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12097121, 3:15 PM limo Future Grawth Corporation | Town of kro SC Cosme Home » Irmo Future Growth Corporation Irmo Future Growth Corporation Program The purpose of the Irmo Future Growth Corporation is to further economic development and growth in the Irmo economically impacted area; to promote and assist in the growth and development of business, including small business within the Irmo economically impacted hitps:iwerwfownofirese comme tuture-gromth-corporation! 15 12721, 3:15 PM limo Future Growth Corporation | Town of lama SC area; to ensure the preservation of historical landmarks; to promote and assist in land development in the Imo economically impacted area; and to engage in those activities which are in furtherance of, or related to, the purposes herein stated. The principal objective of the Corporation shall be to benefit the Town of Irmo economically by fostering increased employment opportunities and by expansion of business and industry, thereby lessening the burdens of government and combating community deterioration Small Business Grant Program The Irmo Future Growth Corporation (IFGC) is a nonprofit that desires to assist eligible small business adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your interest. However, we are not currently accepting applications. Please check back at a later date. if you have any questions or need additional information, please email the Irmo Future Growth Corporation at Events JAN ‘al-day 2021 Town Council Meeting Schedule @ IRMO 1 MUNICIPAL BUILDING Fei (https:/ (https: schedule/?instance_id=863) wnofir mosc.c ‘omicon tact- ips!

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