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FINCORE Banking Solution

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Technical Team TRINUC LLC

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

About Fincore

Advantage Fincore

Solutions from Fincore

CaMag – Cash Management System



LOS = Loan Origination System


LiqDep – Liquid Deposit System

GetRich – Wealth Management

Technology White Paper



Post-Implementation Support

User Understanding and Training

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

Fincore, a SAP based universal banking solution from TRINUC, empowers financials institutions to
mould their business agile with the new generation technology. This solution aims at grooming the
small, medium and large banks and investment organizations.

Fincore has been technically architected out of four years of experience and input from global banks
and offers several powerful features making it one of the most comprehensive, scalable and flexible

Advantage Fincore

And Fincore provides the following advantages suffixed to its solution

Max Globalization
Banks leveraging Fincore have enjoyed enhanced opportunities to grow exponentially and redefine the
competitive landscape. They are geared to service the growing demand for cross border financial
offerings and comply with converging global regulatory mandates. They are also better empowered to
overcome the obstacles posed by the paradigm shift taking place in the global economy and financial
markets, as a result of the rise of emerging economies

Maximized Diversity
Armed with the Fincore edge, banks are empowered to proactively respond to new opportunities
presented by rapidly evolving customer segments. They are armed with the tools to create new
products, services and channels, and in many cases entirely new customer experiences, to address
these new segments.

Maximized Innovation
Powered by Fincore, banks have taken innovation beyond the traditional realms of products and
channels, further into process and finally towards delivering a truly personalized and differentiated
customer experience.

Maximized Agility
Fincore enhances the bank’s ability to respond to opportunity with greater speed. It enables banks to
rapidly offer new products, services, strategies, processes and customer experiences that truly
differentiate and build competitive advantage.

Minimized Cost
Banks, facilitated by Fincore, leverage the flat world forces to weed out inefficiencies and friction in
every aspect of business and achieve lean and agile business models. They capitalize on a solutions
environment that facilitates leveraging of global sourcing, process orchestration, process automation,
legacy renewal and migration to a SoA based enterprise architecture. All this results in minimizing cost
of operations and achieves streamlined operating models.

Minimized Risk
On the technology transformation front, Fincore is a transformation agent with impeccable credentials,
Partnering with Fincore, banks have successfully managed and minimized risk across the
transformational risk ecosystem. They have also leveraged the IT environment Fincore provides to
implement a holistic ERM strategy.

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

Modules of Fincore

Using its robust model, Fincore has transformed today’s banking role taking it a step ahead into the

Fincore has the spread its wings into the following areas of banking:

Cash Management
LOS – Loan Origination System
LiqDep - Liquid Deposit System (Term/Recurring/Variable Deposits)
Wealth Management

Cash Management
This Web based Cash Management system has been devised to empower banks to offer their
corporate customers optimized Cash Management Solutions, by drastically improving their:

• Funds Collection
• Inflow forecasting
• Speed and quality information assisting the process
• Payment dispatch and
• Funds utilization in order to avoid zero interest accounts

Cash Management is divided into two broad categories: On-site Bank Operations and Web-driven
customer operations. By seamlessly supporting multi-bank, multi-currency, multi-lingual transactions, it
ensures smooth flow of information and cash. And consequently, it strengthens the bonds between the
bank and its corporate customer universe.

Cash Management is equipped with three major diversifications:

The Collections software of Fincore handles instrument collection services - including collection of
Cash, post-dated cheque collections, direct debit instruction and lockbox - wholesale and retail invoice
management. This Collections Software is capable of handling local and foreign currency.

Key Features

• Collection of domestic and foreign currency instruments, including post dated instruments
• Direct Debit Instructions (DDI)
• Invoice data capture and matching across collection methods and collection transaction
processing systems
• Support for financing (guaranteed credit and cheque purchase
• Customer and user reports both at regional and country level

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

This module of Fincore, Payment Services, undertakes the Accounts Payable Management and
provides the platform for customers to make payments in any mode quickly and efficiently, virtually
anywhere in the world, with minimal cost and effort.

Key Features of Payment Services:

• Facilitate payments using Fund Transfer and Cheque methods

• Facility for In-country and Cross-Border payments
• Facility for Invoice capturing
• Facility for 3-tier reconciliation - Instruction Vs Payments, Debit Vs Payments and Invoices Vs
• Direct Credits

Liquidity Management
The key features of Liquidity Management are:

• Management of surplus liquid balances by transferring them to interest bearing accounts

through sweep facility

• Facility for one or more ZBA accounts

• Facility to create a pool of accounts allowing the customer to enjoy higher interest rates
depending on aggregate balance position

• Facility to allow netting of receivable or payable advices, using bilateral arrangements or

multilateral arrangements


Fincore CRM solution is a modular, multilingual, web-based customer-centric application that enables
banks to leverage ready-to-deploy CRM functionality for competitive differentiation. Integrated with
Fincore core banking solution, Fincore CRM solution offers end-to-end functionality to effectively
address the needs of the complete cycle of marketing, sales and service for banking products.

Facilitating a unified 360° view of the customer across product lines and multiple back-end systems, it
enables banks to improve customer experience across channels and empowers them with a robust
platform for cross-sell opportunities. It also arms banks with the technology muscle to increase reach
through effective marketing campaigns. Fincore CRM solution’s proven scalability further ensures that it
can meet the needs of growing banks, and their call centers.


• Enterprise Customer Information File (CIF)

• Sales
• Loan origination
• Service
• Call center
• Marketing

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074


Aggressive Customer Acquisition

Fincore CRM solution supports the creation of demand generation through multi–channel and multi–
wave campaigns. The solution ensures the bank’s marketing message is appropriately personalized
and targeted towards the most suitable segment of prospects. This optimizes marketing efforts and
results in greater conversion of prospects.

Improved Cross-sell Framework

The solution presents a unified 360° view of the customer allowing single point access to all the
relationships the customer has forged with the bank. This effectively supports true relationship banking,
providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities.

Increased Operational Efficiencies and Collaboration

Fincore CRM solution supports business automation for processes and business activities, eliminating
manual tasks and reducing process time. Straight Through Processing abilities enhance reduction in
turnaround and processing time, increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks. The
multilingual web-based single repository of information enables remotely located bankers to collaborate
and transact seamlessly.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A web-based solution leveraging new-generation technologies, Fincore CRM solution is future-proof
and can be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise applications. With a robust architecture and
proven scalability, it ensures protection for the bank’s technology investments.


Consumer e-banking

Fincore consumer e-banking solution is a proven Internet and mobile solution for retail banking
customers. Built on new-generation technology, it provides a single unified view of the customer's many
relationships with the bank. The solution provides high flexibility for customization and robust security

This solution can be interfaced with any core banking solution directly or through an industry standard
middleware. It provides banking customers real time access to their relationships with the bank such as
account inquiries, fund transfers, credit cards, mutual funds payments and remittances. It enables them
to make payments to individuals or institutions, and other general payments on-line. It also has a
powerful Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) module, designed to help customers make
their utility bill payments. In addition, the powerful Fincore alerts solution provides two-way multi-
channel (SMS, WAP, e-mail, fax and voice) alerts.

Built on SAP ‘s industry standard platform, Netweaver and XI [eXtended Infrastructure], it is highly
secure and supports different authentication mechanisms.


Core Module
Payments Module
Credit Card and Mutual Fund Modules

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) Module
Alerts Module
Security Features
Mobile Banking


Improved Cross-sell Framework

The solution offers a unified view of the customer, allowing single point access to all the relationships
the customer has forged with the bank, including mutual funds, insurance and credit cards. The
customer-centric architecture enables the bank to launch a one-stop financial portal for its customers.
This effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell

Business Agility
Built on industry standard platforms J2EE and .NET, the solution provides the bank tremendous
flexibility to extend its product portfolio and customize the solution according to requirements. The
architecture of the solution enables the bank to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere,
add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. All this
enhances agility of operation, helping the bank identify new opportunities and roll out new products.

Robust Security
The solution offers extensive application security features and provides a robust framework to integrate
with specialized security software. This enables the bank to confidently offer products that are highly
secure and geared to withstand the onslaught of security threats that abound around Internet

Customer Delight
With the growing popularity of mobile devices, banks can offer the convenience of anywhere- anytime
banking, using WAP or SMS. Customers can query on account balances and make fund transfers.
Banks can also proactively send timely information to customers in a completely secure environment,
whenever a customer-defined event occurs.

The solution’s self-service capabilities empower customers to manage their banking activities better.
Additionally, subscription based alerts ensure that a customer receives requisite information through the
preferred channel. This leads to greater convenience and enables better monitoring of banking
transactions in real time.

Corporate e-banking

Fincore corporate e-banking is a comprehensive, corporate and small business banking solution
providing a single unified view of corporate banking relationships across asset and liability products,
limits, trade finance and cash management. It is designed to support multiple channels including the
Internet and mobile, and can be interfaced with disparate host systems and third-party applications.

The solution is built on new-generation industry standard technologies J2EE and .NET. This empowers
banks to provide their corporate customers anytime-anywhere access to real-time consolidated
information. It also offers banks the flexibility to go to market with an innovative product and service
offerings portfolio. Fincore corporate e-banking solution is modular and enables banks to hand-pick
from its comprehensive set of features. Additionally, the infrastructure services layer of the application
provides a framework that aids in deploying new modules rapidly. The solution is multi-currency
enabled and offers multilingual support.

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074


• Accounts and Transfers

• Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)
• Payments
• Collections Management
• Liquidity Management
• Reconciliation Reporting
• Trade Finance


Aggregated Cross Border Service

The solution’s rich financial information portal provides corporate customers a comprehensive facility to
view critical information and monitor transactions across geographies through a single interface. This
plays a vital role in enabling the bank to provide all the global financial solutions demanded by business
houses expanding their footprint across geographies.

Business Agility
Built on industry standard platforms J2EE and .NET, the solution provides the bank tremendous
flexibility to extend its product portfolio and customize the solution according to requirements. The
architecture of the solution enables the bank to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere,
add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. The solution
also provides an additional layer that can be extended to interface with multiple back office systems. All
this enhances agility of operation, helping the bank identify new opportunities and roll out new products.

Robust Security
The solution offers extensive application security features and provides a robust framework to integrate
with specialized security software. This enables the bank to confidently offer products that are highly
secure and geared to withstand the onslaught of security threats that abound around Internet

Lower TCO
The deployment of Fincore enables a relatively cost-efficient channel through which to serve
customers. As the number of transactions completed on-line increases, the number of more expensive
branch transactions decreases. This is especially true of small business customers who tend to use the
branch as the primary channel. Greater automation and productivity, as well as reduced human error
lead to increased cost savings. The thin-client architecture over the Internet also reduces maintenance
costs associated with frequent upgrades and support.

Customer Delight
Subscription based alerts ensure that a customer receives requisite information through the preferred
channel. This leads to greater convenience and enables better monitoring of banking transactions in
real time.

The solution’s self-service capabilities further empower corporate customers to manage the solution
and consequently their cash flows better.

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

LOS – Loan Origination System

The Fincore Loan Origination System allows retail finance organizations to optimize their loan approval
processing mechanism by integrating Sourcing, Field Investigation and Processing Agencies in a
Central Processing Unit. Being web-based, it gives organizations truly any time, anywhere access.
Fincore LOS covers a range of activities including:

Basic Data Entry

This involves entry of basic details necessary for keeping a record of all inflows (Initial Money Receipt,
Installment Amount, etc) and outflows of loans (Amount Finance, Dealer Commission payable, etc.)
The information is entered at this stage are: Loan details, Sourcing details, Asset details, Charges and
Repayment Schedule.

Detailed Data Entry

More detailed information required for processing loans is entered at this stage. This includes customer
details like: Demographic details, Liabilities, Address, Bank details, Credit Card, Fixed Deposit,
Financial details, De-duplication Logic, Guarantor/ Co-Applicant details and Current Assets.

Benefits of Fincore LOS are:

• Loan processing through a Central Processing Unit provides integration of Sourcing, Field
Investigation and Processing Agencies

• Incorporates Workflow based processing to cater to multi-tier approval and deviation processes
followed by organizations

• Allows for anytime, anywhere access through web-based process. Speed and decision making
authority at its best

• Two-way info sharing of results and additional Dox/Dox completeness, and supporting shift
type data entry and curing in the CPA, enables faster and better online curing of applications

• A centralized and secure Master set-up, helps organizations effectively introduce 'quick-to-
market' schemes for a competitive edge


Fincore Lending Solutions caters to the requirements of any installment based loans system. The
system architecture supports the requirements of the Leasing, Hire Purchase, Consumer Finance and
Housing Finance business.

Benefits of Fincore Lending Solutions are:

A single system to support lease, hire purchase and loans Allows online and offline application
processing to support individual operational needs and reduce turnaround times with a powerful de-

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

duping to promote loyal customers and segregate negative ones

Allows for the launch of "Quick-to-Market" customized offerings to suit wide range of customer needs

Has powerful interfacing capabilities with host systems and allows its accounting templates to be set to
match with the organization’s General Ledger to meet the specific accounting needs of the organization

Support for multiple billing and accrual cycles with a highly parameterized fee calculation and payment
allocation logics

Products, charges and documents can be defined as per the user's requirements

End-to-end loan handling from organization to termination including anomalies of foreclosures and re-

Fincore Lending Solutions covers the entire life cycle of the loans business, especially covering the
areas of:

Product Definition which includes Scheme Definition, Charges and Fees Definition, Due Date
Management, Accounting Templates, Allocation and Amortization and IRR Charges

Application Processing which includes Loan Details, Demographic Details, Co-borrower and
Guarantor Details, Contact Point Verification, Documentation, Current Assets, Exceptions, Advance
and Partial Disbursals, Repayment Schedules, Sourcing Details, Credit Scoring, Asset Details and
Charges and Fees

Settlements which include Payments, Receipts, Manual Adjustments, Charge Waivers, Netting of
Payment and Receipts, User Defined Allocation Logic for Payments or receipts

Processing which includes Billing, Interest Accruals, General Ledger, Floating Rate Review
Processing, Late Payments, Non Performing Assets, Depreciation, Collection downloads, PDC
Interface, Branch uploads/downloads, Transfer cases, Loan descent/ cheque printing

Termination which includes Cancellation, Foreclosure, Final Termination

Asset Management which includes Inventory, Inspection and Insurance

Document Management which includes Application Stage, Pre-Disbursal Stage, Post Disbursal and

Simulators which includes Installment Calculation, Rescheduling, Foreclosure, Termination

Direct Selling Agency Payments which includes Per Loan Basis, Volume Grid Basis, Special
Incentive Schemes

Accounting which includes User Defined Accounting Templates, Handles Accounting for Regular and
NPA Cases independently, Supports Memo Accounting

Repayment Management which includes Equated monthly installments, Graded method, Bulleted
method, Bellow method and Customized method

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

LiqDep - Liquid Deposit System (Term/Recurring/Variable Deposits)

The Fincore Liquid Deposit system caters to the requirements of the liability business of a financial
institution. The system while meeting the vanilla requirements of a typical term deposit system, has
added features like floating rate deposits. The system also facilitates Term Deposits, Recurring
Deposits, variable Deposits, Cash Certificates and other such features.

Key Features of Fincore LiqDep:

• Customer Maintenance including Basic Demographics, Links with Sweeping accounts, Joint
Holders and Nominees
• Sweeping including Multi Parameter Sweep, Sweeping Frequency, Free Sweeping Limits,
Sweep Trigger Dates
• Maturity instructions including partial renewals, full renewals, no renewals, handling of deposits
without Maturity instructions.
• Payment instructions including Interest Payment, Maturity Payment, Balance Payment
• Liquidations of Unitized Deposits including Partial Withdrawal, Minimum Interest Loss
Calculation, Tax Calculation
• Pledge Management including partial Pledging, Full Pledging

Benefits of Fincore LiqDep:

• Supports fixed and floating rate deposits

• Supports multiple liquidation payment instruction to meet individual depositor's needs
• Facilitates liquidation of deposits with minimum interest loss to customer
• Interfacing capabilities with host systems to protect your investments
• Multi-currency handling
• Tax Deduction

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

Wealth Management

Fincore wealth management solution is a modular, fully scalable, integrated core banking and
investment management system designed for the specific needs of retail, personal and international
private banks. It offers a unique combination of an extensive portfolio of functions with impressive
flexibility that enables end-to-end processing of investment products from diverse asset classes
including structured deposits, structured notes, bonds, mutual funds and insurance.

Financial institutions can leverage the solution’s rule based definitions to launch new products such as
dual currency deposits, principal protected deposits, range accrual deposits, mutual funds and
insurance products with a distinct time-to-market advantage. Integrated with Fincore core banking and
CRM solutions, the wealth management solution ensures unique customer definition, a single unified
view of the customer’s portfolio across asset classes and seamless flow of transactions. This helps the
bank capitalize on its customer base to create additional revenue streams, by offering HNWI and the
mass affluent extended products and services.


• Structured Products
• Product definition
• Transaction processing
• Fixing
• Payouts
• Fees

Mutual Funds
The mutual funds module provides an extensive and parameterized product setup to define different
types of mutual funds.

• Fund definition
• Transaction rules
• Transaction processing
• Batches
• Systematic plans
• Fee and commissions
• Corporate actions

The insurance module provides an extensive and parameterized product setup to define different types
of insurance products.

• Product definition
• Transaction processing
• Fee and commission


Leverage the HNWI Opportunity

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

Fincore wealth management solution enables financial institutions to derive rich integrated insights
about the HNWI client’s investment portfolio. Sophisticated analytics, relevant financial planning and
asset allocation tools can be deployed, to leverage the opportunities presented by hot listed clients to
explore prospects for cross-selling and fee-based personalized advice.

Ease of Enhancing Product Portfolio

The user-friendly solution provides never before flexibility to tailor solutions and create new product
flavors for emerging customer segments. It enables business users at the bank to add innovative
functionalities and features to their offerings, without changing the source code of the application. The
solution also interfaces seamlessly with satellite and specialized systems, easily supporting faster roll
out of new products at the bank.

Higher Operational Efficiency

The solution provides full Straight Through Processing (STP) and is fortified with a powerful integration
framework to interface with the bank’s core banking solution and external data sources. This plays a
crucial role in minimizing operational delays and ensuring seamless transaction flows at the bank.
Every financial operation is processed identically. Execution either ensures a successful update of all
related data or a complete rollback in case of a technical problem. Consistency and reliability are
guaranteed. Fully integrated and component-based, the solution also guarantees consistency of data.
Access rights are rigorously managed, every transaction request checked and systematic records
maintained as audit trails, ensuring robust security.

Lower TCO
The solution allows users, belonging to different legal entities to work on a single system and database.
This directly results in significantly lower implementation costs and ease of centralized reporting for the

Built on open systems and new-generation technologies, Fincore wealth management solution is future-
proof and can be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise applications. With proven scalability and a
flexible architecture, it ensures protection for the bank’s technology investments.

Timelines for the project:

Requirement Gathering and Analysis: November 2007 to January 2008

◊ Project start
◊ Conducting workshops, discussions, contacting business users, explore over the
web to gather requirements.
◊ Identify the system Boundary document
◊ Writing requirements for change process, acceptable by all business users.
◊ Writing the scope of the project
◊ Data Migration Plans
◊ Get approval from the management and some business users.

System Design Phase: February 2008 to April 2008

◊ Design High level design documents
◊ Review and approval of the HLDD
◊ Interface design and data design.
◊ Designing of Low level Design Document with respect to High level Document
◊ Review and approval of LLDD
◊ Design the complete Logical system of the product.

Coding and Unit testing of Customized Features: May 2008 to September 2008.

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

◊ Specifications produced during the design phase are translated into Hardware,
communications and executable software.
◊ Design data models, Database, Data tables, Queries and Procedures.
◊ Coding
◊ Data Migration Plans.
◊ Writing Unit test plan document.
◊ Unit testing with respect to UTP documents
◊ Load testing using Load Runner
◊ Fixing Unit testing and Load testing issues.

System Testing: October 2008 to November 2008.

◊ Writing Systems Test Plan Document
◊ System Testing
◊ Fixing System Testing Issues

SQA: December 2009 to January 2009

◊ Send the application to SQA for approval
◊ Fix SQA defects.

Package and Delivery: February 2009 (Two weeks)

◊ Implementation of code in the pre production.

◊ Data Migration from version pro production.
◊ Final Testing before User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
◊ Fix the Issue raised in Pre Production Using Real Data.

User Acceptance Test and Fix UAT Defects: February 2009 to March 2009.
◊ Initiate User Acceptance Testing
◊ Work closely with business Users to handle queries while UAT phase.
◊ Documenting the UAT Issues.
◊ Fix UAT Issues as separate builds.
◊ Approval from business users.

Production Implementation: April 2009(1 Month)

◊ Implement code in the production server.
◊ Data Migration from Production.
◊ Random Testing in Production.
◊ End User Testing in Production.

GoLive :May 2009(1 Month)

◊ Announce Go-Live Date. Launch the product in one or two business days.
◊ Users start using the system.
◊ Provide GoLive support.

Warranty period : 3 Months( May 2008 to July 2009)

◊ Fixing issues within the scope of the requirement.
◊ Get approval for the development project completion.
◊ Development project closure meeting.

Production Maintenance and support till product stability is acquired: 6 Months


1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074

◊ Fixing sev 1, Sev 2 and Sev 3 Issues.
◊ Emergency enhancements to be implemented.
◊ Conducting various discussions with business users in regular intervals.
◊ Conducting surveys and collecting feedbacks.

1540,E Dundee Rd, Suite #110,Palatine,IL-60074