERS transmits bright lights and patterns to fur-
on plants and Amazing damage to • The paste-gun is a device used to shoot ther reduce the opponent’s mental resist-
wooden objects and plant-based cloth. Petruski’s specially-developed paste ance. Those viewing the hat have their
• Setting Four: Flesh—Does not melt but under high pressure. Psyches reduced by one rank for pur-
rather burns animal tissue for Amazing • Material strength of paste-gun and con- poses of FEAT rolls.
damage. Each round make an Endurance tainment canister worn at belt is Remark-
FEAT roll or become unconscious from the able. Material strength of the tubing DESIGN NOTES
disruption. connecting the two is Typical Strength. The Ringmaster’s hat is a modification of the
• Sets up immediately as Monstrous Nullatron, a device created by scientist in
DESIGN NOTES strength material which is unaffected by Nazi-occupied Europe who were slain by the
The Melter ray was accidentally created by fire and acids, The paste may be used Red Skull after inventing the device. The
Bruno Horgan, a U.S. defense contractor underwater without difficulty The paste- original Nullatron was used to subvert the
gun reacts poorly with sunlight and dis-
who used shoddy materials and eventually wills of Allied agents, including the INVA-
solves in five hours.
lost his business to Stark International. The DERS™, but was destroyed by that latter
• Range of weapon is 2 areas.
original Melter ray, based on a faulty radar group. Tiboldt’s Father, Fritz, came into pos-
dish, only affected metal, but Horgan kid- session of the device, and Maynard Tilboldt
napped Tony Stark and forced him to improve inherited It from him. After attempting to
The paste-gun is the primary weapon of the
the set to its present power. As the Melter, make it in America with his small circus, May-
Trapster, also known as PASTE-POT PETE™,
Horgan was defeated on numerous occa- nard Tilboldt, as Ringmaster, modified the
a research chemist who used his talents in
sions by Iron Man. Horgan was finally slain Nullatron to fit in his hat, and used it to hypno-
chemistry for criminal gain. Defeated by the
by a mysterious assailant. The fate of the tize and rob large group of people as the circus
HUMAN TORCH™, Pete teamed up with the
MaIler ray is currently unknown. moved across country.
WIZARD™ as a member of the FRIGHTFUL
FOUR™, and remained with that group until
(RADIOACTIVE MAN™) Designed and built by S.H.I.E.L.D.
its disbanding. He fought the FF on several
Built and designed by: Unknown Used by BARBARA MORSE BARTON™
occasions, always meeting with defeat most
recently being defeated by the defensive sys-
tems of the BAXTER BUILDING™.
• Two hollow steel-alloy poles made of
KNOWN POWERS Remarkable strength material, worn in
• Shoots a steady stream of quick- slings beneath each arm.
Designed and built by REMINGTON
hardening concrete mixture. • Thrown as a javelin, range of 4 areas, for
STARWIN™ Remarkable slugfest damage.
• Concrete hardens in a single round to
Used by VICTORIA STAR • Used as a bo stick in Slugfest combat.
Incredible strength.
• Range of 2 areas Inflicts Remarkable Slugfest damage.
KNOWN POWERS • Spring-Ioaded holders may fire the batons
• Two six-shot handguns redesigned to take up to 3 areas for Remarkable Slugfest
special ammunition. damage.
This gun is of unknown origin, but likely cre-
• Special ammunition is in the form of star- • Battlestaves may be extended to a full 8
ated by some weaponsmith of the criminal
shaped pellets that have Remarkable feet, creating a vaulting pole allowing the
element. Radioactive Man used this weapon
Intensity paralysis abilities. user to clear one-story buildings.
in combat with the Avengers, but has since
• Range of 4 areas
abandoned it.
• Rate of fire 1/round Mockingbird’s battlestaves are a good exam-

ple of multi-purpose weapons of this type that high. May climb sheer surfaces at 3
may have a variety of uses. SHIELD (CAPTAIN AMERICA™) stories/round.
Designed and built by DR. MYRON • May be worn and mentally commanded
MACLAIN™ (even at great distances) by Doctor Octo-

• A 2.5’ diameter concave disc made of a
unique mixture of adamantium and vibra-
nium, coated with a high enamel mixed
with titanium nitride.
• Made of Class 1000 material, to all forms
of energy and physical damage except
magic and psionic powers.
• The shield may absorb up to 90 points of
damage in a single round. User may not
attack in that round, and is still subject to
effects of stunning and slamming.
• May be thrown (range dependent on
user’s strength) for up to Remarkable
damage. Captain America is extremely
talented using the shield, such that he
may bounce it off targets and have it
return to his hand. This is an ability of the
thrower not of the shield, though it is very
light and rebounds off solid targets.

Captain America’s shield was made by Dr.
Myron MacLain, who was later to discover
true adamantium. In one of his experiments
using an early adamantium alloy and a sam-
ple of Wakandan vibranium, MacLain discov-
ered a perfect mixture, which he poured Into
a disc-shaped test mold. Dr. MacLain had
fallen asleep during part of his own experi-
ment, and during that time something else
may have entered the mixture, for the result
was unreproduceable. The resulting disc
was as tough and powerful as true adaman-
tium would later prove to be, with the ability to
withstand large amounts of damage. The pus, even if arms have been severed from
disc, being government property, was pre- the harness.
sented to Captain America early in his career
by FDR, replacing the badge-shaped shield DESIGN NOTES
he had until then (this first Shield was stored The arms of Doctor Octopus were originally a
in an Army warehouse in Steve Rogers’s chest-harness used to manipulate radioac-
footlocker and was later destroyed in an tive materials at a safe distance. A freak acci-
attack by a bogus Baron Strucker). Captain dent gave Doctor Octopus the power to
America has had literally decades of practice control his arms as a living entity, even to the
with his shield, making the team of invulnera- point of being able to give subconscious
ble shield and unbeatable spirit-tough oppo- commands over a great distance.
nent for any foe.
Designed and worn by OTTO OCTAVIUS™ (DOCTOR OCTOPUS™)
KNOWN POWERS Designed and built by Doctor Octopus
• Four prehensile, electrically-powered
titanium-niobium tentacles attached to a KNOWN POWERS
stainless steel waist harness. • Harness similar in design to the standard
• Tentacles are Amazing strength material. harness for Doctor Octopus.
• Pincers made of Remarkable strength • Made of Unearthly material. Pincers
material. made of Unearthly material.
• Any single tentacle has Remarkable • A single tentacle may Inflict up to Mon-
strength and may attack for Remarkable strous damage. Two tentacles working
damage. together and braced may inflict Unearthly
• Two tentacles working together, braced by damage.
the other two, may wield Incredible dam- • Tentacles have a range of 1 area.
age. • May attack twice per round, with multiple
• Range of tentacles 1 area. attacks on the same target raising dam-
• May attack twice/round. Multiple attacks age by one shift Maximum of Shift X (150
shift one to the right for every additional pts).
arm. • May move up to 4 areas per round, ignor-
• The arms may move up to 4 areas/round, ing buildings of two stories or less. May
ignoring structures under two stories scale sheer surfaces at six stories per

• Is under the command of the wearer. If no
one is wearing the harness, Octavius may
command the suit similar to his normal

Doctor Octopus designed this harness as a
duplicate of his original, though made of ada-
mantium alloy, but abandoned it soon after its
forging, returning to his original harness. The
arms were kept in Ryker’s Island under an
energy field, but were “sprung” by Doctor
Octopus and used to battle Iron Man. Iron
Man defeated the adamantium arms, and
used them to defeat the mad doctor. The
present fate of this set of arms is unknown.
Designed and built by Anton Vanko and
• Cybernetically-controlled headgear capa-
ble of firing a range of energy bolts from
the crown of the helmet.
• May fire laser beams, including infrared
and ultraviolet lasers for up to Monstrous
S&T damage.
• May fire neutron- and electron-beams for
up to Monstrous Slugfest damage.
• Range of all beams is 20 areas.
• Power supply located in wearer’s belt.

Anton Vanko, designer of the Crimson
Dynamo armor also designed a power hel-
met that used various radiation bands. He
gave this helmet to Soviet intelligence agent
Milos Masaryk and trained him in its use.
Masaryk, as Unicorn, later came to America
to retrieve the defector Vanko, only to be
defeated by Iron Man. Following this defeat
Masaryk engaged in subversive activities,
then returned to his native Czechoslovakia.
There the power horn was modified and
increased in power. Unicorn returned to sub-
versive activity, seeking a cure to cellular
deterioration, the result of a treatment aside
from the power horn. Unicorn has worked as
an agent for RED GHOST™, MANDARIN™,
and Titanium Man, and was last seen walk-
ing out to sea, trying to rendezvous with the
latter. The fate of the power horn is unknown.












By Jerry Epperson and Jeff Grubb

In a world that is filled with super-powered heroes,

super-dangerous mutants, and super-deadly villains,
what’s an everyday criminal or multi-millionaire to
Get a Weapon. And fast.
Available weapons include:
Battlesuits, from S.H.I.E.L.D.™ body armor to the lat-
est fashions for IRON MAN™; the powered weapon
suits of the United States and Soviet Governments;
weapons, from cheap handguns to atomic-tipped
missiles; special weapons, including the mighty
shield of CAPTAIN AMERICA™ and the awesome arse-
nal of arrows of HAWKEYE™ the archer.
This accessory described the various vicious devices
used by villains and heroes, so you can send in the
MANDROIDS™ at a drop of a helmet.
Because you never know what the well-dressed vil-
lain is wearing this year...
WEAPONS LOCKER is a game accessory for use with
MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ role-playing game,
and contains a 32-page sourcebook of battlesuits and
individual weapons used in the MARVEL UNIVERSE.

TSR Inc.
POB 756 PDF Edition 2.0
Lake Geneva, Scanning and initial layout
WI 53147 by Andrew McFayden
Additional production
6868XXX1401 on 12/1/01 by zan
ISBN 394-54874-4TSR0600