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A Vision for Change at BP Refinery

Case Study
“With only direct cost savings in IT reporting resources taken
into account, the ROI for Vision for MAXIMO has been realised
inside the first 12 months.”

“This does not count the benefits to the productivity of users

and the general business benefits coming from better access
to real time information in MAXIMO”, said Mr Verne.

Mr. Verne made the further observation, "We have been

impressed by the depth of Vision for MAXIMO functionality,
as we first held the belief that it was simply a report writing
tool that would enable us to replace existing reports.

“However, we are now benefiting from the breadth of

functionality the solution provides, especially the Drilldown,
Cube Analysis and Alerting functions, empowering our MAXIMO
users in ways we did not anticipate”.

Courtesy of BP Refinery (Kwinana)

Australia’s largest oil refinery has saved an entire ‘man year’ of BP Refinery
IT resources by enhancing their MAXIMO® asset management Kwinana
solution with the innovative reporting solution, Vision for
BP Refinery (Kwinana) is Australia’s largest oil refinery and
produces about 140,000 barrels of refined crude oil per day.
Implemented in 2002, MAXIMO and the Vision reporting suite
have enabled BP’s Kwinana refinery to achieve both cost and
Opened in 1955, the Kwinana refinery produces a range of
efficiency gains at a time of organisational and business process
fuel and petroleum products both for the Australian and
export markets.

Since installing MAXIMO and Vision, the implementation has

BP Kwinana supplies most of Western Australia’s fuel needs
been fine-tuned in a range of areas. The solution now delivers
while exporting around 15 per cent of product interstate and
effective and efficient plant maintenance, purchasing and support
15 per cent overseas.
services to refinery operations. Other BP business units are
reviewing the Kwinana solution, aiming to leverage the
BP now produces Australia’s cleanest fuels, including BP
infrastructure established, within their own operations. TM
Ultimate and BP Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, after investing
heavily in the refinery process plant and technology.
Prior to implementing Vision and MAXIMO, BP was using a
legacy maintenance system that was nearing the end of its
Through its many initiatives, and its commitment to the quality
replacement cycle and would not continue to meet requirements
and the environment, BP is positioned to lead Australia in
of evolving business processes.
the production of clean fuels.

Whilst MAXIMO was already the Strategic Asset Management Source: BP p.l.c.
system of choice for BP operations globally, the Kwinana refinery
was the first BP site to implement the Vision reporting suite.

Knowledge Management Leader Tim Verne said the BP Kwinana

implementation of Vision for MAXIMO has delivered a range of
cost and productivity benefits.
A Vision for Change at BP Refinery

Case Study
Vision’s range of analysis tools including interactive Drilldown,
Cube Analysis and Breakout, allow BP staff and contractors
to quickly and easily interrogate costs in various projects.

Reporting and analysis of plant maintenance and capital

projects is now possible at all stages from high-level estimates
through to the detailed transactions.

Goals Results

More flexible reporting and -> Vision provides flexible reporting

analysis functionality in Microsoft desktop
or web browser environments

Reduce the cost of providing -> Vision reduces reliance on IT

reports resources by allowing non-technical
Courtesy of BP Refinery (Kwinana)
users to design and maintain their
own reports
The implementation of MAXIMO brought benefits to the
purchasing, inventory management and maintenance Provide access to real time -> Vision reports against the live
data database, providing reporting,
processes. MAXIMO was initially implemented at BP with the
interactive drilldown, cube analysis
standard reporting tools supplied with the product. However, and breakout analysis on current
whilst these tools supported some of BP Kwinana’s business information
processes, more interactive analysis was required.
Automate reporting processes -> Vision Alert enables automatic
distribution of reports on both a
Vision delivered this key requirement. Combining MAXIMO
scheduled and conditional basis
with the functionality of Vision allowed BP to properly leverage
the substantial information that was housed, yet difficult to More effective cost control, -> Vision drives analysis of estimates,
access, within the MAXIMO database. Not only can staff now budget tracking and inventory costs and inventories at project or
query MAXIMO information, but Vision also provides extensive, analysis detail level
real-time, report investigation and interrogation options.
Greater ROI from reporting -> Vision provided ROI within 12
tools months
Vision has enabled non-technical BP staff to design and run
their own reports, with interactive analysis capability.

BP Vision users can now create summary and detailed reports

within Microsoft Excel and Word using Vision XL and Vision
Word. Through Vision Executive both BP staff and approved
site contractors can access desktop or web-based reports.

Web deployment is a key advantage of Vision Executive as it

Systems Union Group plc
allows BP contractors to gain secure access to MAXIMO (Worldwide HQ)
Systems Union House
information without directly accessing the BP network. 1 Lakeside Road
Vision Alert enables BP staff to automate the scheduling GU14 6XP
United Kingdom
and distribution of key reports such as Work Order and Project
Costing Reports. The reports contain up to the minute Tel: +44 (0)1252 556000
Fax: +44 (0)1252 556001
information for MAXIMO and non-MAXIMO users including Email:
management and operational personnel.
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