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Welcome to

Bedford Baptist Church

Service of Worship – May 15th, 2011 – 10:55 a.m.

Enter His Gates With Praise

Call To Worship Memorial Carillon
Ministry Opportunities Pastor Kevin
*Time Of Praise Worship Team
(Children are invited to come to the front pews during the last song)
Children’s Story “He Has Chosen Us”
*Song “Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart”
(KidZone Children may head downstairs during singing of last verse)
Our Response To Him
Missions Moment “Stand In Solidarity” Bob Archibald
Tithes & Offering Pastor Ida
*Offertory Response #600 “Praise God From Whom…”
Ministry Of Music “Didn’t It Rain?” Sanctuary Choir
Prayers of the People
*Hymn #433 “Open My Eyes” (v. 1)
Ministry Of The Word
Scripture Ephesians 1:15-23 (Pew Bible, NT pg. 29)
Sermon Hope & Power Pastor Bob
*Hymn #554 “Be Still, My Soul” (vv. 1-2)

How To Contact Us
158 Rocky Lake Drive PO Box 44073 Bedford, NS B4A 3X5
Phone: 835-5966 Fax: 835-3984
Radio: CHSB 99.3 Hilltop FM
Prayer Chain: Doug & Donna Peverill
Phone: 434-8054 or E-mail:
 We extend a warm welcome to all who have come to
worship and fellowship with us this morning. If you are
a first time visitor with us, please take time to fill out a
“Welcome Card” located in the pew rack and place it in
the offering plate.
 Parents of small children (under age 3) may take them
to our Nursery, where a caring staff will supervise them.
We also have a Pre-School Program (ages 3-5) that runs
during our Worship Service in the Church Time Pre-
School Room. One of our ushers would be happy to
help you locate either one of these facilities.
 Elementary School children are invited to take part in
our KidZone program which starts after the first part of
our Worship Service downstairs in the Vestry.
About Us
Bedford Baptist Church has been a part of this community
for 111 years. We seek to be a fellowship of believers
building on the principles of love, grace, and compassion as
first modeled by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. To
that end, we offer a wide variety of programs and services
for every age group. On a larger scale, we are affiliated
with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches &
Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Ministers – All Of Us!
Rev. Robert Ohsberg Senior Pastor
Rev. Dr. Ida Whitehouse Associate Pastor
Lic. Kevin Haggarty Youth Pastor
Rev. Nelson Metcalfe Pastor Emeritus
Mrs. Lianne MacMinn Ministry of Music
Lic. Miriam MacDonald Supervised Field Education Student
Lic. Heather Cox Supervised Field Education Student
Mr. Peter Metcalfe Office Administrator
Mr. Joel Scott Caretaker
Please Be In Prayer For Our Sick & Shut-In
Halifax Veteran’s Memorial Mr. Bill Gallant
Victoria General Mrs. Ruth Chiasson
Dartmouth General Ms. Samantha Mason
Walter Reid Veteran’s Hospital Mr. Adam Keys
(Herman & Vivian’s Nephew)
Ivany Place Mrs. Evelyn Ross
Ms. Brenda Carson
Mrs. Freda Bender
Albert & Ruth Moulton
St. Vincent’s Nursing Home Mrs. Barb Bishop
Dykeland Lodge Mrs. Helen Beeler
Parkland Estates (Cameron Hall) Mrs. Norma Sutherland
Parkstone Mrs. Beth Kennedy
Windsor Elms Mrs. Marjorie Levy
(Marlene Davies’ Mother)
Berkeley Retirement Mrs. Lola Freeman
Residence (Judi Hayes’ Mother)
Northwood Center Mrs. Joyce Tavener
At Home Mrs. Sydney Derrah
(Carolyn Derrah-Murphy’s Mother)
Ms. Carol Lumsden
Mrs. Gloria Campbell
Ms. Jan Robar
Mrs. Hilda MacDonald
(Tena Poirier’s Mother)
Mrs. Janice Burke

Last Week’s Offering (May 8, 2011)

(Automatic debit weekly offerings are included in totals)
Total Annual Budget = $388,400
Last Week’s Offering Towards Budget $ 6,494.11
Weekly Offering Needed To Make Budget $ 7,469.23
Weekly Surplus/Deficit - $ 975.12
Year To Date Surplus/Deficit - $ 8,050.97
Special Donations & Non-Budget Offering
Total $ 270.37

Our Daily Bread

Copies of the devotional booklet Our Daily Bread for June-
August are available in the foyer.
Week At A Glance
Sunday To Sunday May 15th – May 22nd
Today Beacon House Sunday
11:15 am KidZone
6:30 pm Youth Fireside
Monday 6:30 pm Hi/KidVenture Closing
7:30 pm College & Career
8:15 pm Missions Committee
Tuesday 9:15 am Ladies Alive
2:00 pm Friendship Circle
7:00 pm McLean Bible Study
7:00 pm Board of Trustees
Wednesday 6:00 pm Youth Group
7:00 pm Bible Study
5:30 pm McKeen/Henderson Wedding Rehearsal
7:00 pm Sanctuary Choir
7:00 pm Girls In Motion
Saturday 3:00 pm McKeen/Henderson Wedding
Next 10:00 am Pre-Service Prayer
10:55 am Worship Service
10:55 am Nursery (Kelly Hiltz & Jessica Burns)
10:55 am Preschool (Donna Peverill & Jason McCurdy)
11:15 am KidZone
6:30 pm Youth Fireside

Servants in the Lord’s Work

This Week Next Week
Deacon On Duty Sandra MacKenzie Herman Barrett
Greeters Heather Ross Ray & Judy Levy
& Cheryl Hartlen
Sound Phillip Cox Michael McCurdy
Tellers Elizabeth Barrett Elizabeth Barrett
& Shirley Redden & Shirley Redden

Worship Service Attendance

Last Week: 233 Year Ago 240

Seniors Bus Trip

Our Seniors Bus Trip is planned for Friday, June 3rd. We will
be travelling to the Annapolis Valley to enjoy the beauty of
the apple blossoms and a lunch at Wheatons Restaurant
near Berwick. We will be making stops in the
Kentville/Wolfville area on our way back to Bedford. More
details and sign-up sheet will be available next Sunday.
News & Events
Our Prayer Initiative
We are invited to join together in prayer for one another.
As we move through our fellowship alphabetically, look for
your name to appear. If it doesn't, please let Peter know,
for we wish to be in prayer for YOU. This week, please be
in prayer for: Robin Beeler-Denaro, Freda Bender, Don &
Barb Bishop, and Mary Boston.

Anniversary Congratulations
Belated congratulations to Bob & Betty Short who
celebrated 57 years of marriage last Sunday, May 8th.

Thank You
I would like to thank my family and friends for helping me
to celebrate my milestone birthday on Saturday, April 30,
2011. I was overwhelmed with the cards, gifts and best
wishes expressed. I also want to thank you for the Get
Well wishes that I received during my recent illness. I am
feeling better and hope to be back to my usual self soon.
Thank you to the pastoral staff for the hospital and home
visits and the prayers which were greatly appreciated.
Sandra Irving

CHSB Hilltop FM 99.3 Spotlight—

Highlighting the best in gospel music on a weekly basis.
Listen every Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Bulletin Dedication
This week’s bulletin is in loving memory of my brother,
Rev. Eric Miner, and his wife, Helen, who were married
May 19th, 1951 at Advocate Harbour.
Ian & Joan Levy
News & Events (Cont’d.)
Thank you to all who donated clothing and other items for
our Clothing Sale last Saturday. The clothing was good
quality, clean, and sellable. Many thanks as well to the 25+
individuals who sorted, setup, sold and cleaned up for this
major event as well. Thanks to your donations and efforts,
$752.96 was raised to help send children/teens to Bayside
Summer Camps and to contribute towards our 2012 CBM
Mission Trip to El Salvadore.

We wish to express our compassion and our care at this
time for Andrea McCurdy and David Hovey and their
families upon the passing of Andrea and David’s mother,
Melba Hovey, on Saturday, May 7th after a long battle with
We also wish to express our sympathies to the
family of Cleona Fenerty (one of our beloved KidZone
leaders) who passed away this past Saturday as well.
Our thoughts and prayers are also with Bob &
Isobel MacKay upon the passing of Isobel’s brother, James
McKinnon, on Sunday, May 1st in the Island of Aaron in

Are You Willing To Share Your Testimony?

As part of our evening Drive-In Services during the months
of July and August, people are asked to share their
testimony on what we call “The Witness Stand.” If you are
willing to share your faith journey please call Bernie Levy at

Visitation Committee
There will be a meeting of the Visitation Committee on
Thursday, May 26th at 1:15pm in the Heffler Room. Please
check your folders for the updated Membership List and
Visitation (Sick and Shut-in) List.
News & Events (Cont’d.)

Convention Incorporation Meeting

The congregation is invited to an information session on our
church becoming a member within the newly incorporated
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. The session will
be held on Sunday, May 29th at 1:30pm following our
monthly spaghetti luncheon. Guests will be Rev. John
Boyd, Senior Minister at First Baptist, Halifax, and Douglas
Schofield, President of Convention, who will talk about the
issues involved in joining. The discussion will be moderated
by Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta, Regional Minister. Plan to attend.

Need Help Getting Rid Of Your Old Electronics?

Not finding time to drop your old electronics at the depot?
We can help! Let us come to your house and pick up your
electronics. (Our pick up day is June 4th.) In exchange,
you can give a donation to support our Fall Family Camp!
Contact the main office ( to
submit your name!

Volunteer Recognition
On Wednesday, April 20th two members of our church
family were recognized for their outstanding works of service
during the HRM Volunteer Awards Ceremony. We also wish
to extend our congratulations to Jean Woodworth and
Bonnie Matthews for all they have done here in our church
and in the community at large.

In order to raise funds for their trip this August, the New
York Mission Team will be hosting an auction on Saturday,
June 4th. The viewing will be at 6:30 pm while the auction
itself will start at 7:00 pm. Donations of baked goods and
hand crafted items would be much appreciated!
News & Events (Cont’d.)

Are You a 2011 High School, College,

or University Graduate?
The time is fast approaching for our annual Grad BBQ (June
19th – Father’s Day) and we want to take this opportunity to
recognize the achievements of those who have come to the
end of their journey at the high school, college, and
university levels. To that end, if you are a graduate would
you please take a moment to fill out your information on our
grad sign-up sheet in the foyer or contact Peter at 835-5966

Beacon House
The Annual General Meeting of Beacon House is on
Wednesday (18) at 7:30. Anyone with an interest is
welcome to attend. Beacon House is located at 470
Cobequid Road, Lower Sackville and the entrance to the
upstairs meeting room is at the left front of the building. The
website is

Banns of Marriage
Notice is hereby given of the intended marriage of David
Haley Barss of Bridgewater and Catherine Anne MacMullin
of Bedford. The marriage is to be held in the Bedford
Baptist Church at 6 o’clock on Saturday, the 13th of August,
2011. Any persons who believe they have just cause why
these two people should not marry are exhorted to speak to
the officiating pastor, the Rev. Dr. Ida Armstrong-
Whitehouse, before the aforesaid date or forever hold their