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Deutscher Wetterdienst

Area Aviation
Weather Forecast
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GAMET/AIRMET © Diamond Aircraft Industries

GAMETs are area forecasts for low
level flights. They are a supplement to
GAFOR and describe restrictions in aviation weather in line with predetermined criteria,
along with their chronological and spatial development. GAMETs are issued four times a day
for every FIR in Germany. They cover the area from the ground to FL 100 (up to FL 150 in FIR
München). Other European countries also distribute GAMETs with the coding determined by
the ICAO.

The GAMET consists of two sections:

SECN1: Description of significant weather conditions along the route – detailed infor-
mation is only given when predetermined criteria are exceeded.
SECN2: General weather information which is always forecast.

AIRMETs are aviation weather warnings for low-level flights. They are issued when prede-
termined weather phenomena occur which are not described in SECN1 of the GAMET. The
structure is similar to that of the GAMET. The AIRMET is also restricted to weather pheno-
mena below FL 100 (FL 150 in FIR München).

Validity Issue Time in UTC Validity Duration in UTC

GAMET 02:40 03 - 09
08:40 09 - 15
14:40 15 - 21
20:40 21 - 03

AIRMET as necessary max. 4 hours

Special Notes
■ No references to icing and turbulence are made during thunderstorms.
■ The forecast weather parameters apply to the entire FIR and entire forecast period unless chronological or spatial restrictions
are given.
■ AIRMETS are numbered consecutively on a daily basis.
■ AIRMETs are rescinded when the occurrence that prompted their issue is no longer expected.
■ GAMETs are amended when weather phenomena forecast in SECN1 are no longer expected.
■ Altitude information outside the area of validity (above FL 100 or FL 150) are marked with XXX.

© Diamond Aircraft Industries

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GAMET – Abbreviations
ABV above über MSL mean sea level Meereshöhe
AGL above ground level über Grund MT OBSCC mountains obscuration Berge nicht erkennbar
AMSL above mean sea level über Meereshöhe MTW mountain waves Leewellen
AT at um
N northern/north nördlich/Nord
BKN broken aufgebrochen NC no change keine Änderung
BLW below unter NIL not existent nicht vorhanden
BR mist feuchter Dunst
BTN between zwischen OCNL occasional gelegentlich
OVC overcast bedeckt
CB cumulonimbus Cumulonimbus
CLD clouds Wolken PL ice pellets Eiskörner
COT at the coast an der Küste PO dust/sand whirls Staub/Sandwirbel
PS plus plus
DEG degree Grad PSYSS pressure systems Drucksysteme
DS duststorm Staubsturm
DU dust Staub RA rain Regen
DZ drizzle Sprühregen
S southern/south südlich/Süd
E eastern/east östlich/Ost SA sand Sand
EXC except außer SECN section Abschnitt
SFC surface Erdboden
FG fog Nebel SG snow grains Schneegriesel
FIR flight information region Fluginformationsgebiet SIG significant signifikant
FRQ frequent häufig SIGWXX significant weather signifikantes Wetter
FU smoke Rauch SN snow Schnee
FZLVL freezing level Nullgradgrenze SS sandstorm Sandsturm
STNR stationary stationär
GR hail Hagel
GS small hail or snow Reif/Frostgraupel T temperature Temperatur
pellets TCU towering cumulus hoch aufgetürmter
HZ haze trockener Dunst TOP tops Obergrenzen
TS thunderstorm Gewitter
IC ice crystals Eiskristalle TURB turbulence Turbulenz
ICE icing Vereisung
INTSF intensifying verstärkend VA volcanic ash Vulkanaschewolke
ISOL isolated vereinzelt VISS visibility Sicht

LAN inland über Land W western/west westlich/West

WKN weakening abschwächend
MAR at sea (maritime) über See WSPD windspeed Windgeschwindigkeit
MNM QNH minimum QNH niedrigstes QNH WXNIL no significant weather keine gefährliche
MOD moderate mäßig Wettererscheinung
MOV moving ziehend, bewegend
MS minus minus XXX above FL100/150 oberhalb FL100/150
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Significant Enroute Weather Conditions
Code Phenomenon Prerequisite / Content
SFC WSPD surface wind speed Average wind speed widespread > 30 kt
SFC VIS surface visibility Visibility widespread < 5000 m
Additionally: weather phenomena which are reducing visibility
in METAR code
SIGWX significant weather Isolated/occasional thunderstorms with/without
TS/TS GR thunderstorm with hail (ISOL, OCNL)
or without hail
MT OBSC mountain obscuration Altitude (ft MSL) from which mountains are completely or
partially in clouds
SIG CLD significant cloud Clouds (BKN or OVC) widespread < 1000 ft with base and top
BKN/OVC CLD broken/overcast cloud above ground level
SIG CLD significant cloud CB without thunderstorms TCU (ISOL, OCNL, FRQ)
ISOL/OCNL/FRQ isolated/occasional/ ISOL = coverage < 50 %
CB/TCU frequent CB/TCU OCNL = coverage 50 - 75 %
FRQ = coverage > 75 %
ICE moderate icing Moderate icing (not in convective clouds) with
MOD ICE details of altitude layer; not given with valid
SIGMET on severe icing
TURB moderate turbulence Moderate turbulence (not in convective clouds)
MOD TURB with details of altitude layer; not given with valid
SIGMET on severe mountain waves
MTW moderate mountain waves Moderate mountain waves with details of altitude
(only GAMET) (only AIRMET)

MOD MTW layer; not given with valid SIGMET on severe

mountain waves
SIGMET APPLICABLE SIGMET issued Valid SIGMET for the FIR or parts thereof
Additionally: Number of the issued SIGMETs or
NIL (no SIGMET issued)
HAZARDOUS WX NIL None of the afore-mentioned weather phenomena
has occurred or is expected; no SIGMET issued

General Weather Information

Code Phenomenon Prerequisite / Content

PSYS pressure systems Location of pressure systems and fronts with their
expected movement and development
WIND/T wind/temperature Upper winds and temperatures for 2000 ft MSL,
FL 50 and FL 100 (in Germany). Prefix PS
for positive, MS for negative temperatures

CLD cloud Cloud coverage, type of cloud, top

and base in ft over MSL or in FL

FZLVL freezing level Altitude of freezing level in ft over MSL or in FL

MNM QNH minimum QNH Lowest QNH in 2-hour sections

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FADL41 EDZH 120840 WADL41 EDZH 120945
EDWW GAMET VALID 120900/121500 EDZH – EDWW AIRMET 2 VALID 121000/121400 EDZH –
DL41 DL41 Country code (Germany)
EDZH EDZH Issuing meteorological office (Hamburg)
12 12 Consecutive day of the month
0840 0945 Transmission time (UTC)
EDWW EDWW ICAO code of the ACC (Bremen)
GAMET Message name
AIRMET 2 Message name and consecutive day number (AIRMET No. 2)
VALID VALID Code for following period (valid)
120900 121000 Begin of validity period: 12th of the month, 0900 (1000) UTC
121500 121400 End of validity period: 12th of the month, 1500 (1400) UTC
EDZH EDZH Issuing meteorological office (Hamburg)
BREMEN FIR Name of FIR and altitude range for the validity of the GAMET


SIG CLD: 09/12 OVC 200/1000 FT AGL N PART
Section 1 Bremen FIR ground visibility 3000 m in drizzle observed in the
Significant cloud between 09 and 12 UTC 8/8 with northwestern part, moving eastwards.
base 200 ft, top 1000 ft above ground level in the
northern part of the FIR.

GAMET Section 2
PSYS: 12 L 998 HPA N54.0 E06.0 MOV SE 15KT WKN
WIND/T: 2000 FT AMSL 230/15KT PS09
FL050 250/25KT PS03
FL100 260/40KT MS07
MNM QNH: 09/11 1002 HPA
11/13 1000 HPA
13/15 1001 HPA
Section 2
Pressure System: 12 UTC low with 998 hPa central pressure, 54°N, 6°E moving south-eastwards at 15 kt, weakening. 12 UTC
cold front on the line Eelde/Groningen-Cologne, moving eastwards at 20 kt, no change intensity
Wind/Temperature: 2000 ft MSL 230°/15 kt, + 9 °C
FL050 250°/25 kt, + 3 °C
FL100 260°/40 kt, - 7 °C
Clouds: 5-7/8 stratocumulus, base 2000 ft MSL, top FL 050
Freezing Level: FL065
Minimum QNH: Between 09 and 11 UTC 1002 hPa
Between 11 and 13 UTC 1000 hPa
Between 13 and 15 UTC 1001 hPa
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GAMET Call-Up Options

Fax Retrieval
All GAMETs 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1680 Düsseldorf FIR 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1683
Bremen FIR 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1681 Frankfurt FIR 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1684
Berlin FIR 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1682 München FIR 0900 1 0 99 44 0 1685
€ 0.62 per minute from the German land line network.
0900 numbers cannot be reached from outside Germany.

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